Adventures wanted 2 off mauve days ahead

Adventures wanted 2 off mauve days ahead

Mutants and Masterminds 3 game with slight tweaks.


Your characters are minions of Unbewegt Festung der Untergehenden Sonne Castle, AKA Sandstorm Castle double aka Bedtime castle, who is run by Herold der ewigen Nacht ohne Sterne , Aka Herold double aka Nighty, who has mysterious disappeared before a massive attack razed Bedtime castle leaving it in taters and barely working. Take tasks to climb the ladder and grab power while maybe solving a mysetery!

Extended Fluff.

unbewegt Festung der untergehenden Sonne (Unmoving fotress of the setting sun) Commonly mocked as bedtime castle, otherwise known as sandstorm castle due to the perpetual sandstorm around it.

overorleded by overlord Herold der ewigen Nacht ohne Sterne (herald of perpetual night without stars), commonly refered to as Herold, mocked as nighty.Real name as Schicksal the rest is title inherited.

Genearl situation before game. The fortress was operating as normal, meaning doing jack all while plans within plans were being concocted by the overlord. While any actual expansion or aclamation of wealth was done outside his knowledge by lackies and genearly frowend upon by the overlord. The overlord was seemingly abscent for 2 days before the entire fort was dimensionaly straffed by upscalled magic missles percisly just inside the magic dome but outside the dimensional restriciton field. Sufficent to say everything went to hell as thousands of scrub demons had to be reserected and the larger demons who took it to the face are takign a week long nap or handed in their titles to fuck off. The place is a wreck, the teleportation gate is on the fritz, the demon asembly contact board just has it's edges, the alchemist lab entered its weekly crater phase 2 days earlier than expected but it's supply room is completly gone, Hospital wing is just a fraction of what it is wearing the healing capiable demons into the ground, the highly intraquite information collection and desiphering center was largly unscaved besides one missle landing near it causing all the glass(thus everythign within) to shatter, and worse of all the magic labs and the sand storm generator is at critical. At least the portal to the plane of beef is still up so food isn't entirly a worry.

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