Curtain Call Session One

MaidInvictus The sun is rising, and its righteous rays of beautiful light are finding their way through any crack they can in the caravan you're currently travelling with. They've been moving for a couple of hours, starting in the wee hours of the morning, but now that the light has risen everyone will be expected to wake up soon and relieve the night guards. In any case, you should be reaching the…
MaidInvictus …village to which you've been travelling since the camp was taken down — the four of you have had a few months to get acquainted, though much of that time was taken up by training so there's still much camraderie to be had, no doubt. Your mentor, Ragara Kentama, can be found at the forefront of the caravan, walking alongside the first cart. As always, his clothes are immaculate and his…
MaidInvictus …feet are bare, though he seems to feel no discomfort.
MaidInvictus Those of you who get up and get out of your carts can see the village off in the distance quite plainly — it's fairly large for a village, its main feature being a large marble chapel, though it no longer serves a religious purpose. The houses are a mix of wood and stone, in constant states of repair, and the village is supported by surrounding farmlands. As far as you know, its primary…
MaidInvictus …trade goods are silk and a particularly high-quality iron ore, from mines nearby. Your caravan, consisting of four carts and a yeddim, should be at the entrance in about two hours, at the current pace.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony gets up early to see what's going on, and to start taking some pictures already. Or more properly to direct her familiar to do so, capturing yet more images of Creation's splendour to send back with her next report. The artifact armor she wears has bee reconfigured to more closely match the local fashion, likely at the direction of Kentama,if nobody else. She has also activated
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony one of her strange charms, and appears perfectly human, rather than let her true natuer be readily apparent.
Frosted_Meadow has been in and out of her wagon the whole trip. She's had an excess of nervous energy to burn off, now that they're approaching non-cult civilization for the first time in months. She is, of course, up with the dawn.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shows up slightly delayed, having only recently swapped off of night watch, though it seems he's taken some effort to appear slightly presentable and seems as watchful as ever. Given a chance, he'll sit twisted in the cart to watch their retreat, turning to speak with the others as he's addressed. Every once in a while, he takes an interest in whatever Diva is so closely inspecting
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights with
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights the slightest of smiles threatening before returning to his watch or any discussions.
Frosted_Meadow has found that even becoming a prince of the earth and being torn away from anything and everything isn't enough to break some routines.
Agathe_Darius_Song has woken up early enough, taking in the sight by hanging off the side of a caravan while it moves at an increased pace for a straight section of road, brushing her hair out of the way with her free hand before climbing back up and along the caravans for the front. There'd deffinitly be an easier way there but this is more effective for training, plus its entertaining. By the time
Agathe_Darius_Song she makes it there she's again a mess and readjusts her clothes and hair then looking around again like its a whole new sight instead of the same thing from a marginingly different angle.
MaidInvictus Some of the merchants are starting to wake up now, too, and three of them head to the rear of the caravan to feed the yeddim. As you well know, their intent is to pick up some shipments of silk, ply their wares and drop off any orders the village made, then be on their way. This is the closest stop to Denandsor they make, which might explain why your mentor Kentama has decided that the…
MaidInvictus …village is in danger and could use some help from the Princes of the Earth. He said that there was a contact within the village, but some of the merchants have mentioned that it is, in fact, a Realm satrapy.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will raise an eyebrow at that last part, and then leave a curious and pointed look towards Agathe. And then he makes it even more pointed, it's got a lot to get through to make it to her~
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((these merchants are of the Illuminated Cult, correct? Or just friendly to them and/or convenient?))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony matches pace with Frosted Meadow to ask her about some things, again. "I'm still not sure I follow the political organizations here. What's this whole Realm satrapy thing again?"
MaidInvictus (okay i hve to go to my meeting. rp amongst each other please — and these are Guild merchants who Kentama paid for you guys to ride along in their caravan.)
Frosted_Meadow hops up onto the back of the wagon the rest of the cast is congregating around. She's disconcertingly not covered in moonsilver, for those used to training with her for months. "It means there's a bunch of big families fighting with each other, and these people decided they wanted to be on the inside of the fight than waiting for it to roll over them."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights dryly directs a comment towards Agathe: "Please tell me you don't need to be reminded to be on good behaviour, right? No punch-up fights would be nice…"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights continues his light needling "Or at least keep it down, yeah?"
Agathe_Darius_Song is already flexing her fingers in the small smashfist gauntlets before throwing a practice set of punches. "I'm not going to seek them out or anything, jussst if they come along I can't be blamed for being prepared."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "And something to remember about those families then… we're not a part of them, and they're looking to put themselves forward in whatever ways they can stomach then."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((wait, is she actively wearing the big shiny golden gloves? Or are they covered and/or more discreet?))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I would think there are better ways to serve the people than blind ambition and infighting. How did things ever get so bad."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Depends on if they want to serve the people, or themselves I'd think, right?"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony ((I think I might be the only one with actual orichalcum artifacts, actually.))
Frosted_Meadow "I wonder if them fighting is what caused the problems here? I remember hearing that things back closer to the capital had been getting worse before… well.. you know." She scratches her head and looks a little embarrassed.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((oh, yeah, big shiny jade gloves. I'm mildly curious of the color now))
Agathe_Darius_Song goes back to punching, though she's slowed down enough to indicate she herself is listening to any explanation Diva might get.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights snorts
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "If we knew why we were needed here, our first objective would'nt be investigation." She still has a funny way of speaking. It was worse at first, but it's pretty clear this isn't Diva's native language.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Oh, it may well be part of their problems. But there's plenty of outside issues it could be. If nothing else, the Mad City is already far too close for comfort."
