Akira Rothwright


Akira started off with a personality consisting mostly of curious timidity. As a child she was courteous, as well spoken as she could bring herself to be with a limited vocabulary, and only as mischievous as she could manage to be without running the risk of hurting anyone’s feelings. Now thirteen however, she’s grown from that shy socially awkward little girl into a shy but considerably more socially adept young woman. That is to say that she’s still timid, but for the most part it’s not quite as noticeable. Akira has plenty of friends and manages to maintain at least passingly positive relationships with most everyone she meets, although she still has some difficulty actually approaching people.

Other than that Akira is a friendly, playful, and wholly good natured person. She supports her friends as best she can, and while her loyalty may sometimes be questionable, she is always rather protective of those who are close to her. She constantly worries about losing friends, and at times she may even appear to be a bit clingy because of it. But while there is some merit to that belief, it’s fair to say that as a general rule of thumb Akira only ever has (what she sees as) her friend’s best interests at heart.


A small girl, Akira is generally thought of as a wholly soft and perhaps even fragile person. She’s short with a particularly light build, but upon close inspection she does appear to be in rather good shape given her lack of athletic pursuits. A small frown often sits below large, questioning brown eyes that flit curiously about. Her hair, drifting in lazily tended red waves that don’t quite reach her back fans out at her thin, pale shoulders, stretching away from her neck in a way that seems to annoy the girl to some small extent.

Akira’s normal school outfit is almost surprisingly unmodified, the only real difference being that she wears a simple red tie rather than a bow. She keeps her hair brushed out, though it tends to ignore her guidance more often than not. And of course her actual clothes are usually at least a little less than perfectly straightened, though they ‘are’ always properly tended. Honestly she’s just a small bit too lazy to bother with putting ‘too’ much effort into her appearance, or at least that’s the sort of air she gives off.

That said though, her school outfit isn’t all she wears. Akira’s magical girl outfit is a deep red with an extended skirt that brushes against her knees, only one particularly loose sleeve over her right arm, and an exposed upper back. A small black ribbon sits over her chest, much in the same way that another ribbon, also black, is laced through her mostly unchanged hair. The skirt is split in the front and back, presumably for ease of movement, and particularly lacy looking socks that seem to be the same kind of black as the shorts worn beneath her skirt stretch up to just below her knees. And as a note of added curiosity, Akira’s bracelet remains completely unchanged while in this form, save for that it’s now covered by a sleeve of some curiously soft red material.

Character Sheet

Ability Scores:

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Score: 18 22 22 10 12 12
Bonus: +4 +6 +6 0 +1 +1

36 PP

Saves and Combat:

Name Total Notes/Sources
Toughness: +10 +6 Con, +4 Protection
Reflex: +6 +6 Dex
Fortitude: +6 +6 Con
Will: +3 +1 Wis, +2 Base
Name Total Notes/Sources
Attack: 1/7* +1 Base, +6 When using Soul Weapon
Defense: 15/13 13 Flat Footed, +5 total
Initiative: +6 6 Dex, No Modifiers
Grapple: +6 4Str, +2Atk
Knockback resistance: 5/2* 1/2 Toughness, *Flat Footed
Bruised Staggered Unconscious
- - -
Injured Disabled Dying
- - -
Fatigued Exhausted Unconscious
- - -

12 PP

Carrying Capacity:
(in lb):

- Manual
Light Load 100 lbs
Medium Load 200 lbs
Heavy Load 300 lbs
Maximum Load 600 lbs
Push/Drag 1,500 lbs

Movement Rates:

Type: Tactical: Total
Movement 220 / 440 feet 25 / 50 MPH
Jumping 50/100, 25/50, 12/25 feet Running, Standing, High


Skill Rank Bonus Total
Acrobatics 8 +6 +14
Bluff 0 +1 +1/5*
Climb 0 +4 +4
Computers 2 +0 +2
Concentration 4 +1 +5
Craft: Artistic 4 +0 +4
Diplomacy 3 +1 +4/8*
Disguise 0 +1 +1
Escape Artist 2 +6 +8
Gather Information 0 +1 +1
Handle Animal 0 +1 +1
Intimidate 11 +1 +12
Knowledge: Current Events 2 +0 +2
Knowledge: Popular Culture 2 +0 +2
Language 1 - 1
Medicine 4 +1 +5
Notice 3 +1 +4
Search 2 +0 +2
Sense Motive 0 +1 +1
Stealth 0 +6 +6
Survival 0 +1 +1
Swim 0 +4 +4
Languages Known Japanese (Native), English
* When Attractive Applies

