Ciara Mor Sheridan

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Ciara Mor Sheridan


Ability Scores


Score 8 18 12 14 16 14
Bonus -1 +4 +1 +2 +3 +4



Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will
Total +10 +6 +8 +7
Base/Ability Mod/Power 0/1/9 5/1/0 4/4/0 4/3/0



Defense +1/+8 Base/with Dodge
Attack +4/8 Base/Ranged
Grapple +3 -
Initiative +8 -


Type Feet/Round Mph
Ground (Base/Run/All-Out) 30/60/120 3/6/12
Leap (Run/Stand/High) 9/4/2
Flight 500 50

Carrying Capacity

Light Load Med Load Heavy Load Max Load Push/Drag
Weight 26bs 53lbs 80lbs 160lbs 400lbs



Precise Shot 2 Ignores Elusive Target and less than total concealment/cover
Hide in Plain Sight Make Stealth checks while observed/ w/o cover/concealment
Attractive 1 +4 Bluff/Diplomacy for people that find character attractive
Uncanny Dodge Can't be surprised/ no loss of dodge for flat-footed/surprised
Dodge Focus 7 +7 dodge bonus
Improved Initiative 1 +4 bonus on initiative checks



Vulnerability-Fire +1 DC on all effects with "Fire" descriptor



Skill Total Ranks Ability Mod Misc
Acrobatics +13 9 +4
Bluff +10/14 8 +2 +4(Attractive)
Climb -1 0 -1
Concentration +9 6 +3
Diplomacy +2/6 0 +2 +4(Attractive)
Disguise +12 10 +2
Escape Artist +12 8 +4
Gather Info +9 7 +2
Handle Animal +2 0 +2
Intimidate +2 0 +2
Investigate +4 2 +2
KS: Pop Culture +10 8 +2
Notice +6 3 +3
Perform:Singing +12 10 +2
Search +10 8 +2
Sense Motive +3 0 +3
Sleight of Hand +6 2 +4
Stealth +15 11 +4
Survival +3 0 +3
Swim -1 0 -1



Midnight Howling
Type/Rank: Device 7 (5/r)
Cost: 23 (3/r+2)
Flaws: Easy to lose- Disarm (-2/r)
Power Feats: Indestructible (+1), Accurate (+1)
-A massive firearm bearing a passing resemblance to a crossbow. The stock and grips are composed of a material resembling pearlescent-white bone, while the rest is composed of black steel fashioned to resemble feathers, including a flare of long, sharp pinions surrounding the end of the barrel.

Main Frozen Fang
Type/Rank: Blast 10 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Standard/Instant/Ranged
Effect/Save: Attack/Toughness
Cost: 35 (3/r+3)
Extras: Autofire (+1/r)
Power Feats: Alternate Power 3 (+3), Accurate 1 (+1), Improved Range 1 (+1)
Descriptors: Physical, Cold
- Howling's standard ammunition, formed from magical ice within the weapon. Notable for being the only rounds compatible with the weapon's full-automatic mode.

Alt1 Hunting Hound
Type/Rank: Blast 9 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Standard/Instant/Ranged
Effect/Save: Attack/Toughness
Cost: 32 (3/r+3)
Extras: Penetrating (+1/r)
Power Feats: Accurate2 (+2), Improved Range 2 (+2), Subtle (+1)
Descriptors: Energy
- High velocity round capable of punching through heavy armor and taking out targets at extreme ranges thanks to the payload of condensed magical energy.

Alt2 Blizzard Breath
Type/Rank: Blast 8 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Standard/Instant/Ranged
Effect/Save: Area(general)/Reflex
Cost: 32 (4/r)
Extras: Area: Cone (+1), Selective Attack (+1)
Power Feats: Accurate 2 (+2)
Drawbacks: Reduced Range 2 (-2)
Descriptors: Energy, Cold
-Ciara's ammunition of choice when she finds herself surrounded. Shortly after leaving the barrel, each shell explodes into a flurry of cold and wind magic, freezing everything in the line of fire.

Alt3 Death's Dagger
Type/Rank: Drain 5 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Standard/Instant/Ranged
Effect/Save: Trait/Toughness
Cost: 31 (5/r+6)
Extras: Ranged (+1), No Saving Throw (+2)
Power Feats: Accurate 2 (+2), Improved Range 2 (+2), Incurable (+1)
Descriptors: Energy
-These rounds appear to carry a payload of sharpened bone spurs, carrying a curse that can weaken the body and spirit of it's victim.

Mist of the Moors
Action/Duration/Range: Free(active)/Sustained/Personal
Effect: Container
Type/Rank: Alternate Form 4 (5/r)
Cost: 20 (5/r)
-With this particular spell, Ciara transforms her body into a rolling mass of cold fog, capable of draining the vitality of anyone unfortunate enough to come in contact with it, as well as blending into the shadows of her surroundings.

Sub Type/Rank: Concealment 4 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Free(active)/Sustained/Personal
Effect: Sensory
Cost: 2 (1/2r)
Flaws: Limited- only in shadow (-1), Blending (-1)

Sub Type/Rank: Insubstantial 2 (5/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Free(active)/Sustained/Personal
Effect: Alteration
Cost: 10 (5/r)

Sub Type/Rank: Fatigue 8 (2/r)
Acton/Duration/Range: Full/Instant/Touch
Effect/Save: Attack/Fortitude(staged)
Cost: 8 (1/r)
Flaws: Action -1 (Full)

Hoarfrost Net
Type/Rank: Snare 14 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Full/Instant/Touch(+5ft)
Effect/Save: Attack/Reflex (Faliure: -2 attack/defense & -4 DEX, imobilized; Falure 5+/second Failure: imobilized, loss of Dodge, -5 defense; further Failures: +1 Snare toughness)
Cost: 8 (1/2r+1)
Flaws: Range -1 (touch), Action -1 (full action)
Power Feats: Extended Reach (+1)
Descriptors: Cold
-Whenever possible, Ciara prefers to keep her opponents well out of arm's reach. When they do manage to get too close for comfort, she uses this spell. A net of seemingly delicate ice crystals coalesces in her hand, which expand rapidly into a dense mass of ice when cast over her intended target.

