Curtain Call Session Two

[18:08] <@MadeofTime> Nicks!
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[18:17] <@MadeofTime> Where last we left our gathering of heroes, they were passed by someone they believe to be their quarry — a pale-skinned, dark-haired woman who had been preaching in the courtyards not long ago. Venom, who was late to the party, has been directed to the correct tavern by Kentama, left with some special instructions, as well. In any case, the raven-haired creeper is headed up to her room,…
[18:17] <@MadeofTime> …and the tavern remains quiet while she passes.
06[18:21] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights turns mildly to Agathe: "Well, are you going to chat her up or not? Don't tell me you actually want us there for moral support…"
06[18:21] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony watches her go, silently as the others. She's got a good view from up on the stage.
06[18:21] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights isn't particularly speaking loudly
06[18:21] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights makes as if to stand, ostensibly for Agathe's benefit
06[18:22] * Agathe_Darius_Song hmphs and happily marches up to the woman to put a hand on her shoulder, not aggressivly though firm enough to keep her there. 1"Hey there, wanted to follow up about something you mentioned outside."
06[18:23] * Frosted_Meadow sets her glass down on the bar, and quietly drifts up off agathe's shoulder
06[18:23] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty walks into the tavern, intending to meet up with the rest of the circle but instead stops and joins the audience when she sees Diva up on stage.
06[18:24] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights does actually follow Agathe over to the speaker. Aside from nodding a hello, he otherwise remains at rest. Well, mostly. There's a certain amount of mild tension, but no particular aggression.
[18:26] <@MadeofTime> The woman tenses, but then turns and spins you a beautiful smile. The tavern seems more at ease now, and goes back to what they were doing. When she speaks, you swear you can almost hear something in her voice, but for the most part it is delicate and sweet, like that of a practiced courtesan or a china doll dynast.
[18:27] <@MadeofTime> "Of course, friends. I have a few minutes to answer questions. How can I help?"
06[18:27] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony had just finished performing, and makes her way off the stage when she sees what's going on with the others. It seems Venom of Boundless Beauty has missed the performance this time. She gets close enough to overhear any conversation between Agahe and the pale woman, but doesn't pay particular attention to them.
06[18:32] * Agathe_Darius_Song smiles back. She's got the most faint lurking suspicions, but earnestly approves so much more of the call for independancy to the potential threats of a satrap and doesn't want to fight over things without some cause. 1"I wouldn't want to keep you, I hope you're not leaving town already or something, things seem to be going well, but you mentioned Thorns, I think, like what you
06[18:32] * Agathe_Darius_Song 1wanted the same for this place, I know I'm no expert, but I've got this friend - ah there she is!" 6spinning the woman around just a little more and pointing out Venom. 1"I've heard this and that about there having issues there. She'd know way more I think."
01[18:33] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "I'm sure we can at least cover a round if your throat is sore from speaking earlier as well."
06[18:34] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights pleasantly offers
06[18:35] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty sighs in disappointment that she missed Diva's performance and walks over to join Agathe.
01[18:35] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((and now comes the question of how visible our artifacts are~))
[18:35] <@MadeofTime> She clasps her hands in front of her chest, the folds of her sleeves falling into each other to hide them from view. Her smile remains, and she locks eyes with Agathe. "Well, every great kingdom has its share of problems, but as with all citizens, we strive to help the city overcome those flaws. I am afraid I've been called home, though, and it is such a long ride…"
[18:35] <Frosted_Meadow> ((I do not in fact actually have my smashfists on.))
01[18:36] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((I do have bracers on. Everpresent large jacket, but they are there.))
[18:36] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Diva wears hers openly, but it's some kinda hilt/microphone most of the time.))
06[18:36] * Agathe_Darius_Song of course never really hides hers. They're probably not that recognisable from a distance but up close, yeah deffintly stand out.
[18:36] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Adn technically the clothes ,but you wouldn't likely know they were an artifact until you hit her with something.))
[18:38] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Oh trust me, I agree and I don't want to keep you, it's just what I hear is more… everyone's dead?" 6and once Venom catches up. 1"Hey there glad you made it. No problems right? now uh, I only picked up a bit, but I think you're from Thorns right?"
[18:39] <Frosted_Meadow> "You do hear some unfortunate stories about thorns. Maybe you could help clear up our misunderstandings." 6Meadow nods to Venom as she arrives
01[18:39] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((helpful agathe introduces two friends with similar interests of hometowns, isn't she so nice?~))
06[18:39] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty scowls slightly at the mention of her home city. "Yeah. Some… fairly unfortunate stories."
[18:39] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( that is legitimately her intent ;-; ))
[18:40] <@MadeofTime> She chuckles. "Oh, goodness. Not everyone is dead! We just allow the people of the city to meet with their ancestors once more, and they all work together for a greater city. The dead and the living live in harmony."
06[18:40] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony butts in herself now. "I would like to know more about Thorns as well. I'm still not very familiar with the area."
01[18:41] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Huh. You know, speaking as someone who does honor his ancestors a bit, I do recall there are some… differences in the stories I've heard of the place. Perhaps you could explain some of these misconceptions?"
06[18:43] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty stares at the woman for a moment, trying her best not to start a fist fight the second she's joined the group. "Allow them to… That is an interesting perspective. Mostly inaccurate, but interesting."
[18:43] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Why would the souls of teh dead be allowed to linger, rather than be recycled?" Diva asks innocently enough. The dead shouldn't really be walking around, right?
06[18:43] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights does look mildly offput for a moment at Diva's words
06[18:44] * Agathe_Darius_Song tchs in annoyance. 1"Couldn't be perfect I guess. Still, it didn't sound like harmony from what people said back when, plus what I've got from Venom…"
[18:44] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((I will forever enjoy being the wierdo from a place where stuff is different.))
[18:44] <@MadeofTime> She tilts her head. "Why, they linger so that they can help their descendants, of course. So that the dead and living may create a harmony for the benefit of all. Could you regale me with, perhaps, a short version of your stories, northman? It would be so interesting, as a diplomat, to hear what people think of my beautiful city."
01[18:44] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((well, technically, it really isn't so different: they recycle the souls through reincarnation over here just fine after all))
[18:46] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[Kind of concerned about Agathe going OH HEY YOU'RE FROM THORNS RIGHT. If I remember what I read correctly, The Mask of Winters has anyone who escaped hunted until they're killed or brought back…]]
[18:46] <@MadeofTime> (:3c)
01[18:46] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((Agathe is so helpful~))
[18:46] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((She's a shounen heroine.))
06[18:47] * Agathe_Darius_Song lets her poor shoulder go now, approving enough and flags down someone for drinks and takes a table either unoccupied or from someone who didn't have enough friends from everyone and kicks her feet up on it for the others to start now.
01[18:47] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Hm… you know, I suppose they don't talk about the state of the city as much. Well, not as it is now. More the times before. Oh, and the ravening hordes of undead, I suppose. Less of a helpforce, more of a blighted danger to the rest of Creation around it. But that's just the stories, I'm sure."
06[18:47] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights helpfully gestures towards the table Agathe picked out.
[18:48] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "Agathe has the right idea. I'm entirely too sober for this conversation."
[18:48] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( sorry, I tried to be cagey for only gleaming details she can of course be like "n-noooo i'm from bhorns its like next door common mistake'. but yeah Agathe's not quiet. She'll screw over everyone else too given enough time. ))
[18:49] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Oh ,the fun you can have with the fact I'm secretly a robot chick from another dimension.))
[18:49] <@MadeofTime> "I'm afraid I haven't the time or the luxury of drinks, my lovely new friends. I will return within the season, though, if you would like to meet up again. And if you are ever visiting Thorns, please ask for me, Rider, by name. I would be ever so happy to entertain guests." She bows, and if she isn't stopped further, she'll continue her trek towards her room, though now with a gleaming…
01[18:49] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((At least she's likely coming off a bit as a possible Fire caste maybe~))
[18:49] <@MadeofTime> …smile on her face.
[18:49] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((And you all know, well, as much as you've managed to get out of me. which may not make sense without all the conext, but hey.))
