Aw Npcs

Adventure Guild NPCs

Rechnu : A girl who seemingly never leaves her office and works diligently on her work. Can recive information about how the current status of contracts is by unknown means. Is not human, seemingly is some form of copy of Metapher.

Brigens : Desk clerk for the main office or so he poses. Seems to have absolute authority over the guild while have the advantages of not aging or dieing.

Allen : A young boy with a purple helmet that turns into armor. Says it's for hunting angels.

Echo : A women who is seemingly Allens care taker, not much is known about her.

Mage Guild NPCs

Zimmerman : A politically powerful wizard once interested in gaining the three magic grimore. Now has one at residence in his mansion, and two in the basement.

Xanta : A rival wizard of Zimmerman. The adopted father of Three grimore two of which are still with him.

Bert Lansi : Seemingly involved with providing materials for the construction of Rechnu and 2 other "interface units" with some sample known as Mammon.

Guild mage Ami : A generously endowed mage who a purple skirt and a puffy beret hat with a feather. Seemingly can summon weapons and always has some sort of grin.

Unknown faction

Van : Seemingly had a bad day with the reality egg and is forever changed with it's reality shaping destruction. Is working with Kalido towards something.

Kalido : Self proclaimed daughter of Regenbogen. She has the power of portals and is generally annoying. Having some connection to Blake she can seemingly take over when he is unconscious or not able to resist, though currently this is being expedited through a black stake through her head.

Eins : The first failure. A Grimore that is not quite a grimore but is neither a demonic sword. Is forgoten by Kalido whom is seen as a mother to her, has tried to kill the party to gain her favor but is currently being held captive in Ximmermans basement. Has red hair and blue eyes and seemingly loses her arm to have a sword.

Drei : Silver haired golden eyed demon sword seen in Eins's mind. Supposedly she is something different than Eins but not what was needed. Was seen gaurding the castle.

Zwei : Red haired golden eyed demon sword seen in Eins's mind. Like Drei in being differnt than Eins. She was found overlooking books that had images from the outside world.

Dreizehn : Female Silver haired red eyed sword grimore supposedly based heavily on the Silber Schrift. Followed some unknown set of embeded orders from Van and is known for repeatedly stabbing Kalido after being "born".

Other NPCs

Metapher : The grimore of metamagic, the oldest looking of the three grimores that were under Xanta's care, though through self modification. Was taken for a vacation to the south after being rescued by ximmerman, and stabed while finding the Silber Schrift. Supposidly visits Rechnu regularly and annoys Aud.

Zuden : The grimore of fire, The Youngest looking of the three grimores that were under Xanta's care, though is said to be the oldest. A girl that acts like a fire cracker bouncing everywhere trying to have fun.

Licht : The grimore of light, The middle child of the three grimores that were under Xanta's care, though looked the oldest before Metapher went on an aging spree. Seemingly likes to help those around her.

Silber Schrift : The oldest known grimore written on a silver sword of sealing. Part of a xenophobic off shoot of the eye of calm that was dedicated to destroying any being that seemingly was above a mundane. Impaled metapher upon awakening in his sealed archives. Is currently 'broken' though metapher says he's fixed, is staying at the Ximmerman mansion.

Flannery : Supposedly involved with the Silber Schrift on some level, her portrait owned by Ximmerman bares a striking resemblance to Zuden though much older.

The Green Knight : A true knight who rides the glorious amorphousness slime cube into battle. Has called upon the party a few times.

Count Oglaf : A well bred count who only comes out at night and has some odd minions. Also seemingly has dirt on everyone in the upper echelon of society in the region.

Vampire Slayer Dee : Suposidly a poor man who's fiancee was stolen form him by Count Oglaf.

Laleen : A missummoned succubi who doesn't want to go back to inferno. Has a minor fear of men. Currently in possession of a ring that keeps her from sucking out souls. Is currently betrothed to Helsin.

Helsin : A regular Carpenter who one night had a succubus accidentally bound to him. Wanted her gone but now that she won't accidentally kill him during her haphazard nightly sexual assault attempts. Currently over that and is marrying the poor thing.

Sulton : Self proclaimed ruler of a small sea side town.

Otur : Half mermaid daughter of Sulton. honestly believes herself to be a princess, granted she is royalty through her mothers side in some aspect.

Theake : A loveable insane mimic posing as a person. Does not belive naturally ocuring life to be worth concern more than food. Madly after another mimic named Mammon presumes Aud to be him.

Mammon : Not much is known beyond that Theake learned how to be a person shaped mimic from him.

Stavos Endfield : A dual sword weilding theif who tried to steal items. Looks oddly like Aud.

Jasmine Night : Supposedly from the Thieves guild, she managed to escape quite easily when Stravos was taken down.

Allegretto , Vibrato , and Forzando : Three angels constructing a tower. For what reason they are is unknown.

Rathnait Dream : Lazy priestess to the south who keeps an awkward peace between humans and demihumans due to leftover feelings from a long since over war.

Elistria : Depressed truely imortal elf. Her left arm is completly black skined in a strange like oil fashion. Seems to have worked with Van and Brigens along with some others.

Captain June : Like the best captian of the Orange page maties. Declares a man named rick to be her wife.

Chris Billiarde : Man in charge of a community board system in his rural part of the town. Seems to maintain and take orders from the Adventures guild for their boards.

Kokomo : A cute S-type interface program taking from Turis. Currently bound to emma's fake halo and is not installed with assassin protocols to kill the party.

Reditus : Current administrater of Turis. Was holding rick hostage as she extracted an eight octave program for him in hopes of advancing herself and the tower. Has a nasty way of speaking about natural lifeforms.

Rick : Proposed highly regerating "wife" of Captain June. Not much else is known.

Chimera: The eight octave program responsible for keeping Rick alive and regenerating.

Rachael Crimson : Vampiric Head of the Crimson houshold. Talks down to many people and only seemingly cares about her appearance to others in high society.

Noel Crimosn : Little sister of Rachael Crimson. Always seemingly restrained.

Obligato : Fallen angel who seems to be intent on getting revenge on Rachael Crimson for some reason.

Blake : A former friend of Van, Brigens ,and Elistria. Presumably a mage but after the Reality egg incident lost all his powers. Would be seen a lot more if Kalido wasn't showing up.

Regenbogen : Presumably the mother of Kalido and an actual minor god. She went about gathering a demihuman army and taking over portions of the world. Is supposedly dead.

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