EMG2 Episode 3

01[21:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( start up is felly just blew up front door, verain behind, rest inside coming in through the back? ))
[21:24] <@Vega7285> Something like that. Anyone want to add things?
[21:24] <Verity> I think we got shot at
[21:24] <Verity> ))
[21:25] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( I only remember Felly snapping and nuking the front door (holding back) while we managed to silent takedown a couple thugs
01[21:26] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( yeah getitng shot at ))
[21:26] <@Vega7285> Ok, well, who getsthe attention first?
[21:26] <@Vega7285> probably Felly and her distraction.
01[21:26] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((alright set up roll init?))
[21:26] <Lucas_Joran> ((We dropped some mooks behind as Felly was about to blow away the van))
01[21:28] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( think the van is gone due to plot ))
[21:28] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Yeah. go to them, while we sneak foreward to take out more people/save whoeever/etc ))
[21:29] <@Vega7285> Whe we last left our heroines, Felicita had detonated a van and gotten attention, as well as a few burning guys ((don't worry, they're jsut unconscious. Magic is Technically Non-Lethal unless stated otherwise)).
[21:29] <@Vega7285> The remaining dudes have begun firing on the distraction team. Roll for initiative is probably applicable.
01[21:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+1 init
[21:29] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+1 3,0init —> 3,0[ 1d20=15 ]3,0{16}
[21:30] <Lucas_Joran> ((Front people only, or everyone?))
01[21:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( front people I assume))
[21:30] <@Vega7285> 1d20+2 initiative ((front only, I'll get to the others again later.))
[21:31] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+2 thugs' initiative
[21:31] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+2 3,0thugs' initiative —> 3,0[ 1d20=9 ]3,0{11}
[21:31] <Verity> roll 1d20-2 initiative
[21:31] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20-2 3,0initiative —> 3,0[ 1d20=13 ]3,0{11}
01[21:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((wow verity is -2~))
01[21:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( so felies move first?))
01[21:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er felly))
[21:33] <@Vega7285> ((Felly, thugs, Verity; you can't count the guys holding the doors from here very well. They all prbably have partial cover, too.))
06[21:34] * Felicita_Ojalehto dashs in the front door, she's reckless not stupid
01[21:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((would that be a full action otherwise she's doing total defense for her standard))
[21:35] <@Vega7285> (9How far away are you, how fast can you move, etc? Though you were probably far enough away to make it full-round unless you're very fast.))
01[21:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((she only has 3 ranks of flight to use, so full actoin))
[21:37] <@Vega7285> ((Ok. Bear in midn that you are now pretty much surrounded. And outnumbered.))
01[21:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((alright))
[21:37] <Lucas_Joran> ((That's how most heroes work best~
[21:37] <Lucas_Joran> ))
01[21:38] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((assumed the blast cleared a few but this is workable~))
[21:38] <@Vega7285> Felicita makes her way right into the midst of everyone, which may or may not have been what she wanted. rushing the front doors when those are the defended enemy position is difficult to call "not sutpid" unless one has something planned. ((A few is not all))
01[21:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… at least it'll be interesting"
06[21:39] * Felicita_Ojalehto summons her sword
01[21:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((free action for her round))
[21:40] <@Vega7285> Two of the goons attack Felly, too close to open fire without risking someone, they just opt for the pistol-whipping.
[21:40] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20+8 on Felly
[21:40] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 2#1d20+8 3,0on Felly —> 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{28}, 3,0[ 1d20=17 ]3,0{25}
01[21:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((hits and a crit))
[21:40] <@Vega7285> ((ooh~ Second misses, I assume.))
01[21:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((she has 15 dodge bonus))
01[21:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er 15 with dodge bonus))
[21:41] <@Vega7285> DC 28 toughness. crits are a bitch
01[21:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+12
[21:41] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+12 —> 3,0[ 1d20=2 ]3,0{14}
[21:41] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, it's safe to just tell me whether it hits or not, generally. OUCH, man.))
01[21:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ouch hero point that))
01[21:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d10+22
[21:41] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d10+22 —> 3,0[ 1d10=8 ]3,0{30}
[21:41] <@Vega7285> ((waitwait. toughness +12. Defense +15. Does not compute, man.))
01[21:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((15 defense))
01[21:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((with dodge bonus))
01[21:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's +5 ))
[21:42] <@Vega7285> ((ah, derp. Just say "AC" so I don't assume "defense bonus". Other hit is DC 23))
01[21:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+12
[21:42] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+12 —> 3,0[ 1d20=8 ]3,0{20}
06[21:43] * Felicita_Ojalehto recoils as her force field doesn't hold up the shock
[21:43] <@Vega7285> The otehr two thugs do open fire at Verity, however. Seems they have no issues shooting at little girls ,but it probably comes up a lot in this line of work.
[21:43] <Verity> ((that's some mean pistol whipping))
[21:43] <@Vega7285> ((That's stunned and bruised, right? greater than 5, less than 10.))
[21:44] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20+8 on Verity
[21:44] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 2#1d20+8 3,0on Verity —> 3,0[ 1d20=8 ]3,0{16}, 3,0[ 1d20=14 ]3,0{22}
01[21:44] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( stuned is greater than 5)))
[21:44] <Verity> ((Miss and hit))
01[21:44] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I just failed by 3))
[21:44] <@Vega7285> DC 23 toughness.
[21:45] <Verity> ((Or wait, I have impervious 8, so how does that work? Was it meet or exceed?))
01[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((got 20 ))
[21:45] <@Vega7285> (9Ah, so you did. Derp again. I can't math, keep that in mind. So, remind me of anything wehre I fuck yp.))
01[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( ALright sorry ))
01[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's alright, it's soemwhat finiky))
[21:45] <@Vega7285> (9I'm going to say "meet" as otherwise there'll be issues with things.))
[21:46] <Verity> roll 1d20+12 toughness
[21:46] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20+12 3,0toughness —> 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{32}
[21:46] <Verity> ((>_>))
01[21:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((also first M&M combat you don't want to know how mny times I've messed up numbers in AW ))
06[21:47] * Verity runs her hand through her hair as bullets are absorbed by several pumpkins. A fresh batch seems to port in as injured ones are delivered away.
[21:47] <@Vega7285> ((It's easy to do. I'm not the only one who'll be learning.))
[21:47] <@Vega7285> "Damn it, this is why I HATE fighting little girls," one of the guys grumbles.
[21:47] <@Vega7285> ((Verity, you're up.))
[21:47] <Verity> ((So which ones are in cover, which ones not?))
01[21:48] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((probbly not the ones pistolwhiping felly
01[21:48] <Felicita_Ojalehto> Though smoke debris and all that could be doing that
01[21:48] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er sorry))
01[21:49] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((… I'll back off and let the DM do his job))
[21:49] <@Vega7285> ((It's pretty light cover. The guys shooting are probably 50%, the rest aren't.))
[21:49] <@Vega7285> ((None are in cover relative to Felly))
[21:50] <Verity> A pair of pumpkins appear behind the two men pistol whipping, opening fire with a beam at their back.
[21:50] <Verity> ((Indirect 3, subtle, split. Could I get sneak attack for that? Perception range))
[21:51] <Verity> ((spliting 3 ranks onto each goon))
01[21:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I actually don't think sneak attack does much unless you have… sneak attakc))
01[21:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((perception range attacks ignore dodge and all))
01[21:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er AC))
[21:51] <@Vega7285> ((Man, you guys. Ah well ,at elast I can get this out of the way early. Sneak attack doesn't apply to attack rolls, so it's ok with perception ,but I may again ahve to say "no" or "yes, but only once" as if you do this every time, erll…))
[21:52] <@Vega7285> ((Sneak attack modifies damage if they're denied their dodge bonus (i.e. flanked, flat-footed, etc). Simple approach is that, even if you're attacking from behind, the attack itself cannot count as flanking.))
