Angels So Far

currently known angel status. -gaemstart

Angel attacks aren't *quite* routine, but they're common enough that humanity has been able to get some basic understanding of their operation. They're commonly considered biomechanical, but the biological part is something of a misnomer. While undeniably organic in design theory (skeletal and muscular structure, some organs), the materials they're made out of are no more organic than your typical tennis racket or sports car, despite containing a lot of carbon. Due to the sheer numbers of bits and pieces retreived over the years, angel body composition and basic anatomy is well understood, although duplicating the materials they're made out of has proven more difficult.
This understanding comes to a hard stop right as they hit the core boundary, the combination power supply, AT field generator, control nexus, and god knows what else that makes up the, well, core of the angel. Part of this is due to the far greater complexity of the components, and part of it is due to the fact that every core ever captured up until eva units hit the field had been shredded by nuclear fire. However, enough of an understanding of them has been unlocked to allow the creation of crude copies of the AT field for the evangelion project.

As for angelic origins and intentions, there are three major theories;
1. Scouting. Angels have, over the last decade, appeared almost uniformly across the globe, at least on land. There's some evidence of underwater ones from gates opening, but the sonar networks and seafloor surveys are still in shambles after the tidal waves of the second impact, so most presences are only suspected. When unharrassed, most angels will simply wander about around their entry point, or trek to another location for a number of hours or days before gating back out. In undeveloped areas, many can generally be evacuated around or otherwise avoided, but in more populous areas their tendency to shoot at or step on anything constructed makes them extremely hazardous to life and limb. So they're looking for something, though precisely what no analyst has been able to put a finger on. And we've been on this planet for a pretty damn long time. If there was anything here worth sending scores of giant biotitan scouts to retrieve or confirm the existence of, we would have found it already, if only by tripping over it with one of our uncounted billions. Which takes a lot of conspiracy theorists and military paranoia right to option 2;

2. Invasion. The angels are scouting us as a plan for a future invasion of earth for our cultural and technological uniqueness, or something. Uniform scouting of the planet, to determine our military and industrial potential, and determine possible nexi of resistance for priority elimination. This theory was extremely popular in the initial years of the incursion, but it's been waning lately due to the lack of any sort of follow up invasion. The initial probes by angels would have rapidly revealed that humanity lacked the native military firepower to stand off a concerted push, and due to how angels do not seem to demonstrate any real tactical awareness, the ability to cooperate in groups other than by accident, or the establishment of any sort of forward base or beachhead, this has led to a third, growing school of thought;

3. Pests. Angels are uniformly extremely stupid, and they've been showing up absolutely everywhere with no rhyme, reason, or apparent goals. This may be a sign that their guiding intelligence is up to something we aren't able to grasp. This may also be a sign that there isn't a guiding intelligence of any sort, and angels are humanity's new hyperdimensional cybernetic skyscraper megaroach infestation problem. Not exactly the most optimistic outlook, because we're stuck with something we can't tell to go away, but if there was anything intelligent sending them out, it probably would have altered it's operational patterns after a decade of getting their scouts nuked. On the other hand, there's nothing intelligent to send more reinforcements, so humanity can basically be as grandiose as it likes in angelic suppression.

But no matter the theory behind their behavior, all the speculators agree that the source of the angels needs to be found and eliminated for the good of humanity. This plan, while argued over extensively in theory, has two major obstacles for it's proper execution;
1. We need to figure out where the hell they're coming from and how to get there.
2. Our primary strike force, the eva units, are going to need a more reliable power supply then the billion dollar extension cords currently in use.
Once these shortcomings are addressed, the operative plan is nuke and pave.

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