06[18:49] * Agathe_Darius_Song in her normal outdoor voice. "I keep forgetting, you lot do drink right, Diva?"
[18:50] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Of course. Why wouldn't I?"
01[18:50] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((well, she's traded her name for two others, she's come out ahead))
06[18:50] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony primly takes a seat next to Agathe.
[18:50] <@MadeofTime> roll !e9
[18:50] <Zamka> Exalt MadeofTime rolled 4 success : [9, 8, 8, 7, 5, 4, 4, 3, 2]
06[18:51] * Frosted_Meadow scratches her head and pulls up a chair of her own. 1"Did I miss something? She seems too happy about this."
[18:51] <@MadeofTime> Agathe, dearest, what's your Dodge MDV?
[18:51] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "It's not gonna get clogged up in the gears or make something explode like lightning? well good. enough!"
[18:51] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( 5! ))
[18:51] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( er, wait Mdv, um ))
[18:51] <@MadeofTime> Is that your MDV or your DV? Only your DV is on your wiki sheet.
06[18:52] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty slides down into a chair at the table. She rests her arms on it and flags the bar staff to bring her a bottle of whatever they have. "Well this is a fine start to the night." She complains, talk of her hometown having soured her mood
[18:53] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Of course not. I need sustenance just as much as you do, or my body ceases to properly function."
[18:53] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Everyone probably HAS seen Diva eat.))
[18:54] <Frosted_Meadow> "I'm not sure you can call that sustenance, diva. I saw what you did to those innocent vegetables."
[18:54] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( seems its 7. half will + integ + essence ))
01[18:54] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((MDV modifiers: Appearance Difference, Motivation +/- 3, Virtue +/- 2, Intimacy +/- 1 ))
01[18:55] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> (( DMDV: halve (Willpower + Integrity + pertinent specialty + Essence), rounded down ))
[18:55] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( also that, appear 3. ))
[18:55] <@MadeofTime> (She didn't succeed, since I'm kind enough to let you use Dodge)
[18:55] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "It still had all the necessary nutrients. why didn't any of you even try it?"
[18:56] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Next thing you'll tell me that the BBQ Soda is just too wierd, too.))
01[18:56] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((if she means the drink, some did actually. Just before Rider arrived))
01[18:56] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((also, brb))
06[18:57] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty takes a large gulp from the bottle she'd been given and not even bothered to read, before setting it down on the table roughly and looking to the rest of the group. "Ok, so we've got work to do. Which I probably should have told you before we started drinking."
[18:57] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Oh? What sort of work?"
06[18:57] * Frosted_Meadow is too diplomatic to give an honest answer to that question. 1"Well… I wanted to give everyone else a shot at it, first… and… Oh! Ven, what sort of work?"
06[18:58] * Frosted_Meadow pounces on the subject change
[18:58] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "We've got to find the local governer's assistant. She's got information we need. That's all I was told."
[18:59] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "governer's assistant. Should be easy enough. None of you are too messed up for a walk right?"
[18:59] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "And as for any of you that might be planning on visiting Thorns after your conversation with that upstanding lady… or talking about me being from there, Agathe, Don't. It was a mess when I left and from what I hear it's only gotten worse. Which is something, considering when I left everything was on fire, killing people, dead, or some mix of the three."
[19:01] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "That doesn't sound like a nice place to visit. And I'm just fine to go for a walk, if we need to go find someone."
[19:02] <Frosted_Meadow> "I never got out of my first glass. I guess this means that we're not gonna find the governor's assistant by just walking into their office."
[19:02] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Wonder if she was talking of somewhere else with the same name then…? Noted though, know it was all messed up though, I was getting around to going to see what was the cause of things before hooking up with you lot, just the roundabout way. Anyways, assistant, let's go pay'em a visit!" 6and hopes up, immediatly cracking her knuckles.
[19:03] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [What's the time of day/night in the game currently?]]
[19:03] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Walking into their office actually would be the most efficient method, if they're likely to be in." Diva says as she stands up.
01[19:04] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Oh, Ven, should we pay her a visit and … see her off on her trip properly?"
06[19:04] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights says, a pleasant expression still on his face.
[19:04] <@MadeofTime> (Uh, afternoon leading to evening.)
06[19:04] * Frosted_Meadow brightens. 1"And if they aren't there, we can find someone who'll point us the right way!"
01[19:05] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((what direction was that new shadowland supposed to be in?))
[19:05] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "If we go now we might make it before they close up the offices. And no… I suppose if we were to put an end to the tourism advertiser she'd probably just get woken back up and we'd be in more trouble than we're interested in.
[19:06] <@MadeofTime> I don't think I ever mentioned a direction
01[19:06] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((oh. Hm. Ah well, that's my answer regardless then.))
06[19:07] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony goes up to the bar and gets the bartender's attention. "Pardon me, but do you know the way to the local administrative offices?"
06[19:09] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights actually heads over to the guards he was speaking with earlier and commiserates with them, passing along the news that the pretty speaker had said she was on her way back.
[19:09] <@MadeofTime> The bartender, a fuzzy and completely inconspicuous friendly beastman of the tiger variety, smiles and nods. "Of course, of course." He gives you directions, though they're a bit vague, stating that most official government buildings are grouped together near the north wall.
01[19:10] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((completely inconspicuous, of course. Are the directions GGGGGGGGGGGREAT?))
06[19:10] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. "Thank you." She returns to the group with her information, and explains it. "If we'd like to visit the governmetn offices, I have an idea of where they are now."
06[19:12] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty leaves a few coins on the table and stands up. "Alright. We should probably go then."
[19:13] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Can't be hard. Onward then!" 6starting off herself, probably in the wrong direction but easily turned the right way by others.
06[19:14] * Frosted_Meadow will aim agathe the right direction
[19:14] <@MadeofTime> Heading northward, then?
06[19:14] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony goes on with the others.
[19:15] <Frosted_Meadow> ((go north, young woman))
06[19:17] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will make good on any drink payments and then join up with the others. They'll just have to settle for unloading their gear and reserving a spot at the Inn after the meeting.
[19:19] <@MadeofTime>
[19:20] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[Didn't get tim to make the maps for this one?]]
[19:22] <@MadeofTime> You are currently in the merchant quarter. You're headed towards the administrative quarter. There is a small temple/keep in the middle of the city, which you will likely pass by on your way to the administrative quarter — it's a bit homely, but made of white stone, clearly trying to emulate Jade. Mysteriously enough, though… as you enter the adminstrative quarter, and get closer to…
[19:22] <@MadeofTime> …the wall, it starts to snow. The temperature drops by quite a lot, going from temperate to rather chilly in an unnaturally short time, and the further in you get the more snow you see piled up on the ground and on buildings.
06[19:24] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights simply readjusts his clothes slightly: this surely isn't something too inconveniencing for him at least. Though wildly wildly out of the 'norm' for this area.
01[19:24] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((hmm. So, not at the temple, but at the admin quarter? Interesting.))
01[19:25] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Well, this promises to be interesting."
06[19:25] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony not to be outdone, commands her clothing to take on a warmer configuration, and it obliges, quickly shifting into something a bit heavier and more effectively layered. "This is most unusual."
06[19:26] * Frosted_Meadow mutters, and pulls her clothing tighter around her. 1"Well. We wouldn't have gotten sent here if there wasn't something going seriously wrong."
06[19:26] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty scowls at Diva, holding her arms as she regrets her choice of sleeveless dress.
[19:27] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Did something damage the area's climate-control systems?"
[19:28] <@MadeofTime> Most of the people around are various laborers, indentured or otherwise, shoveling off the snow. Otherwise, well-dressed people bustle from building to building, to busy to be bothered by the weather.
01[19:30] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…I suppose you could always ask, though don't listen too long or it will be night."
[19:31] <@MadeofTime> The governor's office is probably the largest building in the quarter.
[19:31] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "If such a problem exists, the administrators should know about it," Diva says as she makes her way to the biggest of the buildings in the quarter.