[21:53] <Verity> ((Okay, then just DC 18 toughness for both of them))
[21:53] <@Vega7285> ((Sorry if I seem very careful or discouraging clever play, but I do have to avoid encouraging stuff that jsut gets done to every enemy all the time becuase it worked once.))
01[21:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I fully understand that))
[21:54] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20+8
[21:54] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 2#1d20+8 —> 3,0[ 1d20=9 ]3,0{17}, 3,0[ 1d20=4 ]3,0{12}
[21:54] <@Vega7285> (9Ah well~))
[21:55] <@Vega7285> The sudden pumpkins take both goons by surprise, and knock them on their asses. Two down…Well, add three more if you count the opening salvo.
[21:55] <Verity> Having shot both men, Verity takes her time, walking up to the door. ((just normal, 30 ft movement lol))
01[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((what's the current hallway look like?
[21:55] <@Vega7285> ((also ,for the record, unless it's total concealment, I think perception attacks ignore cover anyway. if you can see them, you can shoot them.))
01[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I do belive that is true))
01[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "…pumpkin beams?"
[21:56] <TheBold> ((Pumpkin-powah~!))
[21:57] <Verity> "Well, they're all powered by me. I find it more tasteful to siphon magical energy through them rather than myself."
[21:57] <@Vega7285> The entry hall? Er, atrium? whatever these palces are claled? i'm not an architect. It's obviously the worse for wear, what with a huge van transprot having driven through the front door. Broken glass is everywhere, and now there's smoke and fire added into things. There don't seem to be many guys left, but there's little doubt that nobody heard that explosion.
[21:57] <@Vega7285> The reception desk is unmanned beyond a bit of blood. Same goes for the security station.
06[21:58] * Felicita_Ojalehto dashes for the desk turning aroudn at the end to fire off a shot at one of the guns
01[21:58] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+9
[21:58] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+9 —> 3,0[ 1d20=10 ]3,0{19}
[21:59] <@Vega7285> It's a hit. Damage?
01[21:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( DC 26 sorry))
[22:00] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs Dc 26 damage
[22:00] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs Dc 26 damage —> 3,0[ 1d20=14 ]3,0{22}
[22:01] <@Vega7285> And he's down for the count as well. The blast takes him right in the chest and knocks him over the makeshift cover onto the stairs outside.
06[22:04] * Felicita_Ojalehto smirks
01[22:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "You could surender now if you want" 6 she yells at the last guy in the room
[22:05] <@Vega7285> "Like we'd do that, you bitch! You even know what they're doing here?" Well, she's got his attention. He snaps a shot at Felly.
[22:07] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 ((Cover gives felly a +4 defense, assuming she's using it well))
[22:07] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0((Cover gives felly a +4 defense, assuming she's using it well)) —> 3,0[ 1d20=7 ]3,0{15}
[22:07] <@Vega7285> ((I think he misses.))
[22:07] <@Vega7285> The shot smacks into the desk Felly's crouching behind.
06[22:08] * Felicita_Ojalehto felly sticks to that desk like glue
01[22:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Best you got soldier? It isn't going to be enough"
06[22:09] * Verity moves up further, as much as she has the patience to walk (vanilla move action).
[22:09] <@Vega7285> "Fuck you too, bitch."
[22:10] <Verity> Assuming she can see the last guy, a pumpkin appears right above him and fires down.
[22:10] <@Vega7285> ((That it?))
[22:10] <Verity> ((DC 21))
[22:10] <@Vega7285> ((Ok. sneak attack definitely applies this time.))
[22:10] <Verity> ((Oh, then DC 26))
[22:11] <@Vega7285> rol l1d20+8 tough
[22:11] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 tough; why do i typo that?
[22:11] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0tough; why do i typo that? —> 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{28}
01[22:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((that's one tough mook))
[22:11] <Verity> ((what a man))
06[22:12] * Felicita_Ojalehto hears a beam go off 1"Still alive buddy?"
[22:12] <@Vega7285> The guy looks up just in time to take a pumpkin beam to the face. He shakes his head a bit and smiles afterwards. "That the best you two got?"
[22:12] <@Vega7285> ((Blewoff his facemask, at least.))
01[22:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "No but lets see how this goes"
[22:13] <Verity> "What a crude man."
01[22:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((lets all out attack for 2, -2 penalty to defense this round))
01[22:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((using fires storm
[22:13] <Verity> ((busui na otoko ne~))
06[22:13] * Felicita_Ojalehto a bunch of fire balls start to form around felly's hand 1"Catch?"
01[22:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+11
[22:13] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+11 —> 3,0[ 1d20=10 ]3,0{21}
01[22:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((DC 26+atuofire I
[22:14] <@Vega7285> (( 18 defense, so…I think autofire doesn't kick in yet. it's a stpe of 5 over Ac, right?))
01[22:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((for every 2 over))
01[22:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((5 over is flurry and two weapon strike))
01[22:15] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((so DC 27 as it was over by 3 ))
[22:15] <@Vega7285> (9ah, then it adds 1, yeah. +5 is the max it can add, that's right.))
[22:15] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 27
[22:15] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs 27 —> 3,0[ 1d20=8 ]3,0{16}
[22:15] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( +5 or half the attached power's damage, whichever is lower. ))
01[22:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((unless you want the broken things but I think autofire 1 is already powerful enouhg))
[22:16] <@Vega7285> To be fair, he does TRy to catch (or is it dodge) the fireballs, before they catch him and start him doing a funny little dance as the multiple impacts knock him around. He slumps to the ground a bit later.
01[22:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well, you got spirit"
06[22:17] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks around the room assuming she isn't sitting on a body
[22:18] <@Vega7285> ok ,combat's over. Verity may as well be in the lobby now. You guys can hear someone's radio asking what's happening over there, and the vocie on the other end becomes increasingly angry when nobody responds. seems you've got more company coming.
[22:18] <@Vega7285> *click*
01[22:18] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( also vote on that mook to become a reacruing baddy~ ))
[22:18] <@Vega7285> ((Got to give him a name. Also, moving my focus to the guys in the sneaky part.))
[22:18] <Lucas_Joran> ((Yaaay sneakan)
01[22:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well fun…"6 walks toward a door that seems to go further in 1"Well this will be fun"6 her hand glows a bit as she floats up to place a symbol of a burning x on top of it
[22:19] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Woo~ ))
01[22:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((loaidng claymore on the door~))
[22:19] <@Vega7285> (9There's multiple doors. and a wraparound walkway/calcony for the second floor.))
[22:20] <@Vega7285> ((*balcony))
01[22:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( groudn level))
01[22:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((whatever is looking to be the one you'd walk through after getting in here))
01[22:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((if it doesn't work it doesn't work))
[22:21] <@Vega7285> Ok, back to the sneaking group. You guys had jsut taken down a pair of guards who were doing soemthing. the door they jsut came out of is still ajar. You probably hear Felly's distraction happen, and a short time after, you might pick up the sound of running footsteps from the [22:21] <@Vega7285> Ok, back to the06[22:22] * Lucas_Joran slides forward down the hall/through the door they were guarding, and slowly opens it, looking through
06[22:23] * Kunede_Fuzen follows after Lucas, chain still ready to see what they were up to in there.
[22:23] <@Vega7285> It's an office, from the look of it. Not pretty though. As its occupant is quite dead. Looks like one of the science types. Or maybe adminsitration. Who knows?
[22:25] <Kunede_Fuzen> ((search to look for anything of value they'd be after? ))
[22:26] <@Vega7285> ((Sure.))
[22:27] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+8 <s>caseing the joint</s> looking for these villains objectives.
[22:27] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0<s>caseing the joint</s> looking for these villains objectives. —> 3,0[ 1d20=14 ]3,0{22}
01[22:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Oh yeah Did we assign kat to do something?))
[22:28] <@Vega7285> Kat's covering the rear entrance to be sure nobody sneaks up on the group.
[22:28] <@Vega7285> There's a nice filing cabinet, probably full of research reports and notes.
06[22:30] * Kunede_Fuzen rifles through the cabinet, can't resist a secret.