Frosted_Meadow visibly bristles. "What? Like one of the great houses would hesitate fer a moment to do something stupid if they thought it'd get'em an edge?"
Agathe_Darius_Song (( Yes Agathe only has Jade gloves, the colour is… I htink red, they're from a fire DB I beat up at some point. ))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "What is the Mad City?" she pauses a moment before gasping in shock. "Did a Patropolis fall to Gremlin Syn- …ah, no, that wouldn't happen here, would it?"
Frosted_Meadow mutters something about they probably just poked the thing with a stick hoping jade would fall out
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "I'd think at least some among them could do the smart thing too. Best to remember that. And for that matter, plenty of people aren't against a bit of advancement. We're traveling with merchants, who of course we'd not fault for seeking a good deal, yes? It's all a matter of where your morals guide you as to the boundaries of what you do that makes the difference."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights gestures towards whichever of the merchants or their guards are likely within hearing distance of the group as he says this.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((I'm assuming Kentama has already mentioned Denandsador/Mad City))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shrugs at Diva's question
Frosted_Meadow "You know what I mean. I'm sure some've'em are perfectly reasonable, but those aren't gonna be the ones go do out an' poke denandsor with a stick. because they know better."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "A city of madness. There are strange stories a plenty about the place if you listen for them, and the less said of the blasted place the better to my mind."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. "So it is a palce best avoided. I understand. As for poking things with sticks, that seems a rather crude method of prospecting for any material."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Hah. The question is whether even they'd make it that far. And I'd not be betting on it. Not ruling it out either, mind you, but it'd not be my first guess."
Agathe_Darius_Song "I'm sure she'd be interested in hearing that despite whatever shouldn't be said!" stopping her practice to walk over now.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((also, I'm not entirely sure what we actually know of the place yet, so might be best to hold off on any details of the place. Besides, around people who literally would handsomely profit from selling out information about people taking an unhealthy interest in the Mad City))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolls his eyes
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I am interested in anything about this land. It's so incredible. That thing you call the sky is an alien concept." she points upward to drive the point home. it's notable that she doesn't seem to wear those dark goggles nearly as muh as she used to. She's spent the last few months slowly acclimating her eyes to the brighter conditions.
Frosted_Meadow shrugs, and strikes a pose, making an obvious recitation from some tutor "It's supposed to be cursed. Strange lights, people disappearing, monsters in the night, oppressive terrifying atmosphere, the works. There's something dangerous there, at least. There's also a fortune in stuff there, because no one has been able to get in and strip it."
Agathe_Darius_Song (( thats fair enough, its just Agathe fishing for infos. ))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Then I'm sure we can find some bard willing to tell the various horrible tales I'm sure the town will have of the place. The guards of this caravan probably have a few stories themselves, if they've been making this circuit for a while."
Frosted_Meadow "And anyone who's crazy enough dies or is never seen again. WHich means probably dead."
Agathe_Darius_Song giddly punches her gauntlets together. "Sounds like a terrible place."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Why think so positive? I'm sure there's plenty of horrible things even worse than death that could have been done to them. I'll happily not consider them past that though."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I would rather not consider such possibilities either."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "And the key part of that story you just said? "No one has been able to get in and strip it." Even the Scavenger Lords give that place a wide berth, so think on THAT."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "It must be quite dangerous if even champions have not managed to acceptably deal with it."
Agathe_Darius_Song "Well that's just the caravan's work, right? Unless I guess any of you were interested in that looting stuff?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "I'm interested in keeping my sanity, thank you very much."
MaidInvictus (catching up)
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I do not think the caravan's destiantion is this Mad City, so our purpose lies elsewhere."
Frosted_Meadow "I'm sure the boss'll tell us once we get closer."
Agathe_Darius_Song "That it's got you so worried starts to make that sound more interesting then…"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…well, yeah, it's that city up ahead, and then on to the next stop in the trade circuit. They'd not be so daft as to get anywhere near a place like that."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Oh, it did that for lots of people. But like Meadow said, they're all either dead or missing."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "ALL"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights maaaay also be saying some of this with the awareness that others could be overhearing them.
Frosted_Meadow kicks her feet against the back of the wagon and stares off into the woods the caravan passes. "You know, I kind of want to see it for myself. Just to see if the stories are true."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolls his eyes once more
Frosted_Meadow suddenly remembers herself, turns to the rest of the group, and holds her hands up. "Just, y'know, from a safe distance."
Agathe_Darius_Song "All so far." grinning, then throws off another couple punches by Diva in the direction of the city. "See. She's got the right idea too, kinda."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Tell you what, why don't we try and find some more of the stories at the town up ahead before we do something quite that dangerous."
Frosted_Meadow ((probably should let maid regain control of the plot))
MaidInvictus You are very nearly in the village now, and your time with the merchants is all but finished. Kentama breaks away from them and gestures for you to come aside, so you don't get caught up in the customs with the caravan, and sits down in a pleasant field of grass and flowers nearby, waiting for the rest of you.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony hurries along to go meet with him and take a seat. She spends some time looking at the various flowers like a kid, picking a few particularly pretty ones.
