The fourth child of the fourth generation;
Beginning once the seeds struck land.
Gather the give royal gems to your shattered nation;
Break them at its center and take power into hand.

Many suited will claim for this kingship must be ceased;
But should a king worthy take command of their kin;
Prove their worth with both fellow man and beast;
And the strike of a sword bring ruin.

But should they brave all of their trial;
Stop at nothing but perfection in their seeking a throne;
The borders of their bloods kingdom shall cover every continent, every isle.
Consume all the world and the true ruler shall be known.

A great noble family once ruled one of the few peaceful empires, away from the more occupied and wartorn lands, sadly it was caught in the crossfire and perished almost overnight in the final events of the war over the “seeds of resurrection” that happened almost a century ago.

Miraculously, the royal family managed to survive but the last of their rebuilt kingdom and resources were shattered in an attack by a great red dragon, scattering them to mere nobility of nearby kingdoms, only with luck did the families manage to trace their ancestry back to the twice burnt castle, there the families fragments each found this prophecy carved into the ashes of one of the remaining walls, Obviously referring to a few family important treasures, gemstone necklaces, some of the diverging families managed to escape with to continue to make their way.

Recently, though far off, Lord Iskander of a noble family connected to that bloodline managed to rise up in rank enough that he could call himself an emperor, stripping the kingdom of its former ruler’s name and re-christening it “The Empire” with the insistence that it would only be a temporary name that wouldn’t be needed once fulfilled his destiny, and immediately began working towards earning that right and ensuring that none of his cousins could before him by having his new, inspired and terrible army start hunting out, attacking many villages with sporadic aim, attempting to lure out his family and their own necklaces for himself.

Will fill in more on request for specifics.

The game will use PL 8 M&M, you will have to buy the creature as well using the sidekick feat (though other methods like stating only the power may work for certain partners, and am willingly to listen to ideas.) Don't forget the drawback and power offered by the Pact, so you'll have a couple extra PP to play with.

Other misc notes about character creation:

Won't be sticking too close to the power point limits, as it is fantasy based, you'll find magical devices here and there, you may however want to find to start off with a weapon. Of course, based on your character, you may not find the 'right' weapon or not want to lose something you start with as you custom magic'd it up, that's probably fine.

Template Abilities:

Pact Partner Communication:
Communication (4)
Descriptors: Old Magic
1 mile magical mental communication, does not give any information beyond the ability to talk including the presence of other pact partners nearby.
Flaw: Limited; Only fellow Pact Partners can hear.

Both members of the pact may talk to each other or other pact partners with a form of telepathy, however it generally requires knowledge of the persons existence to talk with them.
1/r - 1/r = 2pp

Drawback: Life connection:
For as long as the pact is in place, both partners feel a bit of each others pain, but it isn't physical, however should either partner die then the other instantly dies of much the same wounds with no save allowed. Certain creatures may not be hindered by this death, but unless they can also revive the dead, they cannot restore their partner.
Uncommon occurrence, Major intensity: 4pp.

Both of these go on both parties (if applicable.)

In most cases, there will be other drawbacks related to what the pact costs you as well, and partners that have limitations will also have those attached, including Disturbing (A horrible ghoul like monster that's inside out, it's NEVER going to have a chance to be accepted in public) or a lack of fine manipulators of some kind, based on a case by case basis.


If you come up with something, or want to claim a slot, feel free to at least slap your name here.

Seriously. Do this. I'll kick your asses if you don't. And now we are probably full, unless I'm convinced by your appeal.

Pact Beast and Price Suggestions

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