Angel Of Oneness

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03[05:36] * Topic is 'Scribbles~Schr?inger's chatter: how does it look? Thoon: Its a badly financed clinker and its painted neon green Thoon: It's unit -01. Built by ten different teams that didn't communicate, one didn't even know what an eva was. Thoon: "We still have all this neon green paint leftover, unit 01 only wanted that for highlights." "Throw it on the reject then."'
03[05:36] * Set by Thoon!~PI.F4F5BB7.DC214459.E89E8D7E|lbehtlert#PI.F4F5BB7.DC214459.E89E8D7E|lbehtlert on Mon Jun 28 05:02:43
01[05:36] <scribblefag> ……………………………..
01[05:36] <scribblefag> I know despair
[05:37] <@Thoon> 1d100 for his mood today
[05:37] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, for his mood today: 13 [1d100=13]
[05:37] <@Thoon> Hmm. He's happy, for now.
01[05:37] <scribblefag> this is roll under though right~?
[05:37] <@Thoon> Yep.
01[05:37] <scribblefag> shit 11 mintues
[05:38] <@Thoon> That's fine. Hmm. Anything else to go over?
01[05:38] <scribblefag> no wait it's climbing
01[05:38] <scribblefag> ok evened out
01[05:39] <scribblefag> To get AT powers have to spread feild which gives actions taken*SR mod correct?
01[05:39] <scribblefag> up to SR mod?
01[05:39] <scribblefag> oh fate points
01[05:39] <scribblefag> Also thoon it's neon purple
[05:39] <@Thoon> You get your SR mod in points
01[05:39] <scribblefag> though it's green now
[05:39] <@Thoon> Oh~
[05:39] <@Thoon> ah well
01[05:40] <scribblefag> <s>(82)Purple</s> GREEN BY KEEPER DECREE
[05:40] <@Thoon> Neon purple is even worse~
01[05:40] <scribblefag> oh alright~
01[05:40] <scribblefag> Not going to use the the horrible backstory I made for it?
01[05:41] <scribblefag> also yeah he-fate points
[05:41] <@Thoon> Omniel, Angel of oneness. Seems a fitting name for this.
[05:41] <@Thoon> You can~
[05:41] <@Thoon> 1d100 hmm~
[05:41] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, hmm~: 9 [1d100=9]
01[05:43] <scribblefag> 1d10 for unit
[05:43] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> scribblefag, for unit: 8 [1d10=8]
01[05:43] <scribblefag> Inofficial Designation Unit -01
01[05:43] <scribblefag> Offical Emergancy unit Training unit 08
[05:44] <@Thoon> I should do the static defense phase, I guess~
01[05:44] <scribblefag> Well We're going to have a story for /tg/ after this~
01[05:44] <scribblefag> Also location
01[05:44] <scribblefag> Got to do this right
[05:44] <@Thoon> City edge.
01[05:44] <scribblefag> World~
01[05:44] <scribblefag> Nerve center, all that fun stuff
[05:44] <@Thoon> tch~
[05:45] <@Thoon> 1d4 1 Tokyo 2 USA 3 China 4 Russia
[05:45] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1 Tokyo 2 USA 3 China 4 Russia: 1 [1d4=1]
[05:45] <@Thoon> Tokyo 3.
01[05:45] <scribblefag> Also thoon, Thrill seeker
01[05:45] <scribblefag> This is going to be fun~
[05:46] <@Thoon> Well, lets try the static combat for a sec
01[05:47] <scribblefag> The more the better~
[05:47] <@Thoon> There's an eva fuck up and it takes one additional round due to that 9~
[05:47] <@Thoon> 1d10+5 angel inish
[05:47] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, angel inish: 7 [1d10=2]
[05:48] <@Thoon> 4d10+1 tanks
[05:48] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, tanks: 28 [4d10=4,5,9,9]
[05:48] <@Thoon> 2d10+3 VTOL
[05:48] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, VTOL: 13 [2d10=2,8]
[05:48] <@Thoon> 1d100 Vtol shoots a missile
[05:48] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, Vtol shoots a missile: 60 [1d100=60]
[05:49] <@Thoon> 1d100 deflect chhance
[05:49] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, deflect chhance: 42 [1d100=42]
[05:49] <@Thoon> 1d10-5
[05:49] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d10-5: 4 [1d10=9]
[05:49] <@Thoon> Tell me when you have this OST ready and i'll stop dickin' about~
[05:50] <@Thoon> 1d100 tank shoot
[05:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, tank shoot: 48 [1d100=48]
01[05:50] <scribblefag> ((it's almost here, looking up a last name))
[05:50] <@Thoon> 1d100
[05:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d100: 6 [1d100=6]
[05:50] <@Thoon> 1d100 tank shoot
[05:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, tank shoot: 33 [1d100=33]
[05:50] <@Thoon> 1d100
[05:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d100: 6 [1d100=6]
[05:51] <@Thoon> 1d100 tank shoot
[05:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, tank shoot: 25 [1d100=25]
[05:51] <@Thoon> 1d100
[05:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d100: 79 [1d100=79]
[05:51] <@Thoon> 1d10-3
[05:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d10-3: 7 [1d10=10]
[05:51] <@Thoon> ( Its actually getting kind of raped due to certain weaknesses~ )
01[05:52] <scribblefag> Also computer wnats to freak out for some reason so sorry if I don't reply when needed))
[05:52] <@Thoon> 1d100 retaliation
[05:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, retaliation: 3 [1d100=3]
01[05:52] <scribblefag> 1d100
[05:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> scribblefag, 1d100: 5 [1d100=5]
[05:53] <@Thoon> 1d10+8
[05:53] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d10+8: 10 [1d10=2]
03[05:53] * scribblefag is now known as Hellen_Brown
03[05:53] * Hellen_Brown is now known as Helen_Brown
[05:53] <@Thoon> ((Alright enough of that. I will do it if I run the game, just out of game. ))
01[05:53] <Helen_Brown> ((one second here need to get something out of theway))
[05:54] <@Thoon> 1d100 for what the Magi know
[05:54] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, for what the Magi know: 24 [1d100=24]
[05:54] <@Thoon> You have free access to information on where it is and what the enviroment can do to help or hinder.
[05:55] <@Thoon> Right now its out of the base of opperations, but its close to it. Its fast and could get to the city in one round of running if it tried.
[05:56] <@Thoon> Eva unit 08 meets it at the outskirts of the city, full length of cable avalible to you. Start playing The Final Decision we all must take
[05:56] <@Thoon> Omniel appears as almost a giant Scarab Beetle, longer then the evangelion in length and almost taller in height. Attop the front of its 'face' is a large 'blunt' horn with an Angel mask worked into it as a centrepiece. Far below it is a gnashing split jaw, with no other feature to hint at a face seem to be on it.
