Coctober 2020

System : 7th edition CoC
Style : Normal 1920s rules

Setting : Lovecraft country, Ipswich near Arkham.

A call for investigation on strange rocks that were used in the Vandalism of Mrs. Enid Carrington's fountain in the middle of her rose garden being built. The stones found were going to discarded but upon inspection by the first round of police investigation had no idea where these strange seashell stone vaugly banana shaped stones that don't appear to be fossils or carved. Figuring that maybe these rocks could be traced to the criminals who smashed the fountain at best or evaluated for whatever they are worth at worst.

Sugested charaters take or leave it :
- Part of the construction crew working on the site that is watching the party
- Geologist
- Paleontologist
- Private investigator
- Eccentric collector


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