Audrin Pax

Character Sheet

Ability Scores

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score 10 (12) 14 20 8 14 12
Bonus 0 (+1) +2 +5 -1 +2 +1
(when using Mimicry)

18 PP

Carrying Capacity

light medium heavy max drag/push
normal 33 66 100 200 500
mimicry 86 173 260 520 1300
(when using Mimicry for Strength 12 and Super-Strength 1)

Hero Points (2)

  • Determination 4
  • Inspired Feat 1

Saves and Combat

Toughness Fortitude Reflex Will Attack Defense
Base 2 3 3 3 3 2
Mod 5 5 2 2
Power 7 *
Total 14* 8 5 5* 3 2
* +3 Will Save versus Mind-Effecting effects
* +4 versus Verse-Effecting effects
* Impervious Toughness: 5
Recovery +5
Favored Opponent (Personifications 1): +1 damage

21 PP


Skill Ranks Ability bonus Check Bonus
Acrobatics 2 +2 +4
Arcana 13 -1 +12
Athletics 2 0 +2
Bluff 10 +1 +11 * $
Concentration 9 +2 +11
Craft (Specialty) 0 +2 #
Craft (Technology) 1 +2 3
Demolition 0 -1 #
Diplomacy 0 +1 +1 *
Dungeoneering 1 +2 +3
Endurance 0 +5 #
Heal 1 +2 +3
History 0 -1 #
Insight 10 +2 +12 $
Intimidate 0 +1 $
Manipulation 0 +2 #
Nature 0 +2 $
Navigation 1 +2 +3
Notice 10 +2 +12 $
Perform (vocal) 1 +1 2
Profession (Adventurer) 0 ? #
Religion 1 +2 3
Stealth 0 +2 +2
Streetwise 1 +1 +2
Technology 1 -1 0
* +4 for Attractive
$ Favored Opponent (Personifications 1)
+4 for Eidetic Soul
# Untrained, no further bonus

16 PP

Template: Changeling

A human. Or near enough at least. While not as lucky as a mundane, they have a certain ability to adapt to their surroundings (or at least as much as anything else does around them). Like most Changelings, anything past that is far from standard. Often ready with a smile and handshake, he is ready to defend himself should things go wrong. He can both mimic more and less: he can mimic anything, though not much of it and he can even 'stack' what he has learned. Of course, most mimics don't need luck or permission to mimic.

  • Mimicry [8 PP]
  • Natural Defense [5 PP]: +1 to Fortitude, Reflex, Will and Defense
  • +2 Charisma [2 PP]

(Already accounted for on character sheet)


  • Interpose (take hit for ally 1/round while adjacent as reaction)
  • Evasion 1
  • Evasion 2 (Improved Evasion)
  • Precise Shot 1 (reduce by 4 penatly to shoot at enemy in melee with ally)
  • Precise Shot 2 (also ignore all but total concealment/cover, Elusive Target)
  • Skill Mastery: Arcana, Bluff, Concentration, Insight
  • Luck/HeroPointPowers 5
    • Determination (reroll) 4
    • Inspired Feat (Alternate Power)
  • Trinket 2
    • Angel's Cape
    • Ever-full Lunch Sack
  • Benefit: Sound Mimicry (Imitate any sound he's heard at +10 bluff)
  • Favored Opponent (Conceptuals [Personifications] 1): bluff/insight/notice/survival/damage
  • Slap Silly: grapple-reactive attack to cancel, DC 11 Fort vs Daze (1 round)
  • Improvised Tools: no penalties for having no/inappropriate tools
  • Jack-Of-All-Trades: use untrained skills
  • Eidetic Soul: remember Verses; +4 to recall/study/reinforce Verses (created)

