Eidolon of Tenacity
Netherworld Shanty, Kevin Macleod Vengeful Kingdom/The Failed Assault
A magnificent castle above the seas, now broken by war, abandoned by subjects, locked within are great treasures once held and now denied completely.
Once it possessed everything it could ever want, happy and giving of that happiness to others, it was in an instant that the tides turned on it, a single day left the king without its kingdom, without subjects, and fated to die at the betrayal of that closest to it. It has survived by only determination, determined to take back what it had, fix itself, get strong, reclaim land, and be prepared to meet its most important guest.

Leizu and her works

Eidolon of Gifts
There is Romance, Kevin Macleod White Day
What initially seems like the walls, on close inspection is revealed to be an intricate complex of strings, they coat the walls, floor and roof thick enough to form entire walls now slightly off colour, with fresher, thinner lines overlayed, hanging from them, assembled of the same materials, are beautiful patterns of strange runes you cannot recognise, they lead down a vague mockery of the store’s isles like before, but now devoid of the noise of people and looping down the corner.
Brought fourth after its work was swatted away. It left its home to find a place where it could work to perfect making its creations. With enough time the perfect one would be made and be accepted.


Eidolon of Forgetting
Wounded, by Kevin Macleod The loving family
The house itself is twisted by the barrier. Its chain tendrils stretch across all of the rooms, and coat the walls. It’s occupants cannot seem to see any of it. They each wear blank looks on their faces. as they navigate the rips between reality and the barrier. It all reaches from a single door far into the house…
Afraid to die without being missed, the Eidolon Victoria desperately sought out a new home that cared more for it. Stuck in a self defeating trap, it drains the mind of all people it gets to maintain its form, but damages itself by acceptace of death. If it found someone genuinely cared for it, it would become forever sated. The Eidolon was never seen. Source of blatant Inspiration.


Eidolon of Handimen
N/A The overgrown Forest
The barrier opens into the upper branches of some sort of ancient forest of dense foliage The trees don’t look at all local to a Japanese forest but still appear fairly normal. It’s dark, possibly night but even more branches above obscure this to the point of leaving you unable to tell. There’s the constant chatter of animals but the odd feeling of loneliness coming from the environment. The ground is only a small drop down and should be painless to get to. In the deeper woods, lies a clearing where the full moon's light focuses.
The Eidolon once tended to its barrier's maintenance with absolute diligence, however it's being distracted by this led to the terrible accident that caused it to start to rot and die. Now it survives at the center waiting for the chance of people that will come and once again empower it with the tools it needs to once again restore its proud garden. Kodey is a strange tree of bloody red wood. It twists in the ground in circles around itself animate but creaking with pained noise. A single complexly edged eye dominates what would be the otherwise featureless trunk. It’s branches are sparce, only twigs and tatters of leaves on most of them, many spots look like they held more but were cut away, and one’s hanging quite loosely, but also very, very animate, ending in vicious leafy blades.

Kelpie and her Escorts

Eidolon of Worry
Waiting For A Train - Hans Zimmer An Old Stormy Shopping Trip
The barrier leads into a new street almost entirely road, although the size of a highway, maybe. Above you is cold heavy, and sharp rain. It obscures a lot of what you can see, only the blurry signs of life in the form of lights from skyscrapers? To go with those is the sounds of cars driving along, he occasional screech of tires or blare of horns, but no signs of any of them. The rain's density really makes it impossible to see too far, all along the road are large puddles of water, and within the depths of the rain, you now hear some sort of sharp clacking and clopping of hooves, inter-spliced by the strikes of thunder from some oncoming storm.
Left alone to wait, The Eidolon hid itself away from things, hoping for someone to arrive and take it away. Its one comfort that keeps it here being the guiding of its Familiars. Only when they fade must it face bitter reality no matter how terrible it is. The massive creature is constructed out of what looks like cars, or at least sheets of metal. It's arranged almost like the spectacle of a monster truck show, in the fashion of another horse. It's shattered glass of window like eyes glare as a metallic jaw snaps. It's 'four' legs are primarily straight pylons, but they're broken up by numerous shattered parts of metal that look like they could serve as legs on some kind of diagonal or vertical floor quite fine, they also move rather fleshlike. In place of the other Horse's hair, it instead has a mane full of those very horses, dangling precariously in the air on their bridles, though many can't complain, they're mangled. just the Heads, broken in half, you can only tell what ones are alive and trying to escape but the kicking of the human legs attached to them. It flexes its back and the screech of a car coming to a halt is head from it.