02[22:30] * Lucas_Joran (~ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI#ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[22:31] <Verity> ((instant existential execution apparently))
[22:31] <@Vega7285> Lots of files. Mostly "reports on unknown lifeform sample and some nubmer or another". Probably too much to read here.
03[22:31] * Lucas_Joran (~ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI#ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI) has joined #EDMG2
[22:31] <Lucas_Joran> ((Goddamnit))
[22:31] <Lucas_Joran> ((What'd I miss))
[22:32] <@Vega7285> ((Lots of files. Mostly "reports on unknown lifeform sample and some nubmer or another". Probably too much to read here. ))
[22:32] <Lucas_Joran> ((Alright))
01[22:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((kunede is stealing state secrets))
01[22:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((rifling thorugh files and all that))
06[22:33] * Lucas_Joran watches the entrances, just in case, waiting for more people to show up. "I don't think there's anything about them here….but maybe we can find what they are after.))
06[22:33] * Kunede_Fuzen stuffs the notes back into the drawer without much attention to their order "This is the only interesting stuff in here, so I'm guessing it's what they're after." to Lucas.
01[22:33] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((also kat is guarding the rear))
[22:35] <@Vega7285> You can hear (and maybe see) a door opening further down the hall. Someone who's in civilian clothes peeks out and looks around, before going up to you when he sees it's safe. "Oh, thank god you're here. I think they were going to kill everyone," she says, obviousy sti[22:35] <@Vega7206[22:35] * Lucas_Joran nods to the woman, quickly motioning to her to hurry this way, but being a little cautious, in case it's a trap of some kind.
[22:35] <Verity> ((Sense Motive? :D))
[22:36] <Lucas_Joran> ((Oh snap, let her roll before answering mine))
[22:37] <@Vega7285> ((If you want to roll ,go ahead.))
[22:37] <@Vega7285> She approaches. "You're MCTF, right? I was holed up in my office, It was only a matter of time, though."
[22:39] <Lucas_Joran> ((God….Notice work as Sense motive, and/or is it trained only?))
06[22:39] * Kunede_Fuzen goes away from the cabinet and files to Lucas and the girl "Yep. We're here to clean these guys up. Any ideas about where they'd be set up?"
[22:39] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Sense motive is its own skill. I think its untrained. It's a wisdom based one. ))
[22:40] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+2 Sense motive
[22:40] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d20+2 3,0Sense motive —> 3,0[ 1d20=14 ]3,0{16}
[22:40] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+10 Kunede's got a good eye for this stuff.
[22:40] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+10 3,0Kunede's got a good eye for this stuff. —> 3,0[ 1d20=19 ]3,0{29}
[22:41] <@Vega7285> She's legit.
06[22:41] * Lucas_Joran nods as well. "Are they farther up the hall? I know out behind us is currently safe, unless they started coming in that way." he said, still watching the hall
[22:42] <@Vega7285> "I think those were the only two on this floor. We aren't exactly the sort who can handle ourselves in a fight. we're just scientists and office workers, why would they be doing this?"
06[22:43] * Lucas_Joran shrugs. "Probably somethign you're studying. I don't personally know." he said, motioning to Kunede. "She might have found it, if you don't mind us looking through files."
[22:44] <Kunede_Fuzen> "They were in here, this lifeform stuff looked like the only thing I could find that'd warrent this, does that help?"
[22:45] <@Vega7285> "As long as you don't take them, it shouldn't be a problem. We're researching those aliens that keep showing up." Her expression suddenly takes a turn for the worse. "Oh, shit."
[22:45] <Lucas_Joran> "Wait..why oh shit? What is in those files that they'd want?"
[22:46] <Lucas_Joran> ((Playing off his thirst for knowledge a little >.> ))
[22:47] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Remembered something?"
[22:47] <@Vega7285> 'Probably just our research, but that's not it. We just got a sample in the other day. it's still in the lab. what if they're after that? What if the breach containment? This could get bad…" She looks around nervously, quite worried.
01[22:48] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( :3c ))
[22:49] <Kunede_Fuzen> "That might be what they're after. Where is it right now?"
[22:50] <@Vega7285> "It's in one of the high-security labs, on the other wing of the building from here."
[22:52] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Alright, stay hidden or tell the girl at the exit we sent you and we'll go check it out."
06[22:54] * Lucas_Joran nods to Kunede, sliding forward a little bit. "What's the fastest way there? You know this building better then either of us, to my knowledge."
01[22:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( also sorry Verity on taking up talking time in the fight~))
[22:55] <Verity> ((No sweat lol))
[22:55] <Verity> ((I'm fapping to FIFA lol))
[22:56] <@Vega7285> The lady nods and heads off to talk to Kat, who now has a mission of protectinganyone still around.
[22:56] <@Vega7285> ((Well, once you hit the lobby, we get a full party.))
[22:57] <Lucas_Joran> ((Well, Lucas would like to keep the bluff of only the two of them up as long as possible.))
01[22:57] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( TMI~))
06[22:58] * Kunede_Fuzen heads off in the direction she reccomended.
[22:58] <Lucas_Joran> "Here's hoping they aren't planning something stupid with that sample." 62Lucas said, keeping pace with her.
[22:59] <Lucas_Joran> (gah, didn't mean that to be pink))
01[23:00] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((hm?))
[23:01] <Lucas_Joran> ((Trying to get the action color >.> ))
[23:01] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((Don't see pink here))
[23:01] <@Vega7285> You guys reach the lobby about the time the door for the labs blows up. And several guys rush onto the second floor balcony. "We've got you surrounded." Though some probably aren't making it. ((Felly, claymore stats?))
[23:01] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Nor do I. But my colours are all out of whack. ))
[23:03] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> (( still on, to people matching the uniform at least, also any pillars to hide behind?))
[23:03] <Lucas_Joran> ((So are they between Rear team and Front team or behind those who just got into the room?))
[23:03] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((er the pervious gunners outfit))
06[23:03] * xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow just keeps quiet in her spot, no need to rush this
06[23:04] * xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow talks into the com 1"You ready Verity?"
[23:04] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((or her if she's closer
[23:04] <Lucas_Joran> ((Felly~ Your talking from the wrong alt))
[23:05] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((…))
01[23:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( … there we go))
01[23:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( It always sucks when that happens~))
01[23:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( also claymore bottom floor and such, they bypassed it))
[23:05] <@Vega7285> (9Why is dicebot talking? Also ,guys are on a second floor, you guys are all on first. so, front and rear teams can get to each other. Best cover is if you stay under the balcony surrounding the room, only guys on the oppisite wall can shoot at you.))
[23:06] <@Vega7285> ((No ,some when through that door too ,claymore blew up, stats to roll against?))
01[23:06] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((How close are they?))
01[23:06] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's a small … hell Actually it can go up at least a bit of a distraction))
[23:06] <@Vega7285> ((o the claymore? They opened the fucking door.))
01[23:06] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ah ok then))
01[23:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I thought they were all on second floor))
01[23:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Suprise~"6 she says as she rushes under a balconey
01[23:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((DC 15 reflex, DC 20 tough))
06[23:07] * Verity fiddles with the comm a bit. Some of the others might hear a weird rustling sound. "Uh, yeah, always fine."
[23:07] <@Vega7285> ((No, I said the claymore went up, which probably means people are near it. Call it a proximity trigger, as otherwise, you can't see through the fucking door, so yeah. Also ,I forgot you made it a fucking remote mine, unlike an aCTUAL claymore. Fucker[23:0[23:08] <Lucas_Joran> ((KABOOOM! They're gonna have to glue you back together. In HELL!))
[23:08] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 reflex
[23:08] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0reflex —> 3,0[ 1d20=3 ]3,0{11}
01[23:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's proximity))
[23:08] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 tough vs 20
[23:08] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0tough vs 20 —> 3,0[ 1d20=9 ]3,0{17}
[23:08] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( So, we're together now, like the stealth team ran in as the ambush happened? ))
[23:08] <@Vega7285> Yeah, whoever opened that door is gone.