[05:56] <@Thoon> Behind the horn, on its back, burried right between the wings is a 'small' (the size of the Eva's head) red orb, glistening.
01[05:57] <Helen_Brown> ((also emergancy unit 08~))
[05:57] <@Thoon> Fear test, luckily your eva soul nullifies the fact that it has a fear rating of 2 giving you -10
01[05:57] <Helen_Brown> ((It's extracting))
01[05:58] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 rolling under will?
[05:58] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, rolling under will?: 38 [1d100=38]
[05:58] <@Thoon> Yep. Under will.
01[05:58] <Helen_Brown> ((sorry computer is being a bitch trying to close tabs and such but it's doing it's bitchy freezes))
[05:58] <@Thoon> (( it's fine. ))
[05:59] <@Thoon> (( music won't exactly sync up with the first time we play a game, anyways~ Just suggecting fitting tracks and so on~ ))
01[05:59] <Helen_Brown> ((yeah~))
06[05:59] * Helen_Brown seems excited as the elivator rockets along, somehow feeling she isn't alone in the cockpit before the surface is breached
01[06:00] <Helen_Brown> ((2 over~))
01[06:00] <Helen_Brown> ((fail by 2~))
[06:00] <@Thoon> 1d100 luckily only that, you get +10 for every +10 you fail by on the fear chart
[06:00] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, luckily only that, you get +10 for every +10 you fail by on the fear chart: 11 [1d100=11]
[06:01] <@Thoon> The massive insectoid monster startles you. Its bloodied from the tanks a little, but its not even slowed down. You'll only get a single half action the first turn, everything else is fine.
[06:02] <@Thoon> 1d10+5 Angel's initative. Thats 1d10+ agi for you
[06:02] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, Angel's initative. Thats 1d10+ agi for you: 6 [1d10=1]
06[06:02] * Helen_Brown stares at the giant insect in a mix of terror and awe 1"So this it, this is angel?"
06[06:02] * Helen_Brown a smile creeps across her face 1"This is the thing I have to crush the heart of?"
01[06:02] <Helen_Brown> 1d10+3
[06:02] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d10+3: 6 [1d10=3]
01[06:03] <Helen_Brown> ((haah oh wow a 'tie'))
[06:03] <@Thoon> Omniel, You.
01[06:04] <Helen_Brown> ((alright))
[06:04] <@Thoon> Omniel on seeing its target, isn't screwing around. It immediatly charges at you as you rise form the elevator
[06:04] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[06:04] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 49 [1d100=49]
[06:06] <@Thoon> It savagely gores your left leg.
[06:06] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 what's your armor for there and toughness?
[06:06] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, what's your armor for there and toughness?: 15 [1d10=7]
01[06:06] <Helen_Brown> ((left leg is 2 armor, toughness is 26))
01[06:06] <Helen_Brown> ((er 36))
[06:07] <@Thoon> Both those are taken away from the damage then, 10 damage.
01[06:07] <Helen_Brown> ((no armor?))
01[06:07] <Helen_Brown> ((son legs gon?))
[06:07] <@Thoon> (( armor is 2+3 toughness removed ))
[06:08] <@Thoon> (( How many wounds does it have? ))
01[06:08] <Helen_Brown> ((5))
[06:09] <@Thoon> (( then this is a good chance to teach you about critical damage. When you take more damage then you have wounds, you start taking critical damage. In this case 5 points of impact damage to the leg ))
01[06:10] <Helen_Brown> ((ok))
[06:10] <@Thoon> Emergancy Unit 08's foot armor cracks open from the damage. The Eva has to test toughness or lose the foot
01[06:11] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 36
[06:11] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 36: 14 [1d100=14]
[06:11] <@Thoon> That's also a feedback inducer. Make a willpower save
01[06:11] <Helen_Brown> ((now synch thing~))
01[06:11] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 36
[06:11] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 36: 57 [1d100=57]
[06:11] <@Thoon> That's one level of fatigue for you to mark down. Not a threat yet however
[06:12] <@Thoon> 1d10 odd this goes up
[06:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, odd this goes up: 2 [1d10=2]
01[06:12] <Helen_Brown> ((Fatigue?))
[06:12] <@Thoon> 2d10 SR change downwards you can pick if your 1d10 goes up or down
[06:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, SR change downwards you can pick if your 1d10 goes up or down: 13 [2d10=3,10]
01[06:12] <Helen_Brown> ((it goes up))
01[06:12] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 for up SR
[06:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for up SR: 4 [1d10=4]
01[06:13] <Helen_Brown> ((down to 56))
01[06:13] <Helen_Brown> "I-It feels so real…"
[06:13] <@Thoon> (( Your turn. ))
06[06:14] * Helen_Brown laughs at what seems to be the only real thing to do ready the progression knife
01[06:14] <Helen_Brown> ((my only half action~))
[06:14] <@Thoon> (( Fatigue is sorta pilot HP in this game. There's wounds like the eva if you're shot at but for psychosomatic damage you can take toughness bonus in fatige hits before fainting a while. ))
01[06:15] <Helen_Brown> ((oh wait missed my +5 for SR from A10, anyays still failed))
01[06:15] <Helen_Brown> ((Ah I see))
[06:16] <@Thoon> (( Oh, I should remind you. YOu can try to dodge or parry once a turn, if you have the skill. You trained in that, rihgt? ))
01[06:16] <Helen_Brown> ((yeah))
01[06:16] <Helen_Brown> ((I assumed I wasn't allowed due to suprise))
[06:17] <@Thoon> (( Skills use their governing ability. ))
[06:17] <@Thoon> ((Hmm, should offer a roll for that. Make it. It's your agi. ))
01[06:17] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 31
[06:17] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 31: 37 [1d100=37]
01[06:18] <Helen_Brown> ((didn't make it eitehr way))
[06:18] <@Thoon> (( ah well. Maybe this time ))
[06:18] <@Thoon> The angel attempts to strike you again with its horn, now next to you.
[06:19] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 40
[06:19] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 40: 23 [1d100=23]
06[06:19] * Helen_Brown attempts to move out of teh way
01[06:19] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 31
[06:19] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 31: 65 [1d100=65]
[06:20] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage to the body
[06:20] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage to the body: 11 [1d10=3]
[06:20] <@Thoon> (( That's -armor and toughness, as always ))
01[06:20] <Helen_Brown> ((alright so - 4 and 9))
01[06:20] <Helen_Brown> ((er herp and 3))
01[06:21] <Helen_Brown> ((4, should I be tracking this? Would is 9))
01[06:22] <Helen_Brown> ((appologize looked more at actions and to see how exaclty damage is calculated))
[06:22] <@Thoon> A solid blow. The Angel also devotes its AT Field to containment, while subtle right now, you feel it pulling you towards itself in case you try to flee.
