EMG2 Episode 2

[19:03] <TheBOLD> Hawt Chen. T_T
[19:03] <@Vega7285> Everyone ready~?
[19:03] <TheBOLD> I am.
[19:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((nekophile))
[19:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Ready~))
[19:04] <Verity> I'm good to go more or less
[19:04] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Actually was just getting rid of my cats. All ready here. ))
[19:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((but then they'll be sitting out in a box and homeless ;_; ))
[19:05] <@Vega7285> ((I've got art of an old character like that.))
[19:05] <Lucas_Joran> ((Gah back))
[19:05] <@Vega7285> Oh, jsut in time~
[19:06] <@Vega7285> So, we picking up where we left off, or skipping to a new day?
[19:07] <Verity> Well, if Lucas is still absent, probably better off with a new day?
[19:07] <Verity> oh wait, back
[19:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((haha oh wow))
[19:07] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Well he's back now. But still, new day~? ))
[19:07] <Verity> ((Might as well just pick back up then?))
[19:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I'm up for either))
[19:07] <Lucas_Joran> ((Either one))
[19:07] <Katya_Kotarou> ((hay))
[19:08] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Pick up is fine))
[19:08] <@Vega7285> Ok, we pick up where we left off, then.
[19:09] <@Vega7285> Katya had jsut encountered Verity a short time ago. Most of the others are outdoors. Felly is being run around the compound, while in a state of undress, as punishment for abusing the target range.
[19:09] * Felicita_Ojalehto still jogs in her skivies with her younger boss behind her
[19:09] * Katya_Kotarou emerges from the quarters, dressed in a highly militaristic combat suit
[19:10] * Kunede_Fuzen was chasing after Felly to 'join her on the run'
[19:10] * Lucas_Joran is rushing ahead of Felicita, due to possible bloody nose
[19:10] * Verity smiles as Katya exits the room. She has gotten dressed now though, and had reached a comfortable spot in her leisurely reading that perhaps she will enjoy a nice stroll upon the perimeter of her new home.
[19:11] <Katya_Kotarou> but what's with that huge red scarf
[19:11] <Katya_Kotarou> surely it's not standard issue uniform!
[19:11] * Felicita_Ojalehto makes no comments about kunede joining and keeps stoic
[19:12] * Katya_Kotarou admires the apparently heroic figure she believes she cuts in the muffler
[19:13] * Lucas_Joran will slowly pull up to Katya, waving. "Sorry about not being here. Wanted to do a quick lap. Kunede-san should be coming up shortly."
[19:14] <Verity> "Fetch my afternoon parasol," she dictated to a pumpkin, and quickly it moved with a few others and as a joint effort brought over the lavishly decorated item, one certainly unsuited for protection from the rain, with its decoration of holes and the almost transparent-thin construction of it.
[19:14] <@Vega7285> Yukari makes sure Felly keeps up the pace. At least she isn't shouting insults at the older girl.
[19:15] * Felicita_Ojalehto stares a bit at kunede as she merrily floats/runs along "Did you want to say something fuzen?"
[19:15] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Nothing special, just getting some exorcise. Oh Felly, wave to Katya~" Kunede says while waving to them as she approaches beside Felicita.
[19:16] * Katya_Kotarou looks nervous, but keeps a stoic face
[19:16] * Felicita_Ojalehto notes the girl but does not nod or wave and just keeps running "…"
[19:17] * Katya_Kotarou notes Kunede's comment and nods to Felicita, trying to be polite.
[19:17] <Katya_Kotarou> though she seems standoffish somehow.
[19:17] * Verity took pause before opening the parasol. Apparently it was a bad omen to do so indoors? It was quite unusual to have to observe this strange distinction between "outdoors" and "indoors", though she was certainly relishing the distinct differentness of this "outdoors". Lightly taking a step forward, visual space briefly distorted, and suddenly, both she and her parade of pumpkins appeared in the middle of the firing range. Verity ope
[19:18] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((cut at verity open))
[19:19] <Verity> ((?))
[19:19] <Lucas_Joran> (it cut off)
[19:19] <Verity> o
[19:19] <TheBOLD> ((We lost transmission!))
[19:19] <Verity> Verity opens the umbrella, shading her from the sun.
[19:20] <TheBOLD> ((Somebody set up us the bomb))
[19:20] * Lucas_Joran does his best not to look at Felly, clearing his throat a little. "Well then, time for our run, eh?" he said, sliding forward a little. "I bet you'll be more then able to keep up. Hell, Kunede can beat me out
[19:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Talking to felly or someone else~?))
[19:21] <Lucas_Joran> (He's talking to Kat)
[19:22] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Ah))
[19:23] * Verity takes some time to observe the practice dummy. "These are indeed quite interesting. That young magician who was coerced into exercising in her undergarments was quite correct." She briefly takes a glance towards the cluster of running individuals. "Maybe now would be appropriate to report my attendance?"
[19:25] <Katya_Kotarou> "My running speed, without this gear, is nothing remarkable." Katya stated in monotone.
[19:25] <Kunede_Fuzen> "That's okay, we're all just running for fun here, Aren't we Felly."
[19:25] * Katya_Kotarou didn't appear to need to stretch however. Maybe her artificial muscle didn't get cramps.
[19:26] * Felicita_Ojalehto just gives a look at kunede instead of awnsering
[19:26] <TheBOLD> ((Feli isn't have any fun. D:))
[19:26] <Lucas_Joran> "Well, I probably need my skates to keep up either way, but you could do to calm down a little." he said, sliding back over to where the others were running, hoping Kat comes with.
[19:27] <@Vega7285> "This isn't a contest," Yukari says, simply. "Unless you're all making it one."
[19:27] * Katya_Kotarou looks at Felly with a mild sense of confusion. It was strange that she hadn't asked earlier
[19:28] * Lucas_Joran chuckles, riding backwards with hands behind his head. "I would, but if we all went all out, I'd probably end up last."
[19:28] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I am thogh~))
[19:28] <Katya_Kotarou> "Is this some kind of training? Should I also strip?"
[19:29] * Verity makes a slight tap upon her pair of unusually simple earrings. "I should perform a test on the voice function." She takes hold of a particularly large pumpkin in her swarm. "This should be obvious enough, I hope."
[19:29] <@Vega7285> "It's punishment. Little miss stripper here is responsible for that explosion you may have noticed earlier. That's not what the practice range is for, so I'm just making sure she doesn't forget the fact."
[19:29] * Katya_Kotarou stops reaching for the zipper behind her neck, lowering her arm. "Understood!"