12 PP


Attractive: 1 +4 Bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy (When Applicable)
Attack Specialization: 3 +6 to Attacks made with Soul Weapon
Elusive Target -8 Penalty to Ranged attacks against you in Melee
Evasion: 1 No damage on Reflex Save versus Area Attack
Interpose Take an Attack for an Adjacent Ally
Monkey Climb Use Acrobatics to Ascend Steep Inclines
Improved Critical: 2 Critical Hit on 18-20 with Soul Weapon
Benefit: 1 Wealth: Plus 4 to Wealth Checks

11 PP


Soul Weapon Hard to Loose Device 8 Energy Cost: -
Acton: Reaction Range: Personal Duration: Permanent/Innate
Extra(s): None Flaw(s): Soul Weapon Drawback(s): None
Descriptors: Magical, Soul Feat(s): Barrier Guide This power gives a pool of 35 points to create the power(s) it governs.
25 PP: 4 Points per rank, -1/r for the flaw Soul Weapon, plus 1 to the total for the feats. That’s 3 points per rank, at 8 ranks (equaling 24), with 1 point thrown in as a flat addition for a total of 22 points.

// A small sliver bracelet that hangs around Akira’s right wrist, delicately engraved with a floral pattern and set with a single small ruby. This is Akira’s soul weapon, which embodies her inner self to some extent. It’s softly edged and while the metal itself seems sturdy, the small silver chains at either end seem quite fragile. Evidently, the bracelet gently pulls tugs at her wrist when near a barrier, directing her towards it. //

Swift Speed 2 Energy Cost: None
Acton: Move Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost 2 Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magical Feat(s): Multiplies running speed.
6 PP: Base cost of 1, +2/r to nullify energy costs. That’s 3 points per rank, with two ranks purchased.

// According to the needs met by her wish, Akira was granted speed surpassing that of a normal human.//

Featherweight Leaping 2 Energy Cost: None
Acton: Move Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost 2 Flaw(s): Acrobatics Check Required Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magical Feat(s): Multiplies leaping distances.
4 PP: Base cost of 1, +2/r to make it cost no energy, -1/r since it requires an acrobatics check.

// Along with her great speed, Akira quickly found that her body seemed to be considerably lighter than before allowing her to easily leap distances that would give pause to most people.//

Mobility Speed 1, Leaping 1, Slow Fall Energy Cost: 2 Per Turn
Acton: Move Range: Personal Duration: Sustained
Extra(s): None Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magical Feat(s): Further enhances movement.
4 PP: 1 for Speed, 1 for Leaping, 2 for Super Movement (Slow Fall)

// By channeling small amounts of essence through her body, Akira can increase her already high mobility to extreme levels. Her previously light body takes on an air-like quality, allowing her to move with incredible ease.//

Never Say Die Protection 4 Energy Cost: None
Acton: Reaction Range: Personal Duration: Permanent
Extra(s): Reduced Energy Cost 2 Flaw(s): Drawback(s):
Descriptors: Magical, Soul Feat(s): +4 Bonus to Toughness
12 PP: Base cost of 1 point per rank, +2/r to make it free of energy restraints. That leaves us with 4 ranks in a 3 point per rank power, totaling out to 12 points.

// Akira’s wish was made with a heart filled with the desire to protect and defend what she cares about. Her body now reflects that wish, and can take a serious beating before she goes down.//

PP spent on powers: 51


Timid: For the most part, Akira seems pretty calm and collected. When put on the spot however she can’t help but panic, and on top of that she’s easily embarrassed to begin with. She tends to be somewhat awkward around people she’s unfamiliar with, and at the worst of times she simply keeps herself from expressing anything in order to cut off potential embarrassment.
Protective: Having lost her brother had fortunately little lasting impact on Akira’s positive and wholly friendly demeanor, but regardless of that such an event is bound to change those impacted by it, at least to some extent, and Akira is no exception to this. She’s grown to be very protective of her friends, to the point in which she is more than happy to put herself in harm’s way to keep them safe. This applies not only to obvious physical threats, but whatever else she could interpret as harmful as well.


Despair: Four extra power points for starting with two despair.

Energy, Despair, and other things.

Energy Points
Total Current*
220 202

Kept up to date.

Some Other Things
Hero Points 1
Villain Points 0/8
Despair 2/8
Wealth +12

Power Points/Experience

Total Power Points: 124
Power Points gained via Essence: 0

Power Point Expenditures

  • None yet.

Pre-Contract PL 1 Sheet

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