[19:34] <@MadeofTime> Not only is it the biggest, it's the busiest. You head inside amidst a constant buzz of people coming in and out, dropping papers, grumbling at each other, exchanging quick greetings, and avoiding eye contact; in the center of this chaos, at a very nice-looking desk covered in decorative flowers and various paintings, sits a very stressed-looking girl who is currently scribing down…
[19:34] <@MadeofTime> …something she's being told by a rather irate-looking man in construction uniform.
[19:34] <@MadeofTime>
[19:34] <Frosted_Meadow> "It's hard to miss. Jus' look out the window. But they might not know what's causing it. Or howta fix it."
[19:35] <@MadeofTime> After a moment, he finishes his rant, waits a moment for her to finish writing, then nods and rushes off in a huff. Seems she's got a free moment.
06[19:36] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony quickly approaches her. "Excuse me, are you the administrative assistant here?"
[19:38] <@MadeofTime> She looks up at you, squints, then frowns. "Unfortunately. Can I help you?"
[19:38] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Guess things must be out of order, guess you were actually right Diva…" 6as an aside. 6before giving the girl a nod.
06[19:40] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights stays silent and out of the way, looking towards Ven curiously
[19:40] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "We were told that you would have important information for us." She becons Venom to step forward to explain things.
06[19:41] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty steps forward and says "Yeah… That's pretty much everything I was told. The governer's assistant has information we need."
[19:42] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "We were asked to help this town, if that would be useful to you."
[19:42] <@MadeofTime> She looks down at her address book, flipping through a few pages, then nods and points to one particular scribbled entry. "Ah, you must be the mercenaries. It's about damn time, the governor was gonna have my head if you guys didn't show up soon. You're, uh…" She casts a critical eye over the lot of you. "Not what I expected."
[19:43] <Frosted_Meadow> "Well yeah. if we were all eight feet tall and covered in sheet steel they'd see us coming."
[19:43] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Oh I assure you we're more then you'd ever dream. So what's got you needing mercanaries?"
01[19:45] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "To be fair, we weren't expecting recruiters from Thorns and the chilly weather. Still, I imagine we came with good references, yes? If you could direct us to who you want to discuss the details, or if you have the time yourself..?"
[19:45] <@MadeofTime> She stares right at you. "Well, maybe you didn't notice, but half the town's too hot, and the other half is freezing over. We're out in the middle of nowhere to begin with, stuff like this could really ruin us."
[19:46] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Does anyone know the cause?"
01[19:47] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Not to mention that new shadowland I hear is sprouting. And how the populace feels right now, regardless of the efforts you have to put in just to keep things afloat."
[19:47] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "Could there be any connection between the shadowland and the strange weather?"
06[19:47] * Agathe_Darius_Song shrugs a little. 1"It didn't seem that bad, snows rare enough its nice if there's a dependable source. Plus you could swap sides whenever one gets too bad…"
[19:48] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "It still strikes me that something is obviously in need of fixing, if the local weather is so dependably unusual."
01[19:48] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Have the local gods passed along any information, or even demands?"
[19:49] <Frosted_Meadow> "We can't be the first people to look into it, either. have the local priests or thaumaturges uncovered anything?"
[19:49] <@MadeofTime> "That's what you're here to figure out. All of that. As agreed, half your pay was delivered to your commander, and the other half will be delivered upon satisfactory completion. I'm supposed to take you out to what we think might be the problem, but beyond that you're on your own." She shakes her head at Falcon's latest question. "That's what you're going to check first. Have any of…
[19:49] <@MadeofTime> …you dealt with spirits before?"
06[19:50] * Agathe_Darius_Song gives everyone else quick momentary glances waiting for something from them.
06[19:50] * Frosted_Meadow raises her hand diffidently. 1"Once. Sort of."
[19:50] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "I…have not. I may be able to address the problem, depending on its nature."
[19:50] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "That'd be a sort of from me too."
01[19:51] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Only lightly myself. Some of us can be surprisingly persuasive though."
06[19:51] * Frosted_Meadow radiates the strong impression that she'd rather not go into details
[19:53] <@MadeofTime> "Well, I suppose you'll learn real quick. I'd rather not lose that deposit." She pushes herself up from her desk, then waves nonchalantly at you. "I'll need a bit to get ready, would you meet me at the gate? I'll take you out to the territory line, but I can't go any further than that. I'll go into detail on the way."
01[19:53] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((are you kidding? She's been told we're mercenaries. She doesn't want to know the details. She just wants deniability and us to not crush her dwindling hopes this won't destroy the town))
[19:54] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Works for us. Let's head to the gate then!" 6and starts out the door.
[19:54] <Frosted_Meadow> ((let her me uncomfortable in peace. I'm sure we'll be fine))
[19:54] <@MadeofTime> Roll dex + athletics, Agathe.
[19:55] <Agathe_Darius_Song> roll !e 7
[19:55] <Agathe_Darius_Song> roll !e7
[19:55] <Zamka> Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 4 success : [10, 9, 8, 6, 4, 3, 3]
06[19:57] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. "We will meet you there, then." She leaves to follow Agathe.
[19:58] <@MadeofTime> Alright, you don't trip on the way out. In any case, if everyone gathers at the gate, before too long you'll see the assistant ride up on a grand-looking chocolate-brown horse, which she noticeably controls rather well. She's kitted like a forest guide — simple chain under rough clothing, camouflaged earthy tones, a sword at her side, and a longbow slung over her shoulder. All distinctly…
[19:58] <@MadeofTime> …mundane, except for the sword, which can be identified with a Perception + Awareness roll if you have at least lore or occult 1.
[19:58] <@MadeofTime> "Alrig— wait, where's the rest of your company?" She looks confused.
[19:59] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "This is the total of our Assembly," Diva answers frankly. She hasn't bothered to change out of her cool-weather clothes.
[19:59] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((I'll take a look at the sword, might as well.))
01[19:59] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> roll !e7 Per/Aware
[19:59] <Zamka> Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 2 success : [9, 7, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1]
[19:59] <Frosted_Meadow> roll !e5 per/aware
[19:59] <Zamka> Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 4 success : [10, 8, 8, 3, 1]
[19:59] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> roll !e5
[19:59] <Zamka> Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 3 success : [10, 8, 4, 4, 1]
[20:00] <@MadeofTime> If you got at least two successes you can tell it's a Green Jade Short Daiklave.
[20:00] <Agathe_Darius_Song> roll !e6 per/aware then from lore
[20:00] <Zamka> Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled bupkis : [6, 6, 4, 3, 2, 2]
[20:00] <@MadeofTime> Oh, I should mention, since you're at the gate, things are temperate to the point of being a bit hot, and somewhat uncomfortable. Like a jungle.
01[20:01] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((which gate are we at?))
[20:01] <Frosted_Meadow> "This is it. We're tougher than we look. And so are you, fer that matter." 6Meadow casts her gaze at the lady's sword
[20:01] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> roll !e4
[20:01] <Zamka> Exalt Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty rolled 2 success : [8, 7, 4, 2]
[20:02] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "That is quite a nice daiklaive." Diva is more blunt. But it's nothing unusual to her.
[20:02] <@MadeofTime> The south gate.
06[20:03] * Agathe_Darius_Song can't place where the sword is from and instead distracts herself trying to act fine with the heat, adjusting her clothing to loosen the straps a little for more breathing room.
[20:04] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[Can I roll occult or lore to see if I might know some precident for magically altered weather?]]
[20:04] <@MadeofTime> She rolls her eyes. "Don't get excited. My family's ashamed of me." She does at least smile at Diva's words, though. "So, all I know is where the local god makes his territory. I can take you as far as the edge of it, but he's… I don't really like him, so I don't think I'll go any further than that. Don't you have horses?"
[20:04] <@MadeofTime> Higher of Int or Wits + Lore.
[20:04] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[My int and wits are the same, which should I use?]]
[20:05] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[…wait that was a fucking stupid question]
[20:05] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> roll !e7
[20:05] <Zamka> Exalt Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty rolled 4 success : [10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 5, 4]
01[20:06] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…there's no word from the city god, then? The shrine at the center seemed well enough. Hm."
[20:06] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "I…don't?" Diva replies, confused.