[19:30] * Lucas_Joran seems to stop for a second, blinking and shaking his head. 'No, bad Lucas. You are a gentleman, you don't think about the people in your group like that.' he thought in his head.
[19:30] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Have you learnt that lesson yet, Felly?"
[19:31] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I have" she give a cold glare at kunede
[19:31] <@Vega7285> "Good. Now finish your lap."
[19:32] <Verity> Without further gesturing, she warped the pumpkin roughly directly into the path of the runners, giving it a velocity equal to the group, so they don't run into it. It's quite fat, and pretty clearly in view. A female voice seemingly sounds out from it.
[19:32] <Verity> "Aaa, aaa. Testing, testing. Ah, bay, say, a, b, c."
[19:32] * Felicita_Ojalehto pauses for a second her force field coming up
[19:33] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "…"
[19:33] * Lucas_Joran blinks at the pumpkin a few times. "Bwah?"
[19:33] <@Vega7285> Yukari also pauses, but gets her composure back pretty quickly. Sh'es an officer after all. "The hell is this?"
[19:33] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "State your name…"
[19:33] <Verity> "Oh, excellent, it's functioning properly.
[19:33] <Katya_Kotarou> Katya says nothing but
[19:34] * Kunede_Fuzen too busy grinning at Felicita, almost doesn't notice the pumpkin, getting a shock and interupting her running a bit, though her hovering prevents her from falling down "It's uh… some talking fruit. That's not an alien, is it?"
[19:34] <Katya_Kotarou> she tugs silently at her mantle and marvels at the girl's wonderful familiars
[19:34] <Verity> "Yes, uh, this is Verity. I forget the rank I was assigned. I figured this was an opportune time to mention that I had actually attended the meeting. In a way."
[19:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Comander do you have an idea of why this would be on base?" her gauntlet starts to emerge
[19:34] <@Vega7285> "No, it's not. Probably," Yukari answers Kunede.
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((grante less of a guantlet more of a bunch of energy))
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((actually what are our ranks~?))
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((wait bot))
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((well not so much wait))
[19:35] <@Vega7285> "You're still late reporting in, as far as I can tell," Yukari answers the pumpkin. "That doesn't reflect well on you."
[19:35] <@Vega7285> ((We do need a bot.))
[19:36] <Katya_Kotarou> "Was there a delay in transfer to this station?" Katya questioned with rigidity
[19:36] * xoms_unlovabletrapgirl (~moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.9D81C44E-noziR|fsda#moc.retrahc.iw.lcue.pchd.9D81C44E-noziR|fsda) has joined #EDMG2
[19:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "This is our squad mate?"
[19:37] <@Vega7285> "No, your missing team member is not a pumpkin."
[19:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+6 for well informed
[19:37] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+6 for well informed —> [ 1d20=14 ]{20}
[19:37] <@Vega7285> ((Well, as usual, ask the player rather than myself. Though based on Verity's backstory, getting relevant information upon her is probably harder than on some others.))
[19:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((yeah))
[19:38] <Verity> "I was considering speaking up in this fashion during the meeting, which I had surveyed as is natural. I neglected to announce my presence, since I had thought a disembodied voice may be alarming for some. As such, I made sure this time, the servant is properly noticeable. Please excuse my negligence."
[19:39] <@Vega7285> "Whatever. Stop talking through remotes. I won't tolerate attending meetings by proxy again. If you're not willing to take this outfit seriously, then just go home."
[19:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… Is this the essentric mage?"
[19:40] * Katya_Kotarou nodded. Her mantle shook behind her as she nodded energetically. "This division certainly has many young individuals…" she murmured, under her breath, so as not to seem speaking out of turn.
[19:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((also lovely verbous speach~))
[19:41] <Kunede_Fuzen> "You better come out here, otherwise you might have to join Felly on this run, you don't want that." Kunede says, trying to offer genuine advice to anyone not Felicita.
[19:42] * Lucas_Joran looks at the pumpkin, and looks around. "Well, she's definately got some range with this thing…and it's Still unnerving." he mumbled, more to himself then anyone else.
[19:42] * Felicita_Ojalehto hmms "… so some sort of summon or other such minion. How impersonal."
[19:43] <Katya_Kotarou> Katya shook her head. "She's going to get stripped too?"
[19:43] <Katya_Kotarou> She seemed to think it unfitting for such a… noble-like girl
[19:43] <Verity> "Hm, yes. Appearing in person, you say. I'm sorry, I must have missed that passage in the instructions to attend the meeting. One moment please." Space briefly distorts behind the large pumpkin, and bleeding through the 3D space in front of them, Verity stepped through.
[19:43] <Katya_Kotarou> who seemed upper class, to be stripped and forced to run with the likes of Felly
[19:44] <Katya_Kotarou> ignoring the fact that Felly seemed upper class too entirely
[19:44] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems a bit impressed "At least you know some interesting tricks"
[19:45] <@Vega7285> "About damn time you showed up," Yukari says conversationally, still jogging along and apparently fine with holding this conversation at the same time. "You going to introduce yourself?"
[19:46] * Lucas_Joran shrugs. "Decent teleport trick at least."
[19:47] * Kunede_Fuzen is pretty much just floating along, keeping up with the group "Oooh."
[19:48] * Felicita_Ojalehto coutinues to jog a bit more, trying to keep as proper despite her lack of clothing "So, what is your talent?"
[19:48] * Verity greets the party assembled. "It will be my pleasure, though I do not think there is much to say. I go by the name Verity, I am a fellow scholar of the art of magic. I was invited here by the good establishment to see if I can be of some contribution, as I observe the modern state of magecraft. I look forward to making the most of my acquaintances with all of you, as the first intelligent creatures I will regularly interact with."
[19:48] <Verity> ((whoops, probably got cut off somewhere right))
[19:49] <Verity> "I was invited here by the good establishment to see if I can be of some contribution, as I observe the modern state of magecraft. I look forward to making the most of my acquaintances with all of you, as the first intelligent creatures I will regularly interact with."
[19:49] <Katya_Kotarou> Katya blinked and rubbed her head involuntarily.
[19:49] <Katya_Kotarou> "Her language is difficult. I thought I was fluent…" she murmured.
[19:50] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Hmm. On second thought maybe you would get along with Felly here…"
[19:51] <@Vega7285> "I hope you're up to regularly interacting with things trying to kill you. You certainly seem a little young for this kind of work." Says the twelve-year-old officer.
[19:51] <Lucas_Joran> "Wait….so how were you raised if you didn't interact with normal people?" he asked, spinning a few times while keeping speed.
[19:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So you're out of date, interesting. Self imposed or are you jailed?"