Frosted_Meadow sits crosslegged across from Kentama and listens attentively.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights readies himself and makes sure to gather his things before heading off to follow the group and waving his goodbyes to the merchant caravan.
Agathe_Darius_Song of course heads over to Kentama, giving a friendly nod to any mechants she makes eyecontact with but generally unconcerened for the moment.
MaidInvictus Kentama speaks, and his voice reminds you of the rumbling of stones as they travel down mountainsides, though with the gentleness of a river eroding a pebble down to perfection. "This is the tiny kingdom of Varisston, so named for its Realm-aligned ruler, Renka Variss. They've been looking into expansion, recently, but between bureaucratic corruption and a string of abnormally bad…
MaidInvictus …harvests, they've not had much luck, and are shrinking. The people here are suffering, but I cannot help them — to keep up my facade, I will be heading towards Nexus, where I hope you will meet with me. Help these people, and help those along your way; show them that the Princes of the Earth have returned."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Acknowledged."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. She then tries to put flowers in the other girls' hair.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…I'd personally like to add not having them convinced we're demons and to blame for their troubles to that, but I suppose we'll have to see about that one."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "I don't suppose you already have some ideas on the reasons for that corruption and the harvests?"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I still don't understand why you are seen as demons, rather than venerated as the old stories say."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…because, like you said, those are the old stories. There's been plenty of time for new ones to come about. …and we've been gone a long time. …or mostly gone, at least."
MaidInvictus He nods. "I believe that it has something to do with the shadowland that has popped up nearby. It may be unrelated, but… it's worth checking out. Try to gain audience with the local gods — I'm certain they could help you."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights says the last a bit quietly before looking to Agathe.
Frosted_Meadow "Got it. If they're- oh. shadowland."
Agathe_Darius_Song "The important thing now is to fix that, which will be simple."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…well, yes, if things are so bad as to sprout a sizeable one of 0x1dthose0x1d, then things are worth looking into anyways."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((simple to fix a shadowland? Ha~))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "A shadowland is…similar to a Blight zone, correct? i do not know of any methods to restore them. Although it would be wise to investigate."
Agathe_Darius_Song "That's the… oh." grunting a little. "Well. We can still manage. Come on!"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony ((I think the Autocthonian equivalents can be fixed with a high-tier protocol, but I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure it doesn't do shit to actual Shadowlands, though.))
MaidInvictus (shadowlands can be fixed with SCS)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((Alternately, you can salt down EVERYTHING and do happy life things around/in it for dozens of years to shrink it. Shrink.))
Frosted_Meadow "I dunno how you'd fix a shadowland, but there's probably something living in it that needs eviction."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "If nothing else, trying to take care of the reason it showed up would be a good idea."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks off in the direction of the far far distant Mad City
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…I'd rather hope that's not a valid worry… … …but I'd not bet on it. Ah well. If they are, then time to fix that."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shrugs at the last
MaidInvictus "Then, if you have no more questions for me, I must continue my journey. I will meet up with you again in Nexus, my disciples."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Agreed. Shall we first gather information in town? I would prefer speaking to the people than the local gods, I do not have an adequate understanding of godly functions in this world, as of yet."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "A good idea to do both, I imagine. We could even split up a bit and ask in smaller groups. Any attempt at a story as to why we're interested?"
Frosted_Meadow "See you soon, sir. We'll try not to disappoint."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Would simply being curious travelers be insufficient?"
Agathe_Darius_Song "Sounds like a good enough excuse for me. Don't see why we can't just be direct either."
Frosted_Meadow looks sideways at Falcon. "We're merchants. Trying to get a feel for the local market. Who's buying, who's selling, that sort of thing. Local problems can hurt the bottom line."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I am a performer, not a merchant. I dobut explaining our true nature and purpose would go over well, although it would be the idea approach where I'm from. We could easily meet with the local leaders and request all the information we would need."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "On that note, asking the merchants is something I'd probably be good at. …hmm. Perhaps if you were to let some of the local braves try and impress you with stories though?"
Frosted_Meadow "I suppose if it's really going that bad for them, they aren't going to ask too many questions about where the help is coming from. Especially if we can fix the problems here."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Let's get going. We can't solve anything if we keep discussing our options here."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Though, if we DO split up, can always just say we traveled together. Oh, and Diva? I'd be cautious about assuming you can just gain audience with the rules and ask them about everything without a good reason. They have their own things to do when dealing with unproven people, yes? Then again, you DO manage to get people's approval…"
MaidInvictus The entrance is pretty clear at this point. There's just some bored-looking militia sitting around.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shrugs again at the last
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I did not intend to request an audience. As I said, it would be easily done where I am from, but not so here."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights asks a last question before they arrive to Agathe: "Are you going to ask the spirits then, or do you want us there for that?"
Agathe_Darius_Song "Well I'm more with her but you and master Kentama would both not stop lecturing if we tried it that way… You pick who we'll work with first. If that doesn't go by then we can try something more active, sound good enough?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Hm? Well, I did assume that'd be what happened anyways, yeah. It'd be nice if the first helped though."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Ideally, we should split into groups with complementary skills."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Not to say we couldn't traipse around together, but it might take longer or we might get in each other's way… Could be nice in a group if whatever's up decides to take a much more pointed interest though."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks to the others
Frosted_Meadow "I think we should find a place t'meet back up before we decide t'split up. Let's just see what the mood in town is first, an' get the news.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "We can better support each other if we remain together. Let's go. we can work individually later, after establishing a base of operations."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Well, we'll probably be there for a bit. Asking the guards for where the travellers stay is a good start anyways."
