Conleth Smolders

Arson Specialist Conleth Smolder

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 9/13 17 15 19 11 9
Bonus: -1/+1 +3 +2 +4 +0 -1
+2 int Racial
+2 int Level 4
+2 con Level 8
+1 All, Level 10
Total: Current: DR: Elemental Resistance Armour Check Penalty
99 84 11/13 10/15 (fire) -1


Primary Skills
Name Favored? Type Total:
Weapon Attack: Fav Dex 14+3/14+3-1
Unarmed Attack: No Str 6 -1
Ranged Attack: No Dex 6+3/6+3-1
Defense: No Dex+Int 6+3+4+2 = 15/14
Initiative: Fav Int 14+3
Fortitude: Fav Con 14+2
Reflex: No Dex 6+3
Will: Fav Wis 14

Movement Rates:

Type: Normal: Modified
Land 30 feet 40 feet
Swimming 20 feet ? feet


Item Stats Details
Fuel powered Rapier damage 1d6+2 fire damage 19-20x2 has 3 bottles worth of fuel for flambe an attack that causes ongoing damage of 1d6 fire damage per round till 2 reflex saves of 20(?) uses half a bottle of fuel. Flame thrower does 2d6 heat damage ito a target up to 15 feet away roll reflex of 22 to avoid uses 1 bottle of fuel.
Studded leather +2 defense bonus max dex bonus +4
Chemical grenades (5) 3d6 corrosive damage As a full-round action the scientist may lob a chemical grenade up to 50ft with an effect radius of 10ft. The grenade deals 1d6 corrosive damage plus an additional 1d6 per 4 character levels of the scientist, rounded down.
high quality oil(3) Used for specialist things
Tactical stealth booze flask(3) Counts as a bottle of booze, potent and in specialty blown and hardened glass bottles
Power Armor +1 DR +1 defense +5 fire resistance +4 strength counts as a large creature Has the "molten harpoon" which is a super heated harpoon that can be fired up to 40 feet away to deal 2d6 fire damage. If this is into a structure the power armor can pull the chain to drag itself to the structure as a standard action. After the harpoon is fired a full round action must be taken to reel it in before it can refire. While in the power suit Conleth Smolders may turn on scaning mode which acts as the x-ray implant for cyborgs

Secondary Skills:

Skill Favored? Type Total
Appraise Yes Int 15+4
Bluff Yes Cha 15-1
Climb No Str 6-1
Engineering No Wis 6
Gather Information No Cha 6
Hide No Dex 6+3
Intimidate Yes Cha 15-1
Invent Yes Int 15+4+3
Jump No Str 6-1
Knowledge (Arcane) Yes Wis 15
Knowledge (Architecture) No Wis 6
Research Yes Wis 15
Ride No Dex 6+3
Spot Yes Wis 15
Trapping Yes Dex 15+3
Tumble Yes Dex 15+3


Craft Specalist weapon
Specialist Weapon Attack(flambe)
Optimism Once per battle, as a full round action, you can perform a rousing speech for your nakama. All of your allies within 50 feet gain +1 to attack and +1 to defense rolls. This effect wears off when the battle is over.
Iron Liver The character can now consume liquor and never get passed the feeling of being buzzed. The character could essentially drink out an entire bar and walk home without even stumbling.
Ethenal Powered Gains 1 HP by drinking a bottle of booze
Talented Select two secondary skills you do not currently have access to. Add these two new secondary skills to your skill list as non-favored skills
Chemical Grenade As a full-round action the scientist may lob a chemical grenade up to 50ft with an effect radius of 10ft. The grenade deals 1d6 corrosive damage plus an additional 1d6 per 4 character levels of the scientist, rounded down.
Working Alone When working alone in a room, the scientist gains a +2 skill bonus to their invent skill rolls. If anyone enters the room the scientist must wait at least an hour before this bonus can apply again.
Skill Focus (Invent) +3 to invent checks
Sorcery While in this stance the specialist gains a +2 bonus to heat, cold, and electrical resistance. These bonuses increase by an additional +2 every 5 character levels.
Grease Fire As a full round action you spray high quality oil onto three adjacent 5x5ft squares around you, within 20ft, and light it with your weapon causing an inferno. Anyone on those squares takes 2d6 heat damage for every 4 levels of the specialist. They can make a reflex save vs a DC of 18 to take half damage. The fire expires after 3 rounds.
Combat Experties When you use the attack action or the full attack action in melee, you can take a penalty of as much as -5 on your attack roll and add the same number (+5 or less) as a dodge bonus to your Defense rolls. This number may not exceed your relevant attack skill ranks. The changes to attack rolls and Defense rolls last until your next action. A relevant attack skill is the skill you are using to attack that round.
Create Power Suit The scientist now has the skills to create their very own power suits which can only be operated by them. The suits can be made of any material as long as the scientist knows how to use it and has access to the machines necessary to process the materials. The suit may contain a variety of powers similar to cyborg implant abilities. Work with your DM to determine the amount of materials needed, time required, difficulty of the invent DC roll, and the final result of your crafting attempt. Note that the suits can improve the scientist’s DC, but will eventually fall apart if they take too much damage.
Blazing Weaponry As a standard action you may apply high quality oil to your weapon or your nakama’s weapon, increasing its damage by +2 heat damage. This effect lasts until combat ends.
Power Suit Mastery The scientist’s powered suit gains one additional cyborg implant, +1 DR, +1 defense, and +5 land movement speed.
Special Weapon Attack (Flamethrower)
Intelligence Defense Add int bonus to defense
Impose Paradox As a standard action, the scientist imposes a paradoxical situation upon anyone within 20ft. Creatures within range, including the scientist, must roll their INT (INT Mod + D20) vs a DC of 12. If unsuccessful, the creature becomes confused for 3 rounds
Arsonist +2 to heat damage
Burn Scars Having worked with fire extensively for so long it no longer affects you as it once did. You gain a +10 elemental resistance to heat based attacks.
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