[19:52] <Katya_Kotarou> "'Too young for this kind of work?'" Katya felt something was wrong with the adolescent officer saying that.
[19:52] <Katya_Kotarou> she didn't say that outloud though
[19:52] <Katya_Kotarou> just under her breath
[19:53] <Verity> "As for my talents, I can't say I have had many to compare myself with to have made any real conclusions. I do consider myself decently capable with the damaging of things. I am also quite at home with remote observation of where ever I might like."
[19:54] <Verity> "I was raised by these servants of mine, naturally. They raised me according to a prescribed set of instructions left behind by my predecessor."
[19:55] * Felicita_Ojalehto is a bit puzzled "How intruiging, you're well bred though your servents would make your predecessor proud at least"
[19:55] <Katya_Kotarou> "Raised by servants…"
[19:55] <Verity> "If I had to put it though, I would say I was more jailed into isolation, than voluntarily so."
[19:56] <Verity> "It wasn't til' recently that I was able to undo the lock that had kept me in my place of residence."
[19:56] <Kunede_Fuzen> "It sounds like you'll get along very well with Felly…"
[19:57] * Felicita_Ojalehto raises an eyebrow "Oh? Any intresting reasons behind that, I've heard of sealed mages before but entire residences, that's new to me"
[19:57] <Katya_Kotarou> "Jailed into isolation…" she murmurs
[19:57] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's looking that way isn't it~))
[19:57] <Katya_Kotarou> it seemed familiar, though she had never considered it 'being jailed.'
[19:58] <Katya_Kotarou> ((May need to bug out for a bit in a moment))
[19:58] <@Vega7285> "From what I've read, she's an unusual case," Yukari explains to the group. "She can probably tell the stroy better than I could."
[19:58] <Verity> All throughout this, Verity in part had kept the pumpkin still functioning. It didn't seem Verity was very keen on running, and apparently had no other form of transport. So she would inevitably fall behind the group as she slowly walked, but then suddenly appears again through another distortion in space.
[19:59] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Brb, assume she's quietly listening and jogging along))
[19:59] * Katya_Kotarou (~PI.ABBFA04.1C8359D8.A5B38DC1|ddiuQebaH#PI.ABBFA04.1C8359D8.A5B38DC1|ddiuQebaH) Quit ( Quit: Katya_Kotarou )
[19:59] <TheBOLD> ((That's easy to do.))
[20:00] * Felicita_Ojalehto is seeming a bit displeased in this repition of the trick "So not one for much physical labor it seems?"
[20:01] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well hopefully you're 'damaging' ability makes up for it"
[20:02] <Kunede_Fuzen> "We're not all the butch type, running around while barely dressed, Felly~"
[20:02] <Verity> "Hm, yes. I wasn't paying enough attention that I could compare my abilities to the grand display you had made earlier, Mademoiselle Ojalehto. That is how you prefer to be called, yes?"
[20:03] * Lucas_Joran just shakes his head, still riding backwards, trying to ignore the Fuzen/Ojalehto back and forth, what little there was
[20:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "It's Ojalehto Fuzen"
[20:03] <TheBOLD> ((Err… How did it go?))
[20:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er , Fuzen))
[20:03] <TheBOLD> ((Verity loses -10 Approval from Feli))
[20:04] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles a bit "That is a bit much, though that display was much on my error" she looks at yukari
[20:04] <@Vega7285> The little CO nods in assent.
[20:05] <Kunede_Fuzen> "But you've learnt your lesson, right, after running with the rest of the group like this."
[20:05] <Lucas_Joran> (we seem to have lost Katya)
[20:05] <Verity> "Hm, yes, apparently it is a faux pas to do so. I'm glad to have learned from your example. I do think I may have eventually done the very same thing, had you not done so before me."
[20:05] <TheBOLD> ((He'll be back in a bit.))
[20:06] <Lucas_Joran> "Well, it's good to meet you, Verity-san." the scientst said, still riding backwards, his jacket flapping around him.
[20:06] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles a bit more "I think we'll get along verity"
[20:07] * Kunede_Fuzen tries not to laugh, letting out only a snicker.
[20:07] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at kunede "Don't you think it's good for squad mates to get along Fuzen?"
[20:08] <@Vega7285> "She's got a point, you know. You don't have to like each other, but you better work well together."
[20:09] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Oh no, I think this is a very good teambuilding exercise, don't you like being with all your squad like this? This'll be what we all remember when we think about how we met~"
[20:10] * Lucas_Joran will have turned around soon, just listening as he skates along
[20:10] <@Vega7285> "Cut the teasing unless you want to be as open with your team as Felly already is," Yukari snaps at Kunede.
[20:11] * Felicita_Ojalehto gives a cold look"At least it's intersting, and nothing anyone here hasn't seen before"
[20:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Kunede: I'm not good at cards does this mean I strip?))
[20:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Troll: Yes… yes it does))
[20:11] <@Vega7285> "After all, you do seem to think it's a good idea."
[20:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Kunede:Wooo))
[20:11] * Lucas_Joran keeps his yap shut, trying not ot think about all this.
[20:12] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Yes maam." Kunede says, floated back a couple feet out of sight.
[20:12] * Felicita_Ojalehto tries to keep the grin from becoming too noticable
[20:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((also that whle conversation bit with troll was from dicking aroudn with map tools~ They had card sprites))
[20:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((and of course what generic token do I pull out? The troll))
[20:15] <@Vega7285> ((Well, knowing you, nothing else would do~))
[20:16] * Lucas_Joran stumbles a little bit though, as he tries to ignore stuff both in reality and in his own mind.
[20:16] * Verity blinks, unsure what to make of the relationship between Felicita and Kunede. They seem to be incredibly fast friends, with how much they talk to one another.
[20:17] <@Vega7285> Aya's voice suddnely rings through everyone's heads, probably a ltitle too loud for comfort. "Guys, we've got an emergency here!"
[20:18] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "…. So aya's a telapath?"
[20:18] * Lucas_Joran stumbles again, shaking his head. "A little quieter, people Aya-san?" he groaned softly.
[20:18] <@Vega7285> Yukari winces, involuntarily bringing her hands to her ears. "Would you stop doing that," she asks, in a tired sort of way.
[20:18] <Lucas_Joran> *please, not people
[20:19] <@Vega7285> "Oh, sorry," Aya says, more or less. "I get a ltitle carried away, usually. Anyway, we need to get ready right away. One of our research facilities is udner attack. It's important someone deploy ASAP."
[20:19] <Verity> "Oh, it is the one that was reprimanded for wanting a personal introduction."
[20:20] <Lucas_Joran> ((She talking about Lucas?)