01[23:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( I thought no one was down there therefor no reason to say it exploded))
[23:08] <@Vega7285> ((Yes. that is it exactly. Tihs whole clusterfuck is happening at once. convenient timing on the enemies, huh~?))
[23:09] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Very~ ))
01[23:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((yep~))
[23:09] <Lucas_Joran> ((Init?))
01[23:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+1
[23:09] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+1 —> 3,0[ 1d20=15 ]3,0{16}
06[23:09] * Kunede_Fuzen running in as the explosion happens "Having fun, Felly?"
[23:09] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+7
[23:09] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+7 —> 3,0[ 1d20=11 ]3,0{18}
01[23:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Why yes, nice of you to finally join slowpoke"
06[23:09] * Lucas_Joran chuckles, sliding to a stop against a wall, looking about. "Some boom, Fells."
[23:09] <Verity> roll 1d20-2 init
[23:10] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20-2 3,0init —> 3,0[ 1d20=1 ]3,0{-1}
[23:10] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20 + 11
[23:10] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d20 3,0+ 11 —> 3,0[ 1d20=19 ]3,0{19}
[23:10] <Verity> ((YES))
[23:10] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+2 goons
[23:10] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+2 3,0goons —> 3,0[ 1d20=3 ]3,0{5}
[23:10] <@Vega7285> ((ouch~ There's 6 of them, at elast. 3 on each side of the room.))
01[23:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( lucas->kunede->felly->goons->verty))
[23:11] <@Vega7285> ((Yep. also ,can you hAVe negative initiative? od roes that bork the systme and roll over to 255 or something?))
[23:12] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( you can indeed. ))
[23:12] <Lucas_Joran> ((How far away is the nearest mook I can see?))
01[23:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((powergaming on old games~))
[23:12] <Lucas_Joran> ((I think it defaults to 1 off hand))
[23:12] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( it's not special mechanically, it just means someone has to roll really poorly to move after you. ))
[23:13] <Lucas_Joran> ((How do i figure out the range for, like, Kinetic Control's blast, or a Blast ability?))
[23:13] <@Vega7285> ((layout is ,big pen room. 3 guys on 2nd floor balcony areas with stairs leading to/from them on either end of the room. I have no fucking clue on ranges, so asusme they're in range unless otehrwise noted. The space is probably at most 30-40 feet acro[23:13] <@Vega7285> ((layout is [23:14] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( It's just general piss poor reflexes and reactions, basically. The number itself doesn't matter, so much as its relation to other numbers other people roll, so totally works. ))
[23:14] <@Vega7285> ((You will discover we're very flippant on mostly pointless bullshit like range and positioning, unless we actually do get around to using maptool. speaking of, everyone amy want a token ready, next non-mission session will end early to test that.))
[23:15] <@Vega7285> (9range is, i believe, default to ranks*10))
06[23:15] * Lucas_Joran grins, speeding up to the nearest Mook, using the handrail as a grinding poll to get up to the second floor and deliver a spinning blow to the badie.
[23:15] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+8
[23:15] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d20+8 —> 3,0[ 1d20=14 ]3,0{22}
[23:15] <@Vega7285> (9Closest guys would therefore be "under" you but in total cover, depending on how you slice it, you can definitely clsoe the distance, however))
[23:16] <Lucas_Joran> ((Yay 100 + feet in movement))
[23:16] <@Vega7285> Damage DC?
[23:16] <Lucas_Joran> ((Cause I fail, quickly remind me how to figure DC?))
[23:17] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( damamge is 15+ ranks of damage ))
[23:17] <@Vega7285> ((damage is 15+ranks (or strenght bonus, or whatever), all otehr Dcs are 10+ranks))
[23:17] <Lucas_Joran> ((DC 22
[23:17] <Lucas_Joran> ))
[23:17] <@Vega7285> (9I do require you to trakc you own. Don't mind reminding you ,but I won't remember how much damage you do on my own.))
[23:17] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs DC 22
[23:17] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs DC 22 —> 3,0[ 1d20=12 ]3,0{20}
[23:18] <@Vega7285> The guy is knocked over the balcony and hits the ground hard. "holy shit!" one of the others exclaims.
06[23:18] * Lucas_Joran grins as he connects to the man's body. "I think the odds are in our favor." he says, still spinning slightly from the momentum
[23:18] <Lucas_Joran> ((For spinning power))
[23:18] <@Vega7285> ((Next.))
01[23:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((kunede))
[23:19] <@Vega7285> (9and someone repost the fucking initiative order, it got lost in OOC everywhere. Not that I'm surprised. early-game, this is going to happen, period.))
01[23:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( lucas->kunede->felly->goons->verty))
06[23:19] * Kunede_Fuzen grins, already starting to swing her chain, then quickly popping out of sight, reappearing right behind the goon that'd be the most awkward to get to on foot, smacking them over the head
[23:20] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+7 turnabout'd chain attack
[23:20] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+7 3,0turnabout'd chain attack —> 3,0[ 1d20=2 ]3,0{9}
[23:20] <@Vega7285> miss
01[23:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( …. EMMA FLASHBACKS ))
[23:20] <@Vega7285> ((also, loldicebot))
[23:20] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> (( I have it in for you bitch ))
[23:20] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Yep. This is my luck in action. ))
[23:21] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( I don't have determination, so nothing to be done. ))
06[23:21] * Kunede_Fuzen after swinning just over his head, pops back to a spot slightly awkward for any retalitory shots
06[23:21] * Felicita_Ojalehto a slight smile crosses fellys lips as the fireballs dance around her hand
01[23:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+9 for DC26+autofire I attack
[23:21] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+9 3,0for DC26+autofire I attack —> 3,0[ 1d20=11 ]3,0{20}
[23:22] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 27
[23:22] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs 27 —> 3,0[ 1d20=19 ]3,0{27}
01[23:22] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((oh just met it))
[23:23] <Lucas_Joran> ((Who wins ties, defender?))
01[23:23] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((defender))
[23:23] <@Vega7285> A hit, but the guy seems just fine through the fire and flames. ((I think so. jsut meeting is not failure.))
01[23:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( 55% theory, whoever rolling has a 55% to hit or save against non damage tings that means meeting the number))
01[23:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((mooks ))
[23:24] <@Vega7285> The mooks all take aim at one of you, with two going after Felly, as she's probably msot dangerous.
01[23:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Oh? They really recruit good ones"
[23:25] <@Vega7285> 1d20+8 Lucas
[23:25] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 Lucas
[23:25] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0Lucas —> 3,0[ 1d20=12 ]3,0{20}
[23:25] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 Kunede
[23:25] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0Kunede —> 3,0[ 1d20=16 ]3,0{24}
[23:25] <Lucas_Joran> (Miss due to spinning))
[23:25] <@Vega7285> Roll 1d20+8 Verity
[23:25] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0Verity —> 3,0[ 1d20=8 ]3,0{16}
[23:25] <Lucas_Joran> ((ER no))
01[23:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((spin hina spin))
[23:25] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20+8 Felly
[23:25] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 2#1d20+8 3,0Felly —> 3,0[ 1d20=4 ]3,0{12}, 3,0[ 1d20=10 ]3,0{18}
[23:25] <Lucas_Joran> ((Just a miss, yay shields and dodge))
01[23:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+11 for the one that hit
[23:25] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+11 3,0for the one that hit —> 3,0[ 1d20=8 ]3,0{19}
01[23:26] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((DC 23 correct?))
[23:26] <@Vega7285> ((DC is 23 on these attacks, yes.))
