Alice Hartmann Adeva

Alice Hartmann

Background: Neo-Spartan
Profession: Evangelion Pilot, Skirmisher
Rank: Warrior


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel SR
41 29 29 39 31 29 36 34 26 55
Bonuses 2 3 2 2 3 3 2 5
Wounds 10 Fate points 2
Insanity 0 Ego Barrier 100


  • Know Your Enemy - Alice has Hatred (angels), and gains a +10 skill bonus to WS in melee attacks against angels.
  • Skill at Arms - Alice begins play with Melee Weapon Training (Progressive)
  • Perfectionist - Whenever she fails a weekly test for a Time Management option, Alice is treated as having a level of fatigue for the entire next week as she exceeds her limits to achieve her goal. Synch Tests are an exception.
  • There is Only War - Alice's upbringing gave her very little time for the social graces. -10 to Charm.

Assets and Flaws

  • Ambidextrous 100 xp - Can use either hand equally well, does not take the -20 penalty for making attacks with her off hand.
  • Driven 200 xp - Alice gains a conditional fate point to be spent to overcome incredible odds or when refusing to back down form a superior enemy. It may never be burnt.
  • Dark Secret +100 xp - If I told you what ti was, it wouldn't be a secret, but if someone learns of it, Alice's Fellowship is permanently halved when dealing with that person.
  • Poor Vision +200 xp - Either she's missing an eye altogether, or the eyepatch is just a fashion statement over something functionally blind. Alice's perception is halved for all sight-based skills, and the range of all ranged weapons she uses is halved.
  • Repellent +100 xp - Alice has severe scarring on most of the right side of her body, including her face. It's enough to give people pause even if most of it's covered up by clothes, and she has a complex about it which doesn't do much to help her confidence. Halve her fellowship when dealing with members of the opposite sex. Oddly, yuri relationships are wholly doable.


  • AT Power: Deflective Field
  • AT Power: Neutralize
  • Skill proficiency: Intimidate
  • Skill proficiency: Common Lore (Home Economics)
  • Skill Proficiency/training: Command
  • Skill Proficiency/training: Common Lore (War)
  • Skill Prof: Speak Language
  • Skill Prof: Literacy
  • Melee Weapon Training (General)
  • Melee Weapon Training (Progressive)
  • Basic Weapon Training (General)
  • Structural Upgrade
  • Dodge Prof. 100 xp
  • Weapon Upgrade 100 xp
  • Weapon Upgrade 100 xp
  • Structural Upgrade 100 xp
  • Commission 100 xp
  • Awareness 100 xp
  • Berserk Charge 100 xp

Experience: 1200/1200
Additional XP expenditures: WS +5, Ag +5

Evangelion Unit 05

56 44 34 30 36
Location Armor Wounds
Head 2 3
R. Arm 2 5
L. Arm 2 5
Body 4 9
R. Leg 2 5
L. Leg 2 5
  • Soul Skittish - The Evangelion instinctively moves away from danger. +5 Agility, and while berserk, the eva will automatically disengage from melee 1 round after it has taken critical damage.
  • Mutation Cranial Horn - The evangelion has a horn (or horns) which can be used to make a mediocre attack ,dealing 1d5-2 rending damage.
  • Construction Stabilizers - The eva gains the Sturdy quality; it has +20 to resist grapples and takedowns.
  • History - Prototype - The eva gains an additional mutation ,but has -1 armor to all locations.
    • Mutation - Pressurized Blood - The evangelion's blood is under abnormally high pressure and whenever it rolls for blood loss, it rolls twice and takes the worse result.


  • SUP: 2/2
    • Armor Upgrade 1 : +1 armor, all areas. 2 SUP
  • WUP: 2/2
    • Progressive spear 2 WUP
  • BUP: 0

Progressive Knife
Pallet Gun
Knife Dock

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