MaidInvictus (we're not splitting up first session o_o)
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony begins walking toward the city gates, gesturing to the others to follow.
MaidInvictus (anyone who continues to suggest so will meet the kukla0
Frosted_Meadow falls into step with diva
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony ((Fair enough.))
MaidInvictus (actually the suggestion for rolls is okay, you could split up if you just roll for stuff)
Agathe_Darius_Song follows after. She will eye the militia heavily to size them up but she knows she realllly can't start anything before they even step into the city proper, and bites her lip to distract herself from wanting to.
MaidInvictus As you approach the gates, one of the militia-men stands up,opening a large, dusty book and flipping to a particular page. "'lo. Are you a group, what name should I put you down under, and what's your business in Varisston." He is very bored and very monotone.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony steps back to let one the others to handle this. She isn't used to this sort of thing.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Merchants and travellers, more looking about and scouting for some we know than trading overmuch just yet."
MaidInvictus "Got a group name?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights for some reason thinks it'd be good to let the others give a name for a group. Go on agathe, you know you want to make a suggestion~
Agathe_Darius_Song tchs in dissapointment. "No spirit. Shameful."
Frosted_Meadow cuts in as Diva cuts out. "What he means is yes, we're a group. Are there any places for travelers to stay in town?"
MaidInvictus "Yeah, s'three inns."
MaidInvictus (sec brb)
Agathe_Darius_Song steps foreward now. "Of course we do, we're merchants, Glorious mechants, of the sun! Here to help this town!" holding up a fist in a minor attempt to embolden the guard by proxy.
Frosted_Meadow 0x01ACTION grows increasingly cheery as she launches into her spiel. "Excellent! We're hoping t'negotiate the purchase of some of your iron, and see if there's anything else we can-" She has the oddest expression cross her face as agathe speaks up. Irritation, perhaps. "The trip here was longer than we hoped, and people kept warning us about dangers on the road, though we didn't see anything! There isn't anything to those
MaidInvictus He scribbles something down in his notebook. "Glorious… merchants… of… sun. Got it. Keep your weapons sheathed in town unless you're attacked, but please report any altercations to the city guard, for proper documentation. Tax on any sales made within the city limits is twenty percent, to be paid in jade. Please don't bother the slaves."
Frosted_Meadow gives an almost imperceptible twitch. It's probably just concealed irritation at her overly enthusiastic compatriots. Probably.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony nods. "Understood."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights grumbles the grumble of the long suffering: "…damn it, now they even wrote it down. Picking a name you like the sound of just because we don't have a better one."
Agathe_Darius_Song grunts in frustration and walks past the guards and the group immediatly into town, and starts looking around for any signs of importance, trouble or any more impassioned actions then guards waiting for their lunch break.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights sighs
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Anything else if we want to keep out of trouble?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "And maybe directions to those inns?"
MaidInvictus "Inns're on the north and east sides of town. If ya wanna keep outta trouble, just keep to yourselves. Simple."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights nods and sighs before looking at Agathe
MaidInvictus Agathe, the most passionate thing you see in immediate view is some children chasing a cat, but… perception + awareness, from anyone who wants to make one.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Thanks for your time."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights heads along as well after looking towards the others. Lacking anything else, he heads towards the inns to drop off gear before he readies himself to head out to talk with the merchants.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony follows Agathe on into town, now that the guards have given up their requested information. she begins looking around less for signs of trouble than to simply take in the new sights.
Frosted_Meadow roll !e5 notice
Zamka Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 3 success : [7, 7, 7, 2, 1]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !ex 7 notice
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !e7 notice
Zamka Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 3 success : [9, 8, 8, 6, 2, 1, 1]
Agathe_Darius_Song roll !e 6 per+aware
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e5 might as well
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 1 success : [7, 6, 3, 1, 1]
Agathe_Darius_Song roll !e6 per+aware
Zamka Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 2 success : [8, 7, 5, 5, 5, 2]
MaidInvictus You all manage to notice, towards the center of town, that something is going on at the chapel! There's a group of people slowly gathering up, and more are filtering in that direction.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony naturally gravitates toward the gathering of the populat. Maybe it's an important announcement or event. It would be best to start there, at least.
Frosted_Meadow steps back to linger by the guards for another couple questions, but twigs onto the movement of the crowd, and makes for the chapel.
Agathe_Darius_Song immediately heads over to the chapel. She won't even stop to watch but will, politely enough for Agathe, grab someone group that's gathering and simply ask. "Hey there, what's happening here?"
MaidInvictus He screams Anathema and sixteen immaculate dragons leap from the shadows.
Frosted_Meadow catches up with agathe. Hopefully she can stop her from doing anything too Heroic.
Agathe_Darius_Song (( Damn orrin wins the bet I thought I was being restrained enough to last two sessions. ))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights gives the inns a wistful look before heading towards the gathering crowd. He will stay at the edges and see if he can find a good perch. Also, he will strike down the sixteen immaculate dragons as they leap in complete silence like a good and proper night caste and get rid of their bodies before anybody can notice before returning to his normally capable self. Unless that actually
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights happened.