[20:20] <Lucas_Joran> ((Or Aya?))
[20:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I'm assuming aya~))
[20:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Permision to retrieve my unform Commander"
[20:21] <@Vega7285> "She'll never shut up once you let her get started. Makes her useful for her role, but less so other times," Yukari says. "Anyway, time to get moving. Ohjaleto, go put some clothes on. Everyone, be ready in the briefing room in five minutes."
[20:21] <Kunede_Fuzen> "It sounds like we'd better hurry if you ask me." Kunede mumbles just loud enough.
[20:22] <@Vega7285> She heads off toward the administration building, grumbling something about trouble always happening on her off days.
[20:23] * Lucas_Joran slides, nodding. "Right, my stuff is in my room. Shouldn't be too hard. I just hope I get the right uniform on." he says, hand to the ground as his wheels squeal a bit, launching him towards the dorms.
[20:24] <Verity> "Hm, I wonder if anyone wants help going to their room. Ah well. Katya, I will give you a 'ride'."
[20:24] * Felicita_Ojalehto feet glow for a second before she starts to fly at full speed towards the practice range
[20:24] * Kunede_Fuzen Kunede comes to a full stop. "I can manage myself. What about you, Lucas?"
[20:24] <Lucas_Joran> ((Brb getting food.))
[20:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Heh interuptions for food~))
[20:25] * Verity touches Katya on the shoulder and teleports her off to their room. Making a brief curtsy to the rest of the assembled party, Verity disappears herself.
[20:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Also giving kat a ride~))
[20:25] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Dur. He ran off, Never mind that part then~ ))
[20:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((not goign to spawn doujins at all~))
[20:25] <Lucas_Joran> ((And he's gone unless she runs up him))
[20:27] * Kunede_Fuzen Kunede, already being in uniform and having her chain slung over her shoulder is all so, so she simply snaps her fingers, teleporting for the Briefing room quick as she can to find a comfortable seat~
[20:27] * Felicita_Ojalehto after getting her uniform back on she starts heading at speed towards the breifing room
[20:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((asusmign that's where we would meet))
[20:27] <@Vega7285> ((Correct.))
[20:28] * Verity sets down her parasol in the room. It would be unfortunate to lose it in a fight.
[20:29] * HabeQuiddam (ude.ettemalliw.ztilb.D056BEDE-noziR|criigc#ude.ettemalliw.ztilb.D056BEDE-noziR|criigc) has joined #EDMG2
[20:29] <HabeQuiddam> hey
[20:29] <HabeQuiddam> got back in using mibbit somehow
[20:29] <Verity> Pausing for a second, Verain considers, "I guess I will look the part." Teleporting her casual clothes off of her, onto a bed, her minions quickly assembles her uniform on her.
[20:30] * HabeQuiddam is now known as Katya_Kotarou
[20:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((kunede gave kat a ride and dragged her ot the breifing room~))
[20:30] <Katya_Kotarou> ((ok))
[20:31] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( I didn't, Veri did. ))
[20:32] <Verity> "I cannot say I enjoy this aesthetic very much though." She had her cape put on over top the the uniform. The delicate texture of the silk made her feel at home. "Is there anything you might have wanted, Katya? Or shall we proceed to the briefing room?"
[20:32] <@Vega7285> ((To catcuh you up, emergency call to arms ,report to briefing in 5 minutes.))
[20:33] <Katya_Kotarou> "No need." Katya was examining a glowing blue screen on her wrist. "There aren't any abnormalities."
[20:33] <Katya_Kotarou> She pulled out a black, squarish visor and fitted it over her head. The mono-eye in its center glowed coal red.
[20:34] <Katya_Kotarou> "Ready for sortie."
[20:35] <Verity> "Very well." Verain lightly loops her arm around Katya's with some composed delicacy, and 'led' them through space. Where before Katya was their room in one moment, it all suddenly transformed into the briefing room. Verity lets go of Katya, taking a seat on a chair made completely out of her pumpkin servants. She didn't really like the look of the folding chairs.
[20:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Also ready for deployment"
[20:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((wait they aren't ther eyet my bad))
[20:36] * Felicita_Ojalehto arrives at the briefing room looking for aya
[20:36] <@Vega7285> Once everyone's arrived for the breifing, presumably on time, Yukari gets things started. They've evne got a few pictures to put on the screen, right from the site of the emergency.
[20:36] * Felicita_Ojalehto stands at attention
[20:36] <Katya_Kotarou> Exiting the fold, Katya folded up into a cautious posture
[20:36] * Kunede_Fuzen Kunede casually waves to the fellow teleporters as they enter, pulling her legs off of the table assuming she got their first and sitting more properly.
[20:36] <Katya_Kotarou> instinctively, out of unfamiliarity with the dimensional travel
[20:37] <Katya_Kotarou> seeing as it was simply the briefing room, Katya straightened up and sat in her briefing room chair.
[20:37] <@Vega7285> "Alright, girls, here's the sitrep. As of a few minutes ago, one of our research installations was just attacked. Probably some group or another after the work we're doing out there. We don't know the details yet." The screen behind her shows a few images of a large building that's probably a combination of office and laboratory space.
[20:38] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at the facility
[20:38] <@Vega7285> Some of the scens show obvious damage: the front doors are blown out and makeshift barricades have been erected, with armed troops inside.
[20:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "It looks as though they are under seige, do we know how long at least?"
[20:39] * Katya_Kotarou scrutinizes the footage meticulously.
[20:40] <@Vega7285> "We need a team to get out there and clear them out ASAP, and that happens to be us. I'll watch over your shoulders from here. Your mission is to get out there and take everyone down. It's a bit of a dicey situation, as there are plenty of civilians there, and we should treat them as potential hostages. We can deploy you pretty clsoe without being detected, but it's up to you to make the approach."
[20:40] <@Vega7285> Not so much under seige as prepared for one. Those aren't MCTF uniforms.
[20:41] <Katya_Kotarou> "Number of targets?"
[20:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ah hmm))
[20:42] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So they've taken over the labatory? Is there any concern for experiments there?" a bit of a grin shows up
[20:43] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Katya and I should be able to safely prevent anything happening to hostages."
[20:44] * Katya_Kotarou hears the mentioning of the 'experiments,' but stays silent as excessive curiosity is un-befitting of a soldier. Let alone a division outsider.
[20:44] <@Vega7285> "Enemy forces unknown. And yes, Ohjaleto, we ARE concerned for our work. You are to keep collateral damage to an absolute minimum."
[20:45] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks serious again "Understood"
[20:45] <Katya_Kotarou> "How large is the facility?"
