EMG2 Episode 1

[18:34] <@Vega7285> Welcome to the MCTF. Or, more likely, welcome to your newest assignment therein. Everyone's been called to a meeting room on the base, as they're assigned to form up a new unit to combat the continued space monster threat.
[18:35] <@Vega7285> The meeting room is typical fare. A bit too small, windows on one wal, whiteboards on another, table, cheap folding chairs. As you arrive, you'll notice two people, a very young lady in MCTF officer's uniform, and an older girl standing behind her like an aid. Both are waiting for you all to arrive, obviously.
[18:36] <@Vega7285> ((ok ,stage's set to start showing up.))
[18:36] * Felicita_Ojalehto stepsin seieng the uniform on such a young girl for a second seems to look odd before snapping to attention
[18:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+6
[18:37] <xoms_unloveabledemonebat> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+6 —> [ 1d20=6 ]{12}
[18:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+10
[18:37] <xoms_unloveabledemonebat> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+10 —> [ 1d20=15 ]{25}
[18:37] <Katya> Outside, Katya is dropped off, having only recently completed her monthly physical. One of her FSB handlers waves goodbye with a snappy "Dasvidania."
[18:38] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+6
[18:38] <xoms_unloveabledemonebat> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+6 —> [ 1d20=8 ]{14}
[18:38] <Felicita_Ojalehto> roll 1d20+10
[18:38] <xoms_unloveabledemonebat> Felicita_Ojalehto rolled : 1d20+10 —> [ 1d20=4 ]{14}
[18:38] * Katya stares off in the direction of his car as it recedes into the distance, before walking silently to the meeting room
[18:38] * Lucas_Joran soon comes in behind the last one in, his hair disheveled, not helped by the pair of goggles pushing his hair back. Around his uniform pants was a small tool belt, and a wrist watch. "I hope I'm not late." he said, coming to attention out of the way of the door.
[18:39] <Lucas_Joran> ((Let me know if that cut off))
[18:39] * TransistorGlamor is now known as Verity
[18:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((no cut off))
[18:39] * Katya enters the meeting room, and salutes stiffly.
[18:39] * Kunede wanders in 'fashionablly late', and a bit too casually for joining a meeting, wearing her customized uniform, glancing at everyone
[18:40] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks over kuede seeming a bit put off
[18:40] <Katya> "Kotarou Katya, reporting for active service."
[18:40] <@Vega7285> ((Ok, now, I'll make the usual polite requset, using Felly's semi-secret rolls for an example. I'd like it if you specify what you are rolling. Why isn't necessary, but "1d20+mod toughness" or soemthing so it's not just a meaningless roll will help me not asking questions.))
[18:41] * Katya subtly puts space between herself and Lucas.
[18:41] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks over katya with the same sort of look but seems a bit intrigued by lucas
[18:43] * Lucas_Joran looks back at the other three members, wondering about who they were and what skills they had, but primarily waiting for the obviously important people at the front of the room to give the order to sit.
[18:43] * Felicita_Ojalehto stands at atention waiting to be instructed by her superior
[18:44] <@Vega7285> Once everyone arrives, the little girl speaks off. "At ease, ladies." She notices Lucas. "And men." She begins pacing around the room. "Feel free to take a seat. This shouldn't take too long, however. As you all know, you're one of our new elite teams formed to deal primarily with the space monster threat."
[18:45] * Felicita_Ojalehto looses up a bit and then takes the nearest seat in a dignified manur which is odd considering she is wearing pants.
[18:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er dignified female maner))
[18:46] * Lucas_Joran relaxes and takes a seat, but being a gentleman, lets the others get the seats closer to them. Stretching his neck a little, he leans back slightly, nodding his head to the comment.
[18:48] * Katya does not sit, since she wasn't ordered to, though she does relinquish her stuffy posture somewhat.
[18:48] <@Vega7285> This is al crap you've heard about before. "I'm Major Yukari Ichijo, and as of today, you're all under my command." For a girl her age, she certainly can strut and speka with authority. She looks about twelve. "This," she gestures to the other girl still standing at attention at the back of the room, "Is Aya Sakurano. She'll be our operator on missions."
[18:50] * Katya salutes to both of them with a gesture almost as harsh as a chop. "Zdrastvuite, Major."
[18:51] <@Vega7285> Ichijo, most of you have probably heard of. She's one of the rising stars of late. Joined at an early age, already seen more combat than some people twice her age. Rumors say she started out independant of the MCTF and was inducted after several combat encounters working partially on their behalf. Sakurano ,you haven't heard as much about, beyond that she's a bit excitable…
[18:51] * Kunede takes a seat, looking back and forth at the two girls, looking quite casual about it though, and with no sense of posture.
[18:51] <@Vega7285> …And isn't really cut out for combat duty.
[18:52] * Felicita_Ojalehto gives an odd look at Katya "A pleasure to serve you commander"
[18:52] * Lucas_Joran nods, trying his best not to put his feet up. "It will be wonderful to serve with such people. I can only hope to keep up with repairs and fights."
[18:54] <@Vega7285> "Now, I assume you've all gotten your new rooming assignments in the barracks, and all the other transfer paperwork. As far as I'm concerned, that's about all we need to go over. Your records are all good, so I've got high expectations from you. Fortunately, I'm not such a taskmaster as to send you out as soon as you've met, so I've got no mission breifing for today."
[18:54] <Katya> ((Where is the MCTF headquarters located?))
[18:54] <@Vega7285> "That said, I will answer any questions about the unit, it's purpose, or anything else. So. Any questions?"
[18:55] <@Vega7285> ((In some city somewhere. this probably isn't the main HQ, but a regional base. It's located near a fairly large city, so there's easy travel to and from for shopping or R&R during leave time.))
[18:56] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Commander I have a question, are we to be a strike force of sorts? We don't seem to have enough members of noticable quality for that."
[18:56] <@Vega7285> ((No,w beyond bugging the NPCs, this is probably a decent time to get to know each other, or establish any ways you know one-anotehr already. Also to work out who shares a room with whom.))
[18:57] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((hmm room sharing~))
[18:57] <@Vega7285> "What's that supposed to mean, Ojalehto? But,yes, you're correct, we are to be a strike force, of sorts."
[18:58] <@Vega7285> ((Two to a room, probably. or single rooms ,but you'd all be in the same general area. Not sure which. Stuffing people togehter in close proximity is usually good for potential fun, though.))
[18:58] * Lucas_Joran shakes his head. "I don't have anything off hand, except to ask if I can put a hammock or cot in my work area. No offense to any of the ladies here, but I doubt any of you want to be rooming with a guy."
[18:59] <Kunede> "Doesn't look like some typical squad, so I'm guessing just us is all we'd need." giving Felicita a small grin.
[18:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Comander it seems that we just would not be able to have enough fire power for what an elite group woudl be facing."
[18:59] * Katya blinks with her one open red eye. "… Requesting information on this 'elite group' we would be facing."
[19:00] <@Vega7285> "Nobody said you'd be going to take on armies. And you are the elite group, Kotarou. As for the cot, do waht you like with your workshop, Joran."
[19:01] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to bite her lip wanting to say more.
[19:01] <Lucas_Joran> "Thank you, ma'am."
[19:01] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((stick lucas with the robot, I'm sure they'll get along~))
[19:01] <Katya> She shifts with seeming unease. "… Excuse me. I was referring to the… 'alien' threat. Information and such."
[19:02] <Katya> ((Katya would not say anything in objection at least.))
[19:02] <Lucas_Joran> ((I am unsure as to if anyone had anything they specifically wanted bunk wise, so who ever wants to be the offical partner with a room mostly to themselves (barring stuff) is fine. Remember, he DOES have Girl magnet and Attractive))
[19:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Understood commander, appologize for doubting."
[19:02] <@Vega7285> "this won't be much different from any other small force. We'll be sending you out on missions we think you can handle, notably ones for which a large scale force is either unnecessary or a bad idea. As for the enemy…"
[19:02] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((rember she's pumped full of drugs and those are more for NPCs~))
[19:03] <Katya> ((Well she wouldn't say anything against being roomed with him, even if men are strange.))
[19:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly and kunede would be fun as we have ahd horrible ideas though I can see it working for anyone~))
[19:04] <@Vega7285> "We don't know much more than you've probably already heard. We have no clue as to their true origins, but we encountered them out in spac,e and they've followed us home. We don't want to keep them, becuase they're a lot more trouble than a stray puppy. Some seem to appear almost out of the blue, but most still drop down from space. they take on a variety of forms are most are at least partially organic."
