Curtain Call - North Falcon

Name: "North Falcon", "Falcon of the Northern Lights"
Caste: Night
Motivation: Safeguard Creation from That and Those Outside
Inspirations: "ranger"?, Jon Snow?, previous character


An adult, if only barely, male with short black hair and the pale skin of the North; his travels have at least somewhat tempered his pale skin and harsh glare, even if only relative to before his exaltation. While his build is lighter than some Northerners, it just means he is only slightly stocky among those of the Scavenger Lands; he remains light on his feet either way and has the movements of a trained warrior. He has far from discarded the casual judgement he learned as a guard and remains watchful to a degree even when in a more relaxed setting.
Simple, functional, covering clothes, lighter now he's traveled south enough, cover a few slightly more simply decorated articles of clothing (and his Jade Hearthstone Bracers and Chain Shirt). While not averse to decoration that doesn't get in the way of utility, he currently is dressed in a mix of plain northern fashions and some sporadic fashions grabbed as gifts or payment packed away or occasionally worn.
He tends towards polite, if distanced, civility in normal conversation outside of foes or close friends; he's getting a little more actively social, but it tends to still take effort on his part or continued effort from those around him at times. He's more likely to attempt a well-reasoned attack on the ideas a foe espouses than make rousing speeches or breath-taking performances; and more likely yet to simply stubbornly endure before leaving elsewhere if pushed heavily.

Background and other things

What followed was a time of slowly gathering equipment and resources from the nothing he had previously, simply guarding some caravan or another for a time, then time as a mercenary in the Haslanti League, and finally time spent wander the North East and East as a free-lance monster hunter.
While guarding caravans, he gained more and more understanding and control of his new-found powers, guided further by whatever scraps of memory he could summon forth. This also saw him learning more and more of the world outside the white enclosing walls of his birth town, and eventually leading to his stay in the Haslanti League for a time as a mercenary.

Finding it more and more convenient to strike out on his own, he eventually started East and South, taking on tasks to destroy monsters; he would proceed to figure out if it was some monster preying on a town or group, or the other way around, and then deal with both accordingly. He's started to, ever so slightly, make a name for himself among the Scavenger Lords as well and has a few contacts in the League of Many Rivers. More and more, he's been focusing on a way to deal with more than "small" tasks individually on his quest to stop the monsters outside of Creation from preying on what he is increasingly considering his new home, Creation itself; of course, these same "small" tasks would have been throwing away his life had he still been a mortal. Still, he looks for more and better: this is what has led to him and the Cult of the Illuminated meeting up. He distrusts the Cult, but if they can put him into contact with other Exalts who might be able to do more… well then.

Character Sheet


Strength 2
Dexterity 4
Stamina 2
Charisma 2
Manipulation 2
Appearance 2
Perception 3
Intelligence 2
Wits 3


Archery 0
Martial Arts 0
* Melee 5
Thrown 3
War 1
* Integrity 3
Performance 0
Presence 0
* Resistance 3
Survival 3
Craft 1
* Investigation 2
Lore 1
Medicine 0
* Occult 2
* Athletics 1
* Awareness 4
* Dodge 3
* Larceny 1
* Stealth 1
Bureaucracy 1
Linguistics 2
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 2



Background Rating
Artifact (Hearthstone Bracers) 2
Resources 2
Manse (Monkey Stone) 2
Artifact (Talismans) 1
Contacts (League of Many Rivers) 1
Falcon, colored as shifting Northern Lights, hazy outline but piercing eyes
Limit Break
Contempt of the Virtuous
Hindered by the self-indulgend and intemperate nature of others.
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Health & Combat

Normal B 5 L 5 A 0
+ Chain Shirt, Fine B +2 L +4 A +4
Armored B 7 L 9 A 4
+ Durability of Oak B +6 L +6 A 0
All B 13 L 15 A 4
-0 ok
-1 ok ok ok
-1 ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok
-2 ok ok ok
-4 ok
Incapacitated ok
Join Battle 7
Dodge DV 7
Parry DV 6


Compassion Temperance
0 0 0 0 0
Conviction Valor
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0
Personal 17 17
Peripheral 31 39
Committed 8


Name Charms Cost Description
Combo name What's in it Cost to activate it Fluffy description of its effects.


Weapon Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Parry DV Range Rate Tags
Punch 4 +1/5 +0/2B +2 3 - 3 N, M
Kick 4 +0/4 +3/5B -2 1 - 2 N, M
Clinch 5 +0/4 +0/2B +0 2 - 1 C, N, P
Iron Boot (Melee) 4 +0/9 +6/8B -3 1 - 2 M
Buckler (Melee) 4 +0/9 +0/2B +3 6 - 1 M, Sh0
Cudgel (Close) 4 +1/10 +6/8B +0 5 - 2
Cudgel (Ranged) 4 +0/7 +3/5B - - 10 2 T
Hatchet (Close) 4 +1/10 +5/7L -2 4 - 2
Hatchet (Ranged) 5 +0/7 +3/5L - - 10 2 T
Sling 4 -1/6 +2/4L - - 100 1 T
Armor Type Soak (B/L) Fatigue Mobility Dodge DV
Chain Shirt light 2B/4L 1 -0 7


  • Loathing, Northern Fae
  • Dislike, Creatures of Darkness
  • Respect, Family
  • Love, his family
  • Debt to Honor, that one Dynast's family


  • Native Language: Riverspeak
  • Old Realm
  • Sky-tongue

Expanded Backgrounds

  • Artifact 2, Jade Hearthstone Bracers, MM bonus
  • Level 2 Wood Manse: Monkey Stone
  • Resources 2: Spoils/Payment for monster hunting/mercenary-ing/Scavenger-ing
  • Artifact 1, Talisman: Fae Warding charm (-3)
  • Contacts 1, League of Many Rivers:

Notable Equipment

  • Mundane weapons: cudgel, hatchets, knives, buckler
  • Superior Equipment: iron boots (cold iron), chainshirt (fine quality)
  • Minor Wonders: Fae Warding Charm (-3), Jade Hearthstone Bracers



First Excellency
The excellencies for Melee, Integrity, Resistance, Investigation, Occult, Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Larceny, Stealth.
Cost: 1m per die
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-OK
Duration: Instant


Panoptic Fusion Discipline


Frugal Merchant Method


Shadow Over Water
Reed in the Wind


Temptation-Resisting Stance
Staring At The Sun
Integrity-Protecting Prana


Judge's Ear Technique


Sagacious Reading of Intent


Dawn's Parable Defense
Dipping Swallow Defense
Hungry Tiger Technique
Sun-Sword Concentration
Final Sunset Stance


Ox-Body Technique (3x)
Invincible Essence Reinforcement
Durability of Oak Meditation
Soul Fire Resurgence
Essence-Gathering Temper


Mastery of Small Manners


Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit


Flashing Draw Mastery

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