[06:23] <@Thoon> Your turn, full actions now~
01[06:23] <Helen_Brown> ((one second let me get the desciption down on scratch))
[06:23] <@Thoon> (( no rush. ))
01[06:24] <Helen_Brown> ((you know me when it can be done now, do it at breakneck speeds))
01[06:24] <Helen_Brown> ((Trying to find called shots))
[06:24] <@Thoon> (( Also damn bumpy start~ It makes for a good experiment, though~ ))
01[06:25] <Helen_Brown> ((there we go))
06[06:25] * Helen_Brown takes the knife high up in the air and jabs it down towards the mask
01[06:26] <Helen_Brown> ((action aim, action attack (called shot 'head')))
[06:26] <@Thoon> (( Oh yes. You get +10 to hit this, due to its simple size.
01[06:26] <Helen_Brown> ((aim +10, called shot -20 it seems so no pelanty?))
[06:26] <@Thoon> (( Keep your head above the mayhem just started as you called that attack.))
[06:27] <@Thoon> (( Yep. ))
01[06:27] <Helen_Brown> ((alright~))
01[06:27] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 46
[06:27] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 46: 18 [1d100=18]
[06:27] <@Thoon> (( and hopefully we'll see a fun aspect of progressive~ ))
06[06:28] * Helen_Brown jabs down with all her might she isn't even keeping her hands on the handels she's patimiming swining the knife 1"DIEEEEEEEE"
[06:29] <@Thoon> (( Do you have progressive training? ))
01[06:30] <Helen_Brown> ((no only general melee weapon training))
[06:30] <@Thoon> (( ah, doesn't matter here don't worry. Alright. Roll damage, twice. Pick which you'll use. ))
01[06:30] <Helen_Brown> ((roll it twice?))
01[06:31] <Helen_Brown> ((one sec let me get to progressive))
[06:31] <@Thoon> (( 1d5+str+1 ))
01[06:32] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[06:32] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 8 [1d5=4]
01[06:32] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[06:32] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 9 [1d5=5]
01[06:32] <Helen_Brown> ((the 9~))
[06:33] <@Thoon> The blade flies right into the mask of the monster's face, and a torrent of blood bursts into your 'eyes' as it screams satisfactorilly
[06:34] <@Thoon> roll 1d100 to avoid the 'head' dies
[06:34] <@Thoon> 1d100
[06:34] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d100: 63 [1d100=63]
[06:36] <@Thoon> The blood just seems to get worse as the knife digs in deeper and deeper, until finally the mask snaps in half, blood quickly stopping, and the Angel staggers, but catches itself, somehow, though the mouth section seems to completely stop moving.
01[06:37] <Helen_Brown> "That's it, that's it just die for me just die for us!"
[06:39] <@Thoon> The Angel, still alive despite the fact its head has litterally been killed thrashes its horn at you again, this time using its actions to aim and then attack
[06:39] <@Thoon> roll 1d100 vs 50
01[06:39] <Helen_Brown> ((see random vocaloids thing on SA complex, it's the world is mine))
[06:39] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[06:39] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 36 [1d100=36]
01[06:39] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 31 dodge
[06:39] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 31 dodge: 58 [1d100=58]
01[06:39] <Helen_Brown> ((never works~))
[06:39] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage
[06:39] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage: 13 [1d10=5]
[06:39] <@Thoon> To the body again
01[06:40] <Helen_Brown> ((did I lose any armor from the last attakc?))
[06:40] <@Thoon> (( No, armor isn't lost. Toughness might be from conditions. ))
01[06:40] <Helen_Brown> ((if not 4 with 3 toughness still so 8))
01[06:41] <Helen_Brown> ((one shy of wounds but I'm not sure if these fill in or not))
[06:41] <@Thoon> (( hm? ))
01[06:41] <Helen_Brown> ((does damage acumulate?))
[06:41] <@Thoon> (( Yes. ))
01[06:42] <Helen_Brown> ((alright how do I go about it, it took 4 last time))
[06:42] <@Thoon> (( so its the total damage from the last hit + this hit done to your body area now. How much do you have left/are in critical? ))
[06:42] <@Thoon> 4+8
01[06:42] <Helen_Brown> (( yeah, it's 3 over))
01[06:43] <Helen_Brown> ((so critical roll like last time?))
[06:44] <@Thoon> Your unit's armor begins to break and crack all over. You're stunned for your turn.
[06:44] <@Thoon> (( Yes ))
01[06:45] <Helen_Brown> ((toughness roll again or just synch?))
[06:45] <@Thoon> (( Just sync ))
[06:45] <@Thoon> 1d10 odd it goes up
[06:45] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, odd it goes up: 5 [1d10=5]
[06:45] <@Thoon> 2d10 to sync
[06:45] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, to sync: 11 [2d10=8,3]
01[06:45] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 go up baby
[06:45] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, go up baby: 5 [1d10=5]
01[06:46] <Helen_Brown> ((just corssed 71 threashold))
01[06:46] <Helen_Brown> ((though stunn how does it work, I assume I can't do anything))
[06:47] <@Thoon> (( Woo~ You gain those benefits/penalties then. However due to the stun, yeah. You can't do anything for one round, even dodge ))
01[06:47] <Helen_Brown> ((alright)
[06:47] <@Thoon> The Angel attempts to continue its result repeaitng the last attack
[06:47] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[06:47] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 79 [1d100=79]
[06:47] <@Thoon> But it misses, even with the ease of your inability to act.
01[06:48] <Helen_Brown> ((what's it attacking with?))
01[06:48] <Helen_Brown> ((horn still on there?))
[06:48] <@Thoon> (( your turn. You've recovered from the stun. Barring peanlties previously done ))
[06:48] <@Thoon> (( Yes. ))
06[06:49] * Helen_Brown bounces around in the cockpitas it thrashes throwing the unit outof the way of the gore
01[06:49] <Helen_Brown> "NO NO! WORK….. I
[06:49] <@Thoon> (( The face and weapon being the same thing was solely for the sake of description, I didn't expect you to crit its face like that~ Still, it's got two brains, so it makes sense. ))
01[06:49] <Helen_Brown> 'M TAKING THAT!"
