Bx Carnage Castle Catastrophe

Lets go die in a dungeon!

Game general

Simple faster pick up games to be run in BX/old school essenciasl update of basic / expert original D&D. We get to gawk at lack of skills, be taken aback how initiative is rolled, and ask what the fuck a listen at door ability is. We also get to use the much coveted to hit Armor Class zero.

For the basic rules go here Old school essentials basic . If you wish to do demi-human classes you'll have to hunt down B/X essential classes and equipment. Spell levels of 2 or more may never be reached during this due to level required but if it happens I'll find the spells.

Mind set

This isn't so much a retro clone as it is a clarification and representation of basic / expert D&D (no number no A) and back then things were different. There are no skills, by core there are no ability checks even, you are meant to say what you want to do and the GM decides if you can do it based on how you describe it. So there will be a lot of saying what you're doing and me saying that it works or it doesn't and what complications. I am also trying to kill off some characters. Good luck.

Optional rules in use.

Ability checks - Lets face it we're going to hit points were we can't reason out if a character should just be able to do that so I'll be asking for ability checks every once in a while.
Variant weapon damage - No d6 for everything.
Prime attributes - may technically not be an optional rule but it should be pointed out. Effectively you can convert 2 non prime attributes (for most) for a class into 1 attribute point for prime attribute in a class. So you can make your sucky rolls technically more sucky but better in one aspect.
Reroll 1 & 2 on first level hp - as it says if you roll a 1 or 2 you may reroll and take the second result (think carefully about rerolling 2s).
Encumbrance - to a degree may throw out.
Morale check - monsters may flee, this happens when an enemy is killed this will speed up going through wilderness a bit
Custom adventure - this is meant to be done in small sprints so the term 'adventure' is modified a bit. You can only level up once a 'adventure' and that is going to change to suit this campaign so it'll just be returning successfully and resting at the main camp.

Extended classes.

Due to me throwing money away at things I've had previews of classes in one kickstarter. There is an image provided at a readable but painful for ants resolution but are useable. Bard requires a bit of work but due to these "advanced" classes referencing another BX book you can get for free the spell list can actually be obtained if you can make it to level 2 for bard.

Delf - Dark elf, drow, night elf whatever you want to call it. It's basically a regular elf but uses divine spells instead of arcane ones with a few fiddling things. Has everyone's favorite weakness to light, an oddity of first level darkness/light spell at first level which not even clerics get, and the ability to get reactions from spiders. Has a requirement of 9 int and prime attributes of STR and WIS.

Bard - Humans who sing and seemingly fuck everything including the plan. This time around they're more off their original heritage of the word and have Druid spells. Can distract and enthrall people with music and make attempts to tell you what the mcguffin is on a roll of 2 or under on a d6. Only human class so far to have requirements, those being 9 DEX and 9 INT. Prime attributes of CHA and WIS.

Half elf - half elf, half human, all watered down elf. Just as it was said it's basically an elf that has slightly more requirements (that aren't elfy) magic coming later but it has much less exp than an elf. Required attributes CHA 9 and CON 9 with prime attributes of INT and STR.

Actual adventure.

Castle north peak is the name for a castle that has been traded between nations and armies for generations. It is a castle erected in a very defended mountain range due to it having a large amount of farmable land in a valley with only 2 main paths to reach it only one is considered for marching an army. The main path that is taken leads to a Hamlet called Leg'iad which at some point was elvish, then taken care of by human druids, then abandoned by the druids and taken up by whoever took the castle at the time. The Castle hasn't been necessarily important but an unspoken rule for the nobility to not occupy it as it's said anyone willing taking the castle is planing to fight a war for the area so no lord takes extended residency there without it being a political move.

Three months ago the local clerics had a vision of doom but no source could be found and only the local clerics had this, the rest of the land seemed to be fine and no local invstigations by the church could suss out what the omens were telling, then black smoke rose from Castle north peak. The local town guard mounted an expedition to where they were decimated and few returened home bloody and sane enough to tell of the vile creatures that were paroling the forests now.

Within a week the lords had mustered what could only be called an army to march upon the castle. They were all killed, no one knows how, only that a clearing of trees and tattered armor and rusting weapons remain on the main path past the last defensive gate for the castle. The lords unsure what to make of this have started to pour their treasury and resources into investigating the castle and mounting a defense, and hopefully a future offense, at the final gate Tor Schicksal. The only problem with Tor Schicksal is it is a gate meant to defend to from approaching armies with plenty of lodging and weapon caches and facilities for seige conditions, it just in this case is on the wrong side of it's feet thick defensive stone surface. Engineers have logged the forest outside of the gate and made temporary defensive walls and the trickle of stone work up to the position will mean some short term siege capable walls will be placed but Tor Schicksal is still largely defended by standing units of the army the lords provided.