01[20:07] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((I think a horse is mentioned as being within his resources at start, but I don't think I asked about such. And I want to say we walked here after the caravan, did we not?))
[20:07] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "If it's local it cant' be that far. Plus we're fast, and if we fall behind we can probably find a horse or two somewhere." 6eyeing the Lunars for a moment.
[20:07] <@MadeofTime> "We don't mess with the city god. I don't want to talk about it."
01[20:07] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…aha."
01[20:07] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((yeah, that'd totally go over great~))
06[20:07] * Frosted_Meadow might possibly have been a horse at some point, yes
06[20:07] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights stares at Agathe.
[20:09] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "If it's possible, I'd still like to speak to the city god."
01[20:09] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "My apologies, we don't intend to just walk off with someone's horses. But we did actually walk here after traveling with a caravan."
01[20:09] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "We can do that after, Ven."
06[20:10] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights gestures to the nice lady offering to pay them to help her
[20:10] <Frosted_Meadow> "We can get to that after we see what this god has to say."
[20:11] <@MadeofTime> "Right, well…" She sets off at a brisk pace, but ensures that it's one that presumably well-trained mortals could follow. "Get an audience yourself. I can't help you. Anyway, the local god of harvest had his territory turned into a shadowland, so we're really fearing the worst, but if you ask me, that's not the weather problem. I have a bad feeling, but there's an elemental court not…
[20:11] <@MadeofTime> …far from here that I'm taking you to. It's presided over by an asshole named Ten Thousand Cinders."
[20:11] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Elemental court?"
[20:11] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "Ten Thousand Cinders. That sounds like a Dragon Blooded name…"
06[20:11] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony doesn't seem remotely winded when she speaks despite the pace.
01[20:12] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "She's talking about the court of the spirits who deal in the natural here."
01[20:12] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((assuming I can say such with Occult 1 at least))
[20:12] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Oh my, that kind of spirit then…" 6sounding a little more excited now.
06[20:12] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty lets out a quiet sigh of relief. "Oh, alright then…"
06[20:12] * Frosted_Meadow barely notices the pace. 1"So what's his problem, then?"
[20:13] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Hopefully we will find out by speaking to them."
[20:13] <@MadeofTime> (I think knwing that elementals and gods control weather and shit is common knowledge)
01[20:13] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((also, Ten Thousand Cinders would actually be a bit of an uncommon name for a DB. Or at least a Realm one.))
[20:13] <@MadeofTime> (Yes, ten thousand cinders is very much a threshold name)
[20:13] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[Would it? I am dumb then]
[20:13] <@MadeofTime> (Your guide's name is a DB name.)
06[20:14] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony will eventually spend another mote to get her clothing back to a state better fitting the hot weather, if it persists.
01[20:14] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((our guide hasn't given their name though))
01[20:14] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((or I missed it, even chances))
[20:14] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( Thats elemental racist to assume that. That said there's mans with powers of fire/water/wood/etc and spirits with the same so I imaigne they both, if not with other reason, wind up with the same kinda names. ))
[20:14] <@MadeofTime> "Well, his problem is normally that he's a lecherous dick who extorts stupid people for worship, but the governor and I snapped him out of that, so he… doesn't much like us. Every so often an Exalt will swing by and make sure he's keeping his nose clean, but it's been too long and he's getting brave."
[20:15] <@MadeofTime> roll !e8
[20:15] <Zamka> Exalt MadeofTime botched! 1 botch : [6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1]
[20:15] <@MadeofTime> She mercifully is too focused on riding and on telling stories to notice Diva's armor shifting.
06[20:16] * Frosted_Meadow coughs. Any semblance to a stifled giggle is entirely coincidental.
[20:17] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Until things have gone long enough to die down, she's also got a 1-3 mote level anima display.))
01[20:17] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((…))
[20:17] <@MadeofTime> (…)
[20:17] <Frosted_Meadow> ((…))
01[20:17] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((welp, guess we can kill the nice lady then))
[20:18] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((It's not like i'm a glimmering Soalr God. More like a few sparks at the most.))
[20:18] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((If i busted out the sorcery for more efficient travel, THEN we'd have a problem.))
01[20:18] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((yes. Near the one who is likely hopped up on the immaculate philosophy if not a DB herself, which seems rather likely))
[20:18] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Also, personal essence? subtlety? What's that?))
[20:19] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( Don't worry tiny sparks of not even THAt solary light'll be nothing if it goes south~ ))
[20:19] <@MadeofTime> Thankfully she's out in front and apparently blind, given her roll. In any case, pretty soon she comes to a stop, looking ahead — rather than green grass and occasional trees, you have run straight into what is basically a dying savannah. The sun beats down heavily, and the grass is yellowing or even just gone in some places — a tiny desert here in the middle of the plains. Your guide…
[20:19] <@MadeofTime> …clearly shows distaste at this, her lip curled in disgust.
[20:19] <@MadeofTime> "The edge of his territory… vain asshole. He doesn't HAVE to make it look like this, but he does."
01[20:21] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…you mentioned a harvest god as well. Do they tend to meet up at this court as well, or elsewher, by the by?"
[20:21] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "This seems completely excessive. And simply out of line with what should be the climate for the area."
01[20:22] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "That would seem to be the point, it seems."
01[20:22] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And, I think you said you would be leaving us at this point to return yourself. Are there any warnings you'd care to pass along, past what you've already said before you go?"
06[20:23] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks back to their guide
06[20:23] * Agathe_Darius_Song gives a prolonged sigh, looking around. "Phew… Okay this is a bit much now… you aren't gonna faint or something right?" 6looking to Wren.
06[20:23] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shakes his head, with the slightest of grins
[20:24] <Frosted_Meadow> "I don't know what you're complaining about. I think it feels nice here."
[20:24] <@MadeofTime> "Oh, yeah. Don't let him push you around. He's not that strong of a god, but he'll act like it. Mention you're acting on Governor Cathak's authority and he should be polite."
[20:25] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Noted."
[20:25] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Perfect. So, Diva, you have many elementals where you're from?" 6going over to her, grabbing her and leading her off a little just to help make sure she's okay now we're standing around talking.
01[20:25] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…but not like us very much? Ah well. You pay us in hopes of results, and we're here because we think we can help."
[20:25] <@MadeofTime> Per + Awareness
01[20:25] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Here's to hoping we at least make for less paperwork, alright?"
[20:25] <@MadeofTime> roll !e8
[20:25] <Zamka> Exalt MadeofTime rolled 8 success : [10, 10, 9, 7, 7, 7, 5, 3]
[20:25] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Some," Diva answers Agathe. "They are, from what I understand, different from the elementals here."
[20:26] <Frosted_Meadow> "We'll be careful, miss."
06[20:26] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights nods amiably at her and starts towards the others.
[20:26] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "He shouldn't be a problem"
[20:26] <@MadeofTime> Guys, perception check please.
[20:26] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> roll !e5
[20:26] <Zamka> Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 3 success : [10, 7, 6, 3, 1]
01[20:26] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> roll !e7 per/aware
[20:26] <Zamka> Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 3 success : [10, 9, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3]
[20:26] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> roll !e4
[20:27] <Zamka> Exalt Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty rolled 6 success : [10, 10, 8, 7]
[20:27] <Frosted_Meadow> roll !e5 per+aware
[20:27] <Zamka> Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 1 success : [9, 5, 5, 5, 5]
[20:27] <Agathe_Darius_Song> roll !e6 per aware
[20:27] <Zamka> Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 2 success : [9, 7, 3, 2, 1, 1]
[20:28] <@MadeofTime> Your guide definitely sees it first. Her eyes widen and she rears her horse, trying to pull away from the desert as things rise from the sand — or rather, the sand itself is rising up, all around you. She curses as you're quickly surrounded, but thankfully, none of you are taken completely unawares. There are six sand-golem-things, with beady black eyes set in their otherwise formless…
[20:28] <@MadeofTime> …heads, standing around you, constantly flowing like fountains of sand.
01[20:29] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…ah. I believe you said you had things to do, miss? Perhaps it's time to do those, and let us do ours, yes?"