06[06:49] * Helen_Brown hacks away like a mainiac at the horn
01[06:49] <Helen_Brown> ((all out attack))
01[06:50] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 46+20
[06:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 46+20: 17 [1d100=17]
01[06:51] <Helen_Brown> ((with any penalities you want on it~))
[06:51] <@Thoon> (( Just roll the damage, that's more then enough~ ))
01[06:51] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[06:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 5 [1d5=1]
01[06:51] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[06:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 8 [1d5=4]
01[06:51] <Helen_Brown> (( the 8))
[06:52] <@Thoon> 1d5
[06:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d5: 1 [1d5=1]
[06:52] <@Thoon> 1d100
[06:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d100: 40 [1d100=40]
[06:53] <@Thoon> You must have done even further damage to the brain inside, as it falls to the floor inactive, go again~! +20 when attacking now that it's stunned
01[06:54] <Helen_Brown> ((what would I need to do to try ripping it's shell off?))
[06:55] <@Thoon> (( this is where had you taken sadistic, I'd be mean to you~ ))
[06:55] <@Thoon> (( Called shot body with knife. ))
[06:55] <@Thoon> (( Which is viable. It's stunned, unable to use its legs, its your toy for this round ))
06[06:57] * Helen_Brown lines this up taking both hands on the progression knife then slams down
01[06:57] <Helen_Brown> ((aim action +called attack))
01[06:57] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 46+10+20
[06:57] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 46+10+20: 24 [1d100=24]
[06:58] <@Thoon> (( this on the body? ))
01[06:58] <Helen_Brown> ((yes))
01[06:58] <Helen_Brown> ((fuck flipping it over and going core hunting, SHE'S GOING TO TUNNEL HER WAY TO IT))
[06:59] <@Thoon> The armor is stiff, even for the progressive knife, but you can go at it almost leisurly.
[06:59] <@Thoon> ((Actually the core's on the back ))
[06:59] <@Thoon> (( Behind the horn, between the wings. ))
01[07:00] <Helen_Brown> ((well I feel stupid but for now~))
01[07:00] <Helen_Brown> ((go for the back first ripp it's shell appart))
[07:00] <@Thoon> (( If you want I'll let you hit the core. You realistically would want to and all ))
01[07:00] <Helen_Brown> ((Alright, actually I don't think you mentioned where the core was in the description))
01[07:01] <Helen_Brown> ((but yeah going for the core~))
[07:01] <@Thoon> (( damamge. ))
01[07:01] <Helen_Brown> ((reroll?))
01[07:01] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:01] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 5 [1d5=1]
01[07:01] <Helen_Brown> ((I honestly don't know if prog is automatic or if it's under 20 or somethign weird like that))
[07:01] <@Thoon> (( It's progressive, remeber~ ))
01[07:01] <Helen_Brown> ((Or should I say rending))
01[07:02] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1 I assume that's a yes
[07:02] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, I assume that's a yes: 8 [1d5=4]
01[07:02] <Helen_Brown> ((the 8~))
[07:03] <@Thoon> Light and sparks fly from the core as it wakes up again again screams, the knife slowly starting to break its shell, then suddenly doing so as it takes its turn.
[07:03] <@Thoon> (( Core's close to critical~ ))
[07:04] <@Thoon> roll 1d100 vs 50 aim and attack
[07:04] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 god damn used to bad dice
[07:04] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 god damn used to bad dice: 25 [1d100=25]
01[07:04] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 31 for useless dodge~
[07:04] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 31 for useless dodge~: 26 [1d100=26]
[07:04] <@Thoon> roll 1d10+8 to, yet again, body~
[07:05] <@Thoon> Shit~
01[07:05] <Helen_Brown> ((wait dodge worked?))
06[07:05] * Helen_Brown disingages the saw job and moves out of the way just in time
01[07:06] <Helen_Brown> ((so my turn?~))
[07:06] <@Thoon> You ride on the beast as it spins its head back and almost crushes your body with its horn, instead only impacting its own shell. Your go. It's not moving its legs, but its awake
06[07:07] * Helen_Brown clenches the eva's knees on the bucking bronco and knows this may be the only chance and slams down wiht all the eva's might
01[07:07] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 46+20 for all out attack
[07:07] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 46+20 for all out attack: 53 [1d100=53]
01[07:07] <Helen_Brown> ((free synch reroll~))
01[07:08] <Helen_Brown> ((core targeting and aall))
[07:08] <@Thoon> (( no, that hits. ))
01[07:08] <Helen_Brown> ((oh? alright then~))
[07:08] <@Thoon> (( It's 66 due to All out, right? ))
01[07:08] <Helen_Brown> ((didn't know if called on core made it miss))
01[07:08] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1 for captain kirk prog bash from hell
[07:08] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for captain kirk prog bash from hell: 6 [1d5=2]
01[07:09] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1 for rebuild
[07:09] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for rebuild: 5 [1d5=1]
01[07:09] <Helen_Brown> ((the 6))
[07:09] <@Thoon> (( oh, its called too. right. Then yeah, reroll with SR I'd say
[07:09] <@Thoon> (( Or spend a fate point, its different from burning them ))
01[07:09] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 77
[07:09] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 77: 92 [1d100=92]
01[07:09] <Helen_Brown> ((do I get the +20~?))
01[07:09] <Helen_Brown> ((still miss probalby ))
[07:10] <@Thoon> (( no~ ))
[07:10] <@Thoon> (( The +20 and -20 cancel each other out ))
01[07:10] <Helen_Brown> ((ah~))
06[07:10] * Helen_Brown slams and the bucking motion causes it to bounce off the shell 1"Shit!"
[07:10] <@Thoon> How much do you fail by~?
01[07:11] <Helen_Brown> ((15))
[07:12] <@Thoon> (( Damn it~ If only five more, I'd show you why Prog training is something you want~ ))
[07:12] <@Thoon> 1d100 aim and attack again. And burning fate point to heal core
[07:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, aim and attack again. And burning fate point to heal core: 39 [1d100=39]
[07:12] <@Thoon> 1d5 core HP
[07:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, core HP: 4 [1d5=4]
01[07:12] <Helen_Brown> ((also YOU NEVER TOLD ME HOW FATE POINTS WORK))
[07:13] <@Thoon> (( I told you to look over the gameplay chapter. page 185~ ))
[07:14] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage to the left leg, again
[07:14] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage to the left leg, again: 11 [1d10=3]
01[07:14] <Helen_Brown> ((definatly critical))
[07:14] <@Thoon> 6 damage. That puts your leg at -9 right?
01[07:14] <Helen_Brown> ((16))
[07:15] <@Thoon> (( that's… gonna be painful. Crits go from 1-10))
[07:15] <@Thoon> (( well, its -armor and toughness.))
01[07:15] <Helen_Brown> ((ah))
01[07:15] <Helen_Brown> ((it's 9))
[07:16] <@Thoon> 1d5 details~
[07:16] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, details~: 3 [1d5=3]
[07:17] <@Thoon> Like an insane beast, it practiclly rips its own head off to crush your body, you almost avoid it, but too focused on doding, you're unable to dodge fully as its massive horn pounds down on your left leg, not only utterly shattering armor and bones which you feel, but the instant burst of blood litterally sends the whole leg flying about 30 metres away from you in bits.
