Darren Miller


Darren is a sharp-tongued rogue with a penchant for getting himself into trouble. His desire for fame, glory, and certain benefits that go along with them might just be the worst kept secret in existence. Always looking for an opportunity to make himself look better, he'll gladly take on any request…so long as he thinks he can do it. Often times, when the odds are against him, Darren resorts to bluffing, tricks, and just plain running away to save himself.


Darren is on the tall side, with the broad shoulders and sturdy legs of the working class. He has brown hair and light brown eyes with olive skin. While he would have been considered very handsome in his home village, the jaded metropolitan and elite consider him only mildly attractive. He wears a red coat that has been reinforced with threads of Mithral; it was once quite stylish but is now considered low-class.

Background and other things

The son of a miller, Darren was taken in by Duke Baldric of the Houndlands who recognized the boy's ability to sense bloodlust. The training was long, harsh, and left Darren with quite a few traumas, but Darren persevered. Despite wanting to earn more for his aging parents and young sister, he has yet to earn his place in a proper military outfit. He was turned away from the Holy Orders for not only lacking the ability to command the divine power, but for showing complete irreverence by skipping the prayers at the temple. After that he attempted to enter the Silver Swords of his homeland, but was dishonorably ousted from the selection tournament in the first round (he groped his opponent). His latest failure was a desperate attempt to join the Royal Guard through demonstrating his ability to root out the kingdom's enemies. The Queen did not appreciate how he shamed the Second Princess's Fiance by proving he had a foreign mistress. Darren must prove himself soon if he is going to recover his pride, let alone provide for his family. When not making a fool of himself, Darren writes letters home, often exaggerating his exploits.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Agl Fgt Awe
Score: 5 4 10 4
Sta Dex Int Pre
Score: 7 0 0 1

50 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Dodge: +10
Parry: +10
Fortitude: +10
Toughness: +10 8 Base; +1 Defensive Roll, +2 Armor
Will: +10

15 PP

Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: Witchbane +10 Damage 10; Applies Nullify (See Description); Slashing, Iron
Attack: Boost Knuckles +12 Damage 8; Improved Grab, Improved Hold
Initiative: +8

Carrying Capacity: 1600 lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 250 feet
Dash 500 feet
Ether Step 120 feet
Leaping 120 feet


Skill Rank Ability Total
Athletics 6 +5 +11
Deception 14 +1 +15
Insight 7 +4 +11
Intimidation 0 +2 +2
Perception 7 +4 +11
Persuasion 0 +1 +1
Stealth 7 +4 +11

