Alice Hartmann


Age: 18
Gender: Female
Nationality: German (naturalized citizen)
Rank: First Lieutenant
Aircraft: R490B_Prototype
Callsign: Wonderland
Eye color: Blue/Grey
Hair color: Blond
Archetype: Rookie, EMA Child Pilot


Intelligence 8 Education 6
Cool 7 Stability 17
Attractiveness 4 Run
Reflexes 10 Jump
Empathy 5 Running Jump
Tech Ability 6 Stun 6
Movement Allowance 8 Encumbrance Value 4
Luck 8 Lift 60 kilograms
Body Type 7 Throw 20


Leadership +3 Dodge&Escape +2 Survival +1
First Aid +1 Athletics +1 Blade +1
Intimidate +2 Expert: Navigation +2 Awareness +3
Gunnery +3 Handgun +2 Missiles +4
Electronic Warfare +1 Fighter Pilot +6

Hit Locations:

1d10 (1) Head (2-4) Torso (5) R.Arm (6) L.Arm (7-8) R.Leg (9-10) L.Leg
SP: 12 12 12
Hits: 6 12 9 9 9 9

Equipment and Possessions

Combat/Utility knife: WA 0, melee range, damage: 1d6 [AP], weight 0.5
Combat pistol: WA: +1, Range: 15-100, Damahe: 2d6, Shots 15, BV 1, Weight 1.0
Two additional magazines
Flight Jacket SP 12, torso and arms, Weight 1.2
About $312 in unspent cash
UN Air Force uniforms and other standard-issue clothes
UN Flightsuit - As she was never officially part of the eMA forces, Alcie doesn't own an EMA-isse flightsuit, although the one she wears is similar.
Emily - A well-crafted antique doll, slightly battered from years of loving care.
A tea set - Nothing fancy, but it's something Alcie collected at some point. Includes various kinds of tea.

Background and Other Information

Alice wears her hair short, with a longer lock of hair behind each ear. She has a large burn scar on the right side of her face, and wears an eyepatch over her right eye. She usually seems to have a slight scowl, which leads others to think she's angry or that something is bothering her. Much of the right side of her body is also scarred, although this is usually covered up by her clothes. She tends to wear her uniform, or her flightsuit (sometimes with a bomber jacket over it). She rarely wears casual clotehs, and when she does, they tend not to be very feminine.

Alice is one of the pilots testing new aircraft and technology. She treats the younger pilots as kids, even if she's only a year or two older than they are. Usually, she plays the part of a career soldier: she's tough, has some flying experience, and has a no-nonsense attitude. Flying is very important to her. She gets mad at the other pilots when they do things like break formation or screw up, and usually yells at them once they're back on the ground. Despite her blunt, gruff attitude, Alice is a nice person and cares for her fellow pilots. It just takes a while for her to open up to others. She owns a doll which is one of her oldest and most prized possessions.

Alice is an unlikely choice for a pilot, much less for the pilot of experimental aircraft. She was injured in a fire several years ago, resulting in severe scarring over much of the right side of her body, and an injury to her right eye that renders it practically blind. She usually wears an eyepatch, as she'd rather trust her one good eye. Also, it adds to the "badass" image she's cultivating. She has a bit of a complex about her scars. Her aircraft uses the new direct neural interface control system, and the cockpit lacks a traditional canopy, instead using cameras to reproduce the view outside the aircraft. It's this neural interface which even allows her to be a pilot ,rather than being permanently grounded due to her injuries; bypassing the optic nerve means her impaired vision doesn't matter. Technically, she's in the test program to determine if the new technology might be useful in cases like hers, and it's very difficult to find qualified pilots who were both modified by the EMA and sustained certain kinds of injuries. Despite her handicaps, she is a capable pilot, but would be in deep shit if she flew most aircraft.

The girl who would eventually be known as "Alice Hartmann" was originally picked up by the EMA some time after her parents were killed in the war (ironically, by a downed fighter smashing into her house). She was young, and spent her formative years in an EMA "hospital," receiving their usual treatments and modifications. She never really did make any friends during her time there, as all the children tended to be a bit…off and often had difficulty connecting with others. She did get her first doll from someone, and carried it everywhere with her. She still treasures it to this day. At around age eight, she was "recovered" from an EMA facility during a UN raid on the place, along with several other children who hadn't yet been shipped off to training. From that point on, she spent her time on a military base, and was sort of "adopted" by the personnel there. They're the ones who gave her her current name. Though some opposed the idea, she was allowed to enter flight training despite her young age, as she certainly should have the aptitude for it. Any hopes she had for actually piloting very long were almost destroyed several years ago, when the EMA raided the base at which she and several other girls picked up in the same raid were being trained. She was in the hangar at the time, and caught in a rather nasty fire which resulted from a combination of bombs and jet fuel, some of which was splashed on her as it burned. She survived, at least.

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