[07:18] <@Thoon> -10 to feedback tests, which start now for
[07:18] <@Thoon> 1d5 rounds
[07:18] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, rounds: 4 [1d5=4]
[07:18] <@Thoon> You also gain 1d5 insanity from feeling this
01[07:18] <Helen_Brown> 1d5
[07:18] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5: 2 [1d5=2]
[07:19] <@Thoon> Due to the insanity, even if you did resist the feedback with the penalty, you're getting a sync disruption.
06[07:19] * Helen_Brown grits her teeth and grab her leg
01[07:19] <Helen_Brown> ((-20~))
01[07:19] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 77-20
[07:19] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 77-20: 92 [1d100=92]
[07:19] <@Thoon> 1d10 odd it goes up~
[07:19] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, odd it goes up~: 10 [1d10=10]
[07:20] <@Thoon> 2d10 SR gone~
[07:20] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, SR gone~: 14 [2d10=8,6]
01[07:20] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 keeping it up~
[07:20] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, keeping it up~: 10 [1d10=10]
01[07:21] <Helen_Brown> ((what penalties come from leglessness~?))
01[07:22] <Helen_Brown> ((also is this hopeless now~?))
[07:22] <@Thoon> (( Can't use dodge, half movement. ))
01[07:22] <Helen_Brown> ((alright))
[07:22] <@Thoon> (( No~ you have fate points to use, remember, and keep it up ))
[07:23] <@Thoon> (( You aren't stunned, remember. ))
[07:23] <@Thoon> ((Ah wait, yes you are. (spoilers, fate points can fix that~) ))
01[07:24] <Helen_Brown> ((lets burn it~))
[07:24] <@Thoon> (( it's not burning, its spending ))
01[07:24] <Helen_Brown> ((do I get trhill seeker on it yet?))
[07:24] <@Thoon> (( You can spend your points freely, they come back every session, BURNING gets rid of one permanently and you can't spend/burn it again. ))
01[07:24] <Helen_Brown> ((Or is it still up in the air))
01[07:25] <Helen_Brown> ((ahh)0
[07:25] <@Thoon> (( Yes, you can yse that~ ))
01[07:25] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 for thrillseeker fate gain
[07:25] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for thrillseeker fate gain: 5 [1d10=5]
01[07:25] <Helen_Brown> ((nope))
[07:25] <@Thoon> (( anywhere spending fate points here deffinitly counts, I'd say ))
[07:25] <@Thoon> (( ah well. ))
[07:25] <@Thoon> (( Well, when completely outmatched, anyways. ))
01[07:25] <Helen_Brown> ((god damn this computer))
[07:26] <@Thoon> Your turn. You ignore the feeling of your leg bones hanging in the wind flooding into your head
01[07:26] <Helen_Brown> ((sorry it's spazzing))
01[07:26] <Helen_Brown> ((doesn't like these big unoptimized PDFS at all))
01[07:26] <Helen_Brown> ((closing fire fox now))
01[07:27] <Helen_Brown> ((hoping tha thelps))
01[07:27] <Helen_Brown> "Ahahaha you want to make it interesting!"
[07:27] <@Thoon> (( hopefully ))
01[07:27] <Helen_Brown> ((so what can bee seen from here?))
[07:29] <@Thoon> The back of a hulking alien rhino beetle? Your home. A building showered in the blood of your left leg. It's thrashing about to kill you, you have a clear sight of its core, its wings, its head or whatever else.
01[07:30] <Helen_Brown> "well, LETS GO ALL OUT!"
01[07:30] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 WS 46
[07:30] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, WS 46: 38 [1d100=38]
01[07:31] <Helen_Brown> "Can't get something for nothing!" 6 she throws the broken shell of the eva around like a bad puppet propelling the progression knife at the core
[07:31] <@Thoon> That's a hit.
01[07:31] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:31] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 5 [1d5=1]
01[07:31] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+1
[07:31] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+1: 3 [1d5=2]
01[07:31] <Helen_Brown> ((the 6 that's a 3))
[07:32] <@Thoon> The thin layer of core that grew back over its old wound is instantly torn away, and you sever it just a bit further this time, it's almost cut clear in half…
01[07:32] <Helen_Brown> "Just a bit more JUST A BIT MORE!"
[07:33] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 again…
[07:33] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 again…: 46 [1d100=46]
01[07:33] <Helen_Brown> (((playing today is the time for goodbye~)))
[07:34] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 to the body. This will probably kill you unless you do something
[07:34] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, to the body. This will probably kill you unless you do something: 15 [1d10=7]
01[07:34] <Helen_Brown> ((well 2 fate points let me jump to that section again))
01[07:34] <Helen_Brown> ((what's an extra degree of success?))
[07:35] <@Thoon> (( you succeed by 10 more points. Counts in certain areas. ))
01[07:35] <Helen_Brown> ((ah hmm))
01[07:35] <Helen_Brown> ((assume I have to burn a fate point))
[07:35] <@Thoon> (( okay, frankly - yeah. ))
01[07:36] <Helen_Brown> ((rips the eva in half~?))
[07:36] <@Thoon> (( there's two ways we can go. Burn one, be 'fine', don't burn it, I kill your eva and do 1d100 damamge to the pilot. ))
01[07:36] <Helen_Brown> ((yeah burn it))
[07:37] <@Thoon> The horn comes down on you with deadly speed, but just in time, you manage to grab it, stopping its fall, and throw it foreward. Your turn.
01[07:37] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 46 to twist that knife around
[07:37] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 46 to twist that knife around: 74 [1d100=74]
01[07:37] <Helen_Brown> ((spendign a fate point))
01[07:38] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 to get that stutter out of it
[07:38] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, to get that stutter out of it: 83 [1d100=83]
01[07:38] <Helen_Brown> ((ahahha))
[07:38] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 yet again…
[07:38] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 yet again…: 47 [1d100=47]
[07:39] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 to the RIGHT leg.
[07:39] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, to the RIGHT leg.: 12 [1d10=4]
01[07:40] <Helen_Brown> ((5 meets wound))
[07:40] <@Thoon> It shatters the right leg now, spilling hydrolic fluids from it, not that you'll be going anywhere, but half speed again for one round.
01[07:40] <Helen_Brown> ((er up by 1))
01[07:40] <Helen_Brown> ((hupr 7 but yeah))
01[07:41] <Helen_Brown> ((Oh yeha trhill? can I get that roll in?))
[07:41] <@Thoon> (( you know what would have helped with all this? ))
[07:41] <@Thoon> (( Sure. ))
01[07:41] <Helen_Brown> 1d10
[07:41] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d10: 5 [1d10=5]
01[07:41] <Helen_Brown> ((nope)0
01[07:41] <Helen_Brown> ((what?))