Sadako and her converts

Eidolon of Betrayal
Red Swamp Bottom - Unknown A Lords Farmlands
The inside of the barrier takes the form of what seems like Japanese Rice Farms, save for the fact that the water that covers the flooded plains is bloody red. The gate, fairly small on this side is consuming the door to what seems like a small farm house. The whole thing is built into hills, you’re at the top. Leading down, outlying the farms are paths raised above the strange water, and around the lakes of the same. The plants are twisted and look in poor health, some paths barren, and some oddly numerous, from down below comes a pained cry that shifts in tone, sometimes weeping and sometimes screaming, it echoes up the hill with such force that the plants sway at its highest octaves.
At the edge of the river with red, bleeding into the water, the source of the poison, is what’s obviously the Eidolon. Perhaps under everything you can say you see a human torso, its upper portion is buried under a mess of hair, the black soaked matted mess forms chaotic mashup of ‘legs’ keeping that half the most upright, It lacks arms, and its legs struggle to walk and twitch steps only when most essential, instead stabbing from its front and back are something between ribs and scythe blades, twisted inwards or out, the majority of these painfully but rapidly touch the ground enough to form the majority of its movement together, Some protrude uselessly out. A few lucky ones, all twisted inward, form a crown, coming out of perhaps the back of its neck or upper body, wreathed around a sac of veined skin, from within it though, contrasting with its blackened, burnt form that’s only highlights come from the red that bleeds out of its many gashes, is the scintillating prismatic colours that you instinctively know as Essence, the beautiful smell of it alone almost lures you in when the crown of blades occasionally pierce the sac, causing a thin stream to fall down back into one of its wounds before healing back up. Driven by lies and deceit, the Eidolon became a being of the poison it had for humanity, poisoning all and attempting to spread its loathing to all who had better then it, and collected a great tithe in power. Only to those that came to it were worthy of its mercy, each of them slowly elevated to its position, and given all they could want in life, ready to spread its gift to even more people with every one.

Calas, Typhon and their reluctant helpers

Eidolon of Charm
Nightmare's Theme - Metroid Fusion The heavens tremble
The barrier takes the form of a set of floating 'islands', all connected faintly by bridges spanning out a great distance. They lead in general paths of 'up' and 'down', getting brighter and darker respectively. The islands are coated in clouds and at first appearances, around their edges, look very nice, calming and inviting, the only hints that anything is wrong is the constant centerpiece of every island, a ruined structure barely standing, in a heap of its own dust and debris, if it is at all at this point.
A strange sac of yellowish slime quivers, hanging off of the roof and floor in a small mess of strings, its the only odd thing in the room. It emits a lovely smell like that of essence. Inside of it seems to float several small bits and bobs, possibly containers of the stuff, randomly swimming about inside of it like fish inside of a tank, It twitches with every step, like its about to fall to the ground and splatter, and something's telling you to help it avoid this. The monster is a revolting mass of faces, over sized and blurring together. Its four tongues loll out of the sides of the mouths, two sharing most of a mouth slap together with every movement. It's flesh cracks open leaking the revolting pus like smell every few seconds before scabbing over to repeat the process. Lighting crackles around it and the pretty misty clouds around you, around all the islands is rapidly gathering in the form of some sort of hurricane around it. Hiding its nature in every way, the Eidolon feared its own strength, and wanted only to survive no matter how. Suppressing itself, torturing its way into a form that could become appealing to people, and as always its guise could not last. With no hope, and when exposed by the light for what it really was, it's only reaction was to get rid of any witnesses.