06[23:26] * Lucas_Joran is barely missed by a round, still grinning slightly, pulling his goggles down as he spins. "Oh, fiesty))
01[23:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> 6 Felly's force wobbles as the bullet pierces it and draws a bit of blood as it grazes her sholder 1"Tsk They really did hire some good guys"
[23:27] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+8 toughness
[23:27] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0toughness —> 3,0[ 1d20=15 ]3,0{23}
[23:27] <Verity> roll 1d20+12 toughness
[23:27] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20+12 3,0toughness —> 3,0[ 1d20=6 ]3,0{18}
01[23:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((one short of stun))
01[23:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((verity is up))
06[23:28] * Kunede_Fuzen doesn't flinch from the bullet graze. "Next time."
[23:28] <Verity> ((How far apart are the 3 on one side?))
[23:28] <@Vega7285> ((Hm, they're probably about 10 feet between each or so.))
[23:31] <Verity> With the shot somehow grazing past the pumpkins and piercing the shield, Verity was somewhat displeased. Making a small motion, 3 soldiers on one side were suddenly shot by beams from weird angles. ((DC 17 toughness on each of the 3))
[23:32] <@Vega7285> (9Hell ,take sneak attack on them ,but it'll only work once in any given fight before they wise up.))
[23:33] <Verity> ((Okay, then 22 on all three?))
[23:33] <@Vega7285> roll 3#1d20+8 vs DC 22
[23:33] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 3#1d20+8 3,0vs DC 22 —> 3,0[ 1d20=12 ]3,0{20}, 3,0[ 1d20=13 ]3,0{21}, 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{28}
[23:34] <@Vega7285> Two are taken down ,but the third just takes it on the armor. He looks over his shoulder and notices the pumpkin. "Everyone ,watch your backs!"
[23:34] <Lucas_Joran> (How many are left after the round?))
[23:34] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((lucas up))
[23:35] <@Vega7285> ((three left. two on one balcony, one on the other. Two on Lucas', I'mm assume.))
06[23:36] * Lucas_Joran will rush towards one of the last three, kinetic energy gathering on his skate as he abruptly stops hard, launching the kinetic missle at the enemy.
[23:36] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+3
[23:36] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d20+3 —> 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{23}
[23:36] <Lucas_Joran> ((OH SNAP))
[23:36] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( goes his neck. ))
[23:37] <Lucas_Joran> ((That's 18, unless one of my stats should be added in))
[23:37] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((DC +5 ))
[23:37] <Lucas_Joran> ((DC 23 then))
[23:37] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((Delicous crit))
[23:37] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> ((lots of crits))
[23:37] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 23
[23:37] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs 23 —> 3,0[ 1d20=3 ]3,0{11}
06[23:38] * Lucas_Joran continues to spin as the force wedge collides with the enemy, smirking widely. "SIT DOWN!"
[23:38] <@Vega7285> Snap goes his neck indeed. Well, that's one heck of a case of whiplash. The guy gets knocked into the nearest wall behind him, and stays there, as it looks like he's dented the drywall.
06[23:38] * xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow smiles 1"I won't miss this time"
[23:38] <@Vega7285> The remaining guy on that side looks horrified.
[23:39] <@Vega7285> ((DICEBOT, scribs. DICEBOT.))
01[23:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((god damn it))
01[23:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((got to remeber it's the second one))
06[23:39] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles 1" I won't miss this time"
01[23:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+13 for the guy she only singed last time (taking the full 3 dodge bonus off of my defense)
[23:40] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+13 3,0for the guy she only singed last time (taking the full 3 dodge bonus off of my defense) —> 3,0[ 1d20=1 ]3,0{14}
01[23:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((…))
[23:40] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> (( I told you bitch, I'm here to end you ))
[23:41] <Lucas_Joran> ((I thought it was Kunede's turn))
06[23:41] * Kunede_Fuzen turnabout attacks the friend to calm him down.
[23:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( It was~ ))
[23:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+7 attack
[23:41] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+7 3,0attack —> 3,0[ 1d20=4 ]3,0{11}
[23:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( sonuva, my luck. ))
01[23:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((oh god sorry))
01[23:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((either way we both can be conforted by our fialurs~))
[23:42] <@Vega7285> You both miss~ And felly's easier to hit.
[23:42] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( No, you tanked a 1 for me. I'm grateful for that~ ))
01[23:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((not enough~))
01[23:43] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((mooks as I'm stupid with everyone but thoon and I's order))
[23:44] <@Vega7285> The one guy left near Lucas begins firing wildly at him, and retreats toward the stairs.
[23:44] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8
[23:44] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 —> 3,0[ 1d20=5 ]3,0{13}
06[23:44] * Lucas_Joran chuckles, spinning through the spray of bullets. "Get real!"
[23:44] <Lucas_Joran> ((Swing and a BIG miss))
[23:45] <@Vega7285> The others attack Verity and Felly.
[23:45] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 verity
[23:45] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0verity —> 3,0[ 1d20=6 ]3,0{14}
[23:45] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 felly
[23:45] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0felly —> 3,0[ 1d20=16 ]3,0{24}
[23:45] <@Vega7285> ((Selcome to our dicebot. Was this the one named "crit_fail_generator" way back when?))
01[23:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+9
[23:45] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+9 —> 3,0[ 1d20=2 ]3,0{11}
[23:45] <@Vega7285> ((Damage Dc 23))
06[23:46] * Felicita_Ojalehto is hit and the bullet goes straight through her sheild and taks a good hit into her side 1"Gwa…."
[23:46] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Crit fail generator was one of mine, I think. ))
01[23:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((stagered-stuned-another bruise~))
01[23:47] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((not that she wasn't before the the mooks anyway))
06[23:48] * Verity takes note of the fire, and speaking a few short words, a bunch of pumpkins navigated as to block the bullets.
[23:48] <@Vega7285> Verity's up.
06[23:50] * Verity turns to the one that managed a shot on Felly. "Those devices you use really are crude." She points towards him, and a formation of pumpkins fan out.
[23:50] <Verity> roll 1d20+15 DC 20 knowledge tactics check required
[23:50] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20+15 3,0DC 20 knowledge tactics check required —> 3,0[ 1d20=20 ]3,0{35}
[23:51] <@Vega7285> ((You make it.))
01[23:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((boy do you))
01[23:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "ITs… not a device…"
[23:51] <Verity> The entire array fire concentrated fire onto the man.
[23:51] <Verity> roll 1d20+10 attack roll
[23:51] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d20+10 3,0attack roll —> 3,0[ 1d20=5 ]3,0{15}
[23:52] <Verity> ((gah))
01[23:52] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((can always hero point~))
[23:53] <@Vega7285> ((That you can. You'll get them back. I forget if I'm letting them regrow once a session or what. But, they're not meant to be that hard to earn.))
[23:53] <Verity> ((sure. I add 1d10?))
[23:53] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( reroll, 1d10+10 ))
01[23:53] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((plus your normal bonus))
[23:54] <Verity> roll 1d10+20 hero point
[23:54] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Verity rolled :3,0 1d10+20 3,0hero point —> 3,0[ 1d10=2 ]3,0{22}
[23:54] <@Vega7285> That hits.
01[23:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((My god it is out for us))
[23:54] <Verity> ((DC 25 autofire))
[23:54] <@Vega7285> ((damage?))
[23:54] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Yeah. And so the base 1 hero point regenerates for this? Oh ho~ if so~ ))
[23:54] <@Vega7285> ((ok, autofire adds 2…))
01[23:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Stock 1+luck come back each session, though spliting sessions due ot how long it takes may not get it back))
[23:54] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 27
[23:54] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d20+8 3,0vs 27 —> 3,0[ 1d20=19 ]3,0{27}
[23:54] <Verity> ((man this guy))
[23:54] <@Vega7285> Somehow, this guy just isn't going down.
01[23:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Though I don't belive we're using luck but it's variatns instead))
01[23:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((luc))
[23:55] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( ah, so THOSE versions regenerate. Alright, nevermind that oh ho then~ ))
01[23:56] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Actaully luck does too I belive))
06[23:56] * Lucas_Joran slides up to the last one. "Best you give up right now. You have no real chance." he says, looking ready to attack.