MaidInvictus Whoops, I mean… as you approach the crowd, you can hear preaching — the peasant mentions that someone is preaching, as peasants are wont to do, and the crowd even clears a bit so that you can see the preacher clearly; a rather svelte-looking woman, almost immediately standing out from the common folk as exceptionally beautiful. Incredibly pale skin designates her as either being Northern…
MaidInvictus …or born in a Shadowland, and jet black hair seems to confirm the latter. She's dressed in elegant men's regalia (think AC2 armors) and clearly carries a saber, sheathed in silver, at her side. It takes a moment to hear her over the clamor, but soon you make out her words:
MaidInvictus "… here with offers of peace and helpfulness. The Realm taxes you, and its assigned leader grows fat while you work your fingers to the bone. The Empress is gone! You have the power to free yourselves from the chains that bind you, and become something greater. Thorns offers protection from the impotent and crumbling Realm, and asks only that you ally with us after you select your own…
MaidInvictus …leader…" She continues on like that.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony looks to one of the other members of her Assembly. "What is Thorns? Another nation?"
Frosted_Meadow "Oh, you have got to be kidding me. We need to stop this now."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights noticeably stiffens as he starts to hear her words and his face grows colder.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights isn't yet speaking over the sound of the crowd: "Oh, aye, and be a town of the dead. That's some improvement there."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights debates how to step in. And then blinks, and then looks to Agathe.
Agathe_Darius_Song scratches her chin rather approvingly. "Hey none of that sounded bad in itself right?"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "It may simply be trading one power's rule for another."
Frosted_Meadow leans over to diva, sotto voce. "Thorns used to be another realm satrapy out here, before someone rolled in with some kind of giant monster, killed everyone who fought back, and amused himself slaughtering anyone who irritated him."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "That…doesn't sound very nice," Diva replies quietly to Meadow's summary.
MaidInvictus (sotto is really loud, right? ten more immaculates)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights actually slightly gapes at Agathe's reply, and even tilts his head slightly.
Frosted_Meadow "Not really. and if they've got people out preaching like this, it means they're looking for fresh meat."
Frosted_Meadow "And they're just gonna tell whatever lies they need to get the people here to trust 'em until it's too late."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights starts speaking a bit more vehemently to Agathe, if likely still not above a loud murmur crowd-wise
Agathe_Darius_Song "And obviously that's bad, but you know… freeing themselves and ditching the realm - hold up."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "And you honestly think that THORNS of all place would be better than a distant Realm?"
Frosted_Meadow disengages from diva and interposes herself between agathe and falcon. "C'mon. please. No fighting, you two."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Then point THAT out, don't just agree with the Thorns bit. Hell, the League and Lookshy would be so much laughably better if nothing else."
Agathe_Darius_Song shaking her head, it's all so simple why didn't they think to do it and just shouts back to the woman like she's been a member of a casual conversation and not butting in. "Isn't Thorns all… however you'd like to phrase it, I don't know, but damn near everyone killed by some monster or something?"
MaidInvictus The lovely lady seems to have finished her speech. There's no applause, but a lot of the peasants are murmuring favorably, and casting glances at the local militia. The woman herself steps down from her pedestal and starts off eastward, no doubt towards one of the inns in the town.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((she leave before Agathe's question?))
Frosted_Meadow ((probably just opting for lordly silence.))
MaidInvictus (Oh, I missed that. She ignored it, then. What a bitch.)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights doesn't bother keeping his voice lowered now
Agathe_Darius_Song "Tch. Didn't even hear me. You guys do your arguing or whatever you want, I'll catch up!" and starts after her.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony takes the opportunity to ask some of the peasants about current events in town. She might get a lead on the sort of problems that have cropepd up, with this many people around, someone should answer a few questions.
MaidInvictus Cha + Socialize
MaidInvictus Unless you can stunt it as something else.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…yeah, prettttty sure it's kind of a wasteland of the dead now. I'd be asking the merchants and the travellers if you haven't heard as much this far away from the place. And then I'd be asking why they're looking for recruits."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e9 cha+socialize is fine
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 6 success : [10, 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights says the last towards the crowd, with the vaguest of hopes that he might at all influence them to not blindly accept the other speakers words in the absence of any of the more social of his group.
Frosted_Meadow sticks to agathe like glue. "look, before you do anything, agathe… this's bad. If she's preachin' seidi-setid- treachery openly like this, it means that the king can't or won't stop her."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "I mean, think about it, horrible horrible things happened over there, right? I'd at least want to know the kind of protection they'd be offering if I were you, right?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((I think I'm going along the lines of Investigation, but unsure))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Trading the one for something that manages to be even worse has got to be something to at least try and figure out first, unless you 0x1dlike0x1dbeing taken advantage of…"
Agathe_Darius_Song stopping, brushing her hair to the side to think for a moment. "I guess that does make sense…"
Agathe_Darius_Song "Still curious it doesn't sound… terrible? Barring that part, again, of course, of course." waving her hand dismissivly. Mass genocide's only a small detail.
Frosted_Meadow "Yeah! before we kick her door down, we need to figure out why they're just letting her do that. If it's can't, we can fix that. If it's won't, we might have a bigger problem."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((is Agathe sticking with the crowd, or getting a head start checking out the inn where she's staying?))
