Arpeggio Of Blue Stars

Fancy Introduction that makes you want to play the game

I'll actually get a decent intro spiel here eventually, I swear! I'm just absolutely terrible at evocative writing.

Take one part Kantai Collection, one part Arpeggio of Blue Steel, one part Space Battleship Yamato, one part flagrantly ignoring space combat to cinematically model things like a surface naval engagement, and a few dashes of other things, and hit blend. That is this game. Players are starships who are also cute girls, they go on space adventures in a universe that is no longer as simple as following programmed directives. Humanity doesn't trust them, their own fleet may well kill them (although it, too, is changing), and space is full of as much adventure as I can steal from Star Trek, Farscape, Homeworld, and any other SF property without getting caught.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the system we'll be using is homebrewed a bit, and not playtested at all?

Character Creation rules - How to build your own tsundere heavy cruiser.
Silhouette tactical combat primer - In case we don't all want to have our copies of Jovian Chronicles handy, here be the rules for combat, likely with several modifications anyway.
Nebula Ship Identification Guide - How to spot the enemy


Insert space submarines, tsundere cruisers, idol singer carriers, destroyers who hit way too hard, and inevitably German battleships here.

Ida Subspace Submarine A lazy explosion loving subspace submarine who does not respect the personal space of her crew. Commonly uses people as impromptu cushions to sleep on only occasionally wears a one piece school swimsuit. Played by Scribblefag.
Soma, Electronic Warfare Cruiser An expert Xenologist for the Nebula army, which makes her insatiably curious, and concerned about the numerous pathetic creatures, panting and sweating as they run through her corridors. Played by Thoon
Thyra, fast carrier An overworked and underpaid carrier conscript that thinks the rest of the Nebula fleet is too busy fighting the wrong war, and won't hesitate to tell people who annoy her that. Otherwise pretty helpful. Played by Starf
Kastel, Battleship Class Assault Bote: An excitable battle lover who defected from the Nebula Fleet during an assault on [insert planet name here] as defenses were about to fail. Now she wants to get into more fights. Against who or what? Doesn't matter! Long as it's not easy~

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