Channel Rules

The rules of conduct, usually unwritten, for #everydaymagicalgirls.

  1. Please use emoticons sparingly. We tolerate the occasional use of an emoticon, but if you use one with every sentence, it gets annoying. Known tolerable emotes are as follows: :3 and variants, ;-; and variants. Also, the tilde (~) is often abused.
  2. Please do not use netspeak.
  3. We don't care how badly you type, at least.
    • We care. We aren't going to yell at you, but we still reserve the right to mock you openly.
  4. If you get into a big argument with someone, please take it to a PM if someone asks, or it's evident the argument is getting disruptive.
  5. Do not do freeform roleplaying in the main channel. The occasional "/me" emote is acceptable ,but roleplaying while others are trying to have a conversation is rude.
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