Dont Lose Your Soulgem

A small, innocent fluffy creature has offered you a contract, in exchange for becoming a magical girl, fighting witches to save the universe, you’ll be granted a wish, and accepted.

To become a magical girl and help save the universe, just answer these simple questions:

My name is…

And I am…

What my life’s like…

I wished for?

What’s on the surface?

What lies beneath?

What are your hopes for the future?

How do you act when the truth comes to you?
Hate: | Horror:

What can you now do?

Choose your responses, how do you act during moments of extreme stress, when they learn something truly terribly or when some part in the back of their mind puts the pieces together. Assign three blocks between Hate and Horror as you desire. When you act with Hate, you lash out, on something. Ignoring all pain and attacking witches and familiars without pause, striking out at the wishgiver, or even another magical girl. When you act with horror, you must leave, lie, reject things, escape or refuse to act. You may even pause and make things easier for death to claim you.

You have:

3 Emotion Dice
Representing your general talents as a magical girl, your emotion energy was awakened when you made the contract, and has grown ever since.

When Emotions dominate, regardless of success or failure, things remain under control, options generally remain open. This lets you lower Physical Dice by 1 OR remove a check mark from a response. You do not need to do this however.

6 potential Physical Dice
Your character may push themselves to their limits for surprisingly long times. When you’re really focused, you swear you don’t feel pain, and you’ve gotten back up from things you’re not sure you should have before. You can use this to push your body past its limits.

When rolling, you may add a number of Physical Dice to the pool to increase your chances, in addition you can push yourself to force success, if you roll less successes then you rolled Physical Dice, then count the amount of physical dice rolled as successes. However all this is risky. Once Physical Dice has been increased, it does not decrease naturally, and stays. In addition if Physical dominates, you have overestimated and drawn on your limits too much.

If your Physical Dice increase beyond 6, you have overexerted yourself in the worst way, slipped, fallen, misplaced your soul gem or otherwise left a fatal opening that will be exploited. By the end of the scene, if not immediately, your character will be dead.

6 Magic Dice
As a Magical Girl, you can do strange magical tricks, each girl has some special power, summoning weapons, stopping time, creating walls, controlling a magical pet snake. Something impossible and magical, as well as all manner of other smaller feats, stopping falls with magical ribbons, blasts or energy and more, however the more this is used, the more impurities stain your soul gem, and your ability to hold it together starts to fade.

You may at any time add up to all 6 of your Magic Dice to your pool at will. Unlike Physical Dice, Magic Dice do not stay. However, they come with risk. If Magic dominates, you push your magical reserves too far, check off one of your responses to the truth and act accordingly. If you have no responses remaining, you instead drain your Soul Gem permanently. Replace one of your Emotion dice with a Magic Dice due to the energy you have released by one and reset all your responses. If you run out of Emotion dice, something far worse happens and you have finally become what you truly are. Another Witch.

The Wishgranter uses only one type of Dice, Entropy Dice. These represent all the hardships, lethality and danger that the Magical Girls are immediately facing. The Wishgranter uses an appropriate amount of Entropy Dice to oppose all checks.

When Entropy succeeds, being a magical girl is suffering. The Wishgranter either increases a Physical Dice by one or checks off a response point.

When Entropy dominates, things go badly, options close, and the tone gets slightly darker. Something may be lost, and the Wishgranter gains a Horrible Truth.

A single Horrible Truth can be spent only by the Wishgranter to either add a 6 to a pool, or remove a 6 from another pool. The only limit to how many Horrible Truths can be used at once is how many are possessed. Fortunately, even in the face of the worst Horrible Truths the Magical Girls can gain Hope.

The players share a pool of Hope, and any of them can spent their Hope to add a 1 to any single pool, cure a point of Physical, Check off a response or even undo one Permanent Magic.

Stuff to do/Change:

Currently this is just reskinned DRYH with all the names changed. Ponies changed some stuff and I think we can here too. Most notably, I think we need some system for Grief Seeds staving off Magic going too far while keeping Magic dominating a serious threat.
Not sure if happy with the names especially Hope, but also Physical Dice and you a lesser extent Horrible Truth
Not sure about letting Hope restore Permanent Magic. Should only Grief Seeds do that, and there's no mechanic for them yet.


My name is… Hikari Aizuri

And I am… an up and coming arts student!

What my life’s like… I've been struggling to keep up the work for my very expensive arts school, worried that I'd be kicked out if I didn't start producing something good soon, but I just didn't have any ideas.

I wished for? To always have inspiration!

What’s on the surface? An innocent looking girl with a huge ponytail tied up by my trademark yellow ribbon

What lies beneath? I've had so many great ideas for paintings these days, hell, even some of the monsters I fight, while scary, are just so satisfying to try and get down on canvas! I was so worried before all this stuff happened…

What are your hopes for the future? To see more strange witches, capturing their appearances in new art, and stopping them, of course!

How do you act when the truth comes to you?
Hate: | Horror: [] [] []

What can you now do? Make walls and weapons of bright light to brighten up and pummel the Witches with!

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Magic: Hard Light
[] [] [] [] [] []

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