[19:04] <Kunede> (( Whoever will keep their mouths the shuttest if they find another teammate's belongings misplaced in their room is all Kunede'd use to judge, she's not fussy beyond that~ ))
[19:04] <@Vega7285> ((any cut off?))
[19:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((no))
[19:04] <Lucas_Joran> ((So girls are allowed to squabble over the cute guy and rooming with him as wanted/needed))
[19:04] <Katya> ((Katya is good at being quiet about those things too. I have no preference.))
[19:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly will be quiet, it isn't her stuff~))
[19:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So there has been no progress in assessing their organs?"
[19:05] <@Vega7285> "We've got several teams in ongoing research on the bastards, but until we get some concrete results, it's just so much wasted time."
[19:05] <@Vega7285> "They do, however, show genetic similarity to lfie on this planet."
[19:06] <@Vega7285> "Don't look like anything that ever grew here, as far as I can tell."
[19:06] <Lucas_Joran> "Better time wasted on researching the enemy and not learning more, then not even trying and banging our heads against a different wall, in my opinion."
[19:06] * Felicita_Ojalehto thinks for a second "thank you commander"
[19:07] * Katya is expressionless, but seems to react wordlessly to Lucas talking out of turn. She's clearly not used to the lax discipline
[19:07] <@Vega7285> Yukari helps herself to a cup of coffee from the refreshment table.
[19:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… Is there somethign the matter miss augment?"
[19:09] * Felicita_Ojalehto she directs this at katya
[19:10] * Katya Katya blinks and turned towards Felicita, opening her mouth, as if to say something. Rather than respond, however, she simply seems to shy away and stare aimlessly in the direction of her commanding officers.
[19:10] <Kunede> "I guess something's better then nothing." Kunede mumbles, looking thoughtful for a moment while thinking about the aliens, before getting up and going for a cup of coffee.
[19:10] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to gain a bit of a smile on her face "Will we be having a training schedual commander?"
[19:10] <Katya> "Major, if I may… the enemy's engagements against us. Do we know anything about their objective, or at least their means of combat?"
[19:11] <datSeal> ((Good question.))
[19:11] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly cares not for what they throw at her~))
[19:11] * Lucas_Joran doesn't seem to really notice Katya too much, hands behind head as he looks about. He goes to say something, but waits as Katya and Felicita ask questions.
[19:12] <datSeal> ((That's why Felly is tied with Kat as my favorite. T_T))
[19:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((in before out of character fan fic and porn~))
[19:12] <datSeal> ((XD))
[19:13] <@Vega7285> "Training?" Yukari asks. "Probably the usual weekly schedule. Just need to keep yourselves sharp, the sorties will do the rest." She thinks for a moment about the other question, taking a sip of her coffee. "The enemy has too many forms to make many blanket statements. We arne't sure what they want, though they have little regard for civilian life."
[19:15] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So they are still razing civilian targets?"
[19:15] <@Vega7285> "They do seem to target certain facilities such as power stations and research stations where we have any samples of their kind, living or dead. If there's a particular organization to their actions, we haven't seen it yet. As for teh means, name it, and there's probably something that throws it. We've gotten reports of mosnters the size of space cruisers."
[19:15] <@Vega7285> "Of course."
[19:15] * Katya lowers her gaze as a kind of nonverbal "I see…"
[19:16] <@Vega7285> "We've also heard some rumors of our own ships seen in enemy fleets. I don't beleive those myself, though. As for the smaller units, you've probably fought some yourselves. Most of them use some variety of ranged weapons, and the ones that aren't just dumb, flying guns usually have some skill at close combat."
[19:17] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles a bit "you mean they aren't all dumb?"
[19:17] <Kunede> "Sounds fun." then pausing for a second "Well, those ones might be best for the grunts in numbers." while now mixing up a coffee.
[19:18] <@Vega7285> "They usually are. But some certainly act smart. Most refuse communication, but I've run into a few that can at least hrow insults in our language."
[19:19] <@Vega7285> ((*throw))
[19:19] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles a bit more "Interesting, I have had the privlage of fighting a few asorted groups but none that ever tried more than simple numbers tactics. Thank you comander"
[19:20] * Katya Katya nods. "Capable then, of thoroughly human hostility."
[19:20] <Kunede> "Pareidolia." Kunede quietly mumbles sideways, taking a sip of her drink and looking away.
[19:21] <@Vega7285> "Anything else?"
[19:22] * Felicita_Ojalehto stands up "I have nothing more to ask comander"
[19:22] * Lucas_Joran chuckles, leaning forward. "Well, if we could take a second to introduce ourselves, I wouldn't mind knowing more about the teammates I get to work with."
[19:22] <@Vega7285> "That sounds like a good idea. I've only read your files, myself."
[19:22] * Katya 's cycloptic glare affixes Lucas a bit more strongly than earlier.
[19:23] * Felicita_Ojalehto gives an odd look at lucas "I suppose that is in order. So what about you?"
[19:23] <@Vega7285> Yukari pulls up a seat at the table. At least she doesn't stick a phone book on it first.
[19:24] * Lucas_Joran doesn't seem to notice really. "Well, I'm Lucas Joran. I'll be a general mechanic and overall tinker guy. I'm not bad in a fight." he said, looking about.
[19:24] <datSeal> ((Don't forget about the gnarly goggles.))
[19:24] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to be unimpressed "Oh"
[19:24] <Katya> "Introduce ourselves…" Katya echos quietly, gripping a small fist over her chest.
[19:25] <Lucas_Joran> ((Those should be obvious on his head…and can I see Felicita possibly been a Tsundere?))
[19:26] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at katya "Yes introduce ourselves, you know state your name, a bit of your past and what you are good at right?"
[19:26] * Orrin|NowhereMan (moc.rr.ser.xtas.93E9270A-noziR|nirrO#moc.rr.ser.xtas.93E9270A-noziR|nirrO) Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
[19:26] * Felicita_Ojalehto this is not said in completly sincere vocie
[19:26] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((tsun could be a way of saying it~))
[19:27] <Katya> "… Katya Kotarou, effective rank Mládshiy Serzhánt, FSB Cybernetics Research Institute, Provisional MCTF member…"
[19:27] * Katya tugs on something hidden in a pouch at the side of her uniform's belt. It looks like… bunny ears?
[19:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmmm interesting you'll give that much"
[19:28] <Lucas_Joran> ((oh, don't make me play up his Magnet + Attractive stuff))
[19:28] * Katya tugs on something poking out from inside a pouch on the side of her uniform's belt. It looks like… bunny ears?
[19:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( Oh you can try, you have no pedigry~))
[19:29] <Katya> "… 16 years old… birthplace unknown…" She sounded like she was reading some military document rather than talking about herself.
[19:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er pedagry))
[19:29] <@Vega7285> ((Those seriosuly are more for NPCs. Never, EVER expect your stuff to work on the other PCs by default. Pedigree, Scribs.))
[19:29] <Katya> ((Sounds like a different kind of peda if you know what I mean.))
[19:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Ah thank you~))
[19:29] * Lucas_Joran raises an eye at the bunny ears.
[19:29] <@Vega7285> ((Pedo, you mean?))
[19:29] <Katya> ((It didn't work if I used o instead of a, lol))
[19:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( I wish I had spell check here ;_; ))
[19:30] * Kunede taking a seat back "So what's either of you guy's specialties in a fight? Might as well get that over with too, since it's what we're here for."
[19:30] <Lucas_Joran> ((THey are both 17 so >.> )
[19:30] * Katya Katya seems to regain her composure
[19:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Animu~))
[19:31] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at kunede "You're quick to steal turn"
[19:31] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((though prissy princess is where more felly is))
[19:32] <Katya> "Combat espionage, recon and infiltration. Counter-terrorist and anti-insurgent operations. Close quarters combat."
[19:32] * Lucas_Joran shakes his head. "I have some sky travel based magic, but it's not real flight. I'm pretty manuverable though. I specialize in close combat if it comes down to it."
[19:32] <Kunede> "I'm just curious, we've got to get along, right?" Kunede says back at Felly, leaning back in her chair and giving her a grin.
[19:33] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles back" Of course we do who would think of it otherwise"
[19:33] <@Vega7285> Yukari seems content to just let you guys speak amongst yourselves for now.
[19:33] * Katya pulls on the object inside of her pouch again.
[19:34] <Katya> Her eye finds a spot on the floor.
[19:34] <Katya> Her eye finds a convenient spot on the floor to rest.
