Double Cross

As tempted as I am to reprint the whole "today is a repeat of yesterday…" blurb here, I'm not going to.

Double Cross is a neat little game. We're going to learn to play it. First adventure is taken straight out of the book's intro scenario. Later ones need not be, if we decide to keep going. Vega's willing to GM this as a semi-regular thing, and anyone else who'd like to just run an idea they have is encouraged to do so. One of the cool things about the system is awarding XP to the players, GM included. we might as well leverage that and try round-robin GMing. Vega's also got some IRL friends who will be trying the game, so there may be some crossover/overlap where your dudes get mentioned as NPCs or background events and vice-versa. Yes, this is written in the third person because it's a wiki, so how else will anyone know who's "speaking."

Crumbling Days

GM: Vega
An introductory scenario to both the game setting and mechanics. Set in City N (or any other generic Japanese city), Japan. PC 1 is a latent Overed who gets dragged into the other side of the world after a mysterious bus accident. PC 2 is a UGN agent assigned to keep an eye on PC 1 and investigate the school. PC 3 is the local UGN branch chief. Please indicate preferred PC role for your character, if you have one. Otherwise I'll do what feels appropriate as needed.


Amemaru Hirumi the Neumann Chimera crossbreed agent, Played by Thoon



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