Dits Suggestion Box

This is a general suggestion box to consolidate suggestions on changes or additions to the rules in one place. It's for the ongoing mecha musume project. So, feel free to edit this to add any suggestions for additions or changes to the rules.

Character Creation or Options

Clarify the rules for Ace Point rewarding so that it explicitly rewards good roleplaying (including showing your characters faults). Right now it seems like you just get points for screwing stuff up.

Consider a hard cap for starting skills to prevent extreme minmaxing.

Remove mention of "magic points" in the Willpower attribute entry.

Make it clear that AtA and AtG skill applications are separate skills an thus count separately for one's 5 proficiencies.

Additional Character Options

Note: This section is specifically for suggesting things to add to character creation to enhance customization of characters.

General Game Rules and Combat

Replace the 151+ result on the injury chart with something that isn't so wangsty. For Example…151+ Kamina'ed. You suffer fatal injuries, but your fighting spirit allows you to stay alive for the rest of the current fight, plus enough time to give a final inspirational one-liner after which, you die.

Switch Embarrassing armor purge! with You're a bloody mess! on the injury chart.

Rename Embarrassing Armor Purge "Armor Compromised" and give a less specific description; Something like "-10 as you compensate for ruined aerodynamic profile."

Barrier Burst has a typo: "Although it does do any damage" should be "Although it doesn't do any damage"


Armor does not take one of a character's 4 non-weapon item slots. Make ammunition a single reload action's worth, and thus a full reload for every weapon, rather than just one.

Pistols, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Shotguns all should have a minimum range of zero.

Assault rifles and MG's need separate stat lines.

Grenade launcher range should be changed to 25-100

Sniper Rifle should be changed to 25-300 and should be impossible to use while flying (however it can be used while "hovering")
- I second that the sniper rifle should only be usable while hovering. Not sure on the range changes. We might want to extend the "only usable while hovering" to all heavy weapons as well.

Why do bombs have a range stat? Unless you drop them outside of earths gravity they are going to hit the ground.

Multi-Target Missles need damage reduced to 1d10 and range changed to 125-350

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