"I don't even know who I am."
"Um… I'm, I'm sorry. It was my fault… um, may I ask… wh-who are you?"
"Yesterday? Yesterday is gone."
"The book! Where's my book! I need it! I can't… I can't remember!"
"Heh hahaha, I won't even remember this tomorrow…"


A young woman who wants to be a man because she couldn't save the man she loves.

Name Alluriel "Deunan" Ishilde Partner Unicorn
Age 24 Price Memory


Abilities 9
Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
-1 +3 +0 +0 +3 +4
8 16 10 10 16 18


Combat 29
Tuff Fort Ref Will
+1/ +3 +2 +3 +5
Attack Defense Unarmed Initiative
+5 +7 -1 +7
Voices of Heaven DC 21 Mind Control, 80ft Explosion, Corrupts
Shattered Mind DC 16 Nausea, 60ft range, Contagious
Power Chord DC 17 Will Blast, 20ft range
Ranger's Gift Animal Control 7
Godshand DC 8 Reflex Snare, 40ft Cloud, Regenerative, Backlash
Skills 24
Arcane Lore +8 Stealth +12
Gamble +8 Perform +13
Navigate +9 Sleight of Hand +15
Diplomacy +10 Disable Device +10
Bluff +11 Acrobatics +13
Disguise +12 Survival +9
Concentration +6
Feats 24
Defensive Throw Power Attack
Make a Trip attack when an opponent misses -4 Attack for +2 Damage
Defensive Roll 2 Sniper
+2 Toughness with Dodge Bonus, or with Concentration Check Lose Dodge to gain Increased Range and Progression
Favoured Condition Sneak Attack
+1 to Attack or Defense when Performing +2 Damage on a Surprise Attack
First Strike Ritualist
+2 against Flat-footed opponent Cast rituals with Arcane Knowledge
Veteran Fighter Beginner's Luck
Spend HP for 10 PP in place of +5 on Critical +5 ranks in an untrained skill with a Hero Point
Jack-of-All-Trades Tough
Make untrained Skill Checks +1 Toughness
Set-Up Unbalancing Strike
ally gains benefit of combat skill use DC Ref 10+damage causes target to lose Dodge
Improved Critical Precise Shot
19-20 Critical Threat range with bows No penalty for shooting into melee
Light Sleeper Improved Initiative
Does not suffer the +10 DC Notice modifier when sleeping +4 Initiative
Luck 4 +4 Hero Points
Side Kick 22
Pacted with the Unicorn
Powers 20
Sorcery (r/2) 21 7
Corrupting -1/r, Power Loss -1
"Voices of Heaven" (Mind Control 8) 2/r 42
Mental Link +1, Subtle +2, Explosion +1/r, Duration +1/r, Selective Attack +1/r, Hearing Dependent -1/r
Mind control, sustained, max ranks within 10 feet, loses 1 rank of effectiveness every 10 feet. Target retains consciousness, but rationalizes their actions. They do not realize they were under the effects of Mind Control. User gains a Villain Point rolls Will DC 18 against Fatigue
Sorcery (r/2) 12 6
Power Loss -1
"Shattered Mind" (Nausea 6) 2/r 24
Incurable +1, Alternative Save (Will) +0/r, Contagious +1/r, Range (Ranged) +1/r
Causes incurable Nausea at 60ft, infects anyone who comes in contact with the target. User rolls Will DC 16 against Fatigue
"Power Chord" (Blast 2) 2/r 1
Power Loss -1, Alternative Save (Will), Unreliable (Uses), Side-Effect (Fatigue, Always)
Will attacking Blast at 20 feet, can't be used without speaking, must meditate after 5 uses. User rolls Will DC 12 against Fatigue
"Ranger's Gift" (Animal Control 6) 2/r 6
Conscious 1/r, Sense Dependent (Hearing) -1/r, Distracting -1/r
Animals stay conscious, power relies on hearing, user becomes Flatfooted.
Sorcery (r/2) 15 5
Power Loss -1
"Godshand" (Snare 8) 31
Backlash, Regenerating, Area (Cloud)
Creates a 40ft Snare. If a target fails a Reflexive Save, it suffers -2 to Attack and Defense, -4 to Dexterity, and cannot move. Failure by 5+ causes the target to be Bound and Helpless. Reflects attacks that fail to break the snare. Any damage that fails to break the Snare disappears at the start of the next round. The user gains a Villain Point and rolls Will against DC 18 to avoid Fatigue
Magic, One mile, Pacted only
Communication between Pacted individuals, using magic senses and working within 1 mile.


  • Flaws
    • Memory Loss, Common, Moderate, -3
      • Has trouble remembering events after sleeping. Requires a journal or other external record to 'remember' them.
    • Life Connection, Uncommon, Major, -4
      • Bonded to the Unicorn Roland.
  • Complications
    • Disguised
      • Deunan passes herself off as a man. Hilarity ensues.
    • Run-away Princess
      • Alluriel's parents haven't forgotten about her. They may even have sent people looking for her.
    • I'll Make A Man Out of You
      • Deunan's one goal in life is to be manlier. What this means is anyone's guess, but she will likely take any challenge that puts 'manhood' on the line.

Hero and Villain Points

Hero Points
Villain Points (Max 8)
Current Spent
0 0
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