Angry Houses

Fifteen years ago, humanity was alerted to how dangerous even their own stellar backyard was when a large asteroid struck antartica, ravaging the local ecosystem and hastening the demise of already collapsing strictures against the militarization of space. However, despite the increase in tensions this engendered, people throughout the world breathed a sigh of relief, as the damage could have been far worse. Then the second asteroid hit. The second impact virtually eliminated the continent as tidal waves and massive dust clouds swept across the world with depressingly predictable short and long-term results. Fortunately, the long-term climatic effects of the dust clouds were not as serious as first predicted, and five or six years later a warier, wearier world began rebuilding under the aegis of the first real attempt at an effective world government humanity had made. And then the angels appeared.

The first one was spotted headed in a roundabout fashion for one of the refugee camps in central siberia. While first regarded and observed with wary curiousity (and extensive evacuations), it wasn't immediately regarded as hostile. Until it started demolishing the observation planes. And the followup airstrikes. And the armored brigades. At this point the commander on the scene got permission to launch a nuclear strike, which only moderately damaged the target. Panic reigned as there was now nothing capable of stopping the angel between it and the russian heartland, until one of the other military commanders managed to convince civilian authority that if one nuke was enough to damage it, more could be enough to kill it. Fortunately, they were right. Unfortunately, more was an uncomfortably large number. Similar tactics sufficed against other angels that appeared in the following months, but conventional tactics were based almost entirely around the fact that all the angels that had appeared were both polite enough to appear in the middle of nowhere and dumb enough to not recognize that they were being baited into obvious traps. An alternative was needed, and soon.

NERV, a research and disaster control branch of the new UN government already famous for it's work in mitigating the worst long-term climatic and pollution effects of the second impact, began immediate research on what they hoped would be a successful countermeasure. Six years later, they succeeded in at least partially reverse engineering angel's technical capabilities, unveiling the first evangelion units. Despite some serious design flaws ((*cough*umbilicalpower*cough*)), they are crushingly successful at fighting the angels without rendering everything in the nearness hopelessly radioactive, and the UN orders as many from NERV as its budget can bear.

Four years later, it's the present day. Under the auspices of the UN, NERV has almost 20 eva units in commission, and development work continues at a furious pace. Humanity's immediate future is secure, but every year that goes by brings more and more powerful angels, with still no clue as to where they're coming from or why they're here, and with no end in sight…

We're rolling adeva 2.5, and the starf is gming. This is going to be about loyalty, giant robots, and explosions. Ought to be a wild ride.

players should link characters below here.

known players;
gardian (neo-spartan pointman) unit-01
Thoon (manufactured zerker) unit-02
Scribblefag (Manufactured A.T. Technician) unit-03
vega7285 (neo spartan skirmisher) unit-04
apriil (ops director)

npcs and stuff will be put here when I get them out of my notes

NERV HQ NPCs so far, at least

maps, base info, research status and important Plot Devices will go here

125 from fights + 46 from flagship + 5 from bonus objectives
176 total
65 spent

stuff bought;
Recessive Buildings
Variable Terrain
Bakelite System
1 Launch Port

20 points from initial base allotment + 90 from fights + 27 from surplus bonus +20 from bonus objectives
157 total.
60+ (?) spent

30 pts. maser tech
30(?) pts. tesla tech
(?) pts. positron tech
-from the NERV archives angels so far

Expensive thingies;
mostly intact corpse of angel fight #1
mostly intact corpse of angel fight #3
partially eaten core of angel fight #5

your new home! NERV Tirana Arcology
it has a crude surface map. nervbase.JPG

plot points and xp will go under here

total xp so far; 10800 total
400 base chargen +10400 from sessioning

** 1/20/12 session 1! The party meets and assembles in their new home, gets a briefing about what they're technically supposed to be doing (swat angels, find where they're coming from, etc. etc.), and lose a heroic struggle against their most vicious enemy to date; a slide projector.
rewards: 200 xp for faffery

** 1/27/12 session 2! NPCs! breakfast cereals! Forced exercise! Oh, and a giant angel showed up and tried to flatten some nearby port town, but it mostly just flailed about and got shanked by giant robots, so that's not really the important bit. The important part is figuring out where they're going to find a decent chinese restaurant in the post apocalyptic balkans.

angel fight one: big ugly quadrapedal H. R. Gigerbear. Big. fast. Incredibly tough. Fortunately equally dumb. Seemed fixated on attacking the town, perhaps to get after the eva parts shipment, but generally got clowned by the conventional forces. This sets something of a theme for the rest of the battle, as only near the end of the fight does it manage to achieve more than flail helplessly at john's eva shield and blow up the nearness with AT field pulses. Beware it's touch, for it is most deadly poison. But it mostly got dogpiled and shanked by 01 and 02, with ranged and neut support from 03 and 04. 18 collateral, mostly from eva deployment costs, and some AoEs from the angel. note: get that nyx to a range. she has enthusiasm, but can't hit the broad side of a barn.
rewards: 400 xp for fightan, 15 surplus and 3 research for fight completion, 6 surplus from the people funding johann's eva, 5 surplus for preserving base supply shipment, 5 research for capturing sort of intact angel corpse.

