Brilliant Heart

My Name Is…Brilliant Heart
And I Am…a pegasus with a light-green pelt and white mane. I also happen to glow in the dark. My cutie mark is the typical "atom" symbol. I often wear a cape that has a lining which looks like a swirling, fanciful sea of stars.
Why Aren't You Happy? I think I'm a lot more important than I really am, and I like it when other ponies look up to me and let me boss them around. I'm kind of…simple, though.
How Did You Realize This? I got put in charge of planning some little local even,t and it REALLY went to my head. Power corrupts, and all that. I almost ruined the whole thing, too.
What's On The Surface? A kind of silly, kind of dumb pony who is nice to her friends, and maybe a little boastful.
What Lies Beneath? Delusions of grandeur, a revolutionary spirit, just a dumb as on the outside. Barely-controlled megalomania.
Your Dream Is To… Rule Equestria~ It'll be a nice, enlightened era where everyone will look up to me and I'll share the woners of sciecne with them and…
When You Get Upset… Aggressive [_][_] Passive [_]
Spark: Hope [_][_][_][_][_][_]
Cutie Mark (Power) An atom, with a nucleus and the three crossing electron orbits. It's probably going to look a bit strange to a lot of people. (Nuclear Fusion)
Friendship: [x][x][x]

((And a general comment: never, EVER jokingly show a friend in your gaming group some weird homebrew relevant to his interests. Of you'll have to play it. On the plus side, we get to learn DRYH.))

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