[19:34] <Katya> ((oops))
[19:35] <Katya> ((I can't see my own replies sometimes.))
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((ah))
[19:35] <Kunede> (( So long as it doesn't leak fluids on the carpet~ ))
[19:35] <Katya> ((lol))
[19:35] <Lucas_Joran> ((Wait..her eye actually fell out?)
[19:35] <Katya> no
[19:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((I'm thinking she was scaning to find one))
[19:35] <Katya> ((no))
[19:36] * Kunede nods at both Katya and Joran then turns to Felicita.
[19:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Well I suppose I should give mine then, Felicita Ojalehto, Daughter of Joseph Ojalehto. I was being pushed through a genearl squad before being called here. I am a ranged destrction specilist. It is a pleasure to meet you all" she dose a half curtsy
[19:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So what are your specalties miss?" she looks at kunede
[19:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((actually throw "miss Fuzen" on the end of that))
[19:39] * Kunede gives an approving smile at the namedrop. "Just Kunede is fine, I'm a bit of a stealth focused soldier as well, though I'm more… aggressive support."
[19:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=790950 if you must know where some felly ideas lay~ ))
[19:39] <Katya> ((nobody likes perrine~))
[19:40] <@Vega7285> ((Scribs does.))
[19:40] <Kunede> (( ;_; ))
[19:40] <@Vega7285> ((So ,going to lust after your superior officer?))
[19:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((What can I say, pissy kitty rubbed off on me~))
[19:40] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((probably not, show some firepower and maybe~))
[19:40] <Katya> ((I just liked when she randomly growled.))
[19:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( Felly may like swords but big long pink things piercing may do the trick too~))
[19:41] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Oh stealth? How novel"
[19:42] * Katya blinks at Kunede. She adjusts her garrison cap.
[19:42] <Katya> "'Aggressive support?'"
[19:43] <@Vega7285> Aya takes an opportunity to introduce herself a second time. "I'm Aya Sakurano. It's nice to meet you all and I'm sure it'll be a pleasure to work together~ I'll be keeping you up to date and in communcation during missions. My blood type is B, I'm an ophiuchus, and" She's cut off by Yukari. "Sakurano, you've already been introduced." She looks disappointed but remains silent.
[19:43] * Kunede ignores Felly, turning to Katya with a nod "Disabling enemies, supporting fire, you'll see."
[19:43] * Lucas_Joran nods. "A decent selection of skills here." he said, straightening himself. "So am I the only one who has to primarily rely on a device to do much?" he asked. "Feel free to say that's private though."
[19:44] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( also it seems we've lost a player, just noticed pumpkin girl is missing))
[19:44] * Katya attempts an awkward smile at Sakurano. "My blood type is… mostly synthetic plasma culture and nanomachines…"
[19:44] <datSeal> (( Really? I thought she was here. ))
[19:44] <Katya> ((I think he's working on the sheet, maybe.))
[19:44] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to look displeased "You use devices?"
[19:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((he didn't have to quite leave, just needs it in by end of session))
[19:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((hmm))
[19:45] <Katya> ((Oh I forgot))
[19:45] <Katya> ((He's Verity.))
[19:45] * Lucas_Joran gives Felicita a look. "Well, unlike some, not all of us are fully gifted with magic. Mine tends to focus more on making things then blasting or flying, thanks."
[19:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (((oh.. herp))
[19:46] <Kunede> "I've got one. It's just for backup, though."
[19:46] * Lucas_Joran also looks at Katya out of the very corner of his eye as he did this, trying NOT to get any ideas in her head)
[19:46] <Lucas_Joran> *his
[19:46] * Felicita_Ojalehto still does not to change expression "Is that so"
[19:46] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( … So nan ka~? …. ))
[19:46] * Katya seems surprised at Lucas' look. "I too use a device. It is necessary."
[19:47] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I don't know if you can claim you use a device in your state dear"
[19:48] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( god this is possibly getting too bitchy ))
[19:48] <Katya> A bit of her frigid exterior seems to crack. Her perpetually neutral expression shifts into some vague semblance of a frown.
[19:48] <Katya> "I don't understand your meaning."
[19:48] <Kunede> "That's alright, Felly. Maybe one day you'll also have enough magic to justify using one to focus some of that~."
[19:49] <Lucas_Joran> "Well, maybe those of us with supreme magical skills could have pity on those of us who aren't like her, eh?" he replied to her. "But in other news, if you need a tune up, just find me. Shouldn't be too hard to do for you."
[19:49] <Lucas_Joran> ((OH SNAP))
[19:49] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Nevermind dear" she says to Katya before turning to kunede and just smiling
[19:50] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at joran "Well I do know it's a necistity in some instances."
[19:50] <@Vega7285> "If we're through bickering, This meeting is dismissed," Yukari says. "Go finish moving into your rooms if you haven't already."
[19:51] * Katya backs away from Lucas again. "N-no, I don't require a 'tune up.' The FSB Design Team takes care of my physicals…"
[19:51] * Felicita_Ojalehto stands at atention "Yes commander"
[19:51] <Lucas_Joran> "Well, if we have everything aside, I'm going to go for a run, if anyone wants to come with." he said, standing up at the dismissal.
[19:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( felly got caught up forot who was there~))
[19:51] * Katya immediately snaps into formal stance, and salutes once more. "By your leave."
[19:52] <@Vega7285> Yukari grabs the tie on Aya's uniform and drags the older girl off with her as she leaves the room.
[19:52] <Kunede> "Yes commander." Kunede says, still glancing at Felly and Katya now and then to see how she's keeping it together.
[19:52] * Felicita_Ojalehto gives a salute before proceeding to move to stand above kunede "I belive we were arranged to be roomates Fuzen?"
[19:53] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er in front of kunede))
[19:53] * Lucas_Joran smiles softly and ndos to Katya, a silent "I understand." as he slowly walked out of the room, pressing a button on his watch.
[19:54] * Kunede blinks in disbeleif for a moment "Oh you're ki- Right~! I remember that."
[19:55] <Lucas_Joran> ((Oh hay, unless Verity is in this, it means Lucas could very well already HAVE a room to himself))
[19:55] <Lucas_Joran> ((Er, IF she is in this)
[19:55] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles "Yes it is right isn't it, so shall we?"
[19:55] <@Vega7285> ((She will be if I get a sheet.))
[19:55] <@Vega7285> ((Also ,being male, that may well be the case for Lucas anyway.))
[19:56] <Lucas_Joran> ((He kinda figured he'd be in his own room, or at least allowed to sleep in the workstation as his room))
[19:56] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((probably as much as we would love to make jokes about late night tinkering and such~))
[19:56] <Katya> ((He can sleep in the shed, lol))
[19:56] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((que it raining outside and leaking in through the roof
[19:56] <Kunede> (( Jokes can still be made at his expense either way~ ))
[19:57] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at Katya "So, have you moved in augment or do they have you stationed in the lab?"
[19:57] * Lucas_Joran pops up off the floor slightly with a short jump, the watch disappearing, and a pair of two wheeled inlline skates appeared on his feet, gloves and joint protectors as well.
[19:57] * Katya bows her head, not responding.
[19:58] <Katya> ((lol bullying))
[19:58] * Felicita_Ojalehto truns around "…I assume that's your device"
[19:58] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((heh~ sorry she has a thing with devices and well, walking device~))
[19:58] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Also I'm a horrible bastard ))
[19:59] <Katya> ((It's okay; bullied girls are cuter))
[19:59] <Katya> ((You must have seen Angel Beats.))
[19:59] * Lucas_Joran nods. "It is, and I made it on my own. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to take a run around the campus." he said, leaning forward. The wheels started spinning at a decent speed, and he launched forward.
[20:00] <@Vega7285> When lucas gets into the hallway, he can hear Yukari shouting at him from behind. "HEY! no skating in the hallways! You'll scuff the floor."
[20:00] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( hvae not yet ))
[20:00] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmm… self made device, usually they're inherated"
[20:00] * Felicita_Ojalehto sighs "I was at least expecting a sword or a rod that arangement seems a bit low brow"
[20:00] <Kunede> "We already said, don't be jealous she has so much power she needs to have something to moderate it, we can't all be below our limits." Kunede says, as she walks to leave, giving Katya a wink when Felly won't catch it.
[20:00] <Katya> "That device is not issued?"
[20:00] * Katya catches the wink, looking noticeably confused.
[20:01] <Katya> though it appears to just be about Lucas's skates
[20:01] * Lucas_Joran yells back a sorry, giving a little wall ride on a blank peice of wall as he popped out the building, with a loud cry of enjoyment, speeding up.