[20:45] <@Vega7285> ((Fuck if I know. i'm not going to pull square footage out of my ass.))
[20:46] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Sorry, lol, just making up official sounding bs))
[20:48] <@Vega7285> "It's several floors. Look, i just told you you can't carpet-bomb the damn place, the size shouldn't matter as long as you clear out the invading forces. Take as many alive as possible, we'll need to question them. don't worry about holding prisoners, though. We'll send in a clean-up team once you're done."
[20:49] <@Vega7285> "Or at least, once you've ensured there's no risk in sending one. Just call in when you need them to take prisoners off your hands and think it's safe. they'll be standing by on site. Now get ready to go, this isn't something to sit around for."
[20:49] * Katya_Kotarou realized she did not need to wear the mecha-like visor in the briefing room.
[20:49] <@Vega7285> "We've got a chopper ready to drop you off out at the helipad."
[20:51] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Let's go take care of this then."
[20:51] <Katya_Kotarou> "Understood Mayór."
[20:52] <Lucas_Joran> ((Back From food))
[20:52] <Lucas_Joran> ((Well..I have food now..but lemme catch up
[20:52] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Understood comander" she heads ofr the transportation
[20:53] <@Vega7285> ((Get to dah choppah))
[20:53] * Katya_Kotarou walks briskly with Felly, standing at her side. Her combat visor gets worn like a hairband.
[20:53] <Lucas_Joran> ((Are we assuming he's with them or what?)
[20:54] <Katya_Kotarou> ((pfft, he's just a mechanic. lol))
[20:54] <Lucas_Joran> ((A fightan mechanic))
[20:55] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, I'd asusme Lucas tagged along to the breifing like a good soldier.))
[20:55] <@Vega7285> ((I BEFORE E))
[20:55] * Lucas_Joran straightens his gloves and visor as he walks with them.
[20:56] * Kunede_Fuzen follows after the others for the transport.
[20:56] <Verity> ((except when followed by C))
[20:57] <@Vega7285> ((Ok, next scene, or do you want to spend a ltitle time on the way chatting about your first assignment?))
[20:57] * Verity didn't stand up, but that was quite fine, as her chair floated up instead and brought her along, following.
[20:58] <Verity> ((Levitation + Move object pushing her forward xD)
[21:00] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( we can talk when we get there, if we have stuff to say. ))
[21:00] * Lucas_Joran is sliding along, now in his fighting uniform, stretching out in it. "So, lets beat the enemy, eh?"
[21:01] * Felicita_Ojalehto feely boards and sits fine seeming to have a smile on her face and looking out the window if one is avalable
[21:03] <@Vega7285> ((Ok, jsut moving on.))
[21:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((seems that way~)0
[21:04] <@Vega7285> You're all dropped off a few blocks from the building in question. You can clearly see that police cordons have already been set up. You're free to go through, of course.
[21:05] <@Vega7285> "It's a pretty bad situation," Aya says over whatever counts for a comm that she's using. "They've got the front door barricaded up nicely, and are expecting an attack. You might be able to sneak in at the back, though, so we dropped you in a better route for that approach. Good luck."
[21:05] * Felicita_Ojalehto errects her force field, the red bubble surrounds her and gives a bit of a red tint
[21:06] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Not that I think any of us have much of a clue what we can do, but any formation ideas?"
[21:06] <Verity> "Does anyone think they would perhaps respond well to a diversion in the front?"
[21:07] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Yeah. Katya, think we'll be fine around the back?"
[21:07] * Lucas_Joran thinks about it as a shield seems to flicker about him as well. "They might, but it might also work too well, or they might see through it and it would ruin our rear attack."
[21:07] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles "I don't think they would, I'll take such duty if we need voluneteers"
[21:08] <@Vega7285> "They might also have hostages, so be careful."
[21:08] <Katya_Kotarou> "I don't know." Katya murmured from behind her black visor. "The situation is uncertain."
[21:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((what sort of things where they using for makeshift barriers?))
[21:09] <Katya_Kotarou> "Suggest forward surveillance of some sort. Perhaps we could use the institution's security cameras?"
[21:09] <Katya_Kotarou> she suggested such, even though she realized that the others might have easily had some magical form of vision
[21:09] * Felicita_Ojalehto consentraits for a second
[21:09] <Katya_Kotarou> that could scry into unsafe places. It was just her natural instinct to seek out a conventional solution.
[21:09] <@Vega7285> ((Probably tables and things of that nature. Or sturdier protable barriers they set up in a hurry. Or parked vans they drove through the front doors with. Probably that last one.))
[21:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((roll for magical awareness of the building?))
[21:10] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Alright))
[21:10] <@Vega7285> "We could, but they've already taken some of them out. You won't get the best pictures there."
[21:11] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Come on. We're giving them more credit then they're worth. Let's at least go foreward."
[21:11] <Verity> "I may be able to provide surveillance. How alert do you figure these peons to be?" ((Notice 24 to notice the ESP lol))
[21:11] <Lucas_Joran> "Can any of us possibly scry? I know I can't, and i like as much information as i can before doing stuff."
[21:12] <Verity> "Or more importantly, where do we figure the hostages to be held, if anywhere?"
[21:12] <@Vega7285> "How the hell should I know?"
[21:12] * Felicita_Ojalehto starts to head off to some side streats "I'm going to head ot the front. Let me know when you need the diversion, I'll be sure to keep it Tame enough"
[21:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er streets))
[21:13] <@Vega7285> ((They might notice it, but they might not. what would happen if they notice a drone is soemthing else. also ,bear in mind you're several hundred feet from the building, as I assume you're standing around the drop point. What's the range on your stuff?))
[21:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((normal range))
[21:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((let me double check))
[21:13] <Verity> ((a mile xD))
[21:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I took two ranks of the super sense))
[21:14] <@Vega7285> ((Was askning more for the ESP. Thne it probably covers it. Still, keep this stuff in mind. Anyway, back way or front way, pick your route and get moving, sitting here won't accomplish more than annoying your GM into finding way sto retroactively motivate you into action.))
[21:15] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((no wait it's detect, it's -1 per 10 feet and such my bad))
[21:15] <Katya_Kotarou> "Wait." Katya noted coolly. "We shouldn't act independently without some degree of stealth. Don't move out on your own."
[21:15] <Verity> roll 1d20+15 knowledge tactics
[21:15] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Verity rolled : 1d20+15 knowledge tactics —> [ 1d20=11 ]{26}
[21:15] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((We have coms for free correct?))
[21:15] <Verity> ((huzzah for bullshit skills))
[21:16] * Katya_Kotarou realized she was overstepping her boundary as a newcomer immediately after suggesting it.