[20:29] <@MadeofTime> "Stand down! We're here on official business!"
06[20:30] * Agathe_Darius_Song grins ever so widely and immediately gets into a brawling stance before Wren's calling out helps reinforce the lessons of Kentama and she straightens up to a more reserved, official stance for guarding.
[20:31] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[What do you even call something that holds a lance/spear?]]
06[20:31] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony gets into a more ready stance herself, one hand resting over her daiklaive, ready to draw it.
01[20:31] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((straps? squires?))
06[20:32] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty draws her lance from the straps on her back, trying to keep her eyes on as many of the sand golems as she can, and other members of the team between her and the ones her back is to
06[20:33] * Frosted_Meadow reaches into one of her belt pouches, and extracts a pair of heavy silver gauntlets, donning them
[20:34] <@MadeofTime> (lmao everyone's getting out weapons and meadow is over here like)
[20:34] <@MadeofTime> (hang on i know i put these somewhere, hang on damnit)
[20:34] <@MadeofTime> (ah is th— no that's the shovel shit fuck where are these damn things)
06[20:35] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights isn't readying his weapons. Admittedly, he can reflexively do so, but still.
06[20:35] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony isn't really ready to fight, just showing her readiness to defend herself, should it come to that.
[20:35] <Frosted_Meadow> ((well, just wandering into town with my mitts covered in moonsilver seems like a less than brilliant career choice))
01[20:36] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((donning them in front of the likely DB satrap may prove an issue later too, but hey~))
[20:36] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[Well I don't have a bag I can keep a fucking direlance in. though now that I think about it, I should invest in a cloth covering so it looks like it's a normal lance or spear]]
[20:37] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [[When I'm carrying it on my back, I mean]]
01[20:37] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((it's still like twice the size of a normal one I think))
01[20:37] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((you could probably still wrap the thing and treat it like a banner perhaps?))
[20:38] <@MadeofTime> MadeofTime Your guide has definitely readied hers — her shining Green Jade short daiklave is out and glinting in the air. On closer inspection, it seems to have the general shape of a blade of grass, complete with what looks like veins and capillaries or whatever it is plants have. The sandpeople don't move to attack, though — they seem a little frightened, if a sand-golem can be…
[20:38] <@MadeofTime> …frightened, and…
[20:38] <@MadeofTime> MadeofTime …finally one of them steps forward, gaining more form as he does so.
[20:38] <@MadeofTime> MadeofTime "Please! Please, put away your weapons. We don't mean to scare you. We are guides, sent by our magnanimous benefactor, to bring you to his glorious palace safe and sound. The desert is treacherous for mortals."
[20:38] <@MadeofTime> im retarded.
[20:39] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Lead on, then."
01[20:39] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "You have given no offense, to me at least."
06[20:39] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty relaxes slightly, but doesn't put her lance back in it's straps.
06[20:40] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights makes no comment on the fear part
06[20:40] * Frosted_Meadow shoves her hands into her pockets and looks embarrassed. 1"Sorry. It's been a complicated day."
01[20:40] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((actually, how long were we travelling? Mostly because I did actually spend essence back at the one Inn.))
[20:40] <@MadeofTime> How much?
[20:40] <@MadeofTime> Let's call it an hour or two.
01[20:40] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((okay, thanks))
[20:40] <@MadeofTime> At uh, not the restful level, but the "you're just walking" level of regen.
01[20:41] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((yeah))
[20:41] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Aww that- that's good! Okay, lead on." 6giving a dismissive wave as she drops her stance, not at all dissapointed by the lack of a brawl.
[20:41] <@MadeofTime> Anyone else who spent motes, gain that many back.
[20:42] <@MadeofTime> Anyway, if you're all willing, they lead you on… and they don't particularly seem to let your guide whose name you still haven't asked leave either, so she follows along, though she looks quite uncomfortable in the heat.
06[20:43] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony is willing to follow. She has no reason to disagree with an escort, unless they lead the group into a trap.
06[20:43] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shrugs and stretches, finally feeling more comfortable in his jacket. [Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit, 10 Peripheral, +1 peripheral to mute display/night caste]
06[20:44] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty follows, but stays close to their guide to defend her if need be.
[20:45] <@MadeofTime> The desert seems to drag on, but eventually (after about twenty minutes or so) you come to what seems to be the place where you'll find the god: obsidian rocks, like that formed from lava, jut out of the ground and are arrayed into a plateau of sorts, in the center of which is a cave. The sand golems lead you towards this cave, and things get much hotter — you start seeing pools of lava…
[20:45] <@MadeofTime> …and the entire cave glows as a result, providing ample lighting. Stamina + Resistance rolls while I type, please.
[20:45] <@MadeofTime> Unless you've got survival charms and such, obviously.
[20:46] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> roll !e6
[20:46] <Zamka> Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 2 success : [9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 1]
[20:46] <Frosted_Meadow> roll !e6 that's a bit much heat even for me
[20:46] <Zamka> Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 8 success : [10, 10, 10, 9, 9, 2]
[20:47] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> roll !e6
[20:47] <Zamka> Exalt Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty rolled 3 success : [9, 9, 8, 6, 3, 2]
[20:47] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [oh no that is not many successes]
[20:47] <Agathe_Darius_Song> roll !e8 stam resist
[20:47] <Zamka> Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 2 success : [8, 8, 6, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2]
06[20:47] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights is perhaps surprisingly fine in his jacket, not even sweating and seeming at ease. Well, as far as the heat it directly concerned.
[20:47] <@MadeofTime> Okay! Everyone got at least 2 successes, so you don't take any penalties. Meadow thinks it's just the right temperature for sunning.
06[20:49] * Agathe_Darius_Song certainly wasn't expecting it this bad but a little more adjusting clothes, letting her cloak hang a lot more loosely and she's fine.
06[20:49] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty holds her dress up, paranoid that anything touching the ground might trail in stray lava
06[20:49] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony is more concerned with the lack of clear warnings for the danger than the heat itself. This stuff shouldn't just be left lying around in the open.
06[20:51] * Frosted_Meadow seems to actively love the environment. 1"The way you were telling it, I expected it to be bad in here."
[20:51] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "It is bad. Why aren't there signs warning people to be careful around here? Someone could fall in and be seriously hurt."
01[20:51] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Just right, then?"
01[20:52] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Oh, did you not hear our guides mention the desert was treacherous?"
[20:52] <@MadeofTime> Your guide isn't doing so well. She's sweating buckets. Regardless, you see the person you came here to see pretty much right away: a chiseled human body, naked from the waist up, golden-bronze from years spent in the sun or near fire. Curly red hair adorns his shoulders, and piercing eyes the color of obsidian watch you as you approach. He is surrounded by numerous fire and earth…
[20:52] <@MadeofTime> …elementals, mostly of lower essence, but he seems friendly enough.
[20:52] <@MadeofTime>
01[20:55] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "We should thank you for sending escorts to guide us here."
06[20:56] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights is pleasant enough, and looking around with mild curiosity before nodding towards the Elemental and then looking to Agathe.
[20:56] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "It was very considerate of you."
[20:57] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "The pools of lava were a little less, though."
[20:57] <@MadeofTime> He inclines his head, but his gaze is quickly drawn to your guide. Her horse is nearing collapse, and she's not looking much better. He smiles at this for a moment, then takes off two of his earrings, handing them to a nearby earth elemental and pointing at the girl. It begins to trundle towards her.
06[20:58] * Agathe_Darius_Song doesn't direct it to him though she lacks the capacity to censor herself enough to mumble. 1"They should have just given more warning then an ambush if they didn't want a misunderstanding. Didn't even get bad anways."
06[20:58] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights turns to the unnamed guide
01[20:59] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And we should certainly thank you for continuing on, despite the work you have waiting for you from that strange bout of weather."
[21:03] <@MadeofTime> If no one stops it, the earth elemental will clip an earring on the girl and her mount — after a moment, they're noticeably less bothered by the heat, and the earth elemental is recalled. "Well, that's done. Sorry about that, love. You're looking wonderful, by the way." He smiles, and his teeth are a shiny gold — they look like orichalchum, actually. "In any case, what brings this…
[21:03] <@MadeofTime> …band of…" He inclines his head again, then his eyes widen.