[20:01] <Lucas_Joran> ((Anyone is welcome to follow him.))
[20:01] * Felicita_Ojalehto follows kunede out "So have you moved things in?"
[20:02] * Katya wanders out silently after Lucas
[20:02] <@Vega7285> ((Sorry I don't have much planned today. Could throw a mission ,but if wer're kinda waiting on someone, better not to do that.))
[20:02] <Kunede> "I still have them packed. Just need to find the room."
[20:02] <Katya> ((It's ok))
[20:03] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( well there is food times and random base table~))
[20:03] <@Vega7285> Your rooms are all in one hallway in the barracks, although Lucas, being male, is up on the next floor.
[20:03] <Kunede> (( It's fine. I think we can squeeze a little RP blood out of this thing that resembles felly's heart. ))
[20:03] <Lucas_Joran> ((It's fine. I'm almost expecting someone to follow Lucas out of bordem))
[20:03] * Felicita_Ojalehto walks around a bit "Ah here it is"
[20:04] * Felicita_Ojalehto opens the door "So are you going to flood the room with trinkets?"
[20:04] <Kunede> "Ah good. So what about you, have you settled in yet?"
[20:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((>I think we can squeeze a little RP blood out of this thing that resembles felly's heart< :3c ))
[20:05] <Lucas_Joran> If any of them happened to venture to Lucas' room, they would notice that, while the bed had sheets, and there were clothes mostly unpacked, there was a sign that says "If not Here, Look in Lab."
[20:05] <Kunede> "I'm nice and neat, don't worry."
[20:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I like to keep a lite load."
[20:05] <datSeal> (( Almost finished with my sheet. Just gotta add a background story and a personality. How much time do I have left before the deadline? ))
[20:06] <Lucas_Joran> Also with in the room would be a good chunk of what looked to be various tools, that any of hte girls could tell are used for tuning or making devices.
[20:07] <Lucas_Joran> ((Sorry for just doing description of Lucas's room))
[20:07] <@Vega7285> ((Until game ends, though I'm usually a little more concerned with stats than the background, if you need to cut things short.))
[20:07] * Felicita_Ojalehto she heads over to the desk and opens it"Just need a few refrences and personal notes and the library here is all I need, what about you Miss Fuzen?"
[20:07] <datSeal> (( Awesome. I can turn it in to you in a bit. Still messing around with alternative powers. ))
[20:08] <@Vega7285> The rooms are furnished as per the standard. Decent, sturdy furniture. One bed, desk, dresser, and clsoet per person. Sink and mirror off in one corner. Cabinets under the sink.
[20:08] <Katya> Katya entered her room, which was naturally empty. She had no roommate, which was as she preferred.
[20:08] <@Vega7285> *closet
[20:09] <Katya> She began to roll in boxes of equipment and one small bag of personal belongings, leaving the door open.
[20:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( > One bed< Per person right~?))
[20:09] <Katya> She pulled an ugly-looking, ragged stuffed rabbit and plopped it unceremoniously on the bed.
[20:09] <@Vega7285> ((yes ,the list is what is there per person. ))
[20:09] <Kunede> "Pyon~" and opens up her dimensional hole, spilling a pile of glittery contents into a heap on the not taken bed, then starts digging through them.
[20:09] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "You know I was almost expecting this room to have bunk beds"
[20:10] <@Vega7285> The beds are designed to be bunked, they just aren't at the moment. You guys will have to rearrange the furniture yourselves.
[20:10] <Katya> ((STRENGTH CHECK.))
[20:10] <Katya> ((lol))
[20:10] <@Vega7285> Katya may not have a roommate, but there's anotehr bed in her room just the same.
[20:10] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((felly would do her damnest to be on the top~))
[20:11] <Katya> Katya stares at the unoccupied bed for a long, silent moment.
[20:11] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to now be confused "…really 'Pyon~'?" and looks over the pile and doesn't seem to know how to respond to this
[20:11] <Katya> she pushes it next to hers and makes an enormous double bed.
[20:11] <@Vega7285> ((Well, give her personaltiy, that must be true in general ,when it comes to the bedroom~))
[20:11] <Katya> ((lol))
[20:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( Felly:"You like it like this don't you bitch?" .. .ok that was bad))
[20:13] * Lucas_Joran would zoom by the dorms, waving in windows as he slid by, weaving back and forth. "So…a princess, a decent lady, and a cyborg…this is going to be an interesting tour of service." he said to himself, pondering riding up the side of the building.
[20:13] <Kunede> (( Someone's going to wind up in chains~ ))
[20:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It'd be more funny as it wouldn't be a gal on the bottom~))
[20:13] <Lucas_Joran> ((:3~~~))
[20:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "… Well I'll say this much you are devoted to your 'craft', just don't involve me with it."
[20:15] <Lucas_Joran> ((All dorm rooms are on the outside with windows, right?))
[20:16] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, they all have windows. And curtains/blinds for privacy, which may be down at the moment.))
[20:17] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I guess we don't have to claim beds, so what else should we set as 'ground' rules?"
[20:17] <Kunede> "Hands off my stuff's all I need, and don't worry, I won't outclass you in front of you. I'm not that gauche. Now… I'm going to go out for that run." finally quitting her digging around, pulling up a large shiny chain from under a pile of personables, grins, snapping her fingers and teleporting to the field outside.
[20:18] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles "How cowardly, getitng the last word in such a maner"
[20:18] * Katya looking out the window, sees Kunede appear suddenly outside. "Without the use of a device, truly impressive."
[20:19] <@Vega7285> Lucas may notice that a ((wild)) Kunede appears.
[20:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((woooo how did that work))
[20:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Weird highlight))
[20:19] * Lucas_Joran would soon ride by her, going probably a decent 15 miles an hour at a lesiure, smiling at her and waving, turning and coming to a stop. "Evening, ma'am." he said.
[20:19] * Katya begins to change into one of her few sets of casual clothes, seeing as it seemed an appropriate time to be out of dress uniform.
[20:19] <@Vega7285> ((Not sure how to do background color, but I know CTRL+K lets you change text color.))
[20:19] * Felicita_Ojalehto goes about finishing about checking her bed and writting down a few notes
[20:19] <@Vega7285> ((I can abuse red text like a witch, for instance.))
[20:20] * Orrin|NowhereMan (~PI.6B5C2A66.50ACBF16.D3BD3529|nirrO#PI.6B5C2A66.50ACBF16.D3BD3529|nirrO) has joined #EDMG2
[20:20] <Katya> Half changed and with her scarred body visible through the window, she looks at her navy jacket, skirt and stockings ensemble curiously.
[20:20] <Katya> "They said I could dress however I want when not on duty, at the MCTF…" she mutters to herself.
[20:20] <@Vega7285> ((If you've read any Umineko ,you're now hearing that sound effect that plays every time someone speaks in red.))
[20:20] * Kunede glances around, getting her bareings, then tosses her chain over her shoulder. "Hey there. So, thoughts so far?"
[20:20] <@Vega7285> ((Sorry. Carry on.))
[20:21] <datSeal> (( Okay! I'm done! Post it on the Wiki? ))
[20:21] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((no problme also red text is fun))
[20:21] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, if you're done, stick it on the wiki or something.))
[20:21] <Lucas_Joran> "On what exactly? The group as a whole is going to be pretty solid. I know one of the members is probably going to be under my skin a bit." he said, waiting on her.
[20:22] <@Vega7285> ((Though I don't want more than 5 players, to be honest.))
[20:22] <Lucas_Joran> (( I can do red text too ))
[20:22] <Katya> ((aw))
[20:22] <datSeal> (( If I'm the sixth player, I'm bowing out. I didn't know if we had a fifth already. lol ))
[20:22] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmm… I suppose I should see the facilities are" she starts to exit the room and walk out the door towards the trinaing area, which is obviously across the field
[20:23] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((though have fun I'll take a bit to get there~))
[20:23] <datSeal> (( I'd rather lurk a good game than play a chaotic six player game, so I understand. ))
[20:23] <Kunede> "Yeah… well, we can have her be the distraction for the aliens, it's worth it, maybe…"
[20:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((well if verity doesn't come in I suppose you can be the fifth child player))
[20:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=458607 also how can she not be loveable~))
[20:24] <@Vega7285> ((You cna still post the character sheet for us to look at, though. No need to throw away the hard work.))
