Yurika Enne

Name: Yurika Enne
Tier 1 Nano
Class: She trained for a time with a group of Aeon Priests, and they still look upon her with fondness.
Focus: Recently, Tink was accidentally flung high into the air or sent crashing to the ground while Yurika was using her powers. It's up to them how they feel about her.
Origin: Natural mutation plus accidental fusion with mechanical device in chest.

Might Speed Intellect
Current 4 11 16
Max 9 11 16
Edge 0 0 1
Effort 1
Cypher Use 3
XP 11

Practiced with simple weapons - Can use light weapons without penalty.
Focused in Numenera - All actions to understand and identify numenera. (Trained from Nano class and from Mystical descriptor.)
Sense Magic - Can sense whether the numenera is active in cases where it's not obvious. Must study an object or area for a minute to get a feel for whether or not the touch of the ancients is at work.

Inability - A manner or aura that others find unnerving increases the difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, or deception by one step.


Hedge Magic (1 Int. point): Various small tricks: Temporarily change the color or basic appearance of a small object, cause small objects to float through the air, clean an area, prepare (but not create) food, mend a broken object, etc. Cannot be used to harm another creature or object. Action.

Onslaught (1 Int. Point): Can attack a foe using energies which assail either the body or mind. Must be able to see the target either way. If the attack is physical, it's a short-range ray (or similar?) that deals 4 points of damage. If mental, it deals 2 points of Intellect damage to a target in short range (and thus ignores Armor). Mindless creatures may be immune to the mindslice attack mode. Action.

Ward: A shield of energy around Yurika at all times helps deflect attacks. She gains 1 Armor. Enabler.

Hover (1 Int. Points): Yurika floats slowly into the air. As her action ,she can concentrate to remain motionless or float up to a short distance, but no more. Otherwise, she drifts with the wind or any momentum she's gained. This effect lasts up to 10 minutes. If she also has the Hover Esotery or Trick of the Trade, she can hover 20 minutes and move her normal speed. Action to initiate.


1 dagger
1 book on the Numenera
4+3? shins

Reality Spike (level 9): Once activated, it does not move ever, even if activated in midair. A might action will dislodge it, but then it's ruined.

Knowledge enhancement (lvl 4): Pill, patch, or injector that gives 28 hours training in a skill. See book for chart to roll for which skill.

Blinking nodule (level 1): Crystal nodule affixed to armor. For the next 28 hours, but only 1/round, f you're struck by damage you teleport a random direction. This boosts defense by one step after teleporting because foe is confused. Currently Active

- A pen-sized object that can tell the weight of anything it's pointed at within short range. It displays the result on a small glass screen in runes only Yurika can decipher.
- A small rod that emits a voice saying the same thing in an unknown language every time a button is pushed.
- A cape that billows as if blown by the wind even in still air.

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