[21:16] <@Vega7285> ((Also, I'll tell you this right now, for using generic magic sense on the building: "It's a goddamn laboratory for magical and scientific research, you expect to get a clear signal through all the experiements and shit?"))
[21:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((that is true hurp))
[21:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Stealth can be your job, I'm just here to lay down fire" she starts to head down the back and side streets in flight
[21:16] <@Vega7285> ((Yes, you do. You've all got comms for free, eithr assumed as standard equipment, or jsut whatever Aya's using works both ways.))
[21:17] <Kunede_Fuzen> "Come on, Katya. Guys, you mess around here, at least make a lot of noise. Katya, follow me."
[21:17] <@Vega7285> As Felly passes the cordons, someone probably gives her a quick salute.
[21:17] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles and goes on
[21:18] * Kunede_Fuzen stealthfully hurries around the parimitar of the base, assuming no hostiles are outside and esspecially vulnerable. Roll stealth?
[21:18] <Katya_Kotarou> "Affirmative"
[21:18] <Verity> "Well, I think I will accompany Ojalehto. Good luck, Katya." Verain times her teleports to be roughly in line with how fast Felly is moving.
[21:18] * Katya_Kotarou activates her suit's circuitry and feels a surge of power rush through her body.
[21:19] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, roll stealth.))
[21:19] <Katya_Kotarou> her form becomes indistinct and begins to blur, blending into the environment.
[21:19] <TheBOLD> ((Fuck yeah! Ghost in da Shell time!))
[21:19] <Katya_Kotarou> ((lol active camo))
[21:20] <@Vega7285> ((So ,splitting into two teams? Felly and Verity to the front, Kunede, Katya, and Lucas? to the back entrance?))
[21:20] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+10 to avoid running into a pyro
[21:20] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Kunede_Fuzen rolled : 1d20+10 to avoid running into a pyro —> [ 1d20=12 ]{22}
[21:20] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+15 stealth
[21:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I know felly is going to front entrance is verity though?))
[21:20] * Felicita_Ojalehto talks throughthe coms "Arived at front entrance" and a hint of hapiness "Just say when"
[21:20] <Verity> ((Yup~ She's no good at this stealth business. -2 :D))
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+15 stealth!
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> naoooooo
[21:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> 1d20+1
[21:21] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( "SO HOW DO I ATTEMPT THIS SUBTERFUGE, COMRADS?" ))
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> 1d20+15
[21:21] <Verity> roll 1d20+15 stealth
[21:21] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Verity rolled : 1d20+15 stealth —> [ 1d20=13 ]{28}
[21:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+1 stealth
[21:21] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+1 stealth —> [ 1d20=7 ]{8}
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> there we go
[21:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((You have to turn off your color))
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> wait what
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> ok
[21:21] <@Vega7285> ((The hell?))
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> 1d20+15
[21:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((and add roll ))
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+15
[21:21] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Katya_Kotarou rolled : 1d20+15 —> [ 1d20=4 ]{19}
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> wow
[21:21] <Katya_Kotarou> bullshit roll is bullshit
[21:22] <Katya_Kotarou> lol
[21:22] <@Vega7285> ((Syntax is "roll xdy+z"))
[21:22] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly has an 8 for stealth if it matters through going to the front))
[21:22] <@Vega7285> ((Lucas even still with us?))
[21:22] <Verity> ((you're invisible anyways. Unless they have some way around it, I'm sure it's not a big issue, that 4 xD))
[21:22] <Katya_Kotarou> ((just blended))
[21:22] <Lucas_Joran> ((Yeah, sorry about that))
[21:23] <Katya_Kotarou> ((But superinvisible instead of just normal vision invisible due to Blending 2
[21:23] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Dunno if that makes a difference here.))
[21:23] <Lucas_Joran> ((So we're rolling stealth?))
[21:23] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Yeah. ))
[21:24] <Verity> ((Well, are you with the stealth group or the diversion group?))
[21:24] <@Vega7285> ((I've assumed you're going to the rear of the building and not the front, and you can roll stealth if you want to ,though you're not likely to be noticed until up close.))
[21:24] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20 + 7
[21:24] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Lucas_Joran rolled : 1d20 + 7 —> [ 1d20=6 ]{6}
[21:24] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( Kunede has superinvisible, but not quite good for sneaking up in formation properly to <s>slit necks</s> stealth take down people. ))
[21:24] <@Vega7285> ((also, I asusme the diversion group is far enough away to be considered a non-threat for the time-being?))
[21:24] <Lucas_Joran> (So that's a 13 then))
[21:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((that was my assumption))
[21:25] <Verity> ((Well, as far as the enemy thinks, probably))
[21:25] <Lucas_Joran> ((so hopefully a 13 is good for something))
[21:26] <Verity> ((gratz))
[21:26] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Can Katya communicate nonverbally through their equipment or some kind of device?))
[21:27] <@Vega7285> Those going for a stealthy approach get there without incident. There's a door that looks moslty like it's meant for an exit and not an entrance, at the end of one wing of the building. Probably offices and labs at the other side. Nobody around outside the door, should be an easy way in.
[21:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I think it's more headset thing but it depends if it's aya dicking telekinetically or not ))
[21:28] <@Vega7285> ((No. you can communicate verbally, however. I'm assuming you need to speak yo use the free communicators.))
[21:28] <@Vega7285> ((Aya's a bit independant from you guys.))
[21:28] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks down at the entrance at the van "Well, I'm thinking it'll provide a marvelous distraction to make that 'disapear'"
[21:28] <Lucas_Joran> ((BRB handling something))
[21:28] <@Vega7285> ((ann/dor if the question is really "will I be able to maintain perfect, stealthy silence and still chatter over the radio?" the answer is "no."))
[21:28] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Can she then use Datalink to communicate nonverbally by interfacing wirelessly with their headsets?))
[21:29] <@Vega7285> ((Also no.))
[21:29] <@Vega7285> ((Put bluntly, you're not Solid snake, so the world won't freeze and ignore the codec conversations. Put another way, I'm only going to give a damn about it in the first place if you annoy me over the issue.))
[21:30] <Katya_Kotarou> ((lol don't worry, I was just curious. No ill intentions here.))
[21:30] * Kunede_Fuzen nods to the door. "I'll open it up. Cover me?"
[21:31] * Katya_Kotarou is crouched in a corner near the door. A flicker of red confirms she's still there. "Yes."
[21:32] <@Vega7285> As for the front, thre's obviously room for plenty of folks in the spacious entry hall. I mean ,they could fit one of those big vans through the doors. You're definitely being watched, but at least nobody's taking potshots yet.
