Eclipse Phase

The Mission:

Found floating as a derelict on the edge of Jovian space, the JPPS (Jovian Posthuman Prison Ship) Teresa was detected. The miners couldn't get much information but long distance scans couldn't penetrate the well crafted Jovian hull, but they couldn't detect any signs of life or power sources on the surface floors and rooms. Structural integrity seems intact. Firewall intercepted the transmissions when they reported the find and have now dispatched to recover the ship.

The Posthuman Prison system is a tightly kept secret station where the Jovian government keeps prisoners it deems too useful to dispose of or neruo-edit into submission. Like most of the Jovians, they are segregated from the standard Transhuman sciences, and instead work in their own direction. Due to the volatile nature of this and the urgency of keeping this a deniable secret, prisoners conducting active work are quarantined in these ships, and the Teresa was one that disappeared without a trace 6 years ago.

The hope is that these people have discovered something interesting in their meddling. Failing that, the egos (which hopefully are preserved or recoverable in some way, should there not be survivors) may be deemed fit for reintegration into society. The computers may have secrets on the government and the ship, if recoverable, will have all manner of secrets behind Jovian ship construction.
While it has drifted out of Jovian territory, it is only a short distance from the well armed Pinochet Arcologies, combined with the fact that public knowledge of the Teresa would be highly inconvenient, its recommended that no broadband communications are sent until the ship is in secure space.

Several small crew or ships and lone morphs flying through the sector have gone missing, but no reports have come as to the cause. It is unknown if they were intercepted by distant Anarchists, captured by the Jovian government (who are not unknown for such) or something else.


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Astrea - AGI hacker/scientist played by Vega

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