Girare and her stagehands

Eidolon of Attention
N/A A Show To Die For
The Barrier opens up to place you at the back of the room in some sort of theater behind the seats. It's dark around you, but you're able to see due to the focus of spotlights onto the central stage, against its dark red curtains. Around in front of you, seem to be various figures in seats, but the exact details are buried under the same poor lighting you are. The walkway down to the stage seems clear, the figures contently sitting at their seats for now.
For a moment, there's no response, but suddenly there's a sudden flash of light as the spotlights spiral around and the curtains rise, revealing, standing in the center of the stage, a tall and singularly black creature, like a void sucking in the brilliant light around it on the stage with no shading whatsoever to its colour, it stands on one central 'leg' that trails up to its body like a thin spinning top, a straight line interrupted only by possibly spikes sticking out of its sides every several inches, as would be normal on a human, its arms are held out, in its hands it carry's a pair of swords, large and sharp looking scimitars, along with its eyes, glowing red orbs in the dark form's 'head', the four things move independently up and down, the only break in its symmetry are their movements. Ever ready for its performance, the Eidolon sees no way to live besides on its stage, the world below that point is nothing, only a place viewers come, as it performs happily, in its lights, so long as it has an audience, content to dance forever.

Koro and his crew

Eidolon of Watching
N/A The Display Rooms
The barrier opens into what seems like a magnificent dome, a collection of wires wraps around a massive strange sphere like object, trapped within a layer of thick glass between you and it, and another keeping it from the night sky, maybe 50 feet above you. Around you, arranged neatly, on displays are numerous pieces of what look like stylized models of things. Perhaps vases. This room seems largely empty besides them, the walls are somewhat enclosed and it seems only real way to go is forward, where a pair of large red doors lead you, separated by an unoccupied desk.
The sphere is almost entirely metallic looking, but at its 'center' relative to you, is a collection of biological, multi iris'd eyes, one will blink occasionally, but never all of them, they stare, and while it has seemingly no arms, legs or anything else to menace you with, something about the eyes inherently make you feel like you're in serious danger. Ever distant and watching, the Eidolon has been dragged forward to wield its interests and bridge the gap.


Eidolon of Competition
N/A Second Lap
The barrier leads to a thin walkway, maybe fifteen feet across, made of seemingly smooth, freshly layed road. It's suspended over what you see seems to be an ocean of lava. Small railings cover the edges of the road but it'd be easy to fall over them. The road twists and turns at multiple points, often with very sharp turns, looking back, the barrier's entrance has stretched to cover the entire road, giving you only one way foreward.
Clawing its way over the track is a creature heavily muscled, with something like an oversized human torso, it still walks on all four legs, several powerful muscles covering each of its limbs, each ending in small talons that scrape against the road's surface, bones jut out of the back of it, covered in what seem like multiple coloured streamers. It has an entirely too wide jaw filled with serated fangs, but not much else to make up more of a head besides this maw. As it finishes clawing itself way its back feet become visible, actively smoking and leaving small marks of fire where they stood in a moment, before it roars and takes off down the road like it wants to get away from you! Dia seeks to find people that will push it further into its barrier, where it can become hopelessly lost away from the purposes the entrance threatens it with, only seeking challenge from those able to keep up with it, it could remain content to simply try and impress them forever, its only concern is if it becomes outmatched in its own race, where it will do anything possible to gain back its lead.


Eidolon of ???
N/A Shangri La
As each girl enters the barrier, one after another, they're greeted with a sudden trip, while only about three feet, they find the ground completely missing from under their feet and in varying ways, land into a small pool with a not very watery crunch sound, its in fact a bit painful, but once you get up enough you realize what you're slowly sinking in, rings! Shiny thin golden rings covered in sparkly rocks, after you get to about chest deep you finally get onto the ground, and looking up you can see the barrier spiraling up, thin tendrils wrapping around the roof. Around the room is empty photo frames and who knows what else buried under these rings, but there's a closed door leading out of here. Once you're out of this room the environment changes to the top floor of a grand hotel, large red drapes hang magnificently from the ceiling, and more pools of rings hide behind the desks for reception and the like.
??? ???

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