19 PP



  • Hurts So Good 7 [55] (+6/r + 12)
    • Absorb 7 (altered) [3r] + both types [1r] + storage [1r] + range [1r] + slow fade(boost) 1 [1] + Triggered 2 [2] + Limit (same or suitable opposite energy) [-2].
      • Heal!; Boost: Strike!, Blast!, Aura!, Dazzle!, Snare!, Mimicry, !Concussions For Everybody
      • Impervious 5 [5]
    • Contrary to the name, Audrin doesn't actually like getting hit. He does however tend to enjoy the perk of using some of that energy spent attacking him for his own purposes, whether that being healing himself or giving himself certain attack abilities. He can even absorb energy when it's not being aimed at him, and can set his power to trigger on people trying to hurt his companions if he's thinking ahead.
  • Just Another Voice In My Head [3]
    • Mind Shield 3 [1r]
    • His experience with so many voices in his head (recently to include a floating chia pet), have led his not so natural defenses to extend in a new way. He can now safely ignore the psionic equivalent of a dirty look with the greatest of ease, and a bit more besides.
  • Flight 2 PP
    • Flight 1 [2r]
    • Through some quirk of either his absorption or mimicry, Audrin has picked up the ability to fly, and can be seen floating about on occasion. At 10 mph he can only fly slightly faster than he runs, but it finds its uses.
  • Wherever you go, There you are! [1] (+1/4r -2)
    • Teleport 12 [2r]+ Accuracte (general description) [1r] + Medium: Reflections (Mirrors) [-1r] + Action: Full [-1r] + Short-Range Only [-1r] + Reduced Range (rank*25') + Side Effect [-2r]
    • Side Effect, Always: Stun 6 [6] (Daze-only)
    • Multiple Rounds: takes 5 full rounds, Dimensional (Home Dimension), Reversible [0]
    • Reflections are powerful things, and a tool Audrin is well-equipped to take advantage of. Recent Dimensional shenanigans and mimicry have brought out the ability to step into one and out another, at least as long as he has a general idea of what's at the other side and it's within 300'. Of course, there ARE a few side-effects…
    • As a strange quirk, he can exit other people's extra-dimensional pockets if he's been stuck in one and there is a suitably nearby mirror; he can even re-enter that dimension through the same mirror. This takes a good deal more time, but perhaps it will end up useful yet.
  • Hoard 2 PP
    • Dimensional Pocket 2 [2r] - Feedback 2 [1r] - Grapple Required 2 [1r]
    • Reaching into wherever might be convenient or even nothing at all, Audrin can retrieve or stow 1000 lbs of things. He can even try to wrestle someone into his hoard, though since he can still be attacked from in there, it's not too likely.
    • To trap someone: grapple and pin target, who then gets a Reflex save to avoid being trapped. They then get a Will save each round, with a cumulative +1 bonus for each round captured. Attacks from within the dimensional pocket use this rank instead of the regular toughness save and are always non-lethal; stunning gets the target another saving throw, unconscious frees all trapped subjects.
  • Just one of those Faces 12:3or2 [1] (1/3r -3)
    • Morph, Any Target [3r] + Skill Check: Disguise (Bluff) [-1r] + Duration: Continuous [+1r] Action: Move [-1r] + Progression (5 targets) [-2]
    • Power Loss: lose stolen forms after a month, aside from most recently stolen form [-1]
    • Requires a normal touch attack (-2/r) to steal form, Will (harmless, -1/r) to resist [-3/r]
    • {Using sensory as a guide and assuming the disguise is normal vision: vision senses are double the cost of the other sense types and the complete sense type is double the cost of just a single sense in that type.}
    • Thus, 12 ranks split to complete vision, complete olfactory/taste, and complete mental would all have a rank 3 Disguise (+15 disguise). Could instead have all senses and sense types at rank 2 (+10 disguise).}
    • His recent exposure to some of his heritage combined as always with ever more exposure to magic has led to Aud acquiring the humanoid version of loot mimicry: he can effectively pretend to be someone who he has touched and stolen the form of. More than just a mask and a bit of costume, he can fool a wide array of senses. Or at least the passive ones: this doesn't give any insight to knowledge or mannerisms, though such can be bluffed normally.
  • Skill Monkey 2 [1] (1/r -1)
    • Boost 2 (all trained skills) [3r] + action: move [1r] + contagious [1r] + personal [-1r] + side effect [-2r] + distracting [-1r] + Innate [1] + Quickfade [-1] + Unstackable [-1]
    • Side Effect, Always: Nauseate 1 (No Save)
    • Aud reaches deep within himself through all the experiences that either he or those he has mimic'ed have been through for a quick but temporary boost. He's very nearly as good as he ever was at anything he's trained (whether himself or currently borrowing), though only for a short while and not without consequences. This effort leaves him sickened, and occasionally even worse. As an oddity of his strange nature, those touching him at the time also gain this boon.
  • Mimicry 8 PP
    • Mimic 1 (all traits at once)[5r] + continuous [1r] + extra subject 2 [2r] + stacking [1r] + resisted [-1r] + Noticeable [-1] + Innate [1]
    • A natural mimic, Audrin can imitate those he meets, though only to a degree. He can't mimic much of any individual person, but he can combine what he learns from multiple people. Of course, it's obvious to anybody looking at him that he's more than just himself, as they can see flashes of whoever else it is he mimics.
  • More Than Meets The Eye 5 [5] (+1/r)
    • Array 5 (provides 10 points) [2r] + Unreliable [-1r] + Distracting [-2] + Innate [1] + Second Chance: Drain/Nullify [1] + Action: Move [-1]
    • AP: "True Form": Humanoid [0] {default}
    • AP: Alternate Form 2: Mimic-chest [1]
    • AP: Alternate Form 2: ??? [1]
    • His strange origin has left Aud not as he was, but not necessarily always so. With more than a bit of effort and time, he can manage to regain the form of a Mimic Chest (and more than a few powers to go with said form, along with many of its drawbacks). It's not something he normally even thinks of however (though perhaps events with Theake and Meta will alter that) and he doesn't even realize he has a form to match the Magic Mirror.