Frosted_Meadow gives agathe that look again
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights does for his part look honestly surprised that the crowd is even considering the words of the speaker
Frosted_Meadow "The realm's made a real mess of things, you know that, but thorns'll be a hundred times worse. I know you want to change things, but you gotta make sure it's for the better first."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((also, I'm kind of just going on with what I assume is the support for an Investigation social attack of sorts to counter her influence, if that wasn't immediately obvious))
Agathe_Darius_Song "Well I wasn't gonna kick the door down! …Unless it was locked. She was rude… Anyways, I was only going to ask, hell she probably knows more about why they'd not get uppity about that herself anyways. Trust me, I know guards really don't need much excuse usually to get on you for saying the wrong thing."
MaidInvictus (Hold on, you're using Investigation to convince them that the pretty lady was wrong, am I correct?)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((I know it's one of the Social avenues. So, trying to present various bits and lead them to realizations following logic, etc))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((Haven't overly considered how to do social attacks with it yet though, but it IS the third avenue))
Frosted_Meadow snickers. "You know, I doubt she'd tell you her trick."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony ((I'm pretty sure it is for picking at arguments, etc. actually.))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((also, more to convince them that she should consider other things first and take hers with a grain of salt, yadda yadda. Not so much 'wrong' as it is 'unproven and worth more proof before even considering' ))
MaidInvictus (This sounds more like socialize or performance, to me. Investigation is for interviewing or finding information, as far as I can tell.)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((yeah, trying to pick apart things that could be wrong with her argument))
MaidInvictus (Justify it with a stunt~)
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((pg 172 has the stuff for it))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony catches up with the other girls once she's done with her own talking. Better to stay with the group. "I haven't learned much, but it seems the general problems are poor harvests, an ineffective leader, and increased stillbirths, possibly due to the nearby shadowland." She then pauses for a meoment. "What are you two up to?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((I… kind of thought the rest of what I did previous was the stunt.))
MaidInvictus (Hmmmmmm… I'll accept it. Roll, one die bonus. )
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights struggles to point out the weaknesses in the unknown speaker's arguments, to at least provoke thoughts of consideration that they haven't heard the whole story and only the sales pitch without the catch.
Agathe_Darius_Song "Arguing over kicking in people's doors. Huuh so then thats maybe it? I mean, I can believe it. So… Well I guess we can try and get rid of it. Not that I'd know how."
Frosted_Meadow "Trying to figure out why they're just letting her preach like that. I mean, she can't just walk in and-" She trails off, and curses softly. "Wait. Maybe she could."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((which roll? Investigation hopefully, but what attribute?))
MaidInvictus (Oh, uhm… hmm… the higher of int, wits, or manipulation. It's not technically dishonesty, but it's not force of will either.)
Agathe_Darius_Song glances to Meadow. "Realized something?"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "I believe there are no restrictions on speech, so anone would be free to simply walk in and say their piece."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !e9 wits/invest + willpower
Zamka Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 4 success : [9, 9, 8, 8, 6, 3, 2, 2, 1]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((wait, +1 dice))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !e1
Zamka Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled bupkis : [3]
MaidInvictus A lot of the peasants seem to nod — they gather around Falcon like they would around a travelling warrior, nodding — he even gets some gossip out of them, about how most of the people around here will take anything besides the overwhelming apathy they get from the Satrap.
MaidInvictus Wit hthat done, though, could we all move to following the pretty lady? :x
Frosted_Meadow "Have you found, after you…" She flicks her forehead. "Well, I found there's tricks to… sway people. talk them around to seeing my side of the story. What if she's an essence-user?"
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony ((Sure, Falcon just needs to catch up.))
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will catch up, even if delayed, sorry
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "That could be possible. I have some such tricks installed, myself. Let's see if we can't learn more about her. Where'd she go?"
Frosted_Meadow "If she's got a couple tricks she could really mess with people's heads."
Frosted_Meadow points
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights takes the plight of the townsfolk with some worry. He'll at least try to shore up their wills with a few words reasoned hope, but they're in short supply without more proof. He'll excuse himself to go hunt down the one who was spreading such words with a somewhat harsher expression.
Agathe_Darius_Song grins. "Then that just means it'd be harder. I'm fine enough with trying that. She was going over…" eyeing where Meadow points. "Yeah there."
MaidInvictus Right! You make it to the eastern part of town ,though she seems to have beaten you here. In this section, there's two inns, one of which is also the local tavern, and one of which is just lodging. The bar is The Lounging Simhata, and the lodging one is The Hole. There's also some residencies here, and several general stores — a tailor, a smith, and food.
Agathe_Darius_Song "We can go see, ask her, work some tricks if she's stuborn, worst case she takes offense to something and a quick brawl. Won't even be an issue, come on!"
Frosted_Meadow "I'm not saying that you shouldn't try, just that there might be people she's convinced through trickery that she's right. You know, like a real anathema. I don't want to see any bystanders getting hurt or us getting driven out of town."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "That…sounds like an effective plan. I am impressed." Diva is briefly distracted by the possibility of a food market. She's very interested in Creation's food. There's so much more variety, so many new flavors.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will eventually show up
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…they… depend on the Realm. Enough to where even 0x1dthat0x1d sounds appealing, simply from losing hope."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights seems honestly troubled.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Is their leader that ineffective?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Against what ails them? And given the support the Realm leaves them? Perhaps so. They believe so, at least."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…I had not the pretty words to reassure them. Those aren't what I can offer. Perhaps you lot could do better, but I'd be best sticking to getting rid of their reasons to despair."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights sets his jaw a bit and looks to the inns
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights uses some Skytongue midway through: "…where did [false tempter] go anyways?"
