Brooke Madison

The girl who can stop you in your tracks.

Brooke Madison

Name: Brooke Angelina Madison
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Background: Prodigy
Profession: Point(wo)man
Rank: Blocker


Brooke is an inch or so above average height, with dark hair she lately has kept short and bright amber-brown eyes. She has an athletic build and is outside enough to tan quickly during the right seasons. She's all-American, and by that she's an example of the mixing of cultures and ethnicities one might expect after a cataclysm. Her father has noticeable Russian/Nordic blood with a bit of the culture, and the same for her mother and islanders (say, an eighth each). Brooke and her sister have lucked with a nice blending of those features, though what kid in these times doesn't look a tad unique anyways?
She was slightly tomboyish before, but among the many injustices puberty deals any teenager, she was at least also dealt a 'healthy' enough figure to gain a bit of notice (slightly above average overall, but nothing particularly outstanding). And if she should happen to alter her still somewhat tomboyish attire with a few feminine touches that let her show off anywhere from a bit to quite a lot, it's probably completely unintentional.
She keeps fit with a few light workouts and the occasional fight. She's been fortunate enough that she only bears the lightest of scars, to where she mostly has to point them out should she brag on them. While she's managed to sneak a few drinks, she's still pretty much a light-weight; she thinks she other people look stupid smoking, so she's perfectly willing to help others keep her lungs clean of smoke.
Most of the time she will have an impish smile on her face and is ready with some laughter or a trick. She also has more than her share of self-confidence, and may occasionally strut her stuff.

{think somewhat along the visual lines of
Kanbaru Suruga of Bakemonogatari,
Kikuchi Makoto of IdolMaster, and
Sonohara Anri of Durarara!!}


She's a nice girl, honest. She's just taken to defending people from other people on occasionally the wrong time, like when they weren't fighting in the first place and she actually caused the ensuing debacle. Or maybe fighting you for your own good or something. All in all, a girl who doesn't mind just handing out the hugs (and headlocks).
Her predilection for fights (that totally aren't her fault) has occasionally led to some people mislabeling her as a delinquent. Just because the people she beats up occasionally start following her around and calling her boss in no way means she occasionally ends up (badly) leading small gangs until she notices. And just because she's good at story-telling and magic tricks likewise doesn't mean she doesn't tell the full truth or use her dexterity and magic fingers for the wrong thing. And most of the time she'll let people who place small wagers and have the bad fortune to lose have the chance to recoup their losses if they do something to amuse her, so it's not like she's forcing them to gamble away everything they have.
Like any normal teen-aged girl, she's suffered incredible heartbreak as her One True Forever Love turned out to actually just be some stupid guy. Multiple times. But she can remember (at least a few of) their names right (sometimes). Her family is loving and supportive (even if her sister's dating advice is somewhat … questionable). And if she should defend girls from guys with slightly more zeal than otherwise, well, then that's the price that said guys will have to pay. And if one of the guys was cute confused and/or just in need of someone to show them the error of their ways, she's not above dragging them off for re-education.
Of course, sometimes it's not a matter of people just being misunderstood, maybe some pulls some type of weapon out or starts seriously beating someone who's long since lost. For those times, she can use her dexterous fingers to produce all manner of small things, like brass knuckle equivalents and other such dirty tricks. And you'd be amazed at what you can get away with if you cry at the right time. And if you occasionally don't get away with it and have to deal with run-ins with some serious, you're loving and supportive family can sometimes lend a hand if they're careful.
She loves her family, consisting of her father and mother, along with her older sister. They get along well enough and have a happy enough family life, given the times. They may or may not have certain slight underworld ties, but for at least as long as she's been around they've (mostly) stayed on the good side of the law.
So when the strange people in all the suits came to her house, she was well into explaining it was all the criminals fault, nobody's fault, or even her own fault, but certainly not her family's fault. When they instead took her to some strange holding facility while her parents stared at the suits to burn their faces into their minds should she not be returned, she began to suspect the suits may have been telling the truth about this being some government thing. When they showed her NERV proper, she tried not to show her amazement. When they showed her the giant robot, she tried to keep from openly staring too long. When they told her she was going to pilot one of them, she hugged them.
Her family is a bit guarded about the whole thing, but it helps that a few 'annoyances' that were bothering the family all suddenly turned up jailed for life or failed to turn up at all. Plus, she seems kinda happy about whatever it is that she's doing over there.

