Emiya Shirouko
I am the bone of my sword. Iron is my body, and fire is my blood.

Character Sheet:

Emiya Shirouko was born the ordinary daughter of ordinary parents. Then a magical ritual in her neighboorhood went wrong, a fire burnt down a good chunk of the town, and her parents died while she was lethally burned, before she was rescued by the man, a mercenary magician, who adopted her. The Shirouko who was died that night; she was reborn Emiya Shirouko. She eagerly learned what magic he taught her; she wasn't very good at it, and so he taught her to pursue the one magic she was naturally talented with: Reinforcement and Projection. He almost died when she was twelve, as she took up his dream of becoming a Hero of Justice, of protecting everyone she could.

She practiced her magic every night; it was extremely painful, but she stuck at it, because she knew she was going to become a Hero of Justice, and she needed to become a magician to do so. Then, a kerfuffle involving a fusion of her little sister and a version of an alternate future self (from a timeline where she was male) named Kuro who attempted to kill her got her entangled in a series of plots and counter-plots, eventually revealing one of her closest friends was being horribly abused (and Shirouko proceeded to save her), and that most of her female friends were bisexual and a giant lesbian harem ensued in the aftermath. Her father was somewhat amused.

Then aliens started invading, and Shirouko was promptly enlisted. Tohsaka Rin, the former of Kaleido-Ruby, gifted her with an enchanted pendant; the same pendant that Rin had previously used to save her life after Kuro's first attempt at killing her. Rather than simply being a reservoir of magical power, as it had been then, it was now a Transformation Gadget, capable of transforming Shirouko into a proper magical girl while granting her flight, telepathic communication, and fairly strong magical sheilds along with a minor healing ability for first aid. She thought the heart-shaped shield strapped to her wrist it became when transformed looked a little goofy, but she didn't care too much about it, since it was too useful otherwise.

The first and foremost thing about Shirouko is her desire to become a superhero. It's become somewhat tempered by her experiences with Archer and Sakura (a close friend and now one her lovers, who had been horrifically abused by her family for over a decade) during the Holy Grail War, but the core of the desire to make everyone in her sight smile remains, even if she knows it's impossible. A hero can only save those who she desires to save; if a gunman takes a bunch of hostages, even if the hero rescues the hostages, there is still one person she cannon save: the gunman. However, her desire to protect the ones around her, and even more to protect the ones she loves is carried out in a spectacularly selfless fashion.

She also enjoys pulling things apart and fixing them, though she is nowhere near the unofficial, unpaid janitor and repairman she was prior to the Holy Grail War. Magical things, mechanical things, electronic things… she doesn't much mind what they are, and while her magical senses let her identify the faults in things rather quickly, she's still just a highly talented amateur at it, though she has been getting some formal training in between combat training and combat missions.

Shirouko is a highly athletic young woman; her muscles are firm and toned, the evidence of her time spent training with the sword and bow, and of part-time jobs involving hard physical labour. Her reddish pink hair hangs down to be roughly level with her nipples, though she does use a few hair clips to keep it out of her eyes. She prefers simple t-shirts and jeans when off-duty; when on-duty, she wears her uniform with all the dignity it deserves. When transformed, she wears a bright-red overcoat over a pair of tight black pants and a black undershirt, with a heart-shaped metal shield strapped to her wrist with an elastic band, and its original gem set in its centre.

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 20*/14 20*/14 20*/14 16*/10 18*/12 18*/12
Bonus: +5*/+2 +5*/+2 +5*/+2 +3*/+0 +4*/+1 +4*/+1

16 PP
*including bonus from Reinforce: Improve Capabilities

Carrying Capacity (in lb): Medium and Heavy Loads lower flight speed

Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
58 lbs 116 lbs 175 lbs 350 lbs 875 lbs
Create Item's Telekinesis/Manual Including Boost
Light Load Medium Load Heavy Load Maximum Load Push/Drag
133 lbs 226 lbs 400 lbs 800 lbs 2k lbs

Saves and Combat:

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Grapple Defense Initiative
+15*/+11**/5 +11*/+4 +11*/+4 +11*/+4 +7 +9 17 +6

*including bonus from Magical Girl Transformation, Reinforce: Improve Abilities, Reinforce: Improve Durability, and undercover vest
**including bonus from Magical Girl Transformation and undercover vest

35 PP


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 4 +2 +6
Bluff 4 +1 +5
Climb 0 +2 +2
Concentration 4 +1 +5
Diplomacy 0 +1 +1
Craft (Electronic) 8 +0 +8
Craft (Mechanical) 8 +0 +4
Disable Device 4 +0 +4
Disguise 0 +1 +1
Escape Artist 0 +2 +2
Gather Information 0 +1 +1
Handle Animal 0 +1 +1
Intimidate 0 +1 +1
Knowledge: Arcane Lore 8 +0 +8
Knowledge: Physical Sciences 4 +0 +4
Notice 4 +1 +4
Search 4 +0 +4
Sense Motive 0 +1 +1
Sleight of Hand 0 +2 +2
Stealth 0 +2 +2
Survival 0 +1 +1
Swim 0 +2 +2

15 PP

Wealth bonus: +12
-1 PP


  • Accurate Attack: Can trade up to -5 on DCs for up to +5 attack
  • Artificer: Can create temporary magical inventions with Knowledge (Arcane Lore) and Craft skills.
  • Benefit (Security Clearance): Possesses security clearance. +4 to Wealth bonus.
  • Benefit (Organisational Ties): Is a member of an organisation with access to restricted equipment.
  • Blur of Steel: Can give armed melee attacks the Autofire trait by reducing their Damage to 2/3rds of their original Damage.
  • Defensive Attack: If enemy misses, next melee attack against him gets +4 to hit
  • Diehard: When reduced to Dying, automatically stabilise on beginning of the next round.
  • Eidetic Memory: Possessed perfect recall of everything she's experienced. +4 on checks to remember things (including saves against memory-altering effects), and can use Knowledge skills untrained.
  • Fearless: Immune to fear effects of all sorts.
  • Improved Block 1: Gain +2 on rolls to Block melee attacks.
  • Improved Disarm 1: +2 on rolls to disarm opponent and they do not get to attempt to disarm her.
  • Improved Initiative 1: Gain +4 to initiative rolls
  • Improvised Tools: Does not take the -4 penalty for lacking tools.
  • Last Stand: Use extra effort to ignore all penalties from wounds for one round.
  • Power Attack: Can take up to a -5 penalty on attack rolls, and add the same amount to her saving throw DC.
  • Rain of Arrows: Can give ranged attacks the Autofire trait by reducing their Damage to 2/3rds of their original Damage.
  • Taunt: Can use Bluff to demoralise opponents instead of Intimidate.
  • Uncanny dodge: As long as Shirouko's danger sense could inform her, Shirouko retains her dodge bonus even if surprised or flat-footed.
  • Equipment: Undercover vest (4 equipment points), Headquarters (Emiya household): Size Medium, Toughness 5, Features: Living Space, Workshop, Gym, Garage, Security System (6 equipment points)

19 PP


Heart Shield, Device 3
Allows for 15 points for a power
Flaw: Easy to lose. Shirouko's amulet or sheild can be taken away with things like simple disarm attempts.
Main Power:

Magical Girl Transformation Magic 15
Feat: Magic Powers (Heart Wing, Heart Barrier, Heart Communications, Heart Healing (Not Alternate Powers))

Worn as an amulet, when activated this item allows her to .

Magic Powers:

Heart Wing Flying 5
Drawbacks: Noticable 100 mph speed
9 pp

Shirouko's sheild lets her project wings of glowing pink energy behind her back and feet, which let her fly around at 100 miles per hour while trailing trails of bits of magical energy shaped like rose petals.

Heart Barrier Force Field 6
Extras: Impervious Drawback: Noticable
Grants +6 to Toughness Save
11 pp

Shirouko's shield also projects a field of magical energy around her that flashed with pink light whenever struck.

