Coc 7 Sheet
Player Name: PLAYER NAME
Occupation: OCC
Colleges, Degrees: ?
Birthplace: ?
Mental Disorders: None, yet.
Sex: ? Age: ??
Stat Strength Dexterity Power Constitution Appearance Education Size Intelligence
Value 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Half 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
Fifth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Sanity Max Sanity Indefinite Insanity Luck Damage Bonus Build Move Rate
00 00 + 0 0 None 0 7
Hit Points Max Hit Points Wound Magic Points
00 00 None 0/0


  • If you take damage equal to half or more than your max hit points you gain a wound
  • When you gain a wound a CON test must be made or the character falls unconscious
  • If you have no HP with a wound you are not unconscious instead you are dying
  • If you take max hit points worth of damage you are dead

Occupation Skills:

Pushing skills

  • on a failed roll quickly tell keeper you'd like to push and what sort of results that another failure may cause.
  • You can not push combat rolls.
Name Base Modified Half Fifth Name Base Modified Half Fifth
Accounting 05% Law 05%
Anthropology 01% Library Use 20%
Appraise 05% Listen 20%
Archaeology 01% Locksmith 01%
Art/Craft (Type) 05% Mech Repair 10%
Charm 15% Medicine 01%
Climb 20% Natural World 10%
Credit Rating 00% Navigate 10%
Cthulhu Mythos 00% Occult 05%
Disguise 05% Op. Hvy. Machinery 01%
Dodge HalfDex % Persuade 10%
Drive Auto 20% Pilot (specify) 01%
Electric Repair 10% Psychology 10%
Fast Talk 05% Psychoanalysis 01%
Fighting (Brawl) 25% Ride 05%
Firearms (Handguns) 20% Sleight of Hand 10%
Firearms (Rifle/Shotgun) 25% Spot Hidden 25%
First Aid 30% Stealth 20%
History 05% Survival 10%
intimidate 15% Swim 20%
Jump 20% Throw 20%
Language (Own) Edu% Track 10%
Language (Specify) 01% Science (Specify) 01%
Language (Specify) 01% Science (Specify) 01%
Misc % Misc %
Misc % Misc %
Misc % Misc %

Melee attacks

  • Aware targets of a melee (or thrown) attack may attempt to dodge, fight back, or perform a maneuver.
  • Dodging an attack requires a same kind of success or better.
  • Fighting back or performing a maneuver against an attack requires a better success.
  • Every dodge, fight back, or maneuver against an attack done per round past the first has a penalty die for each dodge, fight back, or maneuver against an attack done that round.

Melee Maneuvers

  • use your brawl stat
  • Can not be used against targets with a build 3 or greater than your build
  • 1 penalty die per difference if you are smaller than target.
  • Effects are between you and Keeper including bonus, penalty, or degree of success required.

Firearm attacks

  • Announce you're doing an attack with a firearm at the beginning of a round as you have + 50 to dex when you fire.
  • Aware targets of a firearm attack may attempt to dive for cover (a dodge test) to impose a penalty die on the firearm attack otherwise armor or cover is the only thing that the target has control over.
  • Aware targets can not through normal means dodge or fight back against firearm attacks.
  • Multiple attacks with a hand gun type fire arm incur a penalty die.
  • Reloading penalty die. Instead of taking a full action for shotgun, pistol, or rifle loading you may take a penalty die and load in only one round instead of the full amount normally allowed for the reload action and make a fire arm attack.
Weapon Regular Hard Extreme Damage Range Attacks Ammo Malfunction Note
Unarmed 1d3 + DB Melee 1 N/A N/A
Misc. Items
Name Amount Note
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