01[21:03] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "This band of mercenaries."
[21:03] <Frosted_Meadow> "Yes. mercenaries."
06[21:03] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights cuts in at the spirits watchful gaze.
[21:03] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "We are ordinary mercenaries working for perfectly normal reasons."
06[21:04] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks over their unnamed guide for any issues. Slavish devotion to the elemental or the like would be considered notable, for instance.
[21:05] <@MadeofTime> Nope. She's recovering, and giving her mount a drink. She looks GENUINELY surly to be here, though.
[21:05] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Suppose mercenaries is most accurate for now. So that's working alright for you right?" 6glancing to the assistant, just to be sure.
[21:05] <@MadeofTime> He loses his shining smile for a moment, then brings it back, but he's clearly more nervous now. "Mercenaries… of course. What brings these no doubt skilled and much-feared mercenaries to my humble sanctum?"
06[21:06] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty steps forward, chosing to dispense with the small talk. If he wanted to be social he'd live somewhere a little less secluded. "Weather back in town is all messed up. Do you know anything about it?"
01[21:07] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "We heard there were things that had gone wrong in the area, and decided to make ourselves of use. You'd be amazed at the stories of things we've already heard of this place. Why, the city itself seems to have had the touch of heat withdrawn from it and even more elsewhere. Though that's not really the only issue either, wouldn't want to overly focus on it, correct? …though, since we're here…"
01[21:08] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "The city kindly saw fit to mention your esteemed name as someone who might know about that weather issue."
06[21:09] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony remains silent for the moment and watches the others to see how they handle it, when she isn
06[21:09] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony …isn't looking around and being impressed by the scenery and the unusual elementals.
06[21:09] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights puts on a look of the most mild pertrubance, as if he was telling someone caught doing something they shouldn't how they could help themselves avoid their full attention by attempting to make things right. Hypothetically.
[21:09] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Well you're right about that, yeah back at her home they've got a couple problems going on. They've got the snow and maybe this shadowland and probably some other stuff to deal with already and this is just making things really bad." 6then gestureing over to some lava. 1"This seems like a bit much for even out here."
01[21:11] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((actually, a moment: We can tell when we cross into a Sanctum, right? And this is presumably such when we got to actual lava as opposed to savannah?))
[21:12] <@MadeofTime> (You're in a Demesne, not a Sanctum.)
[21:12] <@MadeofTime> (And it's Perception + Occult if you'd like to figure that out. <3)
01[21:13] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> roll !e5
[21:13] <Zamka> Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 2 success : [8, 8, 6, 3, 1]
[21:13] <@MadeofTime> (you figure it out. I'll let you guess what kind of demesne it is.)
[21:13] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> roll !e5
[21:13] <Zamka> Exalt Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty rolled 1 success : [9, 5, 5, 4, 2]
01[21:13] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((perception + occult, since I didn't say it))
01[21:13] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((I'm guessing Water. It's water, right?))
[21:13] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [I think Vee manages to work out she is standing on sand.]
[21:13] <@MadeofTime> (You're standing on glassed obsidian sand!)
[21:14] <Frosted_Meadow> "Given everything that's going wrong around here, we could use the advice of someone who understands the local enviroment and problems."
01[21:14] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Oh, I don't know that I'd say that. It all seems to… come together here like this. Though the outside is a bit different than what I'd expect for this area."
[21:15] <@MadeofTime> He seems to sneer when you mention snow. He shakes his head sadly, and, in a dramatic flair, gets out of his throne and drops to one knee — one hand is on his face in exasperation, and the other is clenched at the sky. "Ohhhh, YES! Yes, I know exactly what's causing your problem, dear mercenaries! I know it's that accursed fool! I know all about it! I even know about your shadowland…
[21:15] <@MadeofTime> …problems! Goodness, do I know!" Your guide is rolling her eyes.
01[21:16] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Oh, a will it be a show then?"
[21:16] <Frosted_Meadow> "Which accursed fool, oh proud one?"
[21:17] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "We would much appreciate it if you shared your knowledge with us, so that we may rectify what probems we can."
[21:18] <@MadeofTime> At that, he straightens up and sits back down, crossing his legs. "Unfortunately, I don't share my woes with mortals, nor do I hold court with just anyone who walks through my desert. My struggles and my information are my own, and I do not hand such out freely. Hmph."
[21:19] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "If not freely, then what would you want in return?"
[21:19] <@MadeofTime> His eyes light up, if such a thing is possible. "Oh, only a simple favor. A little task, something my beloved subjects cannot do."
01[21:19] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Ah, and here I thought you would be naming the Cathak governor immediately."
06[21:20] * Agathe_Darius_Song straightens up and clnches a fist at the downtalking.
06[21:20] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony whispers to one of the nearby members of the Circle, "But…we aren't mortals."
06[21:20] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty whispers back to Diva "Shhhh. We don't need anyone knowing that."
06[21:20] * Frosted_Meadow leans back over, and whispers. 1"You've been listening, right? We're pretending to be."
[21:20] <@MadeofTime> "What, that silly bean counter? Who cares about him?"
[21:21] <@MadeofTime> "No, the cause of the weather troubles is—- ah! You almost had me, there. Clever."
[21:21] <Frosted_Meadow> "It'll cause a lot fewer problems if we can keep our identities secret."
[21:21] <@MadeofTime> He tuts and waggles his finger from side to side.
06[21:22] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. "Oh. This isn't how I'm used to doing things."
01[21:23] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "It is only polite to at least ask nicely first. But do tell us of this task you would request of us, so that we may judge whether it is worth your words."
[21:24] <Frosted_Meadow> "It takes some getting used to."
06[21:24] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks curious, he looks at ease; but he does not look impressed, and he's starting to look more evaluatingly at the Elemental.
[21:24] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "it isn't how anyone should be, they probably know what they're doing tough." 6whispering to Diva, still looking ready to punch something.
[21:26] <@MadeofTime> He taps his chin, giving you a mischievous eye, and then smiles his golden smile once more. "… No, I've already measured your worth. Mortals wouldn't be able to accomplish what I have in mind. Why not send some of those pretty Dynasts who swing by from time to time, hmm? They could probably help. Shoo now, go away, I'm bored of you." Your guide looks furious, and she starts mounting up.
01[21:26] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Oh, don't worry, he's insulting us as well. Such an …interesting… choice he makes."
06[21:27] * Frosted_Meadow shrugs, and looks over at falcon, intentionally raising her voice. 1"I think I should see our guide out. you'll catch up, right?"
01[21:28] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Well, he certainly seems to be having issues being polite to his honored guests, so perhaps that would be best. For now, at least."
[21:28] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "We'll be up in just a minute or two."
01[21:28] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Though perhaps his offer of those earrings should be returned first?"
[21:28] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Why not give us the task anyway? Certainly, if we can accomplish it, we would be worthy of further attention. Talk it up all you like, but you now simply sound as if you either do not want it done, or wish to keep your secrets, and would thus give something impossible."
[21:28] <@MadeofTime> The guide is definitely leaving, with or without you. Two sand elementals obediently follow after her, no doubt to guide her back out of the desert.
06[21:29] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty waits until the guide is well out of earshot, then turns back to the god and speaks. "Ok, you knew from the second you saw us we're not mortals. Why don't you let us in on this task so we can help each other?"
06[21:30] * Frosted_Meadow catches up to the guide before she makes it too far out into the desert. 1"So is he always that much of a pig, or is he just having a good day?"
06[21:30] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights doesn't particularly look convinced
01[21:30] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Are you sure you even want to bother with his help?"
06[21:30] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks doubtfully to Venom
06[21:31] * Agathe_Darius_Song doesn't even try and hide the dissapointment now. 1"Ehhh? we're still going to be nice about this?"