Absorption boosts/heal

  • Heal! [3 per rank + 1]
    • Healing [2r] + Persistent [1] + Regrowth [1] + Total [1r] + Noticeable [-1]
    • Bright flares of energy dance over his wounds as his body tries to repair itself.
  • Strike! [2 per rank]
    • Strike [1r] + Variable Descriptor (energy) [1] + Penetrating [1r] + Limit (unarmed) [1]
    • He strikes with a piercing blow, his arms and legs trailing energy.
  • Blast! [2 per rank + 2]
    • Blast [2r] + Variable Descriptor (energy) [1] + Accurate Attack 1 [1]
    • Fighting fire with fire (or ice as the case may be), he fires a blast of energy.
  • Aura! [3 per rank + 1]
    • Energy Aura [4r] + Variable Descriptor (energy) [1] + Permanent [1r]
    • Wreathing himself in energy, he becomes dangerous to those who would dare touch him. Useful when being swallowed whole. Not so useful when shaking hands after the battle or retrieving fragile objects, as it takes a while to completely fade and he can't turn it off until that happens.
  • Dazzle! [4 per rank + 2]
    • Dazzle (visual) [2r] + Area (burst) [1r] + No Saving Throw [2r] + Variable Descriptor (energy) [1] + Reversible [1] + Action:Full [-1r]
    • Audrin concentrates for a moment, sending a flash of energy to temporarily blind those he doesn't wish to see. Sure-fire, and he can even reverse the effects if he or his allies get caught in the immediate area.
  • Snare! [2 per rank + 2]
    • Snare [2r] + Variable Descriptor (energy) [1] + Homing 1 [1] + Backlash [1r] + Entangle-Only [-1r]
    • He sends bands of energy to ensnare his opponent, with the added benefit that it will seek them out for another try if they manage to dodge the first time.
  • Concussions For Everybody! [+2/r +2]
    • Area (Burst) [1r] + Selective Attack [1r] + Action: Full [-1r] + Distracting [-1r] + Total Fade [1r] + Unreliable (5 charges) [-1r]
    • Confusion [1r] + Range: Touch [-2r] + Knock-back [1r] + Secondary Effect [1r] + Affects Insubstantial [1] + Linked: Suffocation [0]
    • Suffocation [2r] + Duration: Instant [-1r] + Sedation [1] + Linked: Concussive Confusion [0]
      • (or another +1/r +1 power. Suffocation is a bit odd at instant level)
    • Aud is lately a very confused being. As adaptable and subject to various energies as he is, he has developed a way to cram that confusion down the throats of those around him, generally flinging them far away so he can get some breathing room.
    • {Knockback notes: half toughness bonus, rounded down(impervious is not halved) + 4/size(above Medium) - 1/size(below Medium). Difference in rank and knockback is applied in distance on progression table in feet (less than 5 doesn't move them). Knocked Prone. Difference in rank and knockback (or obstacle's toughness, whichever is less, obstacle same damage, target continues if obstacle destroyed) is applied as damage. If obstacle is instead a character, treat as slam with both parties receiving knockback difference in damage.}

Mimicry Subjects (5/5)

