Andaji Stout (aka Floof, for reasons obvious when you mix that much hair and that much lightning)
The precious and entirely appropriately proper and decourous daughter of Bartleby Stout, Gentleman Adventurer, and that tentou trickster spirit that neglected to mention one trifling facet of her history when they first met.
themes; lightning, speedlines, spears, illusive dickery, floofiness

After Andaji was born, Bart wrangled himself a position as an ambassador (which is so very much more polite a word than 'spy') to Tentou to stay with his new wife and daughter. So while Andaji has spent most of her formative years in tentou, she's been hopelessly corrupted by all the strange foreign people who keep visiting her dad or claim they're related to her or something. This process has been accelerated by Bart's belief that everyone needs a proper grand tour as a part of growing up, so for the last couple years she's been globetrotting in strange foreign parts to meet a lot of his old partners in crime whether she wants to or not. As such, and given the rest of the family friends, she's been heavily steeped in both cultures. Everyone has carefully impressed the importance of what she does and who it affects very carefully upon her.
The only thing that would be surprising was if she hadn't developed a problem with acting out. She's not a bad person. Not at all. She just gets… stressed out sometimes, and has to blow off steam just to prove she can. None of her pranks have actually hurt anybody. Well, aside from their pride.

Andaji has concealment. She never actually appears.

When comfortable with people or subject to insulting/effective illusion penetrating powers, Andaji is a fragile-looking, vaguely elvish kitsune surrounded by a cloud of golden hair and unravelling braids that defy her best efforts to subdue them. She's usually in, at best, three quarters of the clothing the formal occasion warrants, if she doesn't just show up in something truly appalling like a blouse and skirts, though no matter what she's invariably wearing a lot of jade. (Seriously, have you seen chinese formal court dress? It averages three or more full outfits, in layers) Her eyes are jade green, her foxish ears bear several earrings, and her tail is magnificently fluffy.

When not subject to antiillusiveness, she prefers to appear as perfectly groomed and attired, often as a plain human. Showing her proper self can occasionally attract attention she'd rather not garner outside of tentou, and people will grab the tail just to assure themselves that it really exists.

No matter the form, she smells of ozone and the coming storm.

her thoughts.
re: parents; "Mom is the smartest and cleverest person I know and dad always helps and knows all sorts of amazing stories, even if I suspect he's making half of them up. I love them even if they insist on dragging me out into the middle of the woods all the time like it's supposed to be fun or something."
re: Naesra; "She knows stuff… I guess. But there's all this history she insists I have to know and she can always find me no matter how well I hide, which is Not Fair. And I don't like that magpie on her shoulder."
re: Fuchs and Nathurra; "I like them! Aunt Nath teaches me all kinds of neat tricks, and I can just ask uncle Fuchs how a spell works without them trying to hide it from me as unladylike or something lame like that. Ethe and Iphe are a lot of fun too."
re: Baldric; *worried mumbling* "I said I don't want to talk about it."
re: Framboise; "She looks almost like an ancestor already. I thought you had to be dead to do that. But she has to run a whole country like Jade does, even if it's just a little one like Aleister I guess it can change you. Jade's tried to explain it to me a few times."
re: Food; "Why did nobody tell me that liver and onions was a real dish before I came to Aleister? Jerks."

Somewhere to belong (effectively acceptance) - Andaji is torn between several worlds, and not sure which one she fits into. And if what bart and his drinking buddies say is accurate, there might not be any places left for anyone soon. And she will fight to save hers. As soon as she figures out where it is.

Gedditoffgedditoff! (phobia) - Andaji does not get along well with dogs. Something in her hindbrain just kicks the legs out from under rational thought whenever she gets too close to one. Wolfus are almost certainly included in that list.
Not this again (temper/quirk) - There's a lot expected of her, sometimes they get to be too much and she snaps and does something to prove that they're not going to push her around. Too much. This is usually some kind of prank or sabotage. Nothing overtly malicious, but the whole point of complications is that she'll take it too far in the heat of the moment.
<-> (responsibility) - maid knows.

M&M 3e
PL 10 (150 pts base)+inheritance template (15 points)

Abilities(38)+Defenses(8)+Powers(56)+Devices(14)+Advantages(18)+Skills(16)+Template(15) - (165/165)

Abilities (2 pts/rank) (38)
Str - 0
Sta - 5
Agl - 4
Dex - 0
Fgt - 6
Int - 0
Awe - 4
Pre - 0

Defenses (1 pt/rank) (8)
Parry - +10 (Fgt+misc) (4 pts)
Dodge - +10 (Agi+misc) (1 pts)
Fortitude - +10 (Sta+bonus)
Will - +7 (Awe+misc) (3 pts)
Toughness - +10 (Sta+armor)
Init - +8 (+Agl+misc)

Melee - +10 spears, +6 otherwise (+fgt+misc)
Ranged - +4 spears, +0 otherwise (+dex+misc)

Powers (66)
"She was just here a second ago, I swear." (tricksy spirits. mean tricksyness!)
Concealment R5 All visual+normal hearing -blending (5 pts)

Lightning murder array (26 pts total)
Due to her heritage,Andaji can pull in and shape a great deal of raw magic, and shows an alarming preference for things that go zap. This usually manifests as a crackling spear of lightning in some way or another.
"Thunderbolt Rush" (a powerful, but rapidly draining barrage of close-in lightning strikes)
Damage R10 +multiattack +secondary effect -fades +affects insubstantial 2 -activation (std) -1 quirk (breaks concealment) +enhanced adv (improved critical(t.bolt rush) r3). 2 standard acts, close range, 17-20 crit
descriptors; arcane, spears, all the lightning (22 pts)
"Lightning Spray" (a cone of electrical deliciousness)
Damage R10 +area (60ft cone). Standard act, close range
descriptors; arcane, lightning (alt power, 1 pt)
"Radiance" (Andaji shines with holy light. This power burns away the unholy. Insert inevitable firefox joke here)
Damage R10 +area(30ft burst) -Limited(undead/demons only) +affects incorporeal r2 -1 quirk(breaks concealment)
linked Affliction R10 (fort) (impaired) +area -limited (only one degree) +affects incorporeal r2
descriptors; divine, fire, light (1 pt)
"Shock Lance" (just what it says on the tin. The stabbiest of spears) (1 pt)
Damage R10 Standard act, close range
linked Affliction R10 (fort save) (daze->stun->paralyze)
descriptors; arcane, spears, lightning. (alt power 1 pt)
"storm javelin" (homing lightning spear)
Damage R10 +ranged +Accurate 2 +homing -diminished range Standard act, range (100/250/500ft)
descriptors; arcane, spears, lightning (alt power, 1 pt)

Tricksy bugger array (16 pts total)
"Shadows and whispers" (Floof can create images of people, animals, and other life nearby her)
Illusion R5 (visual+audio) +independent -range -limited (only of living things. people/cows/trees/etc. no walls, floors, swords, and the like.) +subtle standard act, free to sustain, illusion dist <500 ft
(11 pts)
"Breath of life" (Someone pounded magic into floof's head that wasn't just hiding things or exploding them. Thank Naesra. It takes a lot of concentration on her part though.)
Healing R10 (+10 to healing checks) -vulnerable, standard act
descriptors: divine, healing (alt power, 1 pt)
"Ancestral Communion" (see and speak with ghosts/incorporeal beings. She respects the elders and spirits around her, even if she doesn't obviously show it. Also given how many bloody spirits like illusive dickery.)
Comprehend (spirits) R2
Senses R4 (Detect Incorporeal R2 (sight))+(Counters Illusion(sight))
descriptors: arcane, senses (alt power, 1 pt)
"Ride the Lightning" (Andaji and much of the nearness vanishes in a bolt of lightning and reappears somewhere else, often somewhere very far. She is very proud of this power, but (because also applies here)if it was any less subtle it would have linked blindness/deafness afflictions) (1 pt)
Teleport R8 +extended -only extended -limited(outdoors only) +4 increased mass -1 quirk (breaks concealment) 2 move actions, 500 km range, 400kg extra mass (~1 adventuring party)
descriptors; arcane, teleport.
"Jinx" (bad luck. The worst. the sun in your eyes, slippery sword hilt, gravel skids under your foot, something in your armor pinches at exactly the wrong moment. No one is willing to admit to teaching floof how to do this, but most suspect nath)
Weaken (close combat) R10 (will save) +subtle standard act, close range
descriptors; arcane, luck, curse (2 pts (also have another alt of it that works on ranged combat as well)

"What? Oh, right. Down." (The ground is for all those other losers)
*Movement R4 (safe fall+wall-crawling 2+water walking -partial limitation: can't crawl on ceilings/must move full speed on water) (5 pts)
"I swear, I get struck by lightning once and you don't let me out of your sight. I'm fiiiine, dad. Stop worrying."
Immunity R5, lightning (limited, half effect) (3 pts)
Senses R1 (low-light vision) (1 pt)

"Boots of Striding and Springing" (these well-worn boots were passed down from dad. got him, and now her, into and out of a lot of problems)
speed 4 (125 m/rd or 64 m/rd) (4 pts)
Leaping 4 (32 leap or 16 leap) (alt 1 pt)
descriptors, removable device, arcane (?) (4 pts)
"Green Dragon Scale Robe" (Andaji is evasive about precisely how she acquired this recent gift. This finely crafted suit of jade-inlaid mithral and leather brigandine in the tentou style is lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable. It's also kind of flashy.)
Protection R5 (perm) -noticable 4 pts
Enhanced Trait(Dodge) R5 (perm) -noticable 4 pts
Enhanced Trait(Fortitude) R5 (perm) -noticable 4 pts
descriptors: removable device, armor (10 pts)

Template Specific Stuff
Imperial Jade array (15 pts) (-50% to costs of all jade-iffic powers)(!)
"Jade eruption" (Andaji has a basic grasp of jade alchemy. Basic as in lacking in subtlety, not power. This ability sprays jade from the ground around her, slashing at all in the nearness and leaving a jagged, rocky waste behind)
Damage R10 +area(burst)x2 -tiring
linked enviromental control R2 (60 ft) (movement R2)(-2 to movement speeds in area)
Descriptors:supernatural, jade, slashing (12 pts)
"Ancestral Duty" (The secrets to bind and compel ghosts to service. This is not a power she uses lightly. It can be gravely insulting to the ancestors, and if she doesn't understand their burial customs well enough, largely ineffective.)
Affliction R10 (vs. will) (entranced/compelled/controlled) +range +area(burst) -limited (only on ghosts)+reversible. std action, 1000 ft range
Descriptors; supernatural, necromancy (alt power, 1 pt)
"Inviolate Jade" (Andaji can conjure inviolable jade as needed. Which has it's perks. It is, however, extremely draining.)
Create R10 (jade, permanent) +impervious +Innate -tiring -diminished range r3. std action, 100 ft range
Descriptors: supernatural, creation, jade (alt power, 1 pt)
"Stone fist" (A simple ram of jade, this is about the only thing floof can manage without putting herself under)
Damage R10 +accuratex2
Descriptors: Supernatural, bludgeoning, jade (alt power 1 pt)

Advantages (18)
All-out attack (1)
Attractive R2 (2)
Benefit (status) (1) (bart is kind of famous and technically prolly a noble by this point)
Improved Aim (1)
Improved Initiative R1 (1)
Languages R3 (tentou, elven, sylvan, dwarven (common is of course free starter)) (3)
Luck R4 (4)
Move-by Action (1)
Power attack (1)
Precise Attack (melee, concealment) (1)
Prone Fighting (1)
Uncanny Dodge (1)

Skills (16)
Acrobatics (agl) - 4+10
Close Combat (spears) (Fgt) - 4
Insight (Awe)- 4+8
Perception (Awe)- 4+6
Ranged Combat (spears) (Dex)- 4

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