[21:31] <@MadeofTime> Once the guide is gone, his demeanor changes massively. He has almost a manic look on his face, his golden teeth gleaming, and he leaps from his chair, rushing up to the four of you with eyes wide. "Is it true? Do my eyes deceive me? Have the Lawgivers returned, or are you fooling me? Pulling a trick on old Cinders?"
01[21:31] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Tsk. We should be polite. We're his guests till we leave. Though he certainly doesn't seem adverse to us leaving. After that… well."
06[21:33] * Agathe_Darius_Song crosses her arms now and gives him a smirk. 1"Well if you keep up your attitude before you will deffinitly get an answer."
[21:33] <@MadeofTime> As for Meadow, your guide spits into the desert, where it quickly evaporates. "He's always that much of a pig. I hate that bastard so, so much, but the governor won't get off his arse and come deal with him. It's always "Lili, go do that. Lili, go do this. Your family would be proud of you, Lili!"
01[21:33] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "It seems to me, that one hoping they had, had best not be upsetting the seasons for their own profit. And you could have simply left her at your borders instead of that song and dance."
[21:34] <@MadeofTime> (who are you talking to orrin)
01[21:34] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((wren stayed, so him.))
01[21:34] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((agathe is the one who can turn around and be happy about that, wren is annoyed at how he treated his guest~))
[21:35] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "She…actually didn't intend to come all the way out here with us."
[21:35] <@MadeofTime> (it's just your english is really roundabout and i couldn't tell if you were talking to diva or the elemental)
06[21:35] * Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty Steps back, apparently far too Lunar for Cinder's attention now.
[21:36] <@MadeofTime> "Please, don't toy with me. I can smell it on you. I can TASTE the golden essence. Show me, please, won't you? Just show me his mark. I must know. I must know for sure."
01[21:36] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((yeah, he's being bureaucratic and implication-y. Though he really is mildly displeased with how things are being run, whether this one is to blame or not.))
06[21:36] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights sighs and looks to Agathe
01[21:36] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "You're the flashy one. Humor him if it pleases you."
[21:37] <Frosted_Meadow> "Ugh. I'm sorry. That sort of man is why I'm out here, instead of back home with my family."
06[21:38] * Agathe_Darius_Song actually laughs as she does so, releasing her balled up fists and letting just a moment of essence go to activate her whitened golden caste mark burn. 1"I hope you'll be more willing to talk now, because I have a lot more I can happily show you."
06[21:38] * Frosted_Meadow patpats Lili. 1"have'ta act like they run all of creation or something. So's your family at least know you're doing well?"
01[21:38] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Give him a chance, we've not left just yet."
01[21:39] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…and I suppose it's no terrible burden to reassure him this time. And she seemed the capable sort, so I'd rather not see her dead for trying to do what she's been trained to do."
[21:41] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "The notion of Exalted fighting and killing each other for such reasons still doesn't sit well with me. Of course there will be clashes during wars between nations, but overall, the choesive whole is most important."
01[21:41] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((wait, what?))
01[21:41] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((oh, nevermind))
06[21:42] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony comments on Falcon's statement, agreeing in a VERY roundabout way.
[21:42] <@MadeofTime> He almost immediately starts to weep, obsidian tears which reflect light and cast rainbows across the area. They leave black streaks down his cheeks, and he nearly falls back, but manages to keep his balance as a trio of sand elementals catch him and right him. He claws at his face, leaving massive cuts through his cheeks, bleeding lava and mixing with his obsidian tears, and starts to…
[21:42] <@MadeofTime> …laugh maniacally.
[21:42] <@MadeofTime> Lili just snorts. "My family's all but gone. It doesn't matter. Why do you care?"
01[21:43] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((wait, is Diva with them, or with Meadow/Lili?))
[21:43] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((I stayed behind with you guys.))
[21:43] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> ((Sorry if i wasn't clear. Never said I was leaving, though.))
01[21:44] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((nah, just figured your response was to what meadow said is all, made a fair amount of sense. Also, the nice lady is only potentially a DB))
06[21:45] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights nudges Agathe towards the incendiary spirit; he's not the one for reassuring words of inspiration
06[21:47] * Frosted_Meadow is momentarily at a loss for words. 1"I just miss my family a lot. We all need something to care about. Even if it's thinking that you really need to dunk the local god in a bucket of ice water."
[21:49] <@MadeofTime> She laughs. "He could use a good dunking, but he's not even a god. He's just an elemental. He's got the big head because he got here first, basically, and he's got a monopoly. Or at least, he did."
06[21:50] * Frosted_Meadow perks up. 1"He did? what happened?"
06[21:50] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony steps forward herself to offer a few words of encouragement to the god. "Though I know not why the world has been so changed, take heart in that I will see it fixed and proper order restored." her conviction likely shines through in her words, and they likely don't just extend to Creation and its apparent problems.
01[21:50] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Hey now, I may look at the weather and wonder what's happening there, but I'd not decry him as less than he is either."
01[21:52] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And you're assuming the situation. You're best equipped of any of us to speak with him; remember it's not always with your fists, right?"
01[21:53] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "So. You know we're back, and you have a grudge against how the Realm was running things."
06[21:53] * Agathe_Darius_Song will approach Cinders. 1"Now then, there is still the matter of the town's heat crisis. We have to work on its cold one too, and the shadow one at that, but the first task for the sunblessed lightbringers, and their helpers is straightening out this town's problems. I'm sure not burning them can't be that hard for you to do, but I'll give you a moment to think about how much to
06[21:53] * Agathe_Darius_Song 1really want to stand in the way of us and our goal."
01[21:53] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Agathe. Really now. Look at him first."
01[21:54] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((I was going to have Wren play badcop, but he apparently needs to play good cop ;-; ))
[21:56] <@MadeofTime> He drops to his knees and begins to roll around, still laughing and weeping. This guy's a ham. Eventually he gets up, and throws his arms wide — two lava pools explode as geysers. "YES! I completely understand! You must bring balance, keep things working the right way, make sure I'm doing my job. My job, my job is to control the temperature here, you see, and I can't DO my job when…
[21:56] <@MadeofTime> …other FILTHY DISGUSTING AIR COURT SCUM move in on my territory." He gets pretty nasty there for a minute, but quickly goes back to being pretty. "She set up shop and it's been all I can do to stop her from freezing the whole town over! It's not time for snow! I would know, it's my JOB. I've been here longer, so it's MY city. Hmph!"
[21:57] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "So, that's the root of the problem."
[21:57] <@MadeofTime> Lili explains much the same. "Other elementals have been moving into the territory, lately. I think they're having some kinda turf war. He's pretty miffed about it, but the Immaculate Order doesn't come by here very often anymore. Must be busy."
[21:58] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "So you need… The great Solar and his helpers to talk to this Air court "scum" for you?"
01[21:58] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "…really now? Now that is interesting. Intruders of all types around this town, it seems."
[22:00] <Frosted_Meadow> "So that's why Cathak hasn't just dropped the hammer on 'em? Anything come out of that shadowland, or is it just there staring at ya?"
06[22:00] * Frosted_Meadow mutters something about there not being enough problems
[22:01] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "So if we talk with her get her to cut it out, does that mean you'll get the temperature here back to the way its meant to be?"
[22:02] <@MadeofTime> Lilium: "Oh, sure. Seems like the whole city's catacombs are coming out of it. Wigs me right the hell out, but we can't deal with it right now."
[22:02] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "Wouldn't it be possible to cooperate between the two of you? It would certainly be better than this current disagreement and its lopsided effects. The town's in a poor shape."
01[22:02] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And, should that disturbance happen to be …dealt with, you're saying you'd not need to be trying to balance things the way they are then?"
01[22:03] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "That IS one of the ways to deal with it, mind you. If we look into it and judge it so, you know that's what we'll pursue."
06[22:03] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights nods toward Diva with her words
[22:04] <Frosted_Meadow> "That really worries me, especially with that pale lady preaching about how you should join thorns. Why hasn't she gotten run out of town? It sounds like she's a prelude to an invasion or something."
06[22:05] * Frosted_Meadow scratches her chin. 1"No, wait. That might encourage them. Long as they think they can talk you over, they won't roll in the armies."
[22:05] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "The people may simply be willing to accept any change in the regime."