[20:24] <datSeal> (( Thanks. I'll do that at least. :D ))
[20:25] <Lucas_Joran> "So..a chain based Device? Interesting." he said, leaning over slightly to look. "My dad is still surprised I made mine. I personally wasn't aware that most devices were handed down, to be honest. And I was bored."
[20:25] <Kunede> (( Cheating pants witch. Then again the GM got her back for that. ))
[20:25] <@Vega7285> ((antelope-like legs?))
[20:26] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( I laughed at that one myself ))
[20:26] * Katya emerges outside near the others, looking like a different person in her thick red scarf, navy jacket/skirt and black hose. She gives them a look but appears to want to avoid getting close.
[20:26] <Lucas_Joran> ((I'd hit that)
[20:26] <Lucas_Joran> ((Oh..good question. What time of year is it?))
[20:26] <Katya> ((what country is it in))
[20:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( or at least culture equivlant))
[20:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( also god damn it, proto felly is crying or at least would be if she developed that far at a moe bot in the making ))
[20:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( I still shoudl stat her ))
[20:27] <@Vega7285> ((Hm, I guess it's summer, or thereabouts.))
[20:27] * Kunede offers the Archmagus chain if he wants a closer look "Well, it wasn't originally a chain. I tweaked it a bit. That's not really my area, though."
[20:28] <@Vega7285> ((Country? Uh…damned if I know. Though assume Japane if nothing else, in animu-type games. or that the actual country doesn't matter.))
[20:28] * Lucas_Joran waves his hand slightly. "I can look at it later. Right now is just time to let loose and move about, yeah? Never cared for meetings myself." he said, clearly showing restraint when offered the device.
[20:29] * Katya is staring at them intently.
[20:29] * Kunede on noticing Katya in the background, waves her over eagerly.
[20:30] <Katya> "Um, pryvet. I mean, hello."
[20:31] <datSeal> (( Can't add or edit a page on the wiki so I added it here ))
[20:31] <datSeal> (( http://pastebin.com/2XtctvRK ))
[20:31] * Lucas_Joran waves as well. "Don't be shy. We don't bite nearly as hard as Felicita."
[20:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( you need to do some log in and such crpa then comfrimation ))
[20:32] <datSeal> (( Its a near direct copy of the Energy Control archtype found in the M&M book. Just changed a few things here and there. ))
[20:32] * Katya grows expressionless again. "It is no problem. I am not bothered by her comments."
[20:33] <Katya> "More importantly…" Katya looks at Lucas. "Why are you the only male team member?"
[20:33] <Verity> (( http://everydaymagicalgirls.wikidot.com/verity Still have some powers to insert, and not quite finished getting the PP down to limits. I also accidentally called it "verity", so the title isn't capitalized. Would appreciate if someone could fix that. ))
[20:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((oh a fello heavy hitter ))
[20:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((whats your defense?))
[20:34] <Katya> ((thought she'd have a spell called impish gypsophilia))
[20:34] * Lucas_Joran shrugs. "Dunno. I don't question orders. I've seen several where they've only had a single girl in the team, so it doesn't bug me too much. Just means I have more time to myself and get to sleep in the workshop."
[20:35] <Verity> ((I traded off 2 defense for 2 toughness. It should be 18 normally))
[20:35] * Katya seems suspicious somehow. "I do not understand. Why are there not separate male and female divisions?"
[20:35] <Kunede> "Well with Felly as she is, that's be arguable… I'm sure he enjoy's it, though, right?" Kunede ends, giving Lucas a grin.
[20:36] * Katya blinks. "What's enjoyable about being alone?"
[20:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((alright see it now))
[20:36] <Lucas_Joran> "Because I guess sometimes they don't have enough of the right people. Like, I know this one might end up a little device heavy, like with her chain, and any external devices you use. Maybe they just needed somewhere to put me." he said, rolling his eyes. "I do enjoy being surrounded by some pretty girls and a crazy witch."
[20:37] <datSeal> (( Well I can edit the EDMG2 page, but I still can't add a new page. TT ))
[20:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Usually I do it by creating the link then going into it and being told I can mak ea new page))
[20:37] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((not sure if emergency point defense shield actually works))
[20:37] <datSeal> (( Okay! ))
[20:38] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((due to dodge bonus being factored into the actual limits))
[20:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((also wher eis your attack verity?))
[20:39] <Lucas_Joran> ((Take it into a different channel please?))
[20:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((appologies))
[20:39] <@Vega7285> ((Just use a PM, yeah.))
[20:40] * Katya blinks once more. "'Pretty girls?'" She then glares suspiciously at him, seemingly getting tense.
[20:40] <Lucas_Joran> "Hey hey, calm down. I'm not coming onto anyone, just stating what I see as true." he said, raising his hands defensivly.
[20:42] <datSeal> (( Okay! Its up! ))
[20:43] <Katya> ((Aw, the slutty pumpkin girl image is small, no linked full size, lol.))
[20:43] <Kunede> "And don't worry, if he tries anything, just say and we can beat him up for it. Same applies to Felly." Kunede offers.
[20:43] * Lucas_Joran chuckles slightly, backing up a little. "Hey now…"
[20:43] * Katya nods at Kunede's words, still watching Lucas suspiciously.
[20:44] <@Vega7285> ((Pity, that.))
[20:44] <Katya> "Oh, wait. I don't understand. Why would I have to worry about 'Felly'?"
[20:44] <Lucas_Joran> ((Where is this image?))
[20:44] <Katya> ((I was just joking about Verity's image
[20:44] <Kunede> grins at Lucas winking at him "So you'll have to play it nice and slow with her, got it?"
[20:45] * Lucas_Joran blinks a few times. "Wait, what? Who said…I mean…bwah?" he said, obviously confused
[20:46] * Katya backs up from him again, drawing her arms up to her chest protectively.
[20:46] <Katya> "You may not fraternize improperly with me."
[20:46] * Lucas_Joran droops. "I didn't mean anything like that, Katya…" he said, scratching his head. "I'm clean, I promise."
[20:46] * Kunede giggles at the concerned looks she's managed to get from the two of them.
[20:47] * Lucas_Joran looks at Kunede. "This is partly your fault. I didn't mean anything untoward..and you go and twist it all around."
[20:49] <Lucas_Joran> ((Though i could see him trying after he got to actually KNOW the girls after a good long while…er..trying to date that is >.> ))
[20:50] <Kunede> "I did no such thing, just remember, nice and slow~"
[20:50] * Lucas_Joran glared at her. "I wouldn't do anything so..so..unjust after just meeting a girl! Especially a girl on my team!" he protested, grumbling slightly.
[20:51] <Lucas_Joran> "I'd at least wait a while until I was sure I knew her before even thinking about DATING her.
[20:51] <Lucas_Joran> "
[20:53] * Katya seems to be in some kind of defensive posture, arms raised. She frowns disapprovingly. "I won't let you confuse me just because I haven't been out much…"
[20:53] <@Vega7285> ((What happened to Felly?))
[20:53] <Katya> ((peeping on her superior officer))
[20:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((shes comign was just about to hop back in))
[20:54] * Felicita_Ojalehto comes outside with what looks to be a very generic arming sword in her hand, which she seems to be strangly enough trying to bend
[20:54] <Kunede> "There you go then." and turning back to Katya "So if he's too foreward, we'll beat him up. That way he'll know not to try anything less then his very best~"
[20:54] <Lucas_Joran> "I..I'm not trying to confuse anyone…"
[20:55] * Lucas_Joran groans, skates rolling forward slowly as he passed before them. "Fine, pick on the lone guy. My devices are all I need." he said, sticking his tongue out.
[20:55] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to not notice anythign as she heads out towards the fireing range
[20:56] * Katya nods fiercely. "This is a strange place. I wish the lab had allowed me recreational leave."
[20:57] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks up seemingly hearing something and the sword disapears
[20:59] * Kunede grins back at Lucas, before turning to watch Felly. "Hmm. Princess is here, and looks like she's one to talk about using devices…"
[20:59] * Lucas_Joran looks over, eyeing her. "Knowing her, it's probably some kind of ancestrial weapon of some kind. She'd be shamed otherwise to use anything else."
[20:59] * Felicita_Ojalehto walks over "I heard that, it's less of a device than yours"
[21:01] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "And yes if you must know it is ancestrial, the thing is near useless though."
[21:01] <Kunede> "That's alright, one day you'll get some development with that." says the flat chested girl with a grin.
