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Starkweather - Moore Expedition:


James Starkweather, 43
Expedition co-leader, Explorer, Press Manager

Casual research of the man reveals a busy life, he got a 4th from Oxford, before spending many years in foreign places. He joined the war, where he had considerable success, then he lead safaris across Africa, before expanding into more exploration such as the Himalayas, Australia, The North Pole and Central American jungles. He's written several books such as Survival at the world's roof and Death in Africa. It seems the economic crash has hit him hard in recent years, as he had announced retirement, but has obviously changed his mind.

Opinions about him seem mixed, but often negative. Words such as impulsive, reckless and egotistical do abound, but there are almost as many people that seem to genuinely get along with him, some without reason, some by only limiting interaction, but even the worst criticism of him is almost always tempered by at least some praise, most commonly praise of his rare mix of tenacity, experience and professionalism. A testament to his inconsistent ability to get along with people is his quiet friend Moore, who couldn't be any more different from the man, yet the two couldn't get along more.


William Moore, 38
Expedition co-leader, Geologist, Paleontologist

An excelling student at Miskatonic, then Yale, Moore seems to have had a interesting education, with many honors of all sorts, he spent a very short time in the army during the war during a break in studies, before returning to them. He wrote several thesis's, some well received and some not, all well above the heads of even many of his teachers. On graduation, he was hired to teach at Miskatonic. He went on several small expeditions, such as the Arctic and the Himalayas, as well as many other locations for the school. It's worth noting they've gone extremely well, with deaths rapidly decreasing as he gained increasing authority over the expeditions. Then he missed the Miskatonic Antarctic expedition due to sickness. He is the one that organized the new expedition, presumably to make up for this.

Moore is a quiet man, despite being fairly fit and socially acceptable, as well as brilliant and good at conversation, he only speaks up when he plays his seemingly self adopted, but often welcome role of Starkweather's calmer translator. He clearly has a habit, almost never seen without his pad in hand, and often taking notes. He's obviously the calm type who doesn't take risks and prefers to plan things. It really is a wonder how the man can stand being such good friends with Starkweather.

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