21 PP


Accurate Attack: Darren take a penalty of up to –5 on the effect modifier of the attack and add the same number (up to +5) to his attack bonus.
Daze: Darren can make a Deception as a standard action to cause an opponent to hesitate in combat. Make a skill check as a standard action against the target’s resistance check (Deception, Insight, or Will defense, whichever has the highest bonus). If he wins, the target is dazed (able to take only a standard action) until the end of the next round.
Defensive Attack: Darren can take a penalty of up to –5 on his attack bonus and add the same number (up to +5) to his active defenses.
Defensive Roll 1: Darren can avoid damage through agility and “rolling” with an attack. He receives a bonus to his Toughness equal to his advantage rank, but it is considered an active defense similar to Dodge and Parry (see Active Defenses in Abilities), so he loses this bonus whenever he is vulnerable or defenseless.
Equipment 2: Covers Darren's essentials, such as his armor and gauntlets.
Evasion 1: Darren has a +2 Bonus to his Dodge resistance checks made to avoid area attacks.
Hide In Plain Sight: Darren can hide without any need for a Deception or Intimidation check or any sort of diversion, and without penalty to his Stealth check. He's literally there one moment, and gone the next. He must still have some form of cover or concealment within range of his normal movement speed in order to hide.
Improved Initiative: +4 to Initiative checks.
Interpose: Darren can be manly sometimes. Maybe. Once per round, when an ally within range of Darren's normal movement is hit by an attack, he can choose to place yourself between the attacker and his ally as a reaction, making him the target of the attack instead. The attack hits him rather than his ally, and he suffer the effects normally. He cannot use this advantage against area effects or perception range attacks, only those requiring an attack check.
Instant Up: Darren can stand from prone as a free action.
Move-by Action: When taking a standard and move action, Darren can move both before and after his standard action, provided he doesn't exceed his total movement distance.
Quick Draw: Darren can draw a weapon from a holster or sheath as a free action, rather than a move action.
Redirect: If Darren successfully tricks an opponent, he can redirect a missed attack against him from that opponent at another target as a reaction. The new target must be adjacent to him and within range of the attack. The attacker makes a new attack check with the same modifiers as the first against the new target.
Set-Up 1: Darren can transfer the benefits of a successful combat use of an interaction skill to his teammate(s). For example, he can feint and have his target vulnerable against one or more allies next attack(s), rather than hiss. Each rank in the advantage lets him transfer the benefit to one ally.
Skill Mastery (5): Darren can make routine checks with the following skills even when under pressure: Athletics, Deception, Insight, Perception, Stealth.
Takedown 2: If Darren renders a minion incapacitated with an attack, he gets an immediate extra attack as a free action against another minion. The extra attack is with the same attack and bonus as the first. The second rank in this advantage allows him to attack non-adjacent minion targets, moving between attacks if necessary to do so. He cannot move more than his total speed in the round, regardless of the number of attacks he makes. He stops attacking once he misses, run out of movement, or there are no more minions within range of his attack.
Taunt: Darren can demoralize an opponent with Deception rather than Intimidation, bluffing like an absolute madman. Targets resist using Deception, Insight, or Will defense.
Tracking: Darren can follow trails and track using Perception. Basic DC to follow a trail is 10, modified by circumstances, as the GM sees fit. You move at your speed rank –1 while tracking.
Power Attack: Darren can take a penalty of up to -5 to his attack check to add the same amount (up to +5) to his attack's effect DC.

24 PP


Footwork - Baldric wasn't Darren's only teacher. The Wolf Clan ninjas had plenty to teach him about proper footwork.
Wolf Clan Ninja Movemen Movement 5
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): N/A
Descriptors: Training, Wolf Style, Nin-nin Safe Fall (Limited to nearby surface), Wall Crawling 2, Water Walking, Swinging
9 PP
From treading water to dancing through the trees, the Wolf Clan (especially Baldric's wife) drilled Darren until his feet bled.
Red Zephyr's Fleetness Speed 3
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): N/A
Descriptors: Training, Wolf Style, Gotta go Fast Darren has a normal movement speed of 250 feet per round.
3 PP

The Wolf Clan insisted that a real man is swifter than the fastest rapids. Darren did not know he would actually be forced to race a river.

Total cost for the array: 14 PP. Wolf Clan Ninja Movement and Red Zephyr's Fleetness are the Primary powers.
Martial Maneuvers - While Baldric taught Darren the basics of swordplay, he encouraged his student to invent his own special moves. All powers are Dynamic.
Swordsmanship Enhanced Fighting 6
Acton: None Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Feature (See Description) Flaw(s): N/A
Descriptors: Training, Martial Adept, Baldric Feature: When taking a battle stance, +2 to Interaction with those who fear or respect Baldric.
13 PP

Baldric's swordsmanship style is focused on lightning quick strikes that draw the blade from a resting position at the side or in a sheath. He also taught Darren various other methods of combat, but his focus on proper form left Darren with a stance that evokes Baldric's very image.

Mithral Wave Elongation 6
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): Limited: Melee Attacks Only
Descriptors: Training, Martial Adept, Silver, Mithral Darren can make melee attacks out to 500 feet by projecting a wave of silvery light.
3 PP

Baldric's signature technique, which he taught only to a select few. Darren's special perception allows him to twist the cutting force around corners, unlike most.

