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Maid powers:

Super Evasion:         Okay?
Iron Wall:         Okay
Trespass:         Okay? Changeable
Weapon From Nowhere:     Okay?
Giant Weapon:         Okay?
Ultimate Retort:     Okay? changeable

None of these really need changing, so much as the options there should we have more fitting Athletics powers?

Maidens Tears:         Okay?
World for Two:         Okay? Still say it's a reality marble~
Power of Friendship:     Probably mandatory.
Cooked with Love:     Will need changing
Windows of the Soul:     Will probably need changing
Passionate Gaze:     Will probably need to change

A few depend on a master, which might not work with a magical girl game. The moe ones? Well they're universial. Windows of the Soul could become Dat Ass, as Fate exemplared for Nanoha fans, if we use a audicence is the master setup.

Lock Picking:         Probably won't fit
Stalking:        Could work.
Lie Detector:         Works, there is an evil option. PC's will backstab each other all the way home.
Ultimate Menu:         Doesn't fit, magical girls can't cook. Well known fact.
Instant Cleaning:     They suck at this too.
4-D Dress:         Maybe.

Most of skill probably needs swapping out. Detecting lies will however keep the inevitable triple-evil PCs from murdering each other for just a little longer though.

Punishment:         Needed~
Instant Restraint:     Just a little reflavor and bam, Binding Spells~
Coercion:         Needed~
Trap:             Okay, changeable
Fake Crying:         Quite workable
Mockery:         Works, nicely.

Pretty much all that needs to be said.

Karma:             Works well.
Saw it:         Probably doesn't work.
Teleport:         Works, sort of. Lame though, maybe.
Escape:         Works, to the tentacles chagrin.
Foreboding:         No magical girls can do this, mascot pets get it for free though.
Chance Meeting:     Works, but probably not too fun.

Lots of room for changing things, luck is a nice melting pot for spare good ideas.

Immune to Pain:     Probably fitting for an archetype
Crisis Adrenaline:     Don't get this much to begin with.
Persistence:         Works.
Tenacity:         Works.
Hard Work:         Could work, depends on skill changes.
Absolute Maid:         Disrobing rules absolutely need to be included, so...

A solid set, some room to change things. Crisis Adrenaline confuses me though.

Magical Girl power Varriants:

Skill, or Affection:

Befriending: Somehow

Power of Friendship: Default
Maiden's Tears: Default
Dat Ass: Gains a bit of/bonus to favor when providing fanservice
World for Two: Rename to Reality Marble, just because~
Killer Obsession - When you put your mind to someone, nothing will stand in your way~  Gain *some bonus we'd need to name* when *some condition, probably relating to seduction, friends, or spending favor.*
Mob Tactics/Friends Forever: Gain a bonus (+3 when helped) or +1 when surrounded by friends, or both.

Lethal Chef: Your cooking is terrible, but you don't let that stop you.  anyone who eats a meal you make takes 1d6 stress. Default Maid needs it too~
Bookworm: You actually LIKE school and study diligently.  You never have to worry about failing tests and get +3 to the roll result for anything related to academics.
Snatch: By taking a small amount of stress, you can simply take something from the opponent.
Area Search: You can find things.  Easily.  If you take the time to make a roll (or whatever) and describe what you're looking for, you can know where it is, without having to look for it yourself.  Being more specific makes it easier to find.
Lie Detector: Default
4d Dress: Change to Hammerspace

Bullshit knowledge: Gain a bonus on things you have no idea how to do?

Denser than Neutronium: When confronted with a verbal assault or seduction attempt, you may make a cunning roll.  If the result is below 6 (8?), you are unaffected.

Absolute Maid: Rename to Sexy Magical Girl.
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