Heart Communications Communication 7
Feats: Subtle 200 mile range
8 pp

Another utility function her shield grants her is the ability to mentally communicate with anyone in 200 miles.

Heart Healing Healing 1
+1 on checks
2 pp

A measure of emergency first aid, this power lets Shirouko stabilise dying allies and tend minor wounds.

9 + 11 + 8 + 2 = 30

Projection: Materialisation **

Projection: Trace On Magic 28
Drawback:** Attack Name Power Feats: Weapon Creation 8, Create Object 10, Blast 10
29 pp

Emiya Shirou can use his magic to create a copy of any weapon he has seen.

Projection: Create Object Create Object 10
Extras: Movable, Duration Feat: Innate, Precise, Subtle, Affects Insubstantial
Can create 10 squares of objects, and can manipulate them telekinetically as though she possessed 50 Str
54 pp

She then materialises that copy by projecting it from inside her soul into the world.

Projection: Noble Phantasm Weapon Creation 8
Create up to 40 CP worth of weapons
56 pp

Shirouko can then use the blueprints of the items she's projected and is holding to to reproduce the skills and powers of the weapon, and the person who wielded it previously.

Projection: Swordspam Blast 10
Extras: Autofire 2, Area (Cone) Feats: Accurate, Affects Insubstantial, Improved Range 1, Selective, Variable Descriptor 2
56 pp

She can also materialise many copies of various weapons, and then fling them towards the enemy in a maelstrom of steel rain.

Reinforcement: Improve Capabilities Boost 6
Flaws: Personal, Side-Effect Feats: Slow Fade 2
Drawbacks: Attack Name All Ability Scores gain +6 to their values

Shirouko can also use her magic improve the capabilities of her body and mind.

Reinforcement: Improve Durability Boost 4
Flaws: Personal, Side-Effect Feats: Slow Fade 2
All Saves gain +4 to their values

Shirouko can also use her magic improve the durability of her body and mind, making her mind and skin as hard as steel.

Reinforcement: Improve Senses Boost 4
Flaws: Personal Feats: Slow Fade 2
She gains +4 to her Super Senses trait

Shirouko can also use her magic improve her senses, making her capable of seeing for miles, or hearing a pin drop in a crowded room.

Magical Senses Super-Senses 8
Flaws: (Limited, Non-living things only) Postcognition, Microscopic Vision (Atomic)
4 pp

Emiya Shirouko can perceive the history and atomic structure of non-living objects.

Magical Senses Super-Senses 5
Analytical Vision, Analytical Postcognition, Acute Postcognition, Magical Awareness, Danger Sense (Magical Awareness)

She is then capable of analyzing that information to determine blueprints and histories of the items and their weilders, and storing them in her head. She is also capable of sensing magic in the area, as well as using that sense of magic to give her an instinctual sense of if she's going to be attacked.


Responsibility: Emiya Shirouko feels a duty to the MTCF, both for the duties she possesses towards her superiors, and the responsibilities to her subordinates to take care of them.
Code of Honor: Emiya Shirouko selflessly acts to protect people, and to protect those close to her especially, up to and including jumping in the way of bullets. She doesn't even consider not acting that way.
Mental Dissonance: Emiya Shirouko is a master of mental self-deception. She will frequently ignore and repress things she feels are improper or against her ideals, even if that might well wind up complicating things down the track.
Impulsive: On the other hand, Emiya Shirouko will often act without entirely thinking things all the way through, and while experience is acting to temper this, she can still jump in and get way over her head because she didn't think before she did. "Giant monster threatening some children? No support anywhere to be seen? CHARGE!"


Recurring Nightmares
DC to avoid each night: 15
Shirouko frequently has nightmares of the fire that orphaned her.

Abilities: 16 + Skills: 15 + Feats: 20 + Powers: 64 + Combat: 28 + Saves: 9 - Drawbacks: 3

150/150 PP

Hero Points Remaining:

Starting 1




Need: to get GM approval.

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