Dive Into The Sky

Planned stuff for Dive into the Sky (it needs a subtitle to not be confused with the LJF stuff) will appear here. And possibly additional sub-pages for other things. Don't expect much just yet.

We will be using Mekton Zeta rules. Expect a setting write-up whenever I have one put together. For now, this game is very real-world as far as mot vehicle technology goes. Aside from places where it blatantly ignores things. Advanced aircraft my be of the "flying brick" variety which look cool but are not really flyable. There's gene therapy or whatever the EMA does to its girls (more details forthcoming, perhaps). You'll be flying a lot of jets. Combat is probably going to be the interruption of military drama, rather than the focus. It is also likely to be fast, brutal, and dangerous, so everyone is assumed to eject if their aircraft is "killed".

If you need the rulebooks…
Mekton Zeta core rules - Covers character creation, combat, and such. Everyone will want to be familiar with this.
Mekton Zeta Plus - Covers additional optional rules and advanced mecha construction. I will be using this to build your airplanes.

GM Preparedness: Read the rules, beginning to stat vehicles.


The world is at war. Several years ago, The UN and EMA Ltd broke into open conflict over the corporation's shadier practices. EMA Ltd. (also often called "the EMA") quickly gathered support from sympathizers in various countries and mounted a strong offensive. Now, the lines are drawn and things have settled into a longer, global conflict.

The EMA tends to have a technology, edge, both in their vehicles and weapons ,and in their soldiers, many of whom are children. These child soldiers have gone through an "experimental maturity acceleration" process which brings them up to the capability of adults or better, by a combination of drugs, gene-therapy, and other methods. It takes something out of them though; the kids just seem a little soulless, sometimes. These children come form a variety of places and backgrounds: war orphans, kidnappings (even the children of high-profile families), "volunteered" children of people working for or with the EMA, children bought and sold on various black markets, the list goes on. Many don't remember much of their past before the EMA, due to either slight conditioning, just being too young, or too much trauma.

Most of the older children think for themselves, and some have even defected to the UN, or left the EMA to join mercenary squadrons, having rebelled against their former masters. The younger generations receive thorough brainwashing to prevent such unwanted behaviors. Most people find this entire situation abhorrent, and just what would drive their enemies to such lengths is a common topic of discussion. Ex-EMA pilots and personnel in the UN or elsewhere are often met with some level of distrust, but, being "kids" they're often "adopted" by their squadrons or people on-base.

Vehicles and technology are similar to those in the real world. There are many more varieties of fighter aircraft, either created by the EMA or UN, or refurbished or production models of prototypes that didn't quite make it. AIs and quantum computers exist. UCAVs have been put into production by both sides. The UN has captured and reverse-engineered various new vehicles, weapons, and systems from EMA wreckage or fighters stolen by defectors, including a neural control interface.

Kasuga Air Base - This would be where everyone lives and works. Located…somewhere in Japan, pending more specific location.


Rules information or changes

Create your character using standard Mekton Zeta rules. The beginning Lifepath is not required, but highly recommended if you need ideas, or if rolling and choosing your way through it won't harm your character concept. It really is a handy way to make a character background. Starting characters do not need to be 16 years old, and may be older after applying a rookie template, to fit military recruitment age or something more acceptable for a fresh pilot.

You have 70 points with which to buy your character's stats.

The two general archetypes in Mekton Zeta are a "rookie" who starts our fresh and wet behind the ears but grows quickly, and a more experienced veteran who has been on the job for a few years. I'd like a mix of both archetypes. Veteran characters MUST use the additional lifepath for every two years of their career. Either archetype may be a defector from the EMA, and therefore a child pilot who may be younger than the starting age of 16, or older, but have several years of experience already (a 20 year old with the equivalent of 8 years' flight time and training, for example). I would prefer a mix between these types of characters and normal, unaugmented UN pilots, as well. EMA pilots may count children they grew up and trained with at the EMA as siblings, even if they aren't blood-related (they're just closer than friends).
When buying equipment, it must be TL 5, with some TL 6 equipment available if it makes sense (no energy weapons, for example).

Substitute the following career for the "Mechajock" career in the Mekton Zeta core book: Fighter Pilot [D]- Skills: Gunnery +1, Missiles +1, Aircraft/fighter pilot +1, Awareness +1, Electronic warfare +1, Handgun +1, Expert: Navigation +1

Add the following Rookie archetype to the list:
Ex-EMA Pilot
Skills: Fighter pilot: +2, Gunnery: +1, Missiles +1, One personal combat skill: +1, Electronic Warfare +1, Awareness +1
Equipment Bonus: Military uniform, EMA flightsuit, handgun, a few minor personal items (toys, books, etc.), +100 starting cash.

Optional EMA Lifepath Addendum
Mekton Zeta Character Sheet
Mekton Zeta Mecha Build Sheet

Character and Player list

List your nick, if you are interested in playing.

  • Jack 'Ripper' Colburn - A cruel veteran Ace with a bit of a payback to give to the EMA. Played by Thoon.
  • Kirsch Naomi - A broken EMA pilot. Played by Edward.
  • Arnold_Mikus played by Scribblefag - Low middle class worker looking to get out of his current life, interested in missile spam.
  • Anna Siquerios- Test pilot, betrayed by past, looking towards the future with hope. Played by R-Blade.
  • Strega Kiyo - Pilot girl who is obsessed with her own skill, and the acclaim/love given for said. Played by Patchoulli
  • Adelaide de la Foret - Former princess, former EMA pilot. Played by Lord Specineff13.


Major NPCs will appear here with their own entries.


Wikipedia's list of fighter aircraft may prove useful to those who have little experience with such things.
Noteworthy vehicles, including all aircraft statblocks, will be listed here.

Fighters by Lord Specineff13:

Missiles and Bombs - A few premade weapons one may put on a vehicle, or use for ideas.

Current time slot

6:00 pm central on Saturday.

experimental game play options

taken from chat
"<@Vega7285> though it'd be with the entire party, not each individual PC. And wouldn't affect much beyond how you're reacted to in very general, plus amybe some minor story things, like who gets mentioned or appears more often, or who helps you out in some situations.

<@Vega7285> An individual PC MIGHT be able to get thier own points score, but only by "grinding" a relationship with that nPC outside of normal game time."

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