[21:33] * Kunede_Fuzen chants words for a moment, turning invisible, then skipping over to the door, trying to keep quiet and opening it up.
[21:33] <@Vega7285> The door opens. Nobody's on the other side keeping watch ,but you can jsut see someone running into one of the rooms on the side of the hall. You hear the sound of gunfire.
[21:34] <Verity> ((Switching to Personal AWACS mode.))
[21:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well if they aren't stupid they know whe're here"
[21:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((did we hear that?))
[21:34] * Kunede_Fuzen fades back into sight, waving the others over to the door and heading in, getting her chain ready.
[21:35] <@Vega7285> ((What, the gunshots? You're probably too far away, at the front and all that.))
[21:35] * Verity thinks for a while. "Do you think perhaps we should try to be diplomatic? Chat them up about their demands?"
[21:35] <Verity> ((this is at Felly))
[21:36] * Katya_Kotarou moves in slowly, so as not to disrupt her optical distortion spell.
[21:37] <Katya_Kotarou> She concentrates. The implants in her eyes switch to acute thermal vision, to see if she can detect singular human heat signatures.
[21:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I honestly doubt it, they want a fight, I have no inention to throw away that offer"
[21:38] * Kunede_Fuzen keeps her head low, leading the way in for the others for the gunfire, keeping on guard for attackers.
[21:38] <Verity> "I was just thinking, perhaps we can ascertain whether they actually took hostages or not. Then we can act accordingly."
[21:38] <@Vega7285> ((For stuff like AWACs mode, you will need to remind me of either what that means, more preferably, what you're actually doing with them.))
[21:38] <@Vega7285> ((SOP is, if I have no clue what you're doing or why, then it's ignored.))
[21:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmm possibly, You can talk with the pumpkins correct we can at least ask them for their demands before we subdue them"
[21:39] <Verity> ((it gives me radius vision, and basically works like true sight in DnD. Traces teleports too.))
[21:41] <@Vega7285> There are some ehat signatures, though none in the rooms nearest the door. A couple of the terrorist grunts come out of one of the rooms, guns ready. If they don't notice you, they probably notice the door. "Hey, what's that?" one of them asks the other.
[21:41] <Lucas_Joran> ((Sorry about that. Was dealing with spraying some bug stuff
[21:42] <Verity> "I'll get working on that then."
[21:43] <@Vega7285> For those of you in Team Diversion ,the rest of the squad should have made the building by now, so it's probably about time to do something.
[21:43] * Lucas_Joran stays out of sight, around a corner to act as some kind of back up, groaning softly as he notices the situation. "This isn't ending well for someone))
[21:44] * Katya_Kotarou freezes in place. "Damn, a rookie mistake," she thought silently. Using her innate silence, she moved soundlessly to a corner of the room and cautiously observes the figures in normal vision, noting their equipment and gear.
[21:44] * Verity picks out the same, fat, easily noticeable pumpkin again, from before. Rather than teleporting it in though, she sends it to fly to the front on its own, slowly and as non-threateningly as a floating pumpkin can be. She announces to the men at the front in a crisp voice.
[21:44] <Katya_Kotarou> ((lol fat pumpkin))
[21:44] * Kunede_Fuzen will be getting the drop on the mercs before the reverse happens, her weapon's ready and all.
[21:44] <Lucas_Joran> ((Who all is on which team?))
[21:45] <Verity> "Afternoon, gentlemen. I have been hired to discuss your occupation for this facilities, and what demands you may have."
[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly and verity on front door, the rest on back ))
[21:45] <Verity> roll 1d20+14 bluff
[21:45] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Verity rolled : 1d20+14 bluff —> [ 1d20=2 ]{16}
[21:45] <Verity> ((motherfuck))
[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((at least it wasn't a crit fail~))
[21:47] <@Vega7285> ((Those of you in stealth ,roll initiative.))
[21:47] <@Vega7285> 2#1d20
[21:47] <@Vega7285> roll 2#1d20
[21:47] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Vega7285 rolled : 2#1d20 —> [ 1d20=13 ]{13}, [ 1d20=6 ]{6}
[21:47] <Katya_Kotarou> 1d20+16
[21:47] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+11
[21:47] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Lucas_Joran rolled : 1d20+11 —> [ 1d20=17 ]{28}
[21:47] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+16
[21:47] <Kunede_Fuzen> roll 1d20+7
[21:47] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Kunede_Fuzen rolled : 1d20+7 —> [ 1d20=2 ]{9}
[21:47] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((guess this is what we get for wanting to negotiate~))
[21:47] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+16 fukkin' colors
[21:47] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Katya_Kotarou rolled : 1d20+16 fukkin' colors —> [ 1d20=3 ]{19}
[21:47] <Katya_Kotarou> Wow
[21:47] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((never negotiate with terrorists))
[21:48] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Whatever it works out))
[21:49] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((well we'll see))
[21:49] <@Vega7285> There are at least three guns immediately rained on the pumpkin ((Just so you know, splitting up slows shit down, especially over IRC, with a GM who can't type fast.)) "The hell are you?" one of the guys asks. "We're taking this place over, taking your research data, and being sure nobody else can finish it, and no damn pumpkin's gonna stop us."
[21:50] <Katya_Kotarou> ((nnanda omae korraaa))
[21:50] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((true true))
[21:50] <Verity> "That's unfortunate."
[21:50] * Verity retrieves the pumpkin.
[21:51] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Don't worry. I'm patient.))
[21:51] <@Vega7285> ((ok, back to the stealth guy,s they're more fun. Lucas, Katya, Grunt 1, Kunede, Grunt 2.))
[21:51] <Lucas_Joran> ((How far away is the nearest grunt?))
[21:51] <Kunede_Fuzen> (( I'm gonna judge you really really critically on your speed of typing, Vega. ))
[21:51] <Verity> "It seems you were right, and they're up for a fight. It seems we will have to oblige."
[21:51] * Verity says to Felly.
[21:52] <@Vega7285> The two grunts are obviously ready for a fight, if a bit slow on the uptake. You guys should have no trouble getting the drop on them ,between speed and stealth, assuming Kunede's still all sneaky-like.
[21:52] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I guess we have our awnser? Think the other group took long enough?" she starts to walk out into plain sight with her force field up and her left hand glowin ga similar red
[21:52] <@Vega7285> ((S'allright. Just giving a ehads-up on slow typing, really.))
[21:52] <Lucas_Joran> ((Alright…so should I just say I'm moving up on him and swinging?))
[21:53] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah. Say what you're doing ,then roll it.))