Frosted_Meadow is going to start leading the way, if no one else has
MaidInvictus You can pick a spot to explore, or you can roll int + investigation if you want some clues.
MaidInvictus Oh, Int + Awareness also applicable.
MaidInvictus yes, Int.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony follows Frosted Meadow for now, letting herself be dragged away from whatever had her interest. Probably the local desserts.
Agathe_Darius_Song seems more lost in thought about what to do with picking the town's spirits up along the way of this shadowland clearing after a meeting with the preacher.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will happily take the easy option of asking the populace and the innkeepers about the pale black-haired lady. He himself matches the coloring and hair, if not the rest.
Agathe_Darius_Song roll !e5 int+aware pondering over this.
Zamka Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 3 success : [10, 8, 4, 3, 2]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will mention his curiosity about her and the crowd she gathered, but leave it at that when questioning.
MaidInvictus Agathe, you noticed that her boots had spurs.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !e4 int/invest
Zamka Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 2 success : [10, 5, 4, 4]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((I actually have higher int/awareness, but eh))
Frosted_Meadow doesn't have the stomach for food right now, but she keeps close watch on the surrounding buildings, looking for boltholes and likely inns as she paces down the street.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e6 int+aware
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 3 success : [8, 8, 7, 5, 4, 2]
Frosted_Meadow roll !e6 int+aware
Zamka Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 3 success : [10, 7, 4, 4, 3, 2]
MaidInvictus You two ALSO noticed she had spurs.
Frosted_Meadow keeps an extra-special eye out for buildings with stables
MaidInvictus Falcon, it's pretty easy to round up some peasants to talk to, but they seem kind of limited on information — when questioned about the pale lady, they remember her being quite pretty and fetching, but for some reason, there are gaps in their memories as far as where she went or what she was doing. They also constantly try to derail the conversation to peasanty things like work or busty maids.
MaidInvictus The Lounging Simhata is the only one of the two inns with stables.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((was debating if she wanted to invert on simhata-solar link or preferred the hole~))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "It's likely our mystery guest will be staying at the Lounging Simhata. We should start out investigation there. And we will need our own lodging, correct?"
Frosted_Meadow "Got to start somewhere."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will at least keep from accosting them too much, but will occasionally try to keep them on track. When they continue to drift and don't notice the gaps they have, he'll back off a bit and let them ramble a bit before excusing himself to go look at said busty maids. Which he'll find amusing when he instead heads to meet up with the rest of his part, who are all female.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((rest of his party.))
MaidInvictus They actually give you some info on which of the busty maids are the bustiest and/or the easiest. They're pretty helpful, in that regard.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will idly compare them to the group he's with if any are at the inns just because he's aware of such as part of the various other thoughts and watchful considerations he makes.
MaidInvictus So you're heading into the Simhata?
Frosted_Meadow marches right through the door of the lounging simhata, seeking her prey. Or a warm bed. Or something.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights heads into whichever of the inns the others do
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony heads into the inn with the others.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…oh, and something to be aware of: more than a few here don't… remember much about her. Be cautious, yes?"
Agathe_Darius_Song follows after. Though her reaction will be much more varried depending on the avaliblity of a bar they might have.
Agathe_Darius_Song "Of course, of course."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights will actually even go so far as to pre-emptively start up an iteration of Temptation-Resisting Stance as they enter the inn. [6 personal motes comitted]
MaidInvictus Oh, uhm.
MaidInvictus As you're walking in, another per + awareness roll please!
Frosted_Meadow roll !e5 per+aware
Zamka Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 4 success : [10, 9, 8, 6, 1]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "Oh, and they do remember which of the barmaids are the bustiest. And the easiest, if you're just looking for a bit of relaxation after all the rest."
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e 5 is there a stage?
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e5
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 4 success : [10, 8, 7, 5, 2]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights idly offhands as they enter, failing to look innocent as he uses the excuse to look about the inn
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights roll !e7 per/aware
Zamka Exalt Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights rolled 1 success : [9, 6, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1]
Agathe_Darius_Song roll !e6
Zamka Exalt Agathe_Darius_Song rolled 3 success : [10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3]
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((too many busty barmaids for falcon it seems))
Frosted_Meadow "Look. If I really want a barmaid, I'll- uh… nevermind."
Agathe_Darius_Song (( I'd say as the only guy he'd have stress but its exalted and ones a lunar so I'm not sure it works ))
MaidInvictus If you rolled a success, then you saw a pure black horse, with red eyes, in the stables. It looked pretty evil, but I mean, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. If you rolled more than one success, you might have also seen that its saddle was particularly elaborate and fancy.
MaidInvictus There is a stage, Diva.
MaidInvictus Anyway, lemme describe
MaidInvictus The bar is rather small, but it's full. Lots of people who are off work and lots of guards who are off duty drink here, and there are all kinds of peasant-y games being played. This is clearly a den of relaxation, and appropriately busty maids maneuver around the tables, serving drinks and stealing money where they can.
MaidInvictus You don't catch sight of your target right away, but her horse is stabled here, so…
Frosted_Meadow ((done?))
MaidInvictus Yes. sorry
Agathe_Darius_Song does what any woman would do and immediately pushes her way to the bar, past guards, she's even a little rougher then usual in the hopes of perhaps getting some rise out of someone and orders up a strong drink, once it arrives. "Say there. You see where that pale girl went? Wanted to follow up on something after her little speach."
