Carrion Crown


Dear friend of my fathers

As the news may not have reached you yet, this letter serves as both the announcement of the death of Professor Petros Lorrimor, and to invite you to remembering his life as he is laid to rest. In addition, He also requested that you would be present for the reading of his last will.

Though he has only spent recent years there, He will be buried by a collection of his friends and family in his official home of the last fifteen years, In the town of Ravengro, in the immortal principality of Ustalav, in the local Church of Pharasma's graveyard at sunset on the 31st, the month of Lamashan, in the year 4711.

I hope that you will be there.

- Kendra Lorrimor


What do I need for this?

A basic understanding of Pathfinder
The Players Guide to Carrion Crown, NOTHING ELSE for the Carrion Crown books until the entire path is over, unless you want it spoiled and thoon hating you forever.

The game will be run by voice on roll20 for dungeon-y parts. You'll need to join up by clicking this. I don't THINK we need character sheets, you can just use it for hp and stuff manually I'm pretty sure.


Character creation rules: 1st level, basic character creation stuff. 15 point buy, 2 traits, preferably one from the book, be normal and want to go to a funeral and/or will reading.

please list characters:

  • Clarissa Shellingford, Investigator and consulting detective from Caliphas. Played by Vega.
  • Apel Anghelescu, Summoner dilettante with an interest in fel things. Played by Scrib. His Eidolon His other Eidolon
  • Elsidah Jedynak Completely reasonable and aboveboard magus looking for the finer things in life. Played by Starf
  • Miro Desh Halfling Bard and Teller of tales taller than himself, he is not (entirely) the scoundrel and mischief-maker he seems. Played by Orrin.
  • Ilya Rotleaf, NOT a necromancer, stop asking. Played by Maid.
  • Marie Haine, Paladin of great JUSTICE, likely out of her depth with the undead. Played by hauntedTechnician


100 x 6 for Beating up the riot in the graveyard
200 x 2 for Beating Giant Centipedes
350 for resreaching The Whispering Way
350 for researching Harrowstone prison
200 for researching Wardan Lyvar Hawkran
600 for Rat swarm

2500 Total
Arbitrarily made, level 2.

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