** 2/4/12 session 3! Ice cream PTSD. Anna is bitter, Nyx is catty, and the boss of NERV is an asshole. Also, water is wet. Seems to be worried about angels dropping in to say hi for some reason or another. The cast learns that the future of humanity requires shooting a condemned AT generator taped to the world's largest RPG into a gate to god knows where. A. singular. This will surely end well.
rewards: 200 xp for plot

** 2/11/12 session 4! Nyx and alice to head to head to prove that they're both pretty good shots with clodged eva weaponry. John demonstrates that he should not be allowed near anything particularly sensitive or female ever, but at least he keeps his pants on this time.
rewards: 100 xp for inevitable shower scene. half cast, half experience, everyone benefits.

** 2/18/12 session 5! enforced happiness. boredom, briefings, more boredom. Fortunately, an angel finally shows up to eliminate boredom. The duct tape rpg functions more or less like it's supposed to, but the angel is rude and doesn't chase after it back through the gate, so the party has to cumb-stomp it. (and does!) Good thing it didn't explode too badly, because the whole party was in the blast radius.

angel fight two: insectile humanoid scoutform. chitinous, accurate, and even more pwned than the first one. Angel one at least never died, no matter how much it was pounded on. Basically got locked down and shanked in melee again by johann, but ranged support was a lot more damaging this time round due to some awesome rolling and equipment upgrades. Nyx's range time clearly paid off. Unlike the last angel, this one really enjoyed playing with your heads, which led to some touch and go moments when it revealed it had an emergency battery backup core. The GM has learned that melee angels is a losing proposition against this group. You have been warned. 12 collateral, almost all eva deployment costs
rewards: 400 xp for fighting, 20 surplus and 5 research for fight completion, 6 surplus from the johann funding initiative

** 2/25/12 session 6! Gonna fly this house to the moon somehow. Debriefings, plot, and we learn that supertech explosions make surprisingly good maps. The party is now in possession of a map of the last few months of angel transits/various dimensional AT field faffery that may or may not be accurate. Official points of note are the embarrassingly named Nervada research facility, a site up in the artic ice, and the mooooooon! They are also curiously void of visible angel presence, which I'm sure isn't a concern in any way, as that's a lot of gate activity for no rampages. Theories of forward base abound. Also conspeeeeeeracy! But never mind all that plot, the important part was the final epic conflict of nyx vs. alice. Nyx was the eventual champion, but not before a paintball duel that rocked the heavens.

rewards:200 xp for awesomeness, NOTE: Month one is now complete. credit monthly time management stuff as desired.

** 3/2/12 and 3/9/12 sessions 7 and 8! The grand epic first boss battle of our game. Ranged weapons, mind clones, AT field explosions, and glorious glorious ego barrier damage abound. Unjudicious spamming of AT field ping reveals PLOT, and our good base commander seems to have this neurosis about the most recent angel and some of his erstwhile coworkers finding out about it's peculiarities, and is bent on keeping it quiet. We all know how long that happy state of affairs will last.

angel fight three: rangel
A giant basalt hill with four legs, entirely too many nifty AT powers, and a gun that fires shards of crystallized teenage angst. It's also made from explosions if you get too close. Surprisingly chatty for a giant prenatural murder robot. Tore the hell out of the base perimeter and chewed on basically all the pilots, though fortunately not in a crippling way to any one of them. 24 collateral this fight, mostly from giant AT field explosions throwing people around like tenpins. You now have several picturesque craters in your no man's land, suitable for fishing, paintball, or extreme golfing.
rewards: 800 xp for two session fightan, 1 fate point (trust me, you earned it.), 15 surplus and 4 research for successful battle, 7 surplus from johann funding, 5 research from capturing a sort of intact angel corpse (it's not very intact, but is special.)

