Call of Cthulhu

What should be known

The investigators discovered Dyer's house was a complete wreck once you got below the surface, beginning to fall apart, it had already been emptied of most initial potential clues, but with persistence, they managed to uncover a photo of William standing in front of the Bent Pyramid, made some time the current year, further digging had them discover the secret study of the owner, and what can be presumed his pet, after a difficult fight, the investigators managed to escape with only moderate harm, little mental damage and a case of arson to inevitably add a year or two more onto their prison sentences.

Evidence and Findings


Doctor Johnson Ian Crawford, played by Edward
Wynne Pickman, PI, Played by Vega
Frank Dirp Played by a Scribblefag
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Dominic 'Dreamer' Donatello: A foolish O'Bannon punk with delusions of grandeur
Danny O'Bannon: Gang leader: Up-and-comer, and possible master of a horrible monster.
Victoria Glasser: Mysterious socialite, revealing and seeking the map, and hiring Wynne to do it.
William Dyer: A mystery wrapped in a enigma wrapped in a burial shroud in the local morgue

Total Exp Given out: 1500
Total insanities: 1

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