Beyond The Mountains Of Madness

Campaign premise:

This game will use the rules of Chaosium's classic Call of Cthulhu game, you can find a copy of the PDF I personally bookmarked here, Core Rulebook for occupations, though I'm willing to consider anything, its strongly recommended that you look here at this List of Occupations for your career, if you don't find something fitting, then talk with me. Remember that certain skills will be different or unavailable, as that list is for a modern age game, but its the best one found online. Also due to the unique nature of this game and certain skills, we'll use a special character sheet I've made a template, its largely the same as the one in the core book, with a few antarctic/campaign specific skills, and at the time later edition additions, like dodge.


Now new expeditions are finally ready to leave for the ice, including the just recently formed Starkweather-Moore expedition (SME), who's plans are announced in the papers below

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BtMoM Player Handouts: A place for things the group as a whole manage to obtain to be listed.

NPCs: The sheer amount of these people will soon justify their own section.


BtMoM Template

Recommendations players might want to consider:

Things to keep in mind:

  • The expedition leaves in September and will return before July.
  • The expedition is privately funded and owe no allegiance to any school or corporation.
  • The mission is one of exploration and discovery, not detailed research
  • They will do most of their exploring by air
  • They expect to revisit many of the Miskatonic expedition sites.
  • They are recruiting now.

Careers most desired:

  • Cartographer/Surveyor
  • Dog Handler/Sled Driver
  • Electrician/Electrical Engineer
  • Guide/Polar Survival Expert
  • Journalist
  • Mechanic/Mechanical Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Mountaineer
  • Outfitter
  • Photographer
  • Pilot
  • Physician
  • Radioman/Radio Engineer
  • Scientists/Researchers, especially those in the fields of archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Glaciology, Meteorology, Mineralogy and Paleontology.

If possible at least one geologist or paleontologist is recommended.

Note that the crew already has 'all it needs' to function without any of these in NPC form, so don't feel too pressured to take any of these careers, So long as nothing goes wrong and expedition members don't spontaneously go violently insane or encounter man eating monsters, everything should be just dandy. If desired, anyone of any career may be welcome aboard,they need only sell themselves and their talent, or join as a sponsor for a small fee. Due to the time, females will have a slightly harder time getting aboard, but it can be done by either success in their career or higher level of sponsorship 'so that a man can be hired to carry the woman's load'. Necessary assistants of either gender are allowed aboard free of charge, note that this is only for professional ones, as this isn't the place to bring family.

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