[23:56] <Lucas_Joran> ((Rolling Intimidate))
[23:56] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+5
[23:56] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d20+5 —> 3,0[ 1d20=4 ]3,0{9}
[23:56] <Lucas_Joran> ((Ah damnit. I'll hero point that))
[23:56] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d10+15
[23:56] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0 1d10+15 —> 3,0[ 1d10=2 ]3,0{17}
[23:56] <Verity> ((this dice bot's sweet))
[23:57] <Lucas_Joran> ((Hope that's good enough))
[23:57] <@Vega7285> He's not particularly frightened into standing down, no.
[23:57] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> (( What part about I came to end you do you not understand bitches?))
[23:57] <Lucas_Joran> ((I do think that's my turn, so Kunede, you have a chance to KO him))
[23:58] <Lucas_Joran> ((I moved and Intimidated…or attempted to. I think that makes a turn))
01[23:58] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( yeah))
06[23:58] * Kunede_Fuzen is going to take that chance too. Teleporting right above him…
[23:58] <Verity> ((Yeah, demoralize is standard))
[23:59] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+9 aggressive stance'd smackin' him over the head with the chain. -4 defense.
[23:59] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+9 3,0aggressive stance'd smackin' him over the head with the chain. -4 defense. —> 3,0[ 1d20=6 ]3,0{15}
01[23:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((…))
[23:59] <Lucas_Joran> ((Really? Gotdamn))
01[23:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((it really did come to end us))
d :3,0 1d20+9 3,0aggressive stance'd smackin' him over the head with the chain. -4 defense. —> 3,0[ 1d20=6 ]3,0{15}
[23:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((…))
[23:59] <Lucas_Joran> ((Really? Gotdamn))
[23:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((it really did come to end us))
Session Time: Sun Jun 13 00:00:00 2010
[00:00] <Verity> ((I vote this extra for hall of fame))
[00:00] <Lucas_Joran> ((I vote this mook[00:00] <Lucas_Joran> ((I vote this mook t[00:00] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( I do too. This[00:00] <Kunede_Fu[00:00] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "No…I'm not going down yet"6 her hand glows before launching her general fireball
[00:00] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+9
01[00:00] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3[00:00] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled[00:01] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((DC 26 ))
[00:01] <Kunede_Fuzen> "God damn motherfu-" no[00:01] <Kunede_Fuzen> "God damn motherfu-" noticing the fireball "Ohcrap" and popping a[00:01] <@Vega7285> ((Well, if we assume that takes him off-guard It'd hit, but I think Verity got the cheap shot this battle. and yes, we'll asusme the one fucking mook who keeps surviving shit is the same, for shits and giggles~))
[00:02] <@Vega7285> (9Who you attacking, Felly? It's starting to matter.))
[00:02] <Lucas_Joran> ((I thought there was on[00:02] <Lucas_Joran[00:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((one I missed last round and seemingly luc and kunede are missing))
[00:03] <@Vega7285> There's one on one side, two on the other, unless some have been reduced and I forgot. Ok, otwo left then.
[00:03] <@Vega7285> so, who you after?
[00:03] <@Vega7285> the one Lucas and Kunede are messing with is officially the one who keps saving vs everything, if only barely.
[00:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Ah, ok the one that isn't barely saving))
[00:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( 0don't want to mess with that fucker ;_;1))
[00:04] <@Vega7285> You jsut miss him, though~
[00:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( ;_; ))
[00:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((brb mooks up))
[00:05] <@Vega7285> God ,this is taking a while~
[00:05] <@Vega7285> one attacks Lucas again, stillt rying to fend him off. the other takes aim at Kunede.
[00:05] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs Lucas
01[00:05] <xoms_ab[00:05] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs Lucas
[00:05] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolle[00:05] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs Kunede
01[00:05] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 r[00:05] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :[00:05] <@Vega7285> ((Crit damage Dc is 28))
[00:06] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( hit due to lowered defense on[00:06] [00:06] <Lucas_Joran> ((Tough?))
[00:06] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+8 toughness
01[00:06[00:06] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+8 toughness
[00:06] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0[00:06] <@Vega7285> ((Fucker really does deserve an upgrade…Should he escape? Non-crit damage is DC 23. yes, toughness save.))
[00:06] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+10 tough
01[00:06][00:06] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+10 tough
[00:06] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran rolled :3,0[00:06] <Lucas_Joran> (WHooooo! FUCK YEAH))
06[00:06] * Kunede_Fuzen takes the bullet in the06[00:06[00:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((toughness of steel))
[00:08] <@Vega7285> ((Kunede, meanwhile, is brusied, I think?))
06[00:08] * Lucas_Joran spins a little, as the bull06[00:08] * Lucas_Joran spins a little, as the bullet smacks dead onto the shield, h[00:08] <@Vega7285> ((Verity's up.))
[00:08] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( yep. ))
[00:09] <Verity> "These men are tiring." A couple of pumpkins port it and fire on both. It's too bothersome to bother coordinating another attack.
[00:09] <Verity> ((DC 18 tough on each))
[00:09] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20+8
01[00:09] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega[00:09] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 2#1d20+8 —> 3,[00:09] <@Vega7285> They both survive just fine.
[00:10] <Verity> ((I'm glad i didn't even bother trying xD))
06[00:10] * Lucas_Joran rolls up at 30 mph, spin06[00:10] * Lucas_Joran rolls up at 30 mph, spinning into a roundhouse kick[00:10] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+8
01[00:10] <xo[00:10] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+8
[00:10] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Lucas_Joran roll[00:11] <Lucas_Joran> ((DC 22))
[00:11] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 22
01[00:11] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3[00:11] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d2[00:11] <@Vega7285> He fINALLY goes down, falling onto and down the stairs. Ain't tat satisfyign, watching the ragdoll physics?
[00:12] <@Vega7285> One goon remains.
[00:12] <Lucas_Joran> "About time."
06[00:12] * Kunede_Fuzen "If you dodge thi06[00:12] * Kune[00:13] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+9 reappear[00:13] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+9 reappearing right in front of him, swinning as hard as she can
[00:13] <xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow> 3,0Kunede_Fuzen rolled :3,0 1d20+9 3,0reappearing right in front of him, swinning as hard [00:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( … ))
[00:13] <Verity> ((I'm not sure if any of us have really been rolling double digits xD))
03[00:13] * xoms_abusedandunloveableshadow is now known as xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot
[00:14] <@Vega7285> ((meeting AC hits, correct?))
[00:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((yes))
[00:14] <@Vega7285> ((Then it's a hit~))
[00:15] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( r-really~? ))
[00:15] <Lucas_Joran> ((Score))
[00:15] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( DC 24 here's where i[00:15] <Kunede_Fuzen> [00:15] <Lucas_Joran> ((I have been…not enti[00:15] <Lucas_Joran> ((I have be[00:15] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+8 vs 24
01[00:15] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot> 3[00:15] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot> 3,0Vega7285 rolled :3,0 1d[00:15] <Lucas_Joran> ((Booyah!))
[00:16] <@Vega7285> ((ooh, critfail. Care to describe yoruself Kunede?))
01[00:17] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot>[00:17] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot> (( don't cheer just yet bitch06[00:17] * Kunede_Fuzen backhands the 06[00:17] * Kunede_Fuzen backhands the man right across the face with the blunt end of the spike on the end of her chain, looking very proud of herself as he falls down. Then leans down to <s>checks his pu[00:18] <@Vega7285> He doesn't have much on him, unfortunately.
[00:18] <Lucas_Joran> "Tch. And I was ho[00:18] <Lucas_Joran> "Tch. And I was hopping to get one of them for information. Eh..most of these guys should be alive, aside from…" he pauses, looking at the one embedded into the wall, the one Kunede just took out, and the one at the base of the stairs. "Really hope they are all still alive though…would be best [00:19] <@Vega7285> ((So…uh, identify an NPC as promoted? Regroup, talk, take breahter to recover damage, move on? End session now as jeez, mooks shouldn't be a boss battle?))
