Emma Greenwood

At the end of last session, Gungram was last set to:
Healing Bullets
Has 1 bruise and is fatigued. 2 determination spent

Personal Wealth: +6
Last purchase: Helping Akane buy explosives
Emma will scrape up 1 wealth a week until back to 8.

Character Sheet:

Sent from the heavens for a holy mission, with her divine weapon, Gungram and enough ammunition to level a small nation, on a mission of righteous justice!

Then, she hit her head, not one to waste time lying down, she got back up to do her job …Wherever that specifically was. It couldn't be that important or hard to find. Until she does remember who she had to kill… or save, or whatever the hell it was, it's not like its urgent or anything, she's fallen in with a gang militia of her whimsical and inconsistent interpretation of justice! Or the party, as they probably prefer to call themselves. With them at her command, she can finally right all the wrongs of the land, and she gets paid for it too, which is awesome. They don't pay you for doing what you were supposed to be doing in the first place at her old home.

Ability Scores: 20 PP

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 10 14 14 12 14 16
Bonus: +0 +2 +2 +1 +2 +3

Saves and Combat: 40 PP

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Grapple Defense Initiative
+6~/+8 +6 +5~/+7 +7 +7/+9* 7 +Size Mod 18/14*** +2

* Gungram attacks are +9 because of Attack Specialization
~ When Emma cannot move for some reason, she uses the lower toughness and reflex due to defensive roll.
*** Without Dodge bonus.

Feats: 22 PP

  • Attack Specialization: Gungram +2 to attacks with Gungram, worked into math.
  • Attractive: +4 to Bluff and Diplomacy for anyone attracted to females.
  • Bullet Time 3: May spend a hero point when surging to gain one additional standard action, only one additional attack is possible.
  • Defensive Roll 2: +2 Toughness (or reflex against area attacks) as long as she can move.
  • Determination 3: 3 Improve Roll attempts a session.
  • Determined Recovery 2: 2 Recovery check attempts a session.
  • Dodge Focus: +1 to Defense, already worked into math.
  • Fearless: Immune to Fear Effects.
  • Improvisation: Able to be used to remove the fatigue from a power stunt
  • Inspire: With a bull action and a hero point, Emma can shout +1 on all attacks, saves and checks out of up to 3 allies for one round.
  • Last Stand: Spend a hero point to ignore all penalties from damage for one round.
  • Move-By Action: Emma can take a standard action in the middle of a move action and then continue moving again.
  • Precise Shot 2: No penalty for shooting into melee, anything less then total cover or the Elusive Target feat
  • Ranged Pin: May pin an target to a nearby solid object from a distance
  • Second Wind 1: able to remove the fatigue status for things except by power stunts

Thousands of bullets for Gungram
Comfortably fitting dress that's got acid holes in it
Very, very low cut waitress uniform, little loose
Large and ridiculously frilly dress
Schoolgirl Outfit, totally slimeproof.
A chainmail bikini top.
Ophanim Themed Sling Bikini
Roughly a dozen poor pet explosion beetles, no longer including Trinity
The beetle Gadget on hand.
A shiny new 'halo' that looks suspiciously like a magical circuit, but it's not, its an entirely naturally developed asset, complete with guest.
Moral license to always be in the right, even in contradictions
Dominance over a kingdom of rats and zombies

Skills: 11 PP

Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 4 +2 +9
Arcana 0 +2 +2
Athletics 4 +0 +4
Bluff 0 +3 +3/+7
Concentration 0 +2 +2
Craft: Technology 6 +2 +8
Demolition 4 +1 +5
Diplomacy 0 +3 +3/+7
Dungeoneerin 0 +2 +2
Endurance 6 +2 +8
Heal 0 +2 +2
History 0 +1 +1
Insight 2 +2 +4
Intimidate 0 +3 +3
Manipulation 2 +2 +4
Nature 0 +2 +2
Navigation 0 +2 +2
Notice 4 +2 +6
Profession 0 N/A -
Religion 4 +2 +6
Stealth 0 +2 +2
Streetwise 0 +3 +3
Technology 8 +1 +9

Carrying Capacity (in lb): Medium and Heavy Loads lower flight speed to 295 and 220 ft

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
33 lbs 66 lbs 100 lbs 200 lbs 500 lbs


Gungram, Device 7
Allows for 35 points for a power
All power changes require 1 move action, except heals which are full actions
Main Power:

Elemental Blasts Blast 9
Feats: Affects Insubstantial, Variable Descriptor 2, Ricochet 2, Split Attack2
Extra: Penetrating DC 24 Toughness, 90 ft range
2/r +1/r ex X9 +7 fe = 34

Gungram can fire vigilant justice in the form of armor piercing elementally charged bullets that can hit almost anything, from incorporeal targets to people around corners, and even hit three different people with the same bullet sometimes. Emma can change the elemental charge as a free action once per a round.