[21:01] <Lucas_Joran> "Nothing is ever useless, unless the person using it is." he said, smirking softly
[21:03] * Felicita_Ojalehto just smiles "I'd rather devote my time into something of my own than someones idea of an inheranace "
[21:04] * Lucas_Joran chuckled. "Already did that, thanks. Still isn't useless."
[21:04] <Katya> "I've just one question, if I may.
[21:05] <datSeal> (( So much for that Harem fantasy, Huh Lucas? ))
[21:05] * Katya watches Felly intently
[21:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Yes?"
[21:05] <Katya> "Why are you so opposed to devices?"
[21:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmmmm Lets just say I find reliance on something other than yourself a bit out of style"
[21:07] <Verity> ((Due to minority demand, I figured out how to upload pictures so now you can see the loli in all of it's absurdres glory))
[21:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((heh))
[21:08] <datSeal> (( Hurray for progress! ))
[21:08] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((you can at least show up late pumpkin girl right~?))
[21:08] <Lucas_Joran> ((Lucas: Eh, could be worse.))
[21:09] <@Vega7285> ((I suppose they could drop in, though probably no official introduction until next session.))
[21:09] <Verity> ((Honestly, I don't really know what's been going on since I haven't really been looking closely))
[21:10] <Katya> (not a whole lot)
[21:10] * Lucas_Joran rolled his eyes. "I kinda relied on MYSELF to make my Device, but eh, each their own." he said, rolling his eyes. "Then again, I'm sure you're definately unchanging."
[21:10] <datSeal> (( Take the time to catch up. Its worth it. ))
[21:10] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((heh
[21:10] * Katya frowns. Her hands seem to be turning even more pale as she clenches them tightly.
[21:10] <datSeal> (( Lucas is a "bro." ))
[21:11] <Katya> "Didn't you rely on your family to raise you?"
[21:11] <Kunede> "And who taught you magic?"
[21:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "So you did which is unusual, though it is still a cheap path to power usually handed down through some bloodline to make sure their children are as great as them" she looks at kunede
[21:12] * Lucas_Joran slides over and gently pats Katya on the shoulder. "Everyone has to rely on someone or something. Kunede has her family, I have my Device, and Felly here obviously has her attitude." he said, chuckling.
[21:13] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Actually, they tried to untrain my magic for a while, too unrefiend and specific they said. The only real growth I got out of it was when I naturally explored it"
[21:13] <Kunede> "Well if I could have picked some nobody grunt soldier…"
[21:15] * Katya remains perfectly expressionless, but her hands are shaking.
[21:15] * Lucas_Joran looks at Felicita. "How do you UNTRAIN magic?"
[21:15] <Katya> "Why would you untrain magic?"
[21:15] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "And my family did raise me, but if I relied on them for everything I'd be nowhere as well off as I would be"
[21:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Easy, you force restrictions, try to change it into somethign else. Use nulification fields to force you to seek out new ways to express it"
[21:17] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles "It didn't quite take, I'm the model frontline soldier"
[21:17] * Lucas_Joran shrugs. "Eh, which ever. I'm going to go over here where the not so popus people are. You coming, Kat, Kunede?" he asked, jesturing towards somewhere away.
[21:17] <Katya> "You're not a soldier"
[21:17] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at Katya disaproving "Oh?"
[21:17] <@Vega7285> ((You're jsut a stuck-up bitch))
[21:18] <Katya> (lol)
[21:18] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( :3c ))
[21:18] <Katya> "You are not a soldier. The normal human soldiers don't have a pedigree or magic powers to rely on."
[21:18] <Katya> "Or an artificial nervous system, like mine."
[21:19] <Katya> ((this is where Perinne would go NANDESUNO?!))
[21:19] * Kunede grins, putting her arm over Katya's shoulder "You seem like you're a lot closer then her. Let's go over to Lucas."
[21:20] <Katya> ((It's tough playing mean characters, lol))
[21:20] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Is that so? Of course the common grunt indeed does not have that, but the common grunt does not have much of anythign, let alone a chance"
[21:21] * Lucas_Joran twitches a little, though it can't be told if it's the fact he's near a living Device, or Felicita's attitude that was causing it. "Yeah..and yet they still have more honor then you."
[21:23] * Felicita_Ojalehto smiles "You can belive that if you want."
[21:23] * Katya shrugs off Kunede's grip, though it was unconscious. Most likely a reflex from training. "If you were a soldier, you'd recognize they're all important."
[21:24] <@Vega7285> Yukari steps outside, though she's some distance from you guys. If one happens to notice, it's for a smoke break, as she moves a bit away from the building and lights up.
[21:24] <Lucas_Joran> ((How old is Yukari??))
[21:24] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((12))
[21:25] <Katya> ((Sounds like A Certain Lolibaba Sensei))
[21:25] * Felicita_Ojalehto looks at her "They do have their uses, I will not say otherwise. Now if you'll excuse me I have personal training to do" as she starts to walk towards the ranges
[21:25] <datSeal> (( My thoughts exactly, Kat. ))
[21:25] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( hmm Kat eh~, so going to tinker up some ear augmentations lucas~))
[21:25] <@Vega7285> ((She's pretty much Nanoha crossed with your typical grizzled old soldier archetype. It felt amusing.))
[21:26] <@Vega7285> ((Pre-StrikerS Nanoha.))
[21:26] * Lucas_Joran grumbled somoeething like "you interrupted us." as he started off. "You two going to keep up? I gotta work off some frustration now."
[21:27] <Kunede> "So think she'll do a good job keeping the aliens distracted for us, Kat?" Kunede asks, not letting the pulling away get to her
[21:27] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "No, you can take the orphen off. Good day sir"
[21:27] * Felicita_Ojalehto contuies to walk off in the direction of the fireing range
[21:28] <@Vega7285> Good thing the CO missed most of that and is still out of earshot.
[21:28] * Katya bows her head again momentarily before turning to Lucas and Kunede. "'Distraction?' I don't know anything about that… Sorry. I'll accompany you."
[21:28] <@Vega7285> ((Tentacles like bitchy, haughty types, I hear.))
[21:28] <Katya> ((XD))
[21:28] <datSeal> (( Uh-oh… ))
[21:28] <Lucas_Joran> ((mmmmm….henticals))
[21:29] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( So nan ka~))
[21:29] * Lucas_Joran smiled softly, trying to pat her on the should er gently as he started to pick up some speed. "I doubt I'll leave you all behind, even at full speed, but I'll take it slow for now." he said, winking.
[21:29] <@Vega7285> ((Nano desu.))
[21:30] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((mii~))
[21:31] <@Vega7285> ((Ni-pah~))
[21:31] <Kunede> "I think I can catch up if I need to. So how good a flyer are you, Kat?"
[21:31] <Verity> ((Au~~))
[21:32] <@Vega7285> (( Daily dose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSa31MtGNTQ&feature=related ))
[21:32] <@Vega7285> (( Also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUtoI6nGoOc ))
[21:32] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((Higurashi will ruin nanoha for you if you are watching it beforehand ))
[21:33] <Katya> "I can fly. But it requires the use of my augmentation uniform."
[21:33] <@Vega7285> ((And possibly vice-versa.))
[21:33] <Katya> "My top speed in air is 75 MPH."
[21:33] <Kunede> (( or really, really, really enhance it, depending on your point of view. ))
[21:33] <Verity> ((I totally did that and was fine lol))
[21:33] <@Vega7285> ((As you wait for Rika to pull out Raging Heart and shoot some bitches.))
[21:34] <Katya> ((I'm more disturbed by hearing Nanoha talk about getting 100 fuck buddies in B gata H kei))
[21:34] * Felicita_Ojalehto due to telipatic scene seeing felly arives once again playing with the sword
[21:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( wait what she's the VA for that?))
[21:34] <Katya> ((Yup.))
[21:34] <Kunede> "Ah, part of your uniform, eh. Well I'm really more of a teleporter." She seems slightly annoyed, somehow.
[21:34] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( MY GRIN))
[21:34] <Lucas_Joran> "Shoo..I think I'll have to adjust the speed of my gear then. I only top out at 30."
[21:34] <@Vega7285> ((Wow.))
[21:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( We need a forceful type, what VA should we get? ))
[21:35] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( I have an idea! ))
[21:35] * Katya doesn't seem to notice her annoyance. "My uniform augments my artificial nervous system. Before augmentation, I was incapable of using magic at all."
[21:35] <@Vega7285> ((Well, Nanoha DOES collect quite the harem over time…))
[21:35] <Katya> "My body's nervous system could not circulate mana properly, which would cause internal injury."