[21:53] * Kunede_Fuzen is as sneaky as taking point sneaking about can be, so, was probably made and not aware of it. She can dodge anyways.
[21:53] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I'll wait till the first round is done for anything here~))
[21:53] <@Vega7285> ((I'll say if it's a hit/miss. when you roll attacks, please mention the damage DC.))
[21:53] * Lucas_Joran speeds forward, launching a spinning kick at the nearest grunt.
[21:53] <Verity> ((Kuru kuru kick))
[21:54] <Lucas_Joran> ((Alright…Strike is damage only, right?))
[21:54] <@Vega7285> ((Strike is its ranks only, unless mighty, in which it adds your strength bonus.
[21:54] <Lucas_Joran> ((I have it…I ment it applies to damage only, right?))
[21:54] <@Vega7285> All damage is base DC of 15+whatever the bonus from strenght/the power/whatever is.
[21:55] <@Vega7285> ((Uh, what the hell does that mean? Yes, strike does damage, so it modifies damage.))
[21:55] <@Vega7285> ((Your attack roll is completely independant.))
[21:55] <Lucas_Joran> roll 1d20+8
[21:55] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Lucas_Joran rolled : 1d20+8 —> [ 1d20=14 ]{22}
[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((well your strike includes strenght bonus I belive))
[21:55] <Lucas_Joran> (Dc will be 21 if I'm doing this right)
[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((it needs muscle powere otherwise it's just ranks))
[21:56] <Lucas_Joran> ((I have mighty, so it's cool))
[21:56] <Lucas_Joran> (Er, DC 22))
[21:56] <@Vega7285> ((IFF it's mighty. DC's 22, actually. Strike (mighty) 2+5strength+15))
[21:57] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+6 tough vs DC22
[21:57] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Vega7285 rolled : 1d20+6 tough vs DC22 —> [ 1d20=13 ]{19}
[21:57] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((On most dmaage hits it's toughness rolled to see if damage is resisted, if not how much it fucks them up.))
[21:57] <@Vega7285> The first grunt is sent flying by the kick, until he's stopped by the nearest wall behind him, already out of the fight.
[21:58] <@Vega7285> ((Minions, like that guy, get KO'd if they fail a single save. which makes them go quicker.))
[21:59] <@Vega7285> ((Katya, you're up.))
[22:00] * Katya_Kotarou streaks forward like a stripe of black and red paint, becoming briefly visible before clashing with one of the grunts, throwing a blow towards his head.
[22:00] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Just a normal attack))
[22:00] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+10 attack
[22:00] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Katya_Kotarou rolled : 1d20+10 attack —> [ 1d20=19 ]{29}
[22:01] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ohh so close to crit))
[22:01] <@Vega7285> ((Damage DC?))
[22:01] <Verity> ((And improved crit is so cheap too xD))
[22:01] <Katya_Kotarou> oh
[22:01] <Katya_Kotarou> she has improved crit
[22:02] <Katya_Kotarou> so that would crit
[22:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((well I don't know how the improved crit rolls are going to work))
[22:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((up to vega for confrimation or not))
[22:02] <Katya_Kotarou> ((I forgot how crits work in this system, sorry))
[22:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Its a flat +5 to DC))
[22:03] <Verity> ((not subject to PL cap))
[22:03] <Katya_Kotarou> so
[22:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((yeah, need vegas rule, also occ pleas (( )) ))
[22:03] <@Vega7285> ((If you have improved crit, roll to confirm.))
[22:03] <Katya_Kotarou> ((DC is 19+4 STR +5 CRIT = 28))
[22:04] <@Vega7285> ((I'll only forgo that if it's a natural 20 and you only crit on those.))
[22:04] <Katya_Kotarou> oops
[22:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ok please, on a 18+ it's a crit))
[22:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((at least that's how I think confirmed crit goes or is this the to hit bit? ))
[22:04] <@Vega7285> ((Becuase otherwise, improved critical is potentially much cheese.))
[22:04] <Katya_Kotarou> roll 1d20+10 confirm
[22:04] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Katya_Kotarou rolled : 1d20+10 confirm —> [ 1d20=13 ]{23}
[22:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((it is))
[22:04] <Katya_Kotarou> ((I'm fine if vega asks it))
[22:05] <@Vega7285> ((It's a critical hit.))
[22:05] <Katya_Kotarou> ((DC is 24))
[22:05] <@Vega7285> roll 1d20+6 vs dc 24
[22:05] <xoms_unlovabletrapgirl> Vega7285 rolled : 1d20+6 vs dc 24 —> [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[22:05] <Verity> ((ow))
[22:06] <@Vega7285> This guy also drops like a rock. So far, so good. Two down, who knows how many to go.
[22:06] * Katya_Kotarou rolls her arm into a vicious elbow strike and knocks him out. How "magical"
[22:06] * Felicita_Ojalehto has a ball of fire charge up in her outstreched hand and then releases it
[22:06] <@Vega7285> ((I'll probably end the session in a bit, so you can do a bit more, but be in mind that I'll look for a good place to wrap up.))
[22:06] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( rank 3 explosion on the back of the van))
[22:06] <Katya_Kotarou> ((Cool got it))
[22:06] * Kunede_Fuzen nods approvingly. "Good work. Lets keep going and hope it stays this easy."
[22:07] <Lucas_Joran> "It never stays easy."
[22:07] <@Vega7285> (9Hm, what's a van's reflex save and toughness? Ok, really, the toughness is all that matters here…))
[22:07] * Felicita_Ojalehto says over the com "One distraction coming up"
[22:07] * Kunede_Fuzen not that there's probably enough time, but heads on foreward to find more terrorists.
[22:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((objects are nothing, toughness is up to you, it's piercing if that helps))
[22:07] <@Vega7285> ((Actually, ending on distraction is probably good.))
[22:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Ok~))
[22:08] <Verity> ((I wanna help distraction too :D))
[22:08] <@Vega7285> ((also, for the sake of PLOT…)
[22:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((oh you did~))
[22:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Now they're at least next to the van to yell at a pumpkin))
[22:09] <@Vega7285> The van goes uo nicely. It's not completely gone ,but that certainly got everyone's attention. At least one guy taking cover a bit too close seems to be on fire, and runns off before he drops to the ground and rolls.
[22:09] * Felicita_Ojalehto only has a slight smile "I really hate holding it back…"
[22:09] <@Vega7285> At this point, people start shooting at you two out fron,t however.
[22:09] <@Vega7285> ((Cut it here?))
[22:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((sure))
[22:09] <Verity> ((k))
[22:10] <@Vega7285> ((Well then, session's over. No PP until you finish the mission.))

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