  • Akane - oni of bartending
    • [2] Strength 12 (+1)
    • [2] Super-Strength 1
    • [1] Skills 1 (Athletics, Diplomacy, Profession: Bartender, Survival)
  • Butler - good help is hard to summon these days
    • [1] Appearance (+5 Disguise)
    • [1] Skills 1 (Butler Stuff)
    • [1] Detect 'Lady of the House'
    • [1] Sense (Orders: 'Lady of the House')
    • [1] Dat Tail
  • Meta - a thought-provoking read
    • [1] Appearance
    • [?] Arcane Senses
    • [?] Stuff
  • Zuuden - adorable pyro
    • [1] Appearance (+5 Disguise)
    • [4] Playing with Fire
  • Zutani - beer bender
    • [1] Swimming 1
    • [1] Immunity 1: breathing under water
    • [2] Water Control 1
    • [1] Sense: Hearing (Acute -> Accurate)


  • You remind me of someone 1
    • Noticeable [1] (already accounted for)
    • While using Mimicry, onlookers can catch glimpses of those he mimics when looking at him.
  • But I'm not Dead yet
    • Noticeable [1] (already accounted for)
    • When healing himself with his absorption powers, energy dances across his wounds, signaling to whoever just finished hitting him that he's ready to be beaten some more.


  • Hoard
    • Jar of Lightning Water (Sadly lost to the reality marble in the forgotten city)
    • Skeleton Gun (enough magic for one shot it would seem, slotted into cannon and fired)
    • Bug Goop [remains of living spell that made giant cockroaches] (Currently on diagram floor)
    • Priceless Artifacts [full tableware set, retrieved from necrosquid] (since gifted to Ada-wolf)
    • Copious amounts of alcohol, mostly high quality. (most of it is stored in the Guild chest though)
    • Statues (Silver Sentinels), 2. Currently of the not-so-moving type. (stored in Guild chest)
    • Quite a few stones said to be used in magical devices, possibly. (At least some on hand)
    • Shadowy Pan of Goblin Frying [slightly used]
    • Assorted books on magic, to include one or two books that should probably not be considered cook books, but are.
    • Marbles. Handfuls and handfuls of marbles, courtesy of the Goblin Tower.
    • 'schematic' sketch of Dre's power.
    • Mannequin
    • bricks (clingy house)
    • Magic Mirror shards (some are out and about near the diagram)
    • random knick-knacks from Zwei (scrying, arcane)


An average enough looking fellow, though often enough his Mimicry will have him taking on aspects of other people. Otherwise, average height with dark reddish-brown hair and gray-blue eyes with the occasional fleck of gold. Rarely with a large pack, but having his things available none the less, he otherwise dresses much like any other adventurer or traveler.
As wise and charming as he is stupid (which is to say not much, but perhaps just enough), he's quick to put himself in harm's way for others (or at least some of them). Often acting the fool, he takes it personally when those he would protect get hurt. Mostly he's just enjoying a life with everyone and the chance to tease or joke around with them.


As a Changeling, or so the BCoFHaD terms him in the census, he is rarely as he first appears. And rarely is he even as he next appears for that matter. While even a 'standard' Changeling is far from normal, he's just a bit further from that than many others. He also seems to take an interest in that which becomes a being and may have been around for longer than he cares to let on. Then again, that's not exactly uncommon for a magical creature.
He's probably a Conceptual instead of a Demi-human, and probably came about due to some accident or mistake. Possibly involving a mimic waiting for just the right (or wrong…) moment to show a wizard that it wasn't a normal storage container while said wizard was fiddling with strange magical energies and a magic mirror, but who knows. In any case, he has a soft-spot for Conceptuals that are struggling to be human, or at least human-ish.
If Theake and Aud's reactions are to be trusted, then she may have been a mimic from the same group as he was. Or at least, the same group that Mammon was. (Spoilers, they aren't to be trusted.)


1 2009/08/16 In which I don't splatter from Hyper Beam, but miss the rat.
1 2009/08/23 In which I return the Rat King's greetings, and we help him start anew.
1 2009/08/30 In which we clean our act up, and help a local Wizard to do the same.
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152/152 PP: 0 remaining

Notes: 2 Hero Points and Inspired Feat left. 1 bruise. No stored energy or powers, triggered absorb used.
Running arcana to suppress the abomination. A silver sword out, magic mirror shards out, magic gems out, living spell goop out.

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