The lords are unwilling to have an entire army diapered again so they are using those who seek glory, godly favor, and of course money to investigate the castle and report what is actually going on there. Daily small groups go off and fewer come back to report to the forward camp. Anyone participating in these information missions and keeping watch will receive free lodging and simple meals for the duration of this, and as an unspoken rule any treasure looted from the castle or taken from the minons that lurk there will not be questioned unless it is of blatant royal origin to which they will pay a hefty reward to keep heritage from being looted and sold.

So those seeking fame and glory report to Tor Schicksal there is much to be earned here.


Every hex is one mile. There is a road going from gate to gate to castle though you'll obviously be spotted on it but make better travel time.

Important Persona

Lord Judas

The main bankroller of this venture, he is lord of the local area and generally pays the lions share of upkeep on the castle North Peak. Due to proximity he has a bit more weight in politics. He will not be showing up to this if he can help it.

Lord Benedict

Lord of Aerm Ca'ier currently sending troops and directing any vagabond he can to this expedition. Will not be showing up if he can help it.

Lord Markus

Responsible for the meager magic items on site and the craftsman setting up camp and building everything. Is the lord of the dwarf Rabbet and his group of smiths. Will not be showing up if he can help it.

Aerm Ca'ier

Elven commander of this fight. Has been under the line of lord Benedict for roughly 2 centuries since lord Benedicts ancestor defeated him in a duel during the last great eleven human war. He was spared and could not take such dishonor from an "infant" and served under the man who bested him to learn the secrets of how such a child (read 28 year old man) bested him. Will not leave the service of his family until he has learned the trick for besting humans once and for all, the main problem is just when he thinks he got it they up and die and he has to start over with one of their children, he honestly thinks they're getting worse every generation and his path to retribution is coming to an end.

Dwarf Rabbet

Here to order the engineering feats of securing the Tor Schicksal and keeping the smiths brought with him repairing armor and making swords. Word is he's been promised a station at North Peak which he will make a name by fixing it up and starting a dwarven settlement along the west mining pits if this is successful.

Sister Sas

Practically mute by conviction for "only speak matters of truth" for her god of wisdom she is devoted cleric who has healing spells at her disposal though refuses to bring any of her gods powers to hurt others. She currently does not cast spells under Aerm Ca'iers orders unless necessary as they may be needed in an emergency, she casts them every night on the sick before going to bed anyways.

Trader Diccas Teif

Trader who has set up and has constant logistical caravans bring up military and non military goods. He's buying everything that people bring back at cut throat prices and selling the luxuries at outrages prices. He'll get you what you want but it'll cost you just to ask him and double what you should pay when it arrives a week later.

Supplier Moe

Military supplier currently under Lord Markus though his loyalties shift to where he's needed and he'll quickly be snatched up by Lord Judas. Is responsible for all stock of military quality basics, meaning absolutely terrible but will get you by. Though he does freely hand out ale, he's seen too many camps go bad when they end up drinking local water.

Wizard Mit

Does not want to be here. The people are too loud. The holes in makeshift living quarter lets in too much light. And his feet hurt. No one is sure which lord sent him but he really wishes one would order him to leave. Here to try and get any wizards up to date with their magic, which is a terrible idea, there's no place to concentrate and Sas or Aerm Ca'ier will interupt anyone who doesn't fucking watch the forest or head out scouting if they sit around for more than an hour.

Seci Ae'iry

Handles all the public bounties and board for investigation. Shrill, red headed wood elf cleric. Not actually a charter class cleric. She will break your ankles if you fuck with her too much with full authority of Aerm Ca'ier

Jim The Gnome

Fuck jim.

Current bounties!

150 a head for any rescued person from the expedition

2500 gold pieces investigating the path of the corpse stealer.

On the board!

600 gold for finding tunnels

2000 for any tunnels into the castle.

600 gold for investigating remaining towers.

Character rules

All characters start at level 1. xomko rolls your 6 3d6 down the line. I may or may not establish a BBX script for this for her. You will then do whatever adjustments for prime attributes and pick a class. It is encouraged that you write 2 sentences for character backstory, and even better if you do so for multiple character classes before we get rolling so you can generate new ones when the inevitable happens.

Character stable

This is sorta meant to be pick up and do something games so you may have multiple active characters in game. Just in different groups or resting at the defensive line while they heal up wounds. If you want to make a cleric and get them to level 2 to be able to cast cure light wounds to heal up characters once a day go for it.

Grave yard

May your sacrifice have advanced up
Here lies
Lovrolir Magmaforge A dwarf. - . Played by thoon. Guild broken mug.
goblin crits are still crits. 100 exp from level up.

Current stragglers

BX Template Sheet

Player character sheets
Elizabeth - A Bard. Destined to be bullied. Played by Vega. Guild broken mug.
Tanith Greensward - An very short Elf. If only he were a competent one. Played by Orrin. Guild broken mug.
Rem Hearthstone A fightery fighter played by Thoon.


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