[21:36] <Kunede> (( I… had no idea that was her. My god. ))
[21:36] <Lucas_Joran> ((I want this now >.> )
[21:36] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((we should polish off another episdoe tongiht thoon~))
[21:36] * Felicita_Ojalehto has the sword turn into a flaming little dagger before dismissing it
[21:36] <@Vega7285> ((Actually, is a new episode out? Damn, I'm behind on this.))
[21:37] <Katya> ((I realized it was her the moment I saw the show. It's pretty shocking, lol.))
[21:37] <@Vega7285> ((Also ,may wnat to wind things down for today's session, guys.))
[21:37] * Lucas_Joran raises an eyebrow. "I see…that's quite interesting. I knwo there are people who are truely magicless out there..but so much so that trying to use it causes injury? Interesting." he said.
[21:37] <Kunede> (( I only have up to 7, I think I'm 2-3 behind. Also GOD I HEAR IT SHOW = RUINED ))
[21:37] <Katya> Katya turned to look at him. "It's not normal. I was forcing myself after all."
[21:38] <Katya> ((hohohohahahaha.))
[21:38] <Verity> ((Lol, like Katya I'm really good at recognizing Yukari Tamura's voice, so I noticed right away xD))
[21:38] <Lucas_Joran> "Yeah..that's what it would do."
[21:38] <Verity> ((Er, Habe))
[21:39] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmmm… seems a little small" a red tinted bubble sorounds her as another thicker more chaotic ball of energy pulses around her left hand she floats a few feet off the ground "Guess it's time for a warm up" as a few dozen balls of flaming energy start to peper the standard target down the range
[21:40] * Lucas_Joran waits a bit. "Well..if you need privacy to switch, we can wait out here."
[21:40] <Katya> ((Shit should have bought Quick Change))
[21:40] <datSeal> (( LOL ))
[21:41] * Katya nods silently, then walks back into their assigned quarters.
[21:41] * Lucas_Joran just nods, smirking a little. "Now, Miss Kunede, why were you teasing me and that poor girl earlier?"
[21:41] <Verity> ((Katya's the one who doesn't have a bunk buddy yet, right?))
[21:42] <Katya> ((Yeah))
[21:42] <Katya> ((She's all awown))
[21:42] <Kunede> "Just a little fun~"
[21:42] <Verity> ((I guess I'll make a little entrance now, then xD))
[21:42] <@Vega7285> ((She also pushed the beds in the room together~))
[21:42] <Katya> lol
[21:42] <Katya> ((you can just have her take both))
[21:43] <datSeal> (( Verity is very punctual. :D ))
[21:43] * Lucas_Joran rolled his eyes. "Scaring a girl like that…what if we're stuck on the field and I have to do emergancy repair or something? I don't think she'll trust me ever now." he groaned, flopping a bit.
[21:43] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Hmmmm, I wonder how much it cant take" a ball of energy of large size starts to grow from her outstetched right hand
[21:44] <datSeal> (( Poor Lucas. TT You'll redeem yourself! You'll see! ))
[21:45] <Kunede> "You'll just need to tell her you'll be careful as you hold her down and start to move things around inside of her and let her know everything you're going to do and when you'll be done and…"
[21:45] * Katya stands in front of her door, slowly uncurling her fists, which were virtually stone-hard with tension. The myomer in her hands emits a subtle creak.
[21:45] <Felicita_Ojalehto> from the direction of the fireing range a large explosion can be heard as well as seen, something the kind you would expect from a bomb
[21:45] <Katya> She steps inside.
[21:46] * Lucas_Joran groans, holding his ears. "NOt listening to you!" he said, before looking to the explosion
[21:47] * Felicita_Ojalehto is similing "Oh ho ho, it's mostly still standing, I was right about the protection set up on here~"
[21:47] <datSeal> (( Dat Laugh! ))
[21:47] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's not quite that bad really~))
[21:47] * Kunede just starts cackleing as he's unable to hear her
[21:48] <datSeal> (( Aww… ))
[21:49] * Lucas_Joran looks over. "Anyways, I think you just like to mess with me. I won't do any such thing to her. I'm a gentleman after all."
[21:49] <@Vega7285> Yukari takes off in full flight for the practice range. Hotheads are always abusing the targets like that.
[21:49] <Verity> When Katya would return to her private room, she will find, ordinarily enough, the place completely as she left it, with the door still looked and everything. There is but one enigma, however, and that is the presence of a young, platinum blonde haired girl, lying on her stomach, atop the beds, quietly perusing a few books in general silence. It doesn't seem she has noticed the gynoid's entrance.
[21:49] <Verity> Swarming around Verity, was a small army of jack'o'lantern-esque creatures, who were moving about in the room, unpacking a great deal of personal items into the room through a tear in space. A lone pumpkin on the side attends itself to the preparation of a great case of chinas, while others stock a great variety of teas into cupboards.
[21:50] <Katya> ((Cyborg not gynoid! lol))
[21:50] <Verity> ((sry xD))
[21:50] * Katya stares expressionlessly for a moment as she is wont to do.
[21:50] <Kunede> "So you say now~"
[21:50] <datSeal> (( Awesome intro' is pretty awesome ))
[21:51] * Felicita_Ojalehto has more controled blasts of enrgy leave her hand as she tries to break the magical defense that were weakened by the explosoin unaware of the impending CO arival "So well made, it's not even a crater!"
[21:51] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((it is a great entrance~))
[21:52] * Katya crouches defensively. "Who are you? What is all of this?"
[21:52] <datSeal> (( I wonder if there will be some tenisons between the great pumpkin princess and the uh… princess. ))
[21:52] * Lucas_Joran rolls his eyes. "And what makes you so sure?" he asked
[21:53] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5zB6kUOyZI now the most fucked over girl in that series as I just finished listening to nipahfest again ))
[21:53] <@Vega7285> Yukari lands behind Felly around this time. "I thought it was you," she says angrily. "You're nto supposed to go throwing around anything that big around here, soldier!" she snaps. "Can't you read the damn signs. That shit might be fine on the battlefield, but showing off on a practice range is just going to hurt anyone else nearby."
[21:54] * Felicita_Ojalehto drops the shield and drops to the ground and stands at attention "Sorry Commander"
[21:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er force field))
[21:54] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "I assumed the range was properly set up for large scale practice due to the magicla field"
[21:54] * Verity finally takes note of Katya. "Oh, hello." She pauses for a number of seconds. "Oh, you are that girl who was in here a while ago. I didn't give you notice, since I figured a disembodied voice might frighten."
[21:55] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((aslo we'll have to see~ ))
[21:55] * Katya doesn't move from her spot, glaring defensively.
[21:55] * Verity gets up, now making it clear that she had been lounging in her underwear. "Uh, Verity. That's my name. I guess that's how it goes, right, Katya?"
[21:55] <Katya> "You were here before? How do you know my name?"
[21:56] <Lucas_Joran> "So what's your thoughts on Soldier Girl and Katya?"
[21:56] <Lucas_Joran> ((LUcas: *is either sad or happy he's not over there now*
[21:56] <@Vega7285> "Negative, soldier. Now don't go running around accidentally blowing up anyone else here for practice. If you actually need target practice for something that big," she adds, dripping with sarcasm, "you really should turn that ego of yours down a few pegs, anyway."
[21:58] <Kunede> "She'll… do a very good job for a distraction, I think. Katya, hmm. Hard to tell."
[21:58] <Verity> "Oh, well, I wasn't very well in the mood to visit the room right away, while I was enjoying my afternoon tea, you see. So I had one of my servants attend the meeting for me, though I didn't want to alarm anyone by suddenly speaking up. I also had one in here to tell you about this, but I found it more interesting to observe you."
[21:58] * Felicita_Ojalehto stands frozen unsure to respond before saying "Yes commander.
[21:59] <datSeal> (( "…more interesting to observe you?" Now that's scary. .
___. ))
[21:59] * Katya relaxed her posture slightly, seeming still wary of her. "I don't understand what interest you could have in me. I only came in here to change."
[21:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((oh felly she's going to be a fun one~))
[21:59] * Lucas_Joran stretches, nodding. "If nothing else, she's got firepower, if that was HER doing the exploding. I guess we'll see with her..maybe some time with us will make her a better person…or we'll just end up tying her to the flag pole once a week."
[21:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er for felly))
[21:59] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((just read her complications~))
[21:59] <@Vega7285> "If you need to blow off some steam, go run some laps. Now strip and come back for your clothes after you've done ten around the grounds back here." Wait, did she say strip?
[22:00] <Katya> "But, why are you in my room?"
