Name Elizabeth
Class Bard Alignment Neutral
Title Level 1
XP 78 Next level
Goals Fame and cool stories to tell
2 Sentence history
Ability Score Saving Throws
STR 11 D (eath, poison) 13
INT 9 W (and) 14
WIS 7 P (aralysis, petrification) 13
DEX 11 B (reath attacks) 16
CON 10 S (pells, magic rods/staves) 15
CHA 15 +/- (wis mod ot saves vs magic) -1
HP 3 Max 3
AC 5
Unarmored AC 9
Melee bonus 0
Dex Mod to AC 0
Dex Mod to missile 0
Attack Value Matrix
0 19 1 18 2 17 3 16 4 15 5 14 6 13 7 12 8 11 9 10
CHA reaction mod +1
Listen Door - in 6
Open Door - in 6
Find Secret Door - in 6
Find Room Trap - in 6
Overland miles/day (Exploration / 5) 1 Day
Exploration Feet/Turn 10 minutes
Encounters Feet/Turn (Exploration / 3) 1 Minute
Own Alignment, Common
Literate Y
Enchantment effects from playing a musical instrument and singing. Effective range of 40 feet. The options are detailed below.
Anti-charm Allies in range are immune to song-based magical effects and the beguiling powers of sylvan creatures or fairies. Allies already under such an effect may make another saving throw with a +4 bonus.
Fascinate Affects up to 2HD creatures per level of the bard. Can affect persons at 1st level. Targets must save versus spell or be fascinated. Fascinated creatures are fully focused on the bard's performance until it ends. the bard may move around and fascinated subjects will follow. the fascination ends immediately if the performance is interrupted (for example, by loud noise or violence).
Beguile if the bard performs for at least one round and the performance ends without interruption, fascinated subjects may be placed under a deeper beguilement. each subject must make another save versus spell with a +2 bonus or become beguiled for one turn per level of the bard. Beguiled subjects consider the bard to be a close friend and ally and will come to the bard's defense. if the bard and subjects share a language, beguiled subjects will obey a bard's commands, unless they are actions the subjects would not ordinarily do based on their nature or alignment. beguiled subjects never obey suicidal or obviously harmful orders.
Name Dice Traits
Unarmed 1d2+0
Sword 1d8 melee
Bow 1d6 ranged
Other Items
Name Count/Days of use left
Chain mail 1
Some form of instrument 1
Backpack 1
Mirror 1
Rations (standard) 6 days
Waterskins 5
torches 6
tinderbox 1
Gold 16
Shortbow 1
Arrows 20
Iron rations 7 days
An ornate warhammer+1 1
Name level Notes
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