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General Requirements for PCs

  • You must have at least 1 or 2 levels of flight, and/or some other method of enhanced movement, whether it be teleportation, "walking" on air, or superhuman speed. Flight is preferred because you WILL see a lot of airborne combat so the ability to at least hover may become important.
  • You must have some way to damage enemies. This is…common sense, really.
  • You must have some way to avoid damage. Whether that's a high defense/AC or high toughness, and which powers you use for either, is up to you.
  • Beyond that, spend your PP how you want, though I highly recommend buying feats and skills, to round out the character or have noncombat things to do.

Please make a short write-up of the rules relevant to each of your character's powers in each power entry, to reduce the need to crack open a book when looking at sheets on the wiki. It's helpful for both players and game masters. It may be wise to include a short note on what your feats do, as well.

The Characters

Traditional defense force and it's comments on the MCTF intervening
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