[22:00] <Kunede> "We'll just have to see."
[22:00] <Lucas_Joran> ((PFFTWhat…I..am unsure how to feel about this))
[22:00] * Felicita_Ojalehto seems to freeze even more before she starts to disrobe "Y-Yes commander"
[22:00] * Lucas_Joran chuckles softly. "I almost want to put her matress in the pool tonight with her on it."
[22:01] * Katya looks at all the strange pumpkin servitors floating about. "And, what are these things? 'Your servants?'
[22:01] <Katya> ((Woah wtf))
[22:01] <Katya> ((Katya will totally think this is some kind of unusual training regimen.))
[22:02] * Verity floats slightly off the bed, while gesturing to a couple of servants who come to clothe her. She wasn't totally sure why, but observing people have told her that these pieces of fabric are apparently important.
[22:02] <Kunede> "I could possibly whip up a teleportation spell…"
[22:02] * Felicita_Ojalehto is finishing taking off her coat and strating ot work on her blouse almost waiting for Yukari to tell her to stop, but contuies on
[22:02] <@Vega7285> Yukari watches, arms crossed. "Keep your underwear on. You deserve at least some dignity. Still, you shouldn't need tor evisit boot camp, what with your family history."
[22:03] <Lucas_Joran> "Mmm..maybe. I mean, when she's not being snotty, she might not be TOO bad…we just might need to get her loosened up some how."
[22:03] <Verity> "Yes, well, this will be the first time I will share a living space with another creature that has intelligence, so I wanted to see what sort of existence you are. Saying that, of course, I naturally mean that I will be sharing this room with you.
[22:03] <Katya> ((Heh "loosened."))
[22:04] <Lucas_Joran> ((So Verity is like, from anothe dimension or something?))
[22:04] <Lucas_Joran> ((*trying to keep images from head….goddamnit Vega))
[22:04] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Yes commander" she finishes taking off her pants and is left in what seem to be very plain white underwear and heads towards the the exterior of the base to do her laps
[22:04] <Katya> She finally seemed prepared to relax her defenses entirely. Katya's ruby eye affixed Verity. "Katya Kotarou. Excuse me for my rudeness. So, you are to be my roommate. Forgive me, this day has been… tiring."
[22:05] <Kunede> "We'll think of a way to get her to behave, I'm sure."
[22:05] <@Vega7285> ((As you will soon see, if not already, you've stumbled into a den of filthy perverts~))
[22:05] <Lucas_Joran> ((I already AM a filthy pervert…I just didn't know how filthy this game would get is all ))
[22:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( It's tottally not like what it sounds like… I swear ))
[22:05] <@Vega7285> Yukari jogs after Felicita to make sure she doesn't slack off.
[22:05] <Verity> "As for these, they are indeed my servants. Feel free to use them as you like. If you wish to call them by a name, 'pumpkin' is more than acceptable. There are far too many to individually name them."
[22:05] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( :3c))
[22:06] <Verity> "And yes, I understand. I've seen how tiresome this day has for you. Don't worry about it."
[22:06] <datSeal> (( Quick! Begin naming them! One after another! ))
[22:06] <@Vega7285> ((Not as much as you might think. This is probably one of the "clean" games, so nudity and things will be on a minimum. There wont evne be any rapin' tentacles.))
[22:06] <Lucas_Joran> "Well..lets do a lap or two before Katya gets back..at our speed it we shouldn't miss her coming out." he said, darting forward a little. "I'd race you, but your max speed is faster then mine.
[22:06] * Katya reaches out and attempts to grip one. "How long have you been watching me?" From her expression, it seems as though she's curious about the pumpkins.
[22:07] <Lucas_Joran> ((Aww, but i like rapin tnetacles and such))
[22:07] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((It's animu clean, most you'll get is shower scenes and possibly some inuedos and inexplicably shared beds))
[22:07] <Kunede> (( They might slip in here if I don't provide Vega a focus for them in my own game~ ))
[22:07] <Katya> hoho
[22:07] <Lucas_Joran> ((I might have to jump in on this game :3 ))
[22:08] <@Vega7285> ((Yeah, it's been something like 15 sessions and my wannabe magical girl hasn't had the naive idealsim vioalted out of her~))
[22:08] <Verity> "Oh, just today. It was a fairly long trip, so you were not in range until a few hours ago."
[22:08] * Felicita_Ojalehto felly keeps it up, with an odd look on her face
[22:08] <@Vega7285> ((Also ,was distracted earlier, but Veirty confirmed as creepy yandere stalker in fanworks.))
[22:09] <datSeal> (( I KNEW IT! ))
[22:10] <Lucas_Joran> ((*pokes Kunede))
[22:10] <Katya> Katya looks at her icily and simply begins disrobing without much thought. "The breadth and magnitude of abilities people are able to express here are still unknown to me." She begins slipping on the sneak suit.
[22:10] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((>Also ,was distracted earlier, but Veirty confirmed as creepy yandere stalker in fanworks.< I have to get drawing~))
[22:10] <Kunede> (( Sorry~ slow reader~ ))
[22:10] <Katya> "Without this prosthetic magic circuit, I can't do much of anything except fight as a normal soldier."
[22:11] <Kunede> "Sure, then~"
[22:11] * Kunede stretches quickly, looking at the track, and catching sight of Felly
[22:12] * Felicita_Ojalehto has probably made a lap with her CO floating behind her mentioning things in a pissed off maner
[22:12] <Verity> "I could have a report written for you, if you are curious. I am unsure how many of them will let my servants go by unnoticed though."
[22:12] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er half a lap))
[22:12] * Lucas_Joran kicks down with his foot slightly, his wheels spinning to speed as he takes off, quickly reaching high speed, sliding around the outside of the base. "Hey..is that the Major and…Felly?" he asked, the pair soon coming up on them.
[22:12] <@Vega7285> Oh, Yukari is jogging right along, not flying. She can keep up just fine on foot.
[22:13] * Kunede starts running (with small bouts of floating when falling behind~) after Lucas "I… think so, oh ho ho, let's catch up and join her~"
[22:14] <datSeal> (( Well this is going to be good. ))
[22:14] * Lucas_Joran nods, soon sliding up. Lucas was about to say hello when he noticed the disrobed fact of Felicita, and blinked rapidly, turning to face away. "I..uh…"
[22:14] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "Yes?" she says in a seemingly emotionles voice that could probably freeze water
[22:15] <@Vega7285> Yukari nods to the others. "Jordan, Fuzen." As far as she's concerned, she's jsut out for a pleasant jog.
[22:15] * Katya shakes her head. The long scar on her uncovered chest disappears under her bodysuit. "That won't be necessary." The suit conforms to her form with a hiss of air as she slips on a somewhat incongruous loose fabric jacket. "Where do you hail from?"
[22:15] <Kunede> "It's a smart idea to keep cool when running, isn't it Felly~" Kunede offers, bumping into Lucas whenever his eyes get too closed
[22:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> "It is, but today is not the case Fuzen, and it's Ojalehto"
[22:16] * Lucas_Joran just wobbles a few times, before speeding up some. "Well..I'm going to finish this lap and wait for Katya." he said quickly, speeidn up again and racing off, trying to stave off a bloody nose.
[22:16] <Verity> "Oh, I come from my mansion, naturally. They insisted that I vacation here while I study, though."
[22:16] <@Vega7285> ((We should wrap things up soon.))
[22:16] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( yeah~ ))
[22:17] <Felicita_Ojalehto> (( Lord I should not punish people into trying to type that name ))
[22:17] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((er peopelb ty trying ))
[22:17] <@Vega7285> (9Hell ,evne you call her "Felly" for a reason. Probably unrelated to kicking fridges.))
[22:17] <Kunede> (( I think I'm at least done, Everyone's being teased enough for anything I can say~ ))
[22:17] <Lucas_Joran> (I'm pretty good for a session.
[22:17] <Katya> There is a low electric hum. Katya seems to concentrate momentarily before darting her hand inside the clothing bag and wreathing her neck with an extremely long red scarf. "I see."
[22:18] <Katya> With that, she turned to exit the door, fully equipped and ready to train.
[22:19] <Lucas_Joran> ((Goddamn…I'll be in my bunk…))
[22:19] <Katya> ((lol I guess we're finished?))
[22:19] <@Vega7285> ((Seems a good palce to stop.))
[22:19] <Felicita_Ojalehto> ((>Hell ,evne you call her "Felly" for a reason. Probably unrelated to kicking fridges< It's cause I can't spell her name~ ))

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