Black Dog's Stare
Type/Rank: Emotion Control 14 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Standard/Sustained(Lasting)/Perception
Effect/Save: Mental/Will, Reflex (Faliure: -2 to attack/defense/checks; Failure 5+: flees source of fear; Failure 10+: drops held items and flees)
Cost: 6 (1/2r-1)
Flaws: Limited- Fear only (-1), Sense-Dependent- Sight (-1)
Drawbacks: Noticeable (-1)
Descriptors: Mental
-Some quarries are better left alive, at least temporarily- and this particular spell takes advantage of the shadows that constantly flow around her in combat to drive them away in fear. The aura of shadow shifts to give her the silhouette of a large, black dog, and her eyes begin to glow bright red from within the darkness, creating a sight that even the most courageous find difficult to look at.

Veil of Night
Type/Rank: Protection 9 (1/r)
Action/Duration/Range: None(passive)/Personal/Permanent
Effect: Defense (+9 Toughness)
Cost: 9 (1/r)
-In battle, Ciara's body is forever surrounded by a dense veil of black mist. A blend of magical energies chills the air and deflects light around her, naturally diverting the eye away from her, making it difficult for a blow aimed at her to strike home. For those that do, ice forms within the area of impact, helping to insulate and divert a portion of the energy behind the attack. (Thematic combination of Def. and Tough bonuses)

Type/Rank: Flight 3 (2/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Move(active)/Personal/Sustained
Effect: Movement (500ft/round)
Cost: 6 (2/r)
-One of the most important aspects of the hunt is the chase- and taking to the air makes pursuit far easier. This, the first spell Ciara mastered, summons a number of will-o'-wisps, to lift her into the air. The pale blue flames typically take position beneath her heels and in a ring around her waist, dancing in a circle as she moves through the air.

Warden's Gaze
Type/Rank: Super Senses 1 (1/r)
Action/Duration/Range: Free(active)/Personal/Permanent
Effect: Sensory (Darkvision)
Cost: 1 (1/r)
-A staple for tracking a target in the dead of night, this enchantment enhances Ciara's vision so that she can see clearly even in the darkest places.

Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 90lbs

The Sheridan family is, according to public record, a wealthy family of minor nobility from Northern Ireland. Public record fails to trace the full depth of the Sheridan heritage, however. In truth, Ciara's bloodline goes back to one of the early kings of the island. A man who's spirit now leads the great host of souls forever traversing the wilds of the British Isles: The Wild Hunt. All members of the family join the Hunt in death, and many members consider life something akin to training grounds in which to hone their skills before joining their ancestors. Giving credence to this belief is the magic that runs strong in Sheridan veins, with Ciara being no exception. Early on in her training, she showed a particular aptitude for the manipulation of shadow and cold- talents she honed into a repertoire of spells meant to mimic the numerous mystical creatures and spirits that roam the Emerald Isle in the dead of night.

Aside from her passion for the magical arts, Ciara has an abiding love of singing, and shows a similar level of talent. For the most part, time not spent seeing to the responsibilities her powers entail is spent fostering a moderately successful musical career. Using some of her family's wealth, Ciara eventually left Ireland, intending to spend a year or two abroad, in part to promote her music, and in part to simply expand her perspectives, having spent much of her prior years on the Sheridan estate with tutors for the majority of her company.

It was during this tour that Ciara first encountered the MCTF. The fateful meeting occurred when her hotel, one of many businesses acting as a cover for a group of criminal magic users, turned into a magical warzone between cartel and MCTF during Ciara's stay there. Immediately intrigued by the premise of the organization, Ciara contacted her family, and with their blessing and backing, set into place the framework for her recruitment. Some of the girl's more traditional relatives and teachers took exception to her going off on her own when she could easily spend another decade in study, but their objections eventually lost to the wealth of experience and discipline working in the MCTF offered.

Ciara is bright and energetic, qualities that endear her to her growing fanbase in the local music scene as much as her voice. One might assume that spending more than a decade of growing up amongst privilege, wealth and power would leave the girl spoiled, but stringent tutors and the dangers of her magical training left little room for error or willfulness. As such, Ciara readily defers to authority and holds few illusions of her superiority, especially among the magic community.

She does sometimes find herself at a loss as to how to interact with her peers, sometimes taking a joke at her expense as a personal sleight, or taking her own attempts at humor a step further than appropriate. Her only real issue as a member of the MCTF is with the uniforms. The spartan, utilitarian wear required of MCTF members doesn't sit well with Ciara in the face of her obsession with the gothic lolita style. Like other members, she saw to the modification of her uniforms at the first possible opportunity, adding flared out cuffs with layered falls of lace, and trimming every other hem with more of the same. In spite of her best efforts however, the uniforms never quite match up to her tastes, and she makes every effort to wear them only when she has no other choice, preferring instead one of her dozens of lolita dresses.

PP totals: 22+13+10+17+21+68-1=150

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