01[22:05] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "So, what can you tell us of this frozen one?"
[22:06] <@MadeofTime> Cinders: "Oh, I'd love to go back to doing my job, if I didn't have to fight her off. Without my help my poor town would freeze, and that's no good. They don't like snow. No one does." He's back up, now, but he's still weeping obsidian tears of joy. "If you could send her off, I could regulate things properly. I've had to send all my darling wood elementals further south, for fear of…
[22:06] <@MadeofTime> …them getting hurt in the crossfire, you know. I do miss them. And… if you help me, I'd be oh so happy to help you out in return, all of you. Celestial Exalts, especially helpful ones, are ever so welcome in my courts."
[22:07] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "We will do what we can to resolve the issue."
01[22:08] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "While I'm sure we could just walk towards the worst of it, where she set up Court would be useful. As would if it's in a Manse as well."
01[22:10] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And if you know why that one has managed to gather strength enough to oppose you so suddenly, or why they think the city is theirs…"
03[22:12] * Frosted_Meadow is now known as Starfyre
02[22:12] * Starfyre (||wtewsfs) Quit
[22:17] <@MadeofTime> "Her most accursed name is Sleet Like Knives. She is, of course, north of the city, about ten miles. She's taken up residence in a petrified forest, that many centuries ago, was a shadowland. Miraculously, the Dragon-Blooded took care of that one. Fft. It's a nice manse. Not as nice as my own, of course, but it's passable."
[22:18] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Well that makes it convenient enough, we have to check out the land there too and figure how we can get rid of that."
01[22:18] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "How long has she been there?"
[22:19] <@MadeofTime> "Goodness, I don't know. A hundred? Two hundred years? She never did get my permission."
01[22:19] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And how long has that thorny recruiter been sniffing around, if it's around the same time."
01[22:19] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Ahhh. But just recently has it become an issue? Within the last year or so?"
[22:20] <@MadeofTime> "She's been a pain in my side since she moved in! It's just in the last… I don't know… how many years? Less than fifty, that she's gotten enough power to actually try to contest my hold."
[22:20] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "That it only recently seems to be a problem is most interesting. We'll definitely look into it."
[22:21] <@MadeofTime> "And what do you mean, thorny recruiter? Are the wood elementals starting an uprising?"
[22:22] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "What do you know about the city of Thorns and it's new ruler, The Mask of Winters?"
01[22:22] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Hm? No. We mentioned that shadowland. There was also someone here looking to laud the "wonders" of Thorns to the populace."
01[22:23] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "I imagine you'd mention if the god of the city was having some part of this..?"
[22:24] <@MadeofTime> He seems to grow sad, and he makes some strange sign with his hands.
[22:24] <@MadeofTime> "Ah… actually…" he looks towards Agathe, now. "You're of the Zenith, aren't you?"
01[22:24] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((specifically at the mention of the city god?))
[22:24] <@MadeofTime> Yes.
[22:24] <@MadeofTime> He doesn't know jack about thorns, I'll get to that.
[22:24] <@MadeofTime> Elementals tend to be pretty tied down to their area until they get really old.
[22:25] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Of course I am! …What of it?"
01[22:25] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((true. Though I thought that Thorns was large enough to even make it around like that, at least for a court king))
06[22:25] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights actually steps up and lays a calming hand on Agathe. She's laid hands on him often enough.
[22:26] <@MadeofTime> (I should note that he's like… I dunno… he's a court king in the way burger king is the burger king.)
[22:26] <@MadeofTime> (know what i mean?)
[22:26] <@MadeofTime> (He's like ess 4 tops yo.)
[22:26] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> [So head of a massive chain spread out all over the world and known by several names?]
01[22:26] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((and spirits tend to start at ess3~))
[22:27] <@MadeofTime> (Not elementals? Don't they start at ess 1 and have to grow for a long time?)
[22:27] <@MadeofTime> (or am i misremembering)
[22:27] <Agathe_Darius_Song> (( Elementals are the mongrel rednecks of the divine world if I recall. ))
01[22:27] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((he's not so much the actual king of the court as one of multiple forces in the area striving to gain that position. Air court over this is likely in the same condition (possibly even legitimately) ))
[22:28] <@MadeofTime> "Perhaps you could… you could help her. She's been sick, for… for a long, long time. Longer than I've been here. She's only gotten worse. I've tried to help, but I'm… I can't."
[22:28] <@MadeofTime> "This would be a personal favor to me, honored Lawgiver, one that I would repay most graciously."
01[22:28] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> ((hmm. Could be, though the ess1 spirits would be things like elementals of individual rain drops and the like))
[22:28] <@MadeofTime> Either way he's not as big as he wants you to think.
01[22:29] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "You honor us with your request."
[22:29] <@MadeofTime> You hit it on the head, he's one of multiple courts here and doesn't have the monopoly he wants to have.
[22:30] <Venom_of_Boundles_Beauty> "We'll do everything we can to help her. You have our word."
06[22:30] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights hasn't looked particularly impressed, though he's moved to show he's more actively considering his words and willing to act with him; this last request has Falcon actually according the elemental some honor if his posture and tone are to be trusted.
[22:30] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "I'm no healer, really the opposite, but of course I can try, sounds important and if you'll help us. Right."
[22:30] <Diva_of_Automated_Harmony> "I may know a few things that could help," Diva says to Agathe.
01[22:31] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "And perhaps even if you couldn't. We may ask more of her soon."
[22:31] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "Perfect then."
[22:32] <@MadeofTime> "Oh, if you don't have any other questions for me, honored Lawgivers and Steward —" here he nods to Venom, who he realizes he's been neglecting in his zeal and might be eaten so that she could steal his sexy body — "then, perhaps I could offer you something, to let you know that your return is not an unwelcome one. Woudl you be willing to hear me out?"
06[22:33] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights makes no move to leave and looks at him
06[22:35] * Agathe_Darius_Song gives a twirl of her hand. 1"Of course, go on."
[22:37] <@MadeofTime> "In the times before the betrayal, there was a ritual… whenever a new Celestial Exalt took their Second Breath, it was customary for the gods and courts nearby to hold a festival, and invite as many spirits as possible. They would often bestow gifts on the new Exalts, to try and win their favor and perhaps gain an ally, and then they would contact Yu-Shan so that the new Exalt could go…
[22:37] <@MadeofTime> …there for training and to be recognized." He stops for a moment, clearing his throat, then continues. "I, err… if you would give me the time to do so, I would be honored to gather up as many spirits as I can to attend you. I suppose we could skip alerting Yu-Shan to your presence, but I'm sure many gods would want to win your favor, Lawgivers. And Steward."
01[22:39] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Perhaps best after we manage to deal with a few things first, I would think. But I would also think that may be doable. It would be best for us to speak with our Circle first."
06[22:39] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights smiles slightly even
01[22:40] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Though, first… what do you make of that curious one we had with us?"
[22:40] <@MadeofTime> "Curious one?"
06[22:40] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights describes Diva
06[22:41] * Agathe_Darius_Song seems ever so eager with an expression that just screamed 'no you can even let them know about us' before Wren's speaking up cuts her off and she has to nod at how reasonable that makes it sound.
06[22:42] * Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will even gesture at Diva
06[22:42] * Diva_of_Automated_Harmony is still here, and not sure why she's being singled out as strange.
[22:45] <@MadeofTime> "Is she not a Lawgiver?"
[22:45] <@MadeofTime> He blinks, then looks her over again, looking closer this time.
[22:46] <@MadeofTime> "… No. She's… close, but… she's… something different? It feels like a… Maker. By the Sun, she's not a demon, is he?"
[22:46] <@MadeofTime> she*
01[22:46] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "Now that, that I can say is not the case."
[22:47] <Agathe_Darius_Song> "She deffinitly isn't. They have more of a clue what's what."
01[22:47] <Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights> "But, for now, a consideration to bear on such offers. We will let you know our choice."
[22:49] <@MadeofTime> He nods. "If you have anything else to request of me, Lawgiver, you have but to ask."
[22:49] <@MadeofTime> And cut. Logging this.

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