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights is actively looking for her or any other that looks of Shadowlands. That said, he'll gravitate towards the guards and a drink, even if entirely within moderation. He's not yet eager to pay for a room they may get themselves kicked out, so paying for an extra drink or two and talking about the pretty lady to some of those aforementioned guards and asking what they noticed is going
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights to be
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights his first choice. If nothing else, the extra drink might help for getting pushed around by Agathe.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "You don't have to be so pushy about …0x1dpursuing0x1d… the lady, y'know"
Frosted_Meadow heads straight for the barkeep like some kind of drink-seeking missile. "hey. I was told I could meet a friend here? About yea high, black hair, wearing a really nice red silk coat?"
Frosted_Meadow proceeds to give a decent description of the pale lady
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights makes sure the guards hear his implications about the more base possibilities about why Agathe could be after her.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony asks the bartender not about drinks, but about the stage as part of the tavern floor. "I'm a traveling performer. Would I be able to use this venue later?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights snickers at any fluster or response from Agathe. Probably, at least.
MaidInvictus Okay, got four different things to do so hang on
Agathe_Darius_Song does get a little flustered for a moment, before calling out to Diva challengingly. "You don't need to ask, come on show them what you can do!"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights shrugs at Agathe's words
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights "…I mean, if you do a good job, they likely will at least not mind..?"
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights looks to whatever he assumes is the voice of authority in the tavern, or failing that the guards.
MaidInvictus The bartender is a fluffy-looking, friendly cat-man. He nods happily at Diva, and waves his hand at the stage. "Can use it any time you like, dear, long as it ain't in use."
MaidInvictus Next he responds to Agathe and Meadow, setting out a good drink for both of them. "Pale lady… yeah, yeah. She's stayin' in the nice room. She didn't mention any friends, though."
MaidInvictus And finally, the guards are fine with having someone like Falcon at their table — they like the look of his jib, or something. Not sure what you're implying with implications though, sorry. Could you elaborate on what you're trying to get from the guards?
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((oh, I meant that when Agathe bumped past them with her words of seeking out the lady, that he made vague implications that her reasons weren't as vehement as she said. Likely leaning towards the interpretation that agathe thought she looked more than just pretty, but left open. Basically just twisting her words to a less worrisome thing. That also amused him to imply.))
Frosted_Meadow "She's private like that." She bows slightly, and drops a hefty tip in his jar. "Has anyone else been by to see her recently?" Kiraya is the soul of innocence. Just a simple question between friends.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((that was just him trying to excuse her words though as he asked the same things agathe/meadow asked the bartender though))
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony heads over to the stage and immediately looks more at home. She doesn't have any instruments and doesn't dare to summon her own essence-based accompaniment, so does her best a capella.
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=-= thoon is now known as Agathe_Song
Agathe_Song (( weird. Well ))
Agathe_Darius_Song has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
MaidInvictus (Cha + Per. Mic applicable and all that.)
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e16 using the mic, nobody will think it's too unusual, right?
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 2 success : [9, 8, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2]
Frosted_Meadow ((I can drop a cha+socialize or similar if it matters for freindly bartender questioning))
MaidInvictus (lol reroll that.)
MaidInvictus (no seriously)
MaidInvictus (and throw in a 1 die stunt i gotta remember to name those)
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony roll !e17 again
Zamka Exalt Diva_of_Automated_Harmony rolled 4 success : [10, 9, 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1]
MaidInvictus Anyway uhm. The bartender responds to Meadow, mentioning that no, she just comes and goes at weird hours of the night.
MaidInvictus The guards mention that they've seen the pretty lady all over town, usually helping people or generally being pleasant. She brings food to the guards on late shifts, too.
MaidInvictus Oh, and Diva's performance gets a pretty good success. Those that aren't engaged with another PC stop what they're doing to listen, and they give her a pale imitation of the applause she's used to, but it's genuine.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights pays attention to see if the guards at least seem to have those memory gaps the others did
Frosted_Meadow nods at that. "Shame. I was hoping the rest of them would have made it too." She continues to make small talk about the weather and local trade with the bartender and anyone else unfortunate enough to drift into her web of friendliness.
Diva_of_Automated_Harmony "Thank you." Diva says and bows politely at the end. It's part of the job. Got to make people happy wherever she goes.
MaidInvictus Cha + Socialize or Presence, one die, Starf.
MaidInvictus Oh, and consider this one scene spent for building a positive intimacy towards you, Vega, in "The Peasantry". word travels in a small town etc.
Frosted_Meadow roll !e8 cha+pres+1
Zamka Exalt Frosted_Meadow rolled 5 success : [9, 9, 7, 7, 7, 4, 3, 2]
Frosted_Meadow knows quite a bit about the trials and obstacles facing a small-town farmer and merchant.
MaidInvictus Oh goodness. Meadow is a rousing success amongst people, generally making a good impression.
MaidInvictus Before long, though, a hush falls over the inn, and the doors swing open — your target is there, backed by the slowly setting sun, and the cold silence of the grave seems to follow her. People don't even whisper as she enters the inn, and the crowd parts as she makes her way towards the back, where the lodging no doubt is.
MaidInvictus But I'm gonna stop there for the night, we're a bit over.
Falcon_of_the_Northern_Lights ((zokay))
Agathe_Song (( that works. ))

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