Alternate Powers:

Binding Shots Paralyze 8
Extras: Ranged, Contagious DC 18 Will, 80 ft range
2/r +2/r ex X8 = 32pp

Magical spells can bind any groups of targets, slowing them down, dulling their reflexes or even freezing them where they stand, works wonders on whole groups of victims in close proximity. Inflicts -1 on attacks, defense, reflex and half speed, a second attack or a failiure by 5 or more fully paralyzes them. A will save with a cumulative +1 bonus each turn overpowers this.

Heaven Salvo Dazzle 8 (2/r, Visual)
Extras: Area: Explosion, Selective DC 18 Reflex/Fort, 80 ft range, 80 ft explosion
2/r + 2/r ex X8 = 32pp

Brings the glorious light of the heavens to the eyes of everyone, causing potentially permanent retinal damage in the process. She normally warns her allies to close their eyes as she fires. Causes enemies to take a DC 16 reflex save to avoid blindness, until they make a DC 16 fort save.

Hyper Beam Blast 8
Extras: Autofire 2, Area: Line (Targeted) DC 23+ Tough, 5x200 ft line
Flaw: Distracting
2/r + 2/r ex -1/r fl X7 = 32pp

Obliterating all that stand in the way, Hyper Beam leaves the enemies, land and normally objectives scarred for a long time. Roll one attack, all targets defense is compared to the attack. Inflicts 6 damage, +1 for every 1 rolled over the target's defense to a max of +5. The recoil is a bit of a bitch.

Life Bullets Heal 9
Feats: Persistent, ResDelay Extras: Resurrection, Total
Flaw: Distracting +9 on heal checks, 35 minute resurrection time limit
2/r + 2/r ex -1/r fl X9 +2 fe = 2pp

Emma can also shoot allies with blessed bullets of healing. Contrary to all logic, these blasts are so powerful they can even revive the recently dead. They still sting though, and Emma tends to get distracted by delivering rapidfire healing as 'it should work faster!' Gives an immediate healing check with a +7 bonus, each 5 over the target heals another wound, if the dead target makes a DC 20 fort check, they come back to life.

Gungram Assault Strike 7
Feats: Knockback 2, Sedation Extras: Autofire 2
DC 22+ toughness, +1 for every 1 rolled over the target's defense, knocks back as if rank 9
1/r + 2/r ex X7 +3 fe = 24pp

Emma has made another wonderful discovery for her holy item. It's made of hard metal, things faces aren't. With a divine fury, she beats her opponents mercilessly, knock them far away, or simply into unconsciousness. Or all three at once, as she normally picks.

"Beetle Blasts" Blast 7
Feat: Improved Range Extras: Area: Explosion, No Save Allowed (+2)
Flaw: Distracting Drawback: Power Loss 1 (Comes from pets)
DC 17 reflex save, if failed, always suffer at least a bruise. 70 ft explosion, Has a 175 ft incr range.
2/r + 3/r ex -1/r fl X7 +1 fe -1 dr = 28pp

Emma's managed to acquire a dozen blister beetles, they have explosive powder she lovingly milks out of their wings every morning, and keeps them well fed on smelly yellow grass, loaded into her bullets, they make… impressive explosions. The fine Dwarven made shells fly further then normal, making this almost a sniping weapon. They have no recoil problems when shot, but Emma has a tendency to get lost in the pretty explosions when she shoots, loosing track of her surroundings. Allies are not immune to its effects, but hopefully they'll hear her maniacal laughter and know to start ducking and rolling.

Gender Changing Bullets Transform 8 (Living things to the opposite gender)
Feat: Reversible Extra: Duration (Continuous) (+1)
Flaw: Distracting DC 18 fortitude save, if failed, the enemy will be embarrassed.
4/r - 1/r fl + 1/r ex x8 +1 fe = 33pp

Emma has now crafted a new and terrible weapon, to spread fear amongst all her enemies. Not that they're the only ones that'll be shot with these, not by a long shot. Once used, Emma can't help but stare at her victims, checking how effectively her handiwork paid off.

Healsplosion Heal 11
Feat: Stabilize Extra: Area (Explosion)
Heal check with +11 bonus to heal your single worst wound, -1 for every 10 feet from the epicenter. 110 ft range, DC 21 ref to avoid.
2/r + 1/r ex x10 +1 fe = 34pp

After finally having built up a stock of healing bullets again, Emma decided she liked experimenting with explosive bullets she's tried again. If doesn't discriminate between friends and enemies or force enough healing on its victims to bring them back from the dead, but its very large and refreshing.

