Arp Npc Collection List

Nebula fleet identification guide. In case you need to reference a class of strange non human ships.

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DD (Unknown type)

Victoria - known for being ditzy and not turning on their shields. Easily bullied. Armed with torpedo. "Smoke" System.

DD (Rabbit type)

Shimekaze - Usa Usa. Fresh off assembly line. Boost system. Created by yet unnamed science vessel. Armed with torpedo. Will die f loneliness if you don't pay attention to her.

Hunter DD

Ana - Part of Ayako Kohaku fleet.


CA (Escort)

Horizon - Part of Ayako Kohaku fleet. Bit of a bitch.

CA (Subspace Submarine Scout)

Makoto - Part of Ayako Kohaku fleet.

CL (Science)


BB (Unknown Type)

Ayako Kohaku - Upbeat human contacting flagship. Currently holding down a blockade of a colony. Does not necessarily mean humanity harm so far as offloading humans before scuttling their vessels.

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