Prodigy Traits

  • Synch Flux: Whenever you roll for Synch Disruption, roll an extra 1d10 after choosing whether it increases or decreases your result.
  • Expert Coward: Agi bonus is treated 1 higher when determing speed while moving away from an enemy. Always treated as if had used Disengage action, regardless of whatever else done on the turn.
  • Civilian: In any round in which you cause Collateral Damage, you take a -10 penalty to all Tests until the end of your next turn.
  • Untrained Eye: -3BS
name at max
Wounds 11 11
EGO 100 100
Fate 3 3
Insanity 1 100
Fatigue Level none
type WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel SR
prodigy 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 45
roll 15 8:5 9 14 14 12 13 16 11 9
buy 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 5 0 0
total 35 25 29 34 39 32 33 41 31 54
bonus 3 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 3 5

ASSETS (500)

  • Troublemaker
    • Street Skill: Trained in Deceive, Sleight of Hand.
    • Trouble with Authority: Anyone in a position of apparent authority over your character takes a -20 to their Command or Charm skill tests to coerce you in any way.
  • High Endurance: Receive one less fatigue level (min 0) with a successful difficult (-10) toughness check.
  • Uncanny Luck: Trained in Gamble. Once per session, on a roll already made, you may subtract 2d10 from the result.


  • Big Ego
  • Impetuous


  • Halt
  • Hotblooded
  • Awareness
  • Skill Proficiency (Tinker)
  • Guardian
  • Dodge

Attribute Upgrades (350)

  • Agility +5
  • Willpower +5

AT Powers

  • Deflective Field
  • Neutralize


  • Melee Weapon Training (General)
  • Basic Weapon Training (General)
  • Progressive Weapon Training


Name Rating Att Rating Type
Awareness 33 Per +0 basic
Barter 15 Fel .5 basic
Carouse 17 T .5 basic
Charm 31 Fel +0 basic
Climb 14 S .5 basic
Concealment 19 Ag .5 basic
Contortionist 19 Ag .5 basic
Deceive 31 Fel +0 basic
Disguise 15 Fel .5 basic
Drive 19 Ag .5 basic
Evaluate 16 Int .5 basic
Gamble 32 Int +0 basic
Inquiry 15 Fel .5 basic
Intimidate 14 S .5 basic
Language, Speak (English) 32 Int +0 adv
Literacy 32 Int +0 adv
Logic 16 Int .5 basic
Lore, Common (Any) 16 Int .5 basic
Lore, Common (Science) 32 Int +0 basic
Lore, Common (War) 32 Int +0 basic
Scrutiny 33 Per +0 basic
Search 16 Per .5 basic
Sleight of Hand 39 Ag +0 adv
Swim 14 S .5 basic
Tinker 32 Int +0 ?



EVA: Unit 3

  • Distinguishing Features
    • Soul: Dormant Soul
    • Mutation: Regenerative
    • Construction: Clinker
    • History: Badly Financed
  • Primary Color: Dark Grey
  • Secondary Color: Neon White


type WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel SR
Brooke 35 25 29 39 34 32 33 41 31 54
EVA +15 +15 32 42 +0
Unit 3 50 40 32 42 39
Type Armor Wounds at Wounds max
Head 2 0 4
R Arm 2 0 6
L Arm 2 0 6
Body 4 0 11
R Leg 2 0 6
L Leg 2 0 6


SU (2) WU (3) BU (2)
Wing (Launcher) Shield (1) T +10 (2)
+2 dmg [PKnife] (1)
+2 pen [PKnife] (1)


  • Wing Loadout (Knife Dock), right wing
  • Wing Loadout (Launcher), left wing
  • Progressive Knife, MK 1 (+2 dmg, +2 pen)
  • Pallet Gun
  • Shield

EXPERIENCE (1950/2000)


  • 400: Initial
  • 400: Flaws
  • 400: Defeat of the Third Angel, Gazardiel (Bubbles)
  • 400: Defeat of the Fourth Angel, Yrouel (Electricorn Centibeast, AKA Mr Gribbly, AKA Frank)
  • 400: Defeat of the Fifth Angel, Gradhiel (Flying Bomberman with spikes)


  • 800 Initial
  • 100 Progressive Training
  • 100 Skill Proficiency (Tinker)
  • 100 Dodge
  • 100 Guardian
  • 100 Agility +5
  • 200 BU (2), Facilitated: Toughness +10
  • 100 SU (2), Facilitated: Wing Loadout (Launcher)
  • 100 WU (2), Facilitated: weapon upgrades to Prog Knife (+2 damage, +2 pen)
  • 250 Willpower +5


  • Dating is not the end of the world. But friends might be.
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