Total cost of array: 22 PP
Sixth Sense - The sixth sense that drew Baldric to Darren. It shields him from spiritual influences, but can also open up a closed mind.
The Mind's Eye Senses 5
Acton: None Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): N/A
Descriptors: Psionic, Soul, T-this Pressure..! [Mental (Sixth) Sense; Accurate, Acute, Danger Sense, Ranged, Radius, Illusion Awareness
8 PP
Darren's ability to feel someone's soul allows him to not only view immaterial spirits, but evade danger and pierce some magical disguises.
Iron Heart Focus Immunity 5
Acton: Free Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Variable Descriptor Flaw(s): Limited to Half Effect
Descriptors: Psionic, (Arcane, Divine, or Psionic) Effects originating from the Arcane, Divine, or Psionic Descriptors are treated at half their normal Rank against Darren. He may only choose one of these Descriptors at a time, but may change which Descriptor he is resisting once per round as a free action.
4 PP

With a moment's focus, Darren can shield himself from supernatural danger. Unfortunately, this does not protect him from a good boot to the face.

Total Cost of Array: 13 PP
Witchbane - A black sword of primal iron. Some say it was crafted when the world was still young by the first witch hunters. Others say that it was made by a mad wizard who sought to destroy his rivals. In either event, Baldric gifted it to his student upon completion of his basic training.
High Edge Damage 5
Acton: None Range: None Duration: Permanent
Extra(s): Incurable Flaw(s): Easily Removed
Descriptors: Iron, Slashing, A strength based melee weapon.
6 PP
The wounds caused by the Witchbane are deep and refuse to heal without the strongest of magics.
Anti-Warding Nullify 10
Acton: Standard Range: Close Duration: Instant
Extra(s): Variable Descriptor, Insidious Flaw(s): Limited: Defense effects only
Descriptors: Anti-Magic, (Arcane, Divine, or Psionic) Defense effects originating from the Arcane, Divine, or Psionic Descriptors are Nullified without alerting the target. He may only choose one of these Descriptors at a time, but may change which Descriptor he is targeting once per round as a free action.
6 PP

The Witchbane's power strips away even mighty wards with a slight touch. Darren has yet to summon the mastery to affect more than one type of sorcery at a time.

Total cost of Device: 6 PP

PP spent on powers: 55


Mithral Armored Coat Protection 2
Acton: N/A Range: Personal Duration: Permanent
Extra(s): N/A Flaw(s): N/A
Descriptors: Mithral, Second-Hand, Out of Style Protective Armor.
2 EP

A reinforced jacket made with the moonsilver, mithril. More of a fashion statement than armor, these went out of fashion a few years ago. Darren can easily find more at Second-hand shops in major cities.


Recognition: Above everything, Darren wants to prove himself. He wants his name to be sung, his deeds to be heard, and he wants those stories to be heroic and exciting. While his ultimate goal is to be a warrior as prominent in history as his master, he'll often settle for someone saying he's cool.

Bad Reputation: Owing to his blunders and the disturbing feeling in one's gut that his psychic abilities leave, Darren has a reputation of being a failure, a louse, a lecher, and an all around shady individual. While he's earned some of this, he's soured about being lumped in with villains and degenerates.

Habitual Liar: Darren always had a fondness for fibbing, but given his current reputation lying is a bit of a necessity. However, when his lies become more and more complex he has trouble keeping his story straight.

Meager Means: Unlike some of the other members of the party, Darren was born a commoner and thus struggles with anything more than the upkeep of his equipment. Though he was apprenticed to Duke Baldric, the lord of Darren's fiefdom, the Duke believed that struggle builds character and refused to give him anything more than the Witchbane to get by.

Some Other Things
Hero Points 1

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 165

Power Point Expenditures

Letters Home

Darren often writes home to his parents and younger sister, exaggerating his exploits and casting himself in the role of the main character.

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