06[00:19] * Kunede_Fuzen resisting the 06[00:19] * Kunede_Fuzen resisting the urge to grumble, stands up again, looking over everyone and rubb06[00:19] * Felicita_Ojalehto just genearly doesn't look well 1"… well anyone here know healing magic? I got tagged…"
[00:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((never underestimate mooks))
[00:20] <@Vega7285> "We've got a medical team as part of the clean-up unit, but we'd rather not send them in just yet," Aya says.
[00:20] <Lucas_Joran> "Had a pair of close [00:20] <Lucas_Joran> "Had a pair of close ones, but I'm fine." the mechanic says, sliding over. "I don't think this is over yet though…if someone could heal the wounded quick, and someone send word to have the police to come and collect these g[00:20] <@Vega7285> ((Actually, does anyone do healing? if not, Kunede gets a present after all.))
[00:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… So you're still on… I can walk but barly…"
[00:21] <@Vega7285> "Yeah, we're always in com[00:21] <@Vega7285> "Yeah, we're always in communcation, well..barring jamming. I think. We can certainly send someone up t06[00:21] * Kunede_Fuzen Kunede shakes her he06[00:21] * Kunede_Fuzen Kunede shakes her head "06[00:21] * Lucas_Joran nods. "If anything, y06[00:21] * Lucas_Joran nods. "If anything, you should probably be the one to go get them to get a holding team in here. No offense, but I don't want to see one 06[00:21] * Verity smiles towards Lucas. "No 06[00:21] * Verity smiles towards Lucas. "No worries. The magical trauma I utilize is 100% non-fatal. Well, not the ones I'm using right now, anyways." She looks around a bit, "I[00:22] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Did you guys find anything?"6 she's holding her side
[00:22] <Lucas_Joran> "I'm more worried about the one I put into the wall and the one I put down the stairs, to be honest." he says sheepishly.
06[00:22] * Felicita_Ojalehto just eyes lucas
[00:22] <@Vega7285> If Kunede continues searching the bodies like agood little klepto, at least one of them had some sort of emergency first-aid stuff on them.
[00:22] <Lucas_Joran> (What kind of look is she g[00:22] <Lucas[00:23] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((not a good one))
[00:23] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( The "You don't have bullet holes so shut up" look))
[00:23] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We might have a clue what they'[00:23] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We might have a clue what they're after. There's a wing of the lab we were heading too that's got some sort of sample they just got before this happened. Doesn't sound like a coincidence." Kunede says while <s>loot[00:23] <@Vega7285> (9No matter how cinematic stuff gets, it's always non-lethal unless you tell me otehrwise, at least as far as OOC knoweldge goes. Bruises recover fairly quickly over time, too. it's, like what? 5 minutes and they go away?))
[00:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I'll check))
[00:24] <@Vega7285> ((They do fade pretty quickly, though.))
[00:24] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Oh, Felly. Here. It's not magic, b[00:24] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Oh, Felly. Here. It[00:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((one per minute))
06[00:24] * Felicita_Ojalehto takes off her jacket and takes off her top
06[00:24] * Lucas_Joran ignores the look. "If no one minds, 06[00:24] * Lucas_Joran ignores the look. "If no one minds, I'd like to scout ahead a little…I'm not the sneakiest, but if we need[00:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I can't tell… did it go through?"
06[00:25] * Lucas_Joran turns away from Felly politely as she g06[00:25] * Lucas_Joran turns [00:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((stagered is 1 an hour))
06[00:26] * Kunede_Fuzen hops over to Felly to check her.
[00:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "And I liked this jacket…"
02[00:27] * Lucas_Joran (~ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI#ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI) Quit02[00:27] * Lucas_Joran (~IceChat7@Rizon-03[00:27] * Lucas_Joran (~ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI#ten.xoc.hp.hp.00A8EAD1-noziR|7tahCecI) has 03[00:27] * Lu[00:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… so did you even check if they were alright?"
[00:27] <Lucas_Joran> ((Sorry about that))
[00:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> 6 she says to kunede as she gets over
[00:27] <@Vega7285> ((It's the typical first-aid for the setting, so possibly magic. generic in-game healing item for furutretech stuff. Gives recovery check and bonus to it. Disposable heal of some value, I guess.))
[00:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( s'llright ))
[00:28] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Pretty bad, but nothing we couldn't fix with magic. If [00:28] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Pretty bad, but nothing we couldn't fix with magic. If someone can use this you should be fine to deal with the rest. Oh they're [00:29] <Verity> ((will we just wave off the bruise checks?))
06[00:29] * Felicita_Ojalehto takes the device
[00:29] <@Vega7285> ((medkits/whatever are now heal 5 single use items.))
[00:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well lets try this…"
[00:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+6
01[00:29] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoubitchesbot> 3,0Felicita_Ojalehto rolled :3,0 1d20+6[00:29] <xoms_Imgoingtoendyoub[00:29] <@Vega7285> ((Hmm, what do we think ,guys? bruises jsut fall off when they time out, no check required?))
[00:29] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( If it just single use triggers heal with a bonus, it'd j[00:29] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( If it just single use triggers heal with a bonus, it'd just get rid of the worst wound, rather then everything. U[00:30] <@Vega7285> ((It's jsut the worst, yeah.))
[00:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((crap I'm not sure if matching the DC does it or not))
[00:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I assume so though))
[00:30] <@Vega7285> ((Sure it does.))
[00:30] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Check if its in combat/[00:30] <@Vega7285> ((Sure it does.))
[00:30] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Check if its in combat/very short term and you want to be sadistic, 1 check a minute while ta[00:31] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah. Bruises pretty much are going to be gone by next combat.))
[06[00:31] * Lucas_Joran looks about. "I really don't want to move those two personally.06[00:31] * Lucas_Joran looks about. "I really don't want to move those two personally….I'm not a medic, [00:31] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((equal or exceeds felly just made it))
06[00:33] * Felicita_Ojalehto applies the technomagical thing to the wound and presses wincing a bit. The blood seems to stop coming out and maybe even repair a bit 1"…does this thing have any..ah there it is…"6 she finds gauze in the kit and starts to wrap it around herself before getting decent 1"… Should do for a while at least. So what did you guys find out?"
[00:33] <Lucas_Joran> "As Kunede-san just said, they seem to be after something in the lab [00:33] <Lucas_Joran> "As Kunede-san just 06[00:35] * Felicita_Ojalehto still seems a bit pale probably needs real medical attention that shit was probably more painkillers than organ patches 1"Alright, so did you check it out yet?"
[00:35] <Kunede_Fuzen> "That's what the scientist said - She's with Kat who's making sure p[00:35] <Kunede_Fuzen> "That's what the scientist said - She's with Kat who's making sure people don't escape out the back by the way - they got some sort of sample. These guys 06[00:36] * Lucas_Joran sweatdrops alittle. "Again, as Kunede-san said, we were on our wa06[00:36] * Lucas_Joran sweatdrops 06[00:36] * Verity frowns. "I don't really like the sound of that. Can't see how this will end well."
06[00:37] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at verity 1"Even if you do use pumpkins to do your job that was some good shooting."
[00:38] <Verity> "Yes, well, it seems people have difficulty avoiding shots that come from a bunch of different angles. They got clever though, and started avoiding letting me hit the weak spots in their armor though…."
[00:39] <Verity> ((nix that second though xD)
[00:39] <Verity> )
06[00:39] * Lucas_Joran coughs a little, still facing away from Felly polietly. "We really06[00:39] * Lucas_Joran coughs a little, still facing away from Felly p[00:39] <@Vega7285> ((Proceed when ready. Or we can cut session done here. the way combat's going could be a while next time…))
[00:40] <Lucas_Joran> ((I'm good to keep going personally, but if people want to continue l[00:40] <Lucas_Joran> ((I[00:40] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( We got enough time to move on to at least a cliffhanger, you thi[00:40] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( We got enough[00:40] <Verity> "That was surprisingly difficult though. We might want to prepare some manuveurs ahead of time, since we at least know what's their likely goal." ((wanna try that Master Plan feat lol))
[00:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I got it cleaned up … you really don't have to be so modist"
[00:41] <@Vega7285> ((sure. I figure, I'll liekyl want to sleep soon after midnight local, others may be the same. So, let's move on to cliffhanger, at least. To the labs?))
