AKA Drawde (Edward is taken on Rizon) and any number of character names.


I'm generally a decent guy, despite what you may think. I'll insult you, I'll berate you, I'll get on you for stupid things, but don't let that mean I don't like you. In fact, the more I hate you, the more I like you.

Also people seem to think that when I'm suggesting something that I'm telling them what they have to do. I'm opinionated, but that doesn't mean that I don't respect your opinion. I'll argue, but don't think I'm doing anything other than arguing my point. I'm trying to encourage you, not force you.


As far as games go, my favorite is Fantasy. I never get to do fantasy things, but light sword and sorcery games are my favorite type. Except for DnD. Can't say I like it much.

Beyond that, I'd say World of Darkness type modern day supernatural games. I love the Dresden Files.


  • {X} Raziel Samara [Dogs in the Vineyard] - A young cowboy, he didn't exactly take to the King of Life like he should have, but he did have heart. Unlike other Dogs, he thought it was his job not to stop at the wound, or the body, but to save both. In trying to save the limb he would end up killing the body. He was hotblooded and hotheaded. Many of his qualities were passed on to Akime after the shortlived game ended. My favorite scene was when he was shot in the leg. A flesh wound melted away his hotblooded resolve and he cried like a baby in the drunk's arms.
  • {X} Satsukiya Akime [Tri-Stat dX; Everyday Magical Girls] - A modern day Japanese Paladin, raised by her mother to protect the innocent. She took her mother and father's teachings to heart, and in the end it probably would have ruined her. My first real character. I look back upon her foundly, though some of the things she's done make me blush.
  • {X} Azami "Momoko", later Endou Momoko [CthulhuTech; - A young amlati street urchin. Her older sister was actually her mother, a subplot I love to use for my characters. She was fiercely dedicated to Koizumi Saya, and saw herself as little more than a tool. If she couldn't be useful to someone she felt she didn't exist. Later she was unofficially adopted by Endou Yuki, and was given a last name.
  • {X} Deunan Aeron - DNE DNE DNE DNE DNE DNE DNE DNE
  • {X} Juste Emmerich - An Awakened private detective. He was unknowingly the godfather of a selfish little girl who was also a mage, and when his mentor died, he couldn't refuse after all he owed. He was called in to investigate a serial killer.


  • Raziel - Well liked, but I felt that he was a problem. His personality was troublesome. He would have gotten himself killed at the least, and everyone else killed at most. He would have lead to the death of the entire valley. The kind of person he was is one that I'd like to try again. Someone so hellbent on doing the right thing that they don't realize the trouble they've called. If he lived, he'd either be hardened and worldweary, or he'd have become a villain and tried to kill everyone.
  • Akime - Where do I start? I think that I'm the only one who ever really liked Akime. Vega hated the way she led things (often in the wrong direction), she no doubt made Scribs feel awkward with her stilted romance with Judeous, and I have a feeling that Joy was annoyed about the stranglehold of befriending she tried to have on her character. Not to mention the one she had on the NPCs. Still, no one else matters. She was my favorite character to this point, and I have fond memories of her. I feel that I screwed up on quite a few things, and facepalm at myself retrospectively, but it was something that I loved.
  • Momoko - Thoon loved her, and I loved her, but no one else did. She was needy, and couldn't do anything for herself. She was cowardly and frightened by everything. I loved that, and I loved playing her. Being someone who didn't talk, who couldn't talk, was an interesting thing to do.
  • Juste - I am convinced that Juste, much like the first incarnation of Deunan, was ruined by being a product of the group instead of myself.


  • GURPS "Bug Hunt" - A game that ended after Orrin's hiatus. It also ended just when it was actually getting a plot instead of being talking to NPCs interspersed with dungeon crawlish combat scenes.
  • Maid - Jesus flipping Christ.
  • Everyday Heroics - An urban fantasy game where a group of young people discover they have special powers. From there they learn that a lot of things that aren't real, are.


  • "Bug Hunt" - I should have provided plot. And perhaps used all of the rules of GURPS, though there are far too many.
  • Maid - Jesus flipping Christ.
  • Everyday Heroics - I have no ideas. I can never pull anything off the way I want.

Future Plans:

  • Continuing Everyday Heroics.
  • A Changeling game. I bought the book, I'd like to use it, even if… things are different. The Missing and The Lost will likely never run, because of the personal hurt I have associated with that game, but there's no reason that the characters shouldn't be used again. Maybe one day I may run the same thing.

I've got three personal things, two of which I've been working on for a while.

  • The first is Vindae, a fantasy setting where magic is a science, and technology is run by mana. It's a nearly fully developed world of my own creation (except where I've liberally stolen and changed things from everywhere else).
  • The second is Ashcroft, a Silent Hill inspired story of a young woman finding the past she's tried to forget. Metaphor and symbolism run rampant. There's also a heavy influence of things like the Inferno and the Seven Sins, because I love those things. Even though the Inferno on it's own isn't so great.
  • The third is more recent. Inspired by Fate/Stay Night, and inspired before that by Negima, the first of my little projects that is specifically a game setting and not a story. Each player is in a group of two: a Master and a Servant. One is a powerful mage, the other a Phantom, a humanoid spirit. Together they fight Shades, spirits that have been corrupted. In the end, it's kinda like Bleach.

I say World of Darkness would be perfect, Thoon says Mutants and Masterminds.

Criticism :

I need to get my shit together on all three of them.


I like characters that are, for lack of a better word, dumb. Clever, perhaps, but not exactly perceptive. They're usually the kind of people who want to save everyone and everything that they come across. They're idealistic. More than that, I like to play idealistic characters in cynical settings, where they're likely to get the shit kicked out of them by life.

On the other side, I like to play depressed, cynical, introverts who have given up. While I still like them to be beaten and bruised, in the end I want these ones to be better, to have learned that even in the darkness there can be light.

Of course, either way, I like my endings to be bittersweet. Half my characters are likely to kill themselves in a dramatic and fulfilling way. Most of them would likely live out their days in seclusion, with only their memories to keep them company.

From the story that Vindae is made for, the main character, Aiden, dies saving the people he loves, leaving behind the young woman he loves. Riza goes from town to town, ostracised for being unwed with the twin children that she is pregnant with, and eventually gives birth, living on the edges of the same town that Aiden grew up in, rather alone in the world, except for Aiden, who lives on in her, and their children.


I'm a troublemaker. I fuck things up. Sometimes on purpose. I also feel that I come across as a bit too demanding. I ask for a lot, but that's because I see a game as a living novel. I like things to be that way. More than that, I ask for a lot because I feel that in some ways it's the duty of the player to ask the GM for things like subplots.

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