Oh to hell with a nice, coherent write-up. At least we can have some notes to tack more stuff onto as we go along.

  • The world isn't Earth, per se, but is very earth-like. It's a bit in the future so in addition to all the magitechnology, there are spaceships, and space/dimensional travel is possible, even common. You guys won't be going to space for some time though.
  • Magic, technology, magitech, it's all there and sometimes blended together. This doesn't mean all tech is magic and vice-versa, however. But, magical BS healing makes things better, and otherwise makes a lot of the world's modern advances possible.
  • The organization the PCs belong to is the military, or a branch thereof. The PCs are military elites, above the rank and file magical troops by a fair margin, and they get equally special missions. (An alternative involves a mercenary outfit, but it doesn't change much but fluff.) Most units have a direct superior officer who orders them around, and a communications Operator who keeps them up to date on the situation in the field and reminds them of mission objectives.
  • Said organization is probably seen often enough on television and such. "Magical Girl" is a perfectly viable career path, though much like "Astronaut" lots of kids want to be one but very few have what it takes.
  • The killer alien menace is extraterrestrial or extradimensional, or both, in origin. They pop up occasionally out of dimensional instabilities and proceed to wreak havoc on the local area. So far, they are always repelled successfully. Research into just what they are and why they keep showing up is ongoing by several groups.
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