[00:41] <Lucas_Joran> "I was raised to be a gentleman, even if I'm rough around the edges." he[00:41] <Lucas_Joran> "I was raised to be [00:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We can talk about tactics on the way. We should get moving in case the[00:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We c[00:42] <Lucas_Joran> ((Yay coming up on Mission Boss! DUNDUN!))
06[00:42] * Felicita_Ojalehto starts following 1"well I seem to be feeling well enough to do this, probably means I'm in for something when this pain killers wear off so lets finish this off quick and call this place secure"
[00:43] <@Vega7285> The lab wing, when you're all there, is very clean. There's some signs of struggle, though it seems that most of the scientists here have also survived as anyone detailed to clear them out went to investigate Felly's little diversion. The high-security labs where they'd store that sample are still ahead, but there's guys around to talk to about what's going on, too.
[00:43] <Verity> "I'm not even going to comment on that oxymoron." Verity almost seemed to sne[00:43] <Verity[00:43] <@Vega7285> These lab spaces, if you duck in, are fairly normal. comptuers, all kinds of fancy and technical equipment and such things, some are arcane ritual space, and so-on.
[00:44] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Looks where are all the scientists?"
06[00:44] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks around 1"how many did you guys find in the back?"
[00:44] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Don't whine, you just need to get the adrenaline pumping, Felly." Kunede [00:44] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Don't whine, you just need to g06[00:45] * Lucas_Joran smirks. "Only two…so I think most of them might be up here." he said. 06[00:45] * Lucas_Joran smirks. "On[00:45] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Only two. Your distraction worked well."
[00:45] <@Vega7285> The scientists are in the lab. As mentioned, they're around to talk to if yo[00:45] <@Vega7285> The scientists are in the lab. As m[00:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Yeah I took a pounding and you got through scot free
[00:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Also does it look like I'm going to stop any time soon?"
06[00:46] * Lucas_Joran looks over, stopping next to one. "I got lucky. I try not to rely on such thin06[00:46] * Lucas_Joran looks over, stopping next to one. "I got lucky. I try not to rely on such things." he re06[00:47] * Felicita_Ojalehto approaches a scientist 1"Did any of those goons get back here?"
[00:48] <@Vega7285> "I'm not sure. I think about four or five rushed over to the high-security wing as soon as they got here. They haven't come back out yet ,but i think I heard shooting. That's where we've got our top-secret work, and the new sample from the other day. we've all been keeping our heads down and hoping we'd be last to be found."
[00:49] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So they breached this area first at the same time? Well looks like we did find what they were looking for"
[00:49] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well evacuate, we cleared out the front so it shoudl be safe"
[00:49] <Verity> "Can you tell us anything about the new sample?"
06[00:50] * Lucas_Joran nods, waiting to see what else they can quickly learn before continuing on.
[00:50] <@Vega7285> "That's likely. I'm not sure if they're syndicate or some private company's goons, but either way, they're probably after the alien technology."
[00:50] <@Vega7285> "Not much. I don't work back there anymore."
[00:50] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Have any left, or just gone in?"
[00:50] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well if with the type of technology it is they were proably eaten by it trying to obtain it"
[00:50] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((wow…l well with I mean))
06[00:51] * Lucas_Joran nods. "Well, lets hope there is something left, and they are having trouble getting to the06[00:51] * Lucas_Joran nods. "Well, lets hope th[00:51] <@Vega7285> "Didn't I just say they havent come out?"
[00:52] <Verity> "Them retracing our path won't be necessary." With a light gesture, a portal in space was torn, leading to an area well held by the others outside. Verity communicates to Aya, "You're going to have a few non-combatants evacuating on your end."
[00:52] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Can you point us to someone who did work back there? I want to know what we're dealing with if they did crack it's containment"
[00:52] <Verity> ((I'm going to assume a proper spot to evaculate them to is within 20 miles xD))
[00:53] <@Vega7285> "That's no problem~," Aya replies happily.
[00:53] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, it's fine.))
[00:53] <@Vega7285> The scientists start exiting via the portal.
[00:54] <@Vega7285> "There's probably a few still back in that area. It's got plenty of safe places to hide."
[00:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Alright, now evacuate"
06[00:55] * Felicita_Ojalehto presses on 1"Well going in blind is half the fun isn't it?"
06[00:56] * Lucas_Joran chuckles softly. "Sometimes going in blind is all you can do
[00:56] <@Vega7285> The science folks remaining make good their escape. now they're thinking with portals.
[00:56] <Verity> "I think we can at least adopt a formation, or something. Do you think we'll be able to get Katya back o[00:56] <Ve[00:56] <@Vega7285> "It's not that blind. Well ,if you'd talk to me~ I'm lonely, you know~" you can jsut see Aya press[00:56] <@Vega7285> "It's not that blind. Well ,if you'd talk to [00:57] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Where is she anyways? Don't tell me her batters depleted on her?"
[00:57] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We can call her in if she's directed everyone to safety, maybe."
[00:57] <@Vega7285> "She's working on it."
[00:58] <Lucas_Joran> "Alright, Aya-san, what are we looking at terrain wise?" he asks
[00:58] <@Vega7285> ((Actually, might be worth waiting to continue until you get her back ,so she doesn't miss too much, come to think of it.))
[00:58] <Lucas_Joran> ((Good point))
[00:58] <Verity> "Hm, right. Aya, any information on the alien sample that that arrived yesterday?"
[00:58] <@Vega7285> "Just a basic layout. A few labs, lots of blast doors and containment systems to prevent contamination, stuff like that. It's not a very big section. Really sturdy, though."
[00:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Are we going to have to cut through them or can they be easily opend?"
06[00:59] * Felicita_Ojalehto taps her sword
[01:00] <@Vega7285> "Well, they can be opened easily enough manually. Or from here. they shouldn't even be down unless some sort of contaiment breach happened."
06[01:01] * Lucas_Joran groans. "Dont' say that. All we need is for that kind of stuff to fail when we need it, or activate wh06[01:01] * Lucas[01:01] <@Vega7285> "You can try cutting through them too, if you want. I guess." Aya's cut off by Yukari shouting over her shoulder. "Damn it, Ohjaleto, I thought I said no collateral damage!"
[01:02] <Kunede_Fuzen> "I can try being subtle about it."
[01:02] <@Vega7285> ((and we get our fluffy RP for this session~))
[01:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I'm sorry Commander, I kept it to minimal"
06[01:03] * Felicita_Ojalehto she seemingly stands at attention
06[01:04] * Lucas_Joran sighs. "If there are terminals, I can probably open them. Failing that, then we'll break stuff."
06[01:04] * Verity thinks a bit. "Do we know specifically which room the sample is? I could send a scout to check the situation out… though I'm not totally sure if it will go entirely unnoticed."
06[01:05] * Kunede_Fuzen rolls her eyes at Felly and walks past her to check out the containment. If they got in then she probabl06[01:05] * Kunede_Fuz[01:05] <@Vega7285> The doors to the secure wing are usually locked with a keypad, but they've been forced open somehow. You guys will have no problem getting in.
[01:06] <@Vega7285> "The sample? I think it's in the larger of the observation and study labs back there."
[01:06] <Kunede_Fuzen> "This should be easy. Call Katya over, we can talk stratergy while we work on this."
[01:07] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( So we could start combat next session with a master plan in place and hopefully everyone will be here to[01:07][01:07] <@Vega7285> ((Door's open, as in, zero effort to continue.))
[01:07] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, that's best~ Session end for now?))
[01:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((works for me~))
[01:07] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Ah. Never mind that part then. ))
[01:07] <@Vega7285> ok, session's over~

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