01[07:41] <Helen_Brown> ((oh AT field?))
[07:41] <@Thoon> (( Had you spread your AT field, yeah. ))
[07:42] <@Thoon> (( 50-70% chance of not being hit? It could at most do -40% to you. ))
01[07:42] <Helen_Brown> ((It's freak out mode~))
01[07:42] <Helen_Brown> ((oh synch ratio~))
01[07:42] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 odd for up
[07:42] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, odd for up: 6 [1d10=6]
01[07:42] <Helen_Brown> 3d10 to the skys
[07:42] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, to the skys: 22 [3d10=9,7,6]
[07:43] <@Thoon> (( Spreading and throwing up a deflective field? You'd be set. ))
[07:43] <@Thoon> (( That's even. First two numbers are down~ ))
[07:43] <@Thoon> (( good work remembering that though ))
01[07:44] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for last ditch~
[07:44] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for last ditch~: 39 [1d100=39]
01[07:44] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:44] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 6 [1d5=2]
01[07:44] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:44] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 6 [1d5=2]
01[07:44] <Helen_Brown> ((dice hate me~))
[07:45] <@Thoon> Something seems to click in the core, and suddenly blood shoots up in such force that blood gushes out of the hole so hard it pushes the knife out, but you've broken by its defenses.
06[07:45] * Helen_Brown thrashing around using the broken legs to give her as much leverage as possible teh progrsion knife sails true for what she even knows to be the last strike 1"DIE YOU BASTARD! I'M CARVING OUT YOUR HEART!"
[07:46] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 40 aim and attack, notice something different this time?
[07:46] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 40 aim and attack, notice something different this time?: 8 [1d100=8]
01[07:46] <Helen_Brown> ((oh yes))
[07:47] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage to the head~
[07:47] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage to the head~: 18 [1d10=10]
01[07:47] <Helen_Brown> ((13 over, guess it's another burn?))
[07:48] <@Thoon> (( Well, due to the nature of a max critical on the head, it might also die… I'd say so, though. ))
[07:49] <@Thoon> (( oh wait, thats an explosion crit. Yeah. Burning? ))
01[07:50] <Helen_Brown> ((yeah burning))
[07:50] <@Thoon> You somehow manage to avoid the skull crushing hit.
[07:50] <@Thoon> Your turn.
01[07:50] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 you know the drill
[07:50] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, you know the drill: 57 [1d100=57]
[07:50] <@Thoon> Its core is right there, open, in critical damage mode~
01[07:50] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for spending last fate point
[07:51] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for spending last fate point: 49 [1d100=49]
[07:51] <@Thoon> (( You have one fate point left to spend/burn, by my count ))
[07:51] <@Thoon> (( Or not now ))
01[07:51] <Helen_Brown> ((nope, looks like it's over~))
[07:51] <@Thoon> (( Just because it's been lucky every single time so far doesn't mean it'll hit this time~ ))
[07:52] <@Thoon> roll 1d100 to win
[07:52] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 to win
[07:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 to win: 21 [1d100=21]
[07:52] <@Thoon> (( it… doesn't win. Say, is Helen left handed? ))
01[07:52] <Helen_Brown> nope
01[07:52] <Helen_Brown> ((actulaly))
01[07:52] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 odd for left
[07:52] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, odd for left: 4 [1d10=4]
[07:53] <@Thoon> (( Statitically, that's on a result of 10 you're left, but~ ))
[07:53] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage to right arm
[07:53] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage to right arm: 10 [1d10=2]
01[07:53] <Helen_Brown> ((just meets 5))
[07:54] <@Thoon> 0 wounds left on it. YOu're not in critical or forced to drop it!
[07:54] <@Thoon> It being the knife.
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 for thrill
[07:54] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for thrill: 7 [1d10=7]
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> ((cause god damn keep forgeting it))
[07:54] <@Thoon> (( mm. me too. ))
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for the final stab we must all make
[07:54] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for the final stab we must all make: 74 [1d100=74]
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> ((that's a hit~))
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:54] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 8 [1d5=4]
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+3+1
[07:54] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+3+1: 5 [1d5=1]
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> ((the 8))
[07:54] <@Thoon> (( Wait, that hits? ))
01[07:54] <Helen_Brown> ((46 WS))
[07:54] <@Thoon> (( not called shotting? ))
01[07:55] <Helen_Brown> ((with all out attakc))
[07:55] <@Thoon> (( 74 is less then 66? ))
01[07:55] <Helen_Brown> ((oh wait read 46 for some reason))
01[07:55] <Helen_Brown> ((my bad tha'ts a miss))
06[07:56] * Helen_Brown it's just frantic swining at this point, no rhyme or reasons just swining
[07:56] <@Thoon> (( God damn it I want you wo win for a certain :Troll: but I'm not gonna get to do it ))
[07:56] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 to win
[07:56] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 to win: 90 [1d100=90]
[07:56] <@Thoon> Another bash against its own shell
01[07:56] <Helen_Brown> ((it… it missed?))
[07:56] <@Thoon> (( My god. ))
01[07:56] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for the final attack
[07:56] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for the final attack: 60 [1d100=60]
[07:56] <@Thoon> (( TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY ))
01[07:56] <Helen_Brown> ((that's a miss))
[07:56] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 to win
[07:56] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 to win: 38 [1d100=38]
01[07:57] <Helen_Brown> ((oh wait isit stunned?))
01[07:57] <Helen_Brown> ((nevermind))
[07:57] <@Thoon> (( No, it's not hurting itself by hitting itself. It's not a arcade game boss. ))
[07:58] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 damage to right leg
[07:58] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, damage to right leg: 9 [1d10=1]
[07:58] <@Thoon> 1d5 because I know this result
[07:58] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, because I know this result: 4 [1d5=4]
[07:58] <@Thoon> You're stunned. -10 feedback for…
[07:58] <@Thoon> 1d5
[07:58] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d5: 3 [1d5=3]
[07:59] <@Thoon> round and for insanity
[07:59] <@Thoon> 1d5
[07:59] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, 1d5: 4 [1d5=4]
01[07:59] <Helen_Brown> 1d5
[07:59] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5: 1 [1d5=1]
01[07:59] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 for which way
[07:59] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for which way: 2 [1d10=2]
01[07:59] <Helen_Brown> 2d10 for the bottom
[07:59] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for the bottom: 14 [2d10=10,4]
01[07:59] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 for the sky
[07:59] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for the sky: 2 [1d10=2]
[07:59] <@Thoon> The next leg flies off. Your Eva is now completely legless. Bloody bits fly everywhere, you feel it all.
