Coc Evidence

The final days of William Dyer
Scrawled cryptic notes, likely some sort of dairy he made in his final few days.

"Nibbles doesn't like here, it's too cold from what she's used to, which is good. Keeps her slow. She's docile when she's fed, but if she isn't, she'll go for anything, even if it would starve her killing me. Still, her presence does keep me safe from them, she hides whenever they're watching, so I can cover my notes in the powder."

"Starmap is useless for me. Shouldn't have broken it off the wall, I can't figure out what to do with it to get any result, it's not some code on the surface, I translated as much as I could, no hidden codes. Nibbles is grinning, but I have no one left for her."

"Nibbles offered me a trade for another one, I agreed, I'm lying, she said there was some scientist, he could figure it out. Going to have to stop coming here soon."

"Nibbles isn't going to stay silent any more. I think I heard her scurrying around the house looking for food, guess she can climb the passage, at least I hope. If she has another hole I wouldn't have a clue where it is, and I know Victoria will break my legs and leave me here if I say no again. Can't leave Nibbles unattended though. I'll leave my notes here, fuck you, Victoria, your little toy won't get you away from her."

The glowing rock
A strange artifact being used as a paperweight, for some reason there is the vague sense that this is important, it's pinkish orange, and very smooth. While is slowly dulls after an hour or two, even a faint bump will make it begin to glow, it provides fairly clear light, you can easily read by it and when violently shaken, it can illuminate a small room. No known gems you can find match it composition.

The Writings of Stephen Hawksmoor
They're written in (rather poor) Egyptian

Old letters, they go into a few rambled scatterings about some sort of 'Black Pharaoh', evil queen revivals and other nonsense. It's very violent, they mention going into a pyramid, then you cannot find another one. It contains a spell, written in Egyptian, but you find a part of letters are translating it from English, you can finish off the rest to offer it to another player, "Entrance to the circles" aka Body Warping of Golgoroth, it will take 2 weeks to learn the spell if you understand Egyptian, 2 to translate it to English (not learn it), and 2 weeks to teach it to someone. Study of the letters also provide +1 Cthulhu Mythos.

Mysterious thesis
Written in Arabic; Note: Since none of you can read this, you don't understand it at all.

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