Elsk Ledran

Elsk Ledran, A Rugged Jack who Hunts with Great Skill (Tier 1 Jack)


Elsk is a something.

Might Speed Intellect
Current 12 10 05
Max 12 13 11
Edge 0 1 0
Effort 1
Cypher Use 2


Class: (11) You’re in love with a local shopkeeper, but that person shows little interest in you.
Focus: [] once saw you show surprising mercy toward your prey, and now you hope she keeps that information quiet—it might harm your reputation.
Origin: School of Hard Knocks


Jack of All Trades - You have an Edge of 1 for one stat of your choice: Might, Speed, or Intellect. You have an Edge of 0 for the other two stats.
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons - You can use light and medium weapons without penalty. If you wield a heavy weapon, increase the difficulty of the attack by one step.

Tricks of the Trade:

Practiced in Armor - Jacks can wear armor for reasonable periods of time without tiring and can compensate for slowed reactions from wearing armor. You can wear any kind of armor. You reduce the Might cost per hour for wearing armor and the Speed Pool reduction for wearing armor by 2. Enabler.
Skilled with [Speed] Defense - Choose one type of defense task in which you are not already trained: Might, Speed, or Intellect. You are trained in defense tasks of that type. Unlike most tricks of the trade, you can select this trick up to three times. Each time you select it, you must choose a different type of defense task. Enabler.


Flex Skill - At the beginning of each day, choose one task (other than attacks or defense) on which you will concentrate. For the rest of that day, you’re trained in that task. You can’t use this ability with a skill you’re already trained in to become specialized.

  • Jack T1: You're trained in Perception
  • Rugged: You’re trained in all tasks involving climbing, jumping, running, and swimming.
  • Rugged: You’re trained in all tasks involving training, riding, or placating natural animals.
  • Rugged: You’re trained in all tasks involving identifying or using natural plants.
  • Hunter: You are trained in following and identifying tracks. Enabler.
  • Hunter: You are trained in all types of movement tasks (including climbing, swimming, jumping, and balancing). Enabler.


  • Rugged: You have no social graces and prefer animals to people. The difficulty of any task involving charm, persuasion, etiquette, or deception is increased by one step.


Jack - clothing, two weapons, light armor, an explorer’s pack, a pack of light tools, two cyphers, one oddity, and 8 shins
Rugged - You carry an explorer’s pack. If you already have one, you can instead take 50 extra feet (15 m) of rope, two more days’ worth of rations, and an extra ranged weapon.
Hunter - You wear boots that muffle your footsteps, giving you a +1 bonus to any roll made involving sneaky movement.

  • Verred: This weapon resembles a sword with two forked blades. It is short and useful in defense as well as offense.
  • Knife (can be thrown up to short range)
  • Bow (long range), 0 arrows
  • Shield [speed defense asset], bought
  • Medium Armor, traded light and 2 shins for
  • Explorer's Pack + 50' rope +2 days rations
  • small amount of random synth bits and colored lights from ghost-tree wrecked room
  • random outfits from ghost-tree from ghost-tree lockers
  • 6 shins


  • Frigid Wall Projector (5)
    • Creates a wall of supercooled air up to 30 feet by 30 feet by 1 foot (9.1 m by 9.1 m by 0.3 m) that inflicts damage equal to the cypher level on anything that passes through it. The wall conforms to the space available. It lasts for ten minutes.
  • Rejuvenator (6)
    • Restores [cypher level] number of points to (01–50 Might Pool; 51–75 Speed Pool; 76–00 Intellect Pool)

Experience: 11/12

  • (1) reroll; ensuring the door closed before the blast in ghost-tree
  • (11) Unspent
  • (4) new trick? new alt-skill (trained in dark sight?)
  • (4) new edge?
  • (4) new skill?
  • (4) +4 pool, split?

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