[08:00] <@Thoon> So overwhelmed by pain and so heavily damaged, controlls don't respond, as it swings again.
06[08:00] * Helen_Brown screams in the plug
[08:00] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 70
[08:00] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 70: 34 [1d100=34]
[08:00] <@Thoon> (( You have one point left on yourself, spent, but not burt~ ))
01[08:01] <Helen_Brown> ((burn it~))
[08:01] <@Thoon> Controlls respond just in time, and you dive aside, hanging off the edge of the Angel, you probably don't have long left if you fuck up anything else here…
01[08:02] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 36 for the last chance
[08:02] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 36 for the last chance: 49 [1d100=49]
[08:03] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50, as it throws its horn beside itself to hit you
[08:03] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50, as it throws its horn beside itself to hit you: 51 [1d100=51]
01[08:03] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for the final trade
[08:03] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for the final trade: 64 [1d100=64]
[08:03] <@Thoon> It grazes the paint.
[08:03] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[08:03] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 58 [1d100=58]
[08:04] <@Thoon> It's so desperate, it can't aim properly anymore.
06[08:04] * Helen_Brown calms down a second and fully raises the deflection field
[08:04] <@Thoon> (( FUCK~ ))
01[08:04] <Helen_Brown> ((40))
[08:04] <@Thoon> (( The coresplosion would have SO got you~ ))
[08:04] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50 roll and hope for 40 or less if it hits
[08:04] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50 roll and hope for 40 or less if it hits: 95 [1d100=95]
01[08:05] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for more wild flailing
[08:05] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for more wild flailing: 78 [1d100=78]
[08:05] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[08:05] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 5 [1d100=5]
[08:05] <@Thoon> The horn smashes against the AT barrier…
06[08:06] * Helen_Brown is just madly screaming in the plug to kill it
01[08:06] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 36
[08:06] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 36: 93 [1d100=93]
[08:06] <@Thoon> (( No, roll d100 and see if you got 40 or less. ))
[08:07] <@Thoon> (( For deflecting. ))
01[08:07] <Helen_Brown> ((ahh))
01[08:07] <Helen_Brown> 1d100
[08:07] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d100: 52 [1d100=52]
01[08:07] <Helen_Brown> ((nope))
[08:07] <@Thoon> 1d100 for location
[08:07] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, for location: 14 [1d100=14]
01[08:07] <Helen_Brown> ((for some reason I thought it had to roll higher))
[08:07] <@Thoon> 1d10+8 to right arm
[08:07] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, to right arm: 9 [1d10=1]
[08:08] <@Thoon> 1d10 for disaster one
[08:08] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, for disaster one: 10 [1d10=10]
[08:08] <@Thoon> 1d5 for two
[08:08] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, for two: 5 [1d5=5]
[08:09] <@Thoon> (( Okay, for 10 rounds, half WS and BS. 5 rounds, that arms useless. I'm gonna say the knife wasn't dropped, free action to change hands like this and no EXTRA penalty, but…~ ))
01[08:09] <Helen_Brown> 1d10 odd
[08:09] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, odd: 5 [1d10=5]
01[08:09] <Helen_Brown> 3d10 for sky high
[08:09] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for sky high: 16 [3d10=6,1,9]
01[08:10] <Helen_Brown> ((but~?))
[08:10] <@Thoon> (( No buts. I mean you're not gonna EVER hit it now~ ))
01[08:10] <Helen_Brown> ((ah))
[08:10] <@Thoon> (( Do your stuff. its your turn. What's your SR now? ))
01[08:11] <Helen_Brown> ((65))
[08:11] <@Thoon> (( 50s or 60s? ))
[08:11] <@Thoon> (( Fuck~ ))
06[08:11] * Helen_Brown doesn't bother to switch over and just attempts to gore the core with it's own horn
01[08:11] <Helen_Brown> 1d100
[08:11] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d100: 39 [1d100=39]
[08:11] <@Thoon> (( 60% chance of deflection, then. ))
01[08:12] <Helen_Brown> ((nope, at 23 now))
[08:12] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 50
[08:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 50: 25 [1d100=25]
01[08:12] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for deflect
[08:12] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for deflect: 31 [1d100=31]
[08:12] <@Thoon> The AT field seems stronger, now…
01[08:12] <Helen_Brown> "DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE"
[08:13] <@Thoon> (( the upbeater music for "Tsubasa wo Kudasai" just started for that~ ))
[08:13] <@Thoon> (( That being the Shinji goes maverick music ))
06[08:13] * Helen_Brown being so close with it's face the eva's mouth breaks it's restrants and it's teeth goes to bite the core
01[08:13] <Helen_Brown> 1d100
[08:13] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d100: 18 [1d100=18]
01[08:13] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+1
[08:13] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+1: 2 [1d5=1]
01[08:13] <Helen_Brown> 1d5+1
[08:13] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, 1d5+1: 6 [1d5=5]
01[08:13] <Helen_Brown> ((6))
01[08:14] <Helen_Brown> ((AHAHAHAHAH))
[08:14] <@Thoon> (( Teeth aren't progressive, but fuck, I'm gonna allow that~ ))
01[08:14] <Helen_Brown> ((says it has rending)
01[08:14] <Helen_Brown> ((sorry, saw rending and yeah))
[08:14] <@Thoon> (( rending is a damage type. PRogressive is rolls twice. ))
01[08:14] <Helen_Brown> ((er R))
01[08:14] <Helen_Brown> ((Ahh))
[08:14] <@Thoon> (( Rending, impact, explosive, energy ))
[08:14] <@Thoon> (( Like peircing slashing bludgeoning in D&D ))
01[08:15] <Helen_Brown> ((got yah now, I'm thining 40k, rending is roll agian if I remeber right))
[08:16] <@Thoon> Wrapping your teeth around the core, you feel its armor completely give way, exposing the raw core beneath. It no longer has armor.
[08:16] <@Thoon> 1d100 toughness test…
[08:16] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, toughness test…: 43 [1d100=43]
01[08:16] <Helen_Brown> "DIEEEEEEEEE"
01[08:16] <Helen_Brown> ((and the future refused to change))
[08:17] <@Thoon> roll 1d100 vs 40 it can't aim anymore. Well, for this turn. If this doesn't hit next turn…
[08:17] <@Thoon> 1d100 vs 40 it can't aim anymore. Well, for this turn. If this doesn't hit next turn…
[08:17] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Thoon, vs 40 it can't aim anymore. Well, for this turn. If this doesn't hit next turn…: 21 [1d100=21]
01[08:18] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 for deflection?
[08:18] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, for deflection?: 50 [1d100=50]
01[08:18] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 regaining a bit of sanity with the left arm thrusts it towards the unarmered mass that is the core
[08:18] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, regaining a bit of sanity with the left arm thrusts it towards the unarmered mass that is the core: 71 [1d100=71]
01[08:19] <Helen_Brown> ((and misses completly))
[08:19] <@Thoon> The angel collapses for a moment, almost like it's died.
01[08:20] <Helen_Brown> ((it's not moving or doing anything))
[08:20] <@Thoon> (( Hmm. How is this targeted, Ah well. We'll see if you deflect it first. ))
01[08:20] <Helen_Brown> 1d100 vs 60
[08:20] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> Helen_Brown, vs 60: 42 [1d100=42]
[08:21] <@Thoon> Its core warbles, and then suddenly explodes.
06[08:21] * Helen_Brown is just laughing madly as the blood coats the ATS fields errected in front of her
[08:22] <@Thoon> Overwhelmed by damage and with no choice left to hurt you effectivly, Bright light consumes you as the Angel triggers its self destruct, you barely hold it off.
01[08:22] <Helen_Brown> "Oh… Ahahahahah"
[08:22] <@Thoon> And collapse dramatically down on the ground, the limbless, broken, shattered hero you are.
06[08:22] * Helen_Brown is pressed into the ground as the AT field is pushed to it's limit
06[08:23] * Helen_Brown countues to laugh 1"Ahhahahah ….Oh… Oh god….. that… THAT WAS THE BEST"
[08:23] <@Thoon> (( so, how much damage in total did you take~ ))
01[08:23] <Helen_Brown> ((9, 12,7,9 so 47))
[08:26] <@Thoon> 1 point for one eva deployed. 1 for it being a clinker, 6 points for the Angel cross blast, 2 for critical damage, 2 for limbs
[08:26] <@Thoon> A Sucseccufl battle, 20 surplus is added to the bank.
01[08:27] <Helen_Brown> >Sucsessful battle<>Surplus< :awe:
[08:27] <@Thoon> Oh man, that was exhausting and hellish, but glorious~
03[08:28] * Helen_Brown is now known as scribblefag
01[08:28] <scribblefag> Hmm to keep unit -01 or reroll for the real game
[08:28] <@Thoon> Body:
[08:28] <@Thoon> Location % to hit Wounds Armor +2 for toughness
[08:28] <@Thoon> Head: 1-10 5 -12 c7 3
[08:28] <@Thoon> Arms: 11-30 7 -5
[08:28] <@Thoon> Core: 31-40 15 -18 c3 2
[08:28] <@Thoon> Body: 41-70 11 -5 3
[08:28] <@Thoon> Legs: 71-100 7 -13 C3
[08:28] <@Thoon> At the time of its death
[08:28] <@Thoon> Though that didn't work
01[08:28] <scribblefag> Hm?
[08:29] <@Thoon> The damage it took
01[08:29] <scribblefag> God
01[08:29] <scribblefag> Also
01[08:29] <scribblefag> Where was the Operator yelling at her~
01[08:29] <scribblefag> Granted she reflexivly used it at the end for AT field~
[08:29] <@Thoon> I'll roll up an operations director next time~
01[08:30] <scribblefag> Well story for /tg/ if we want to hash it out
[08:30] <@Thoon> I was so hoping you'd push the core too far and cause it to explode in your unprotected face~
01[08:30] <scribblefag> heh
[08:30] <@Thoon> So, did you enjoy it?
01[08:30] <scribblefag> Playing a psycopath and going "well she didn't raise it in the first round, she's not goign to bother now"
01[08:31] <scribblefag> It was fun~
01[08:31] <scribblefag> though lots of the same~
01[08:31] <scribblefag> wlel
01[08:31] <scribblefag> till the end
01[08:31] <scribblefag> when it was just "well shit"
[08:31] <@Thoon> Yeah
01[08:31] <scribblefag> glorious well shit
[08:31] <@Thoon> I imagine more players and some more tricks makes it more dynamic
[08:31] <@Thoon> YOu're a nugger AT tech~
01[08:31] <scribblefag> Hopefully
[08:31] <@Thoon> nugget*
01[08:31] <scribblefag> Yeah only trick I had was push
01[08:31] <scribblefag> which does shit
01[08:32] <scribblefag> So you going to put the logs up?
[08:32] <@Thoon> I could.
[08:32] <@Thoon> I'm totally keeping this one because it was stupid glorious.
[08:33] <@Thoon> Roll Fellowship to appologise to Gendo.
01[08:33] <scribblefag> 1d100 vs 31
[08:33] <Gendo_Ikaris_approval-Bot> scribblefag, vs 31: 14 [1d100=14]
[08:33] <@Thoon> For winding up looking like your Eva came back from 'nam
[08:33] <@Thoon> Good work, Helen.
01[08:33] <scribblefag> 6 helen's face lights up, she looks like the happiest girl in the world
[08:34] <@Thoon> (( so. Want to try it again some time? I'll give you an op dir and a pre-done battle phase if you want. ))
01[08:34] <scribblefag> ((yeah~))
[08:34] <@Thoon> er, no need for OOC. Subconcious reaction to purple text I guess
01[08:34] <scribblefag> Heh
[08:35] <@Thoon> Obviously, not tonight, though I'm totally staying up to reroll
01[08:35] <scribblefag> I want to hop on my bike and get some rent and food for lunch
[08:35] <@Thoon> shit up
01[08:35] <scribblefag> Heh
[08:35] <@Thoon> OKay.
01[08:35] <scribblefag> But hellen has no fate points left~
01[08:35] <scribblefag> er Helen
[08:35] <@Thoon> Sorry for making you stay up so late
01[08:35] <scribblefag> I'm not going to bed now as it stands
01[08:35] <scribblefag> maybe finally watch kara no kyoikai
01[08:35] <scribblefag> finish up which blade
[08:35] <@Thoon> You… you can have'em all back~ Remake shit too if you want. Hmm. Should I try with exp?
01[08:35] <scribblefag> draw something
01[08:35] <scribblefag> Hm?
[08:36] <@Thoon> Should I give exp to try something at a higher level, or you want another nub angel?
01[08:36] <scribblefag> higher level lets see where this leads~
01[08:36] <scribblefag> but ridding at the moment
01[08:36] <scribblefag> Also
[08:37] <@Thoon> Okay
01[08:37] <scribblefag> glorious test of the emergancy unit test unit 08 in teh hastily constructed jet alone armor~
[08:38] <@Thoon> Suddenly the provisional unit 05 is looking a lot more attractive~
[08:40] <@Thoon> "So it can't move without being hooked up to these giant evangelion sized power lines?" "Well it can, for a minute." "And it has no hands?" "Nope." "Well it beats Unit 08."
[08:44] <@Thoon> Gonna have a shower really quick
01[08:56] <scribblefag> Ok anmd this is hilarious

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