Healing Hyperbeam Heal 8
Flaw: Distracting Extra: Total, Affects Objects, Area (Line)
+8 heal check, Every 5 points over the DC recovers another wound, affects objects and the environment too
2/r + 3/r ex - r/1 fl x8 = 32pp

In her experimentations, Emma also has messed with a few hyperbeam bullets. These, combined with the normal power packed behind them, heal the hell out of anyone in their way. It even backs so much healing into objects that it will repair the environment in its way and fix things that normally can't be healed.

Temporary bullet ideas

List bullets here

4/r X6 +7 fe -1 dr = 31pp
Battle form: Battle Form 5
Flaws: Full Action, Distracting
4/r - 2/r x5 = 10pp

Grants 25 power points for an alternate form that can be held for 5 rounds, and then needs 1 hour to recharge (Or 10 minutes with Trance, which Emma doesn't have.) It takes a full action to change. She's distracted while she changes due to the bother involved.

Battle Form: Naked! Stun 8
Extras: Selective, Alternative Save (Will), Area (Perception), Secondary Effect Flaws: Limited (Those attracted to females and flat chests), Distracting
Anyone that this applies to and can see Emma use it must make a DC 18 Will or suffer the effects of stun. Emma loses dodge.
2/r + 3/r - 2/r x8 = 24pp

Due to the fact that some people, winged, celestial sharpshooters for example can't hit the broad side of an evil demonic barn, Emma's had the brilliant idea of using her bare holy radiance to distract enemies from petty things like dodging for their lives. By taking off her clothes and doing a few shameful poses, she can hopefully turn a few heads. She may only try and get the enemies attention or shoot in the round, not both, but even after the initial attempt, enemies may find themselves falling victim to it. Of course, while showing off, she's a far more predictable target.

Angel's Wings Flight 3
Feat: Innate Drawback: Power Loss 2 (Wings)
2/r + 1 fe = 5pp

Like any angel, Emma has majestic white feathered wings and can fly very fast, 440 feet a round, or 50 miles per an hour, but when being grappled, tied up or in cramped conditions, they're just annoying.

Graceful Shield Protection 4
1/r x4 = 4pp

Several inches of tough magical feathers also make for a decent buffer to reduce the effects of attacks.

Angelic Grace Immunity: Age
Feat: Innate
1 + 1 fe = 2pp

Angels are magical creatures that are made and do not change, (at least physically, mentally on the other hand…) Emma does not give her actual age, but seems to be stuck in an unchanging teenaged state.


  • Mania Divine Purpose: Emma is a divine being sent for a purpose, what that specifically is, she forgets, but she approaches about every. Single. Task she's faced with that same determination, no matter what.
  • Little Boys: Emma knows the joys of pet ownership, her beloved 12 Blister Beetles, since they aren't, ("technically yet!"), fire they might get away with the guild rules. In Emma's demented mind, at least. Regardless, she loves her little destructive babies and will look after them, as best she can.

150/150 PP

Hero Points Remaining:

Strikeouts are spent, this is as best as I can recall.

* Starting 1

  • 3 points used for rerolls from determination
  • 2 points for purposes of removing fatigue, one for general and one for power power stunts

* 3 Fiat points
* 1 point from a combination attack with Moe: Operation Regicide
* 1 point from the fight with Kaliedo
* 1 point from… Holy missions, and nothing else.
* 1 point from helping a drunken Dee get home and a hung over Dee find a vampire to slay.

  • 1 from dropping a building on a dragon. And, uh, Aud.
  • 2 from vanishing and losing Gungram in the evil cult lair.

Power Points


1pp on Gungram Assault
1pp on Beetle Milking
2pp for defense increase, 1pp for Protection, 4pp and heavy -1pp net gain modification on additional device rank (and all bullets)
1pp on gender bullets
6PP on Battle Form: Naked! 1pp for increasing protection.
4pp on +1 combat, +1 protection, Determination again~
16 points on adding one rank to Battleform (2), Increasing Gungram and most bullets (4), Increasing Graceful Shield (1), Increasing Attack (2), Gaining Last Stand, Bullet Time 3, 2 determined recovery feats (6), Increasing Fort (1)
2 points On gaining Healsplosion and Healing Hyperbeam bullets for Gungram.
19pp 4 spent to raise Gungram 1 rank and boost every power (expect heal) by 1 rank. +1 knockback on strike, +1 split attack on elemental bullets, and gaining Stabilize on Healsplosion, 2 PP spent to improve Battle Form: Naked by 1 rank and the stun by 2 ranks, +4 spent to increase base attack by 2, +4 spent to increase base defense by 2, +1 to Fort, Ref and Wil, Move-by Action Feat, Inspire Feat

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