** 3/16/12 session 9! School is now in session. Middle education is a mishmash of the earliest mornings, superior uniform choices, and john's ego never flagging even in the face of the harshest adversity; the respect and admiration of his peers (he finally made a deceive check) Said peers were polite and well behaved, but their teacher ruled with the iron fist of respect. Your milage may vary. If (when) round 2 happens, Nyx and Johann will be much less sanguine about the appeal of homework.

Rewards: 200 xp for faffery NOTE: month 2 is now complete

** 3/23/12 session 10, Heartpounding Beautiful Girl's Fantasy Adventure! Edition! In which the party discovers that the only rolls they succeed at are the ones that really matter. Politicking, curt senior officers (not named Curt), dating sims, and authentic german cuisine abound. Katherine continues in her attempts to get the party completely smashed, and the other world power hates the pilots because the pilots make them look bad in comparison. Politics! Also revealed is the long-lost secret connection between nyx and alice. Can love bloom again?

Rewards:200 xp for plotdump and faffery.

** 4/6/12 session 11, combat delayed due to work. Some angels like to fight. Some angels like to explode. Some angels like to watch. Yet another instance of angels behaving badly. Lasers, lasers for everyone, and a demonstration of what happens when the gm decides to give the angels a *real* weapon, and not the candy-ass popguns they get in the angel generation section. On the flipside, a demonstration of what happens when you combine supernatural beserk with AT manipulation attacks and insanity point gain! In a development which is sure to prove not at all indicative of potential problems in the future, the angel attempted to summon reinforcements when the party really started beating on it. but said reinforcements were heroically launched into low orbit and nuked into oblivion. beserk count:1

angel fight four: It's a Gunda-*cough* chmmr avatar!
Humanoid, crystalline armored eva-clone. Comes equipped standard with four shoulder-mounted self-directing laser cannon drones, and a gun that can punch god. It enjoys long walks in the hills, critical misses, and telling characters to go away. Fight was back and forth, but mostly in the party's favor. Got a couple *solid* shots in on the cast, but an early beheading and certain critical design flaws in it's weapons pod designs (shields? ap? naaaaah.) led to it being forced to retreat ignomoniously and leaving it's recently summoned ally to be blasted into radioactive ash. 19 collateral total, a mix of freemy funnel lasers everywhere and johann flipping out and trying to murder everything!
Rewards: 400 xp for combat. 15 surplus and 4 research for successful battle, 5 surplus from johann funding

4/13/12 session 12, conspeeeracy! Turns out angels have access to the finest in human crappy first generation laser weapon prototypes. We meet andrew drake, a unusually happy man in a nice suit who works for nerv's research divisions and thinks that trying to provoke beserk in his pilots might be a good idea for future research projects. Again, we all know how that will end, though finally getting away from that power cord can't be all bad, and think of the synch ratios! ((As a gm, I've been trying to stay away from aoes everywhere because constant power cord severs are just cheesy, but hey…)) Plenty of hidden movement.jpg, and then the GM stalled out due to thinking that four-five hours of sleep a night was enough to stay sensible.
Rewards: 200 xp for plottery and faffery.

4/20/12 session 13, basement-delving. We attempt to scare nyx or something with real spiders and creepy basement-resetting noises flickering lights, and basement LCL leaks. Then nyx gets horribly traumatized by a sensors officer in search of engineers to ruin. Then this all ends with creepy brain voices and the GM deciding some way, some how, he's going to figure out how to shoehorn a dungeon into a setting entirely unsuited for it. Stay out of the blue!
Rewards: 200 xp for putting up with me

4/27/12 session 14, Your basement appears to have a serious infestation of angels, ma'am. In which the GM basically figures out pretty early on that dungeon crawls and adeva don't mix at all. There are tunnels and lucky rolls and the party being surprisingly good at not prodding the death or wandering into places they really shouldn't go. I'll need to lay down some tram tracks next time. Oh well, either way there's a burrowing angel of some sort that seems to be leaving a whole trail of smaller, hungrier angel thingies behind it, and the party are the only ones that know about it.
Rewards: 300 xp for a whole lot of almost combat/problems. The hidden movement dice got a lot of workouts here.

5/4/12 session 15, *CLUNK*. Those are technically our angels. Totally honest and aboveboard, if a bit poorly managed. And no, little timmy, the scientists assure us that nothing can go wrong. Nothing to see here, move along, they weren't really going to eat any of you and turn your bones to construction material. Too much calcium *ruins* steel. Oh, and there's a very pricy limited edition AT generator factory in the basement as well, that might draw a bit of attention to your home, which is why we're mailing you to some sort of sandy wasteland to fight a tentacle mons- squid. SQUID.
Rewards: 200 xp for general stuff.

5/18/12, 5/25/12, session 16 and 17, horrible creepy flying angel edition. The party does a brief hop across the mediterranean to beat up someone else's angel, which goes fairly well except for all the tentacles and imploding buildings everywhere. And a nuking of the cast was narrowly averted, but I'm sure that's not important in any way shape or form.

angel fight five: giant flying squid. Basically exactly what it says on the tin, except the tentacles can stretch hundreds of meters and it has ability to cast implosions, which is not a common power evinced by invertibrate sea life. Pretty straightforward fight, though the angel got a couple solid hits on the melee fighters due to the nifty power of flexible melee, which then lead to entirely too much spiraling up spiraling up, again. Angel five was also delicious, according to johann's eva, but it could have used some soy sauce. 27 collateral, mostly from bullet hell and excessive AoE firing.
Rewards: 800 xp for two session fightan, 10 surplus for successful fighting, 7 surplus for not so mysterious johann funding, partially eaten corpse of angel five. 5 research for partially eaten corpse of angel five

6/8/12, session 18, They're hacking your brain! Or at least the NERV central command computers. Someone managed to stage a worrisomely effective attempt to get a nuclear strike launched on our own eva contingent. Well, worrisomely effective in the sense of they managed to get get into the computer systems at all, and no one has figured out how yet. I'm sure it's not an issue, just like how leaving an NPC to dispose of the angel corpse, letting them know that angels talk, and getting ego barrier damage isn't an issue either. The more important issues are that anna might be busy being converted into the six million dollar NPC, and interparty sniping.

rewards: 200 xp for general faffery and plotdumping.
NOTE: Game month three is now effectively complete, or at least it will be before the next angel fight.

6/15/12, session 19, in which drake really isn't a questionable person at all, honest. Don't talk about angels talking to you because because. Or funding. Or lies. Aside from that, the less said about this session the better, I think. I was seriously off my game this time, and I'll try to not let it happen again.

rewards: 200 xp for putting up with gm

6/22/12, session 20, in which the party punches a giant plasma sandworm with the assistance of the fourth angel, known from here on out as Lucifer, who's oddly talkative and nonmurderous towards the cast, despite all the the giant robot piledriving (or perhaps because of it.). So eventually everything ends with the two sides staring each each other down until Luci takes it's n2 mine contingency plan and voips out just as drake busts in and does eeevil things to our ops director.

angel fight six! Mecha plasma sandworm. Giant burrowing worm, without core, without pity, without ranged attacks. Could have been very messy, but Johann made a couple of insanely lucky dodge rolls, keeping his eva from just exploding with the burninating.
25 collateral, mostly from bullet hell and the sandworm's plasma breath. An extremely durable enemy, with the new changes to warrior angels, but constant r-r-r-righteous furies and giant tesla hammers helped annihilate it's wounds.

rewards:400 xp for fightan, 15 surplus and 1 research for successful fightan, 5 bonus surplus from thoon's benefactors.

6/29/12 session 21. plooooooot! Drake yells at the cast a lot about things beyond their control, kat, the pilots, donovan all scheme for ways to use the apparent new angel faction against the other. Then the cast wanders off for their court-mandated psych treatments, and one of the original and only moderately crazy eva pilots shows up from another base to plotdump on the poor, cornered cast members. Anna's injury wasn't an accident, nyx, anna and alice are all one big happy dysfunctional gene-therapied family, and evas are powered by brainhacking or something. Also the good scientist arielle is up to her neck in the various flavors of plot-related shit and such. After they chase her off, katherine takes matters into her own hands and goes off to charm an angel into answering the important questions, and determines that there's at least another .5 to the number of sides in the angel's war, which does seem to be actively watching out for the pilots. Angels are also apparently most all drones, which does explain their terminal stupidity. And one of the members of NERV, or the UN, or humanity in general, wasn't too clear on that, has been negotiating with the angels. then the angel hung up on them.

rewards: 200 xp for *excessive* plotdumping

7/13/12 and 7/20/12 sessions 22 and 23. More plot, the team is mailed to north africa again to watch the other political faction show off their new AT field powered hovertanks and generally dickwave, which actually sorta work, though there's some serious accuracy problems. Also johann nearly causes a major international incident. And then we find out one of the members of the bridge crew is the enemy, and gathering a million newly manufactured AT fields all in one place might draw some attention to ourselves.

rewards: 400 xp for sessioning and such

7/27/12 session 24, faffery, discussion of the new weapons and concerns about what happens when the angels finally find their ass with both hands when it comes to strategy, indications that they've finally found their ass with both hands when it comes to strategy, and probably more details that were lost because the GM acidentally wiped his IRC logs when he had to pave his OS.

rewards: 200 xp for all!

8/3/12, 8/10/12, and 8/17/12. sessions 25, 26, and 27, in which the GM finally gets off his ass and updates the wiki. Some more conspiracy faffery, then Shit Gets Entirely Too Real when the angels decide to crash the party with a real combat unit, and oh, the carnage is glorious.~ Giant death lasers are fired everywhere, players, NPCs, and everything else in the nearness is blasted into smoking ruin, than the angel goes into full screw you phyrric victory mode and levels the whole battlespace with a core overload. Oh, yes, and Johann dies. Sooner or later someone's going to notice that beserker frenzy thing. After that, there's some postbattle faffery with Kaplan being oddly relieved that it was only a near TPK, johann mk2 being introduced, and the annihilation of a whole subplot due to the strategic deployment of IOU:Political. Fun times

rewards: 1000 xp for the sessioning, 1 fate point, 10 research for successful battle

Angel fight seven! Heavy Combat Frame. A immense sparkly black horseshoe crab that commences fucking up *everybody's* day with lasers and plasma beams and ramming speed. Not much to say on the fight proper, aside from being a brutal slugfest against an extremely hard target. I really didn't expect you guys to win that one after the initial reverses, but you turned it around. It got a lot better once it's armor got neuted down, and it's powerset didn't really suit hypersmart angel dickery, though it burning it's last fate point and going angelic panic mode might have let it turn the tide. Good show, and positron weapons fully showed their worth here. 102 Collateral. Mostly from EVERYTHING EXPLODING EVERYWHERE. Needless to say, there's no body left from this one, aside from fragments of it embedded in johann and john's evas.

9/7/12 and 9/14/12. sessions 28 and 29. The cast is left alone, evaless, in the base with only themselves. All Alices, attempts at plot, and serious character interactions are carefully placed into frilly dresses by john. Later on, the intense pressure-cooker environment of time off for training and life causes the group to turn against itself, devouring it's own tail with cutting and incisive commentary and backstabbing concerning the compotence of certain cast members. retaliation in the form of aggressively questionable dating sims are deployed

rewards: 400 xp for sessioning. 3 ingame months of training time have elapsed while your evas were patched back up to proper working order and beyond, and the battery limiters are disengaged due to reverse engineering. all upgrade points spent on better batteries are refunded.

pretty much all of late september and october. sessions 30, 31, 32, 33, and 34. Angel fight eight orbital struck everyone with shells made out of smaller angels which fired bullets that were actually smaller angels which were angels of exploding that threw out shrapnel made out of nano scale angels that were entirely too recursive for the GM's sanity, and got cut. Along with the GM's game notebook apparently, so after-action reports are a little thin on the ground right now. After that, the cast was trapped alone with their own scheming again, which always ends well. In this case, it ended with recriminations, threats of mental illness, and attempted briefings, from what I recall. And then, to make things even worse, somehow john got put in charge of making sure his fellow pilots had strong mental defenses against any angelic shenanigans. This worked, something that I hope everyone ensures will never happen again. John does make a pretty striking figure of a plush bear either way, at least when provoking notalices wearing gothic plugsuits.

rewards: 1400 xp for sessioning, 10 research and surplus for the fightan (probably more surplus than the collateral indicates, but I lost the summary, so GM fiat.) 7 surplus for johann's superior flagship eva product placement. 1 ingame month has elapsed since last session

pretty much all of november and december again. sessions 35, 36, 37, 38, and 39. Angel fight nine, and a whole lot of general stuff. The party faffed for a bit, then got sent to directly deal with an angelic base which had been troubling command for a while. After being able to basically walk right in with no objections from the perimeter defenses other than harsh words, they poked around a bit finding a base that seems to have been stripped before the cast rolled in. after continued poking, the security system rolled in it's quick-response angel, which was curbstomped with hilarious speed. I should know better than to deploy melee angels by now. after that, the party fled before a far larger regular reaction force, and recriminations were had by all after the base had to be flattened by orbital bombardment. shiny things were looted first, so all good though. The cast was then confined to their quarters just long enough for a bigger problem to show up; giant angelic doomships. So now they get to be strapped to the end of a high tech roman candle and fired into space against a foe larger than some european countries along with most eevryone else crazy enough to have gotten into an eva at some point.

rewards:1200 xp for sessioning, 25 surplus and 20 research for for fighting (seriously, that fight was a total walkover. 9 collateral total) 5 research for bonus looting, 3 surplus for johann's flagship

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