Graceful glaive who bears a halo of flame

A young woman and experienced swordsman who wields flames thanks to a strange, sentient artifact in her possession. The artifact itself is something of a conduit for an Ultraterrestrial which has recruited her as a servant of sorts. She looks a little unusual as well: her hair and eyes are both a bright, fiery red, and embers tend to drift from her hair to float around her, even when her abilities aren't in active use.

connections: Ugrunna is immune to her fire.

Attribute pools, edge, and effort

Might: 16/16
Speed: 9/14 (9/13 in armor)
Intellect: 9/10

Might: 2
Speed: 1
Intellect 0

Effort: 2


  • Trained in jumping
  • Trained in perception
  • Trained in balance and careful movement
  • Trained in all physical performing arts
  • Trained in speed defense actions

Class and Focus features

  • Practiced in Armor: Can wear any kind of armor. Reduce the might cost and speed pool reduction of armor each by 2.
  • Practiced with all weapons: Can use any weapon.
  • Skill with attacks: Trained in attacks with heavy bladed weapons.

Fighting Moves

  • Opportunist: Gain an asset when attacking a creature in immediate range that has already been attacked at some point during the round.
  • Thrust (1 might point): A powerful melee stab that inflicts +1 damage if the weapon used has a sharp edge or point.
  • Mighty Blow (2 might points): Strike two foes with a single blow. Make separate attack rolls for each foe, but the attacks are treated as a single action for the round. Alaia remains limited by the amount of Effort she can apply in one action. Anything that modifies attack or damage applies to both attacks.


  • Shroud of Flame (1 Int point): Alaia's entire body becomes shrouded in flames that last up to ten minutes. The fire doesn’t burn her, but inflicts 2 damage to anyone who tries to touch her or strike her with a melee attack. Flames from another source can still be harmful. She gains +2 Armor that protects only against flames from another source while the shroud is active.
  • Hurl Flame (2 Int points): While shroud of flame is active, Alaia can reach into the fire and hurl a ball of it at a target. This is a ranged attack with short range that does 4 fire damage.


  • Medium bladed weapon (like a longsword or some weeb equivalent)
  • Heavy bladed weapon (like a greatsword or something you'd see in Monster hunter)
  • Explorer's pack
  • Clothes
  • Medium Armor (+2 armor, 0 might cost per hour, -1 to speed pool)
  • 5 shins
  • Oddity: A rose made out of nigh-indestructible glass
  • Artifact: A device which sprays inanimate objects to make them fire-resistant. All of her gear is already treated.


Maximum of two carried.
Bloom (spore)
Level 6
Moss-wrapped ball filled with small pressure activated detonator and propellant spores.
Ten seconds are the ball is firmly squeezed the device explodes, sending spores out in foliage patterns. Any living creature that breathes in the falling or spraying spores takes 6 damage.

Level 8
Wrist projector
When shot, the grasshopper bounces 1d6 times about 5 feet apart, each setting off an explosion of shrapnel in each place